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Logical Understanding of Spirituality- contd

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There will be agreement that science does not see reality as a unified whole. It is divided into disciplines with no patent links among them. The problem with this way of understanding reality is that you are focusing on compartments of reality and one has no clue how the whole influences each one of them. You can be easily misled if you are only counting the parts and do not understand there is more to the final count than the sum of the parts alone.
In my last thread I mentioned about the concept of energy in accordance with science as being incomplete. I believe energy represents everything. To say that it is the capacity to do work reduces it to physical dimension only and hence not a satisfactory understanding.
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Anyone or group of anyone wanting to build knowledge should first possess a high level grip of the truths and then let the details flow from it. Instead science developed as constant patch up to the prevailing knowledge without any higher level understanding of the truths to begin with.
Science does not have a definition that can stand on its own for the fundamental concepts. For example it defines energy in terms of work and work in terms of energy, and that is a very big shortcoming and reflects the shallowness of understanding. Having said this let me try to define some of the fundamental concepts such as energy, space, time etc and how they relate to one another.
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To understand the fundamental concepts, one needs to assume which will become evident as truths that the perceiver is not different from the perceived and the experiencer is not different from the experienced. We will then see that there is only one real concept and that I name that concept as energy
When one puts the concept of energy through the prism of space and time we derive all the other concepts . To get more fundamental we need to define the concepts of space and time.
Space and time themselves are constituents of energy seen or understood as coming out of a more fundamental prism. It is right to talk of space and time as spacetime because integrated space is time.
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All the concepts of science that are derived are based on the concept of space and time.
Now we see the problem with the approach of science. Science is trying to "understand" energy within the realm of space and time but is something which goes beyond it. So it is never going to get a deeper understanding of truths.

If you ask me how I know that my assumptions are correct, I will ask you to wait for further development of the theory. However for the intuitive ones, the truths should be evident.
The concepts of force and power are central to science. Let us see how science define these concepts. Force is how fast energy changes in a given distance. The more the energy change per unit distance, the more is the force. On the other hand , power is how fast energy changes per unit time. Both measure bruteness or the physical aspect of energy. The more they are on something , the more something is deformed or displaced.
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The energy that is measurable by physical instruments can exhibit only the attributes of force and power. This is because something can be measured or detected only when there is change in energy. When there is absolutely no change in energy in something, it cannot be detected or measured by physical instruments or sense organs.
So we can say that if something exists and is not measurable at a certain level, then it exists at a higher level. What we have to show is that something can exist at absolutely constant energy.
Proponents of physical reality only, will espouse the view that everything is constantly changing. On the other hand believers in a deeper reality will hold that things are constant at a deeper level.
A simple thought experiment. Can we build a physical device that can capture and interpret thoughts? Some crystals are supposed to capture thoughts, may be because of their extremely symmetrical nature. But decoding them ? I think it is impossible . The best is you can do is to use some software and do some surface level interpretation but actually detecting the holistic content of a thought can only be done by the mind.
The deeper world is contrasting in nature to the mundane world. Whereas, the strength of something in our world is determined by the ability to deform or displace, the strength in the deeper world is determined by the ability to reform and make still.
The fact that Einstein, one of the greatest scientists the world has ever seen and several other towering personalities in Physics could not solve the mysteries of quantum physics simply is because they did not consider a deeper reality. They wanted to find an answer within the prevailing framework of science. The framework of science has not changed and the mysteries of quantum physics still very much remain.
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