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Starting New Threads - A plea to our members

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I cited many instances of these (#64 and #74 of the Varna thread). These cases of oppression were perpetrated purely on the basis of caste. The reason the president-elect in that village near Madurai was murdered was he belonged to the "wrong" caste. The reason the young child was beaten up for drinking from the pot was because she belonged to the "wrong" caste. There are thousands of such instances happening to this very day in villages all around India.


i have a few queries if you do not mind.

so far from ppl living in various parts of india (no one i know lives in villages, so its cities), i do not hear of any caste based discrimination and stuff (infact, all around me i seem to be the only person talking about caste).

reg the incidents you have mentioned, i do read about such things in newspapers, and consider them to be one of those rare, one-off incidents that happen by some accident, due to a combination of factors including economic reasons...i do not know how much caste 'exclusively' tends to play a role in oppression.

But i do consider these incidents as those of 'power' play, where one section of people want to show they are powerful by dominating or controlling resources. Would not this type of slave-master stuff (or a dominant-group structure construct) have happened irrespective of the caste system? Is it right to blame brahmanism alone?

And are such incidents happening all the time in villages? If they are, is it not the moral responsibility of every single person (irrespective of B or NB) to support the poor in whatever ways possible (moral, financial, all forms of support, whatever it takes) ?
Only communist parties are condemning these incidents objectively. Communists say they don't believe in castes or religion and they practice also.

Recently Brinda Karat, politbureau member of marxist communist party attempted to visit a village near Andipatti where Dalit Vs Thevar caste tension prevailed. According to news report, a wall was constructed segregating both the communities. Brinda Karat was arrested at Madurai itself when she wanted to visit the affected dalit family.

All the political parties including the major dravidian parties kept away from the whole episode.

Communist movement in Tamilnadu & Kerala were promoted by only brahmins. P.Ramamurthi, A S K Iyengar, Nambudiripad were all Brahmins. Rajaji allowed daliths to enter temples long back.
These are all just vote bank tricks.Even the persons who indulge in this know pretty well, and have no sincerity in these. This will continue. Political and ideological violence is seen as martyrdom and perpetuated by vested interest.Nobody is willing or daring to initiate changes in this system. So happily they hide behind on certain stereotype slogans and activities. one example is anti-hindu,anti-brahmin stand-eventhough there are injustices discriminations in various other sects,religions, organisations, political congregations etc.-- simply it is to select a soft target to show heroism. But, as I pointed out in my various earlier notes, sensible people across all denominations and organisations and parties have seen thru this, and this negative trend is welcomimgly declining

This thread has veered far off from it's original intent. But the discussions are of value. I request one of you to continue these discussions under a different thread.

<<post deleted and moved to the thread 'varna, jaathi and race'>>
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