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Shiva Kavacham (Page 3)

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Om namo bhagwwathe , sad shivaya , sakala thathwathmakaya, sarva manthra swaroopaya, sarva Thathwa vidhooraya , brahma rudravatharine , neelakandaya , Parvathi manohara priyaya , soma suryagni lochanaya,

Om salutations to him who is God, eternal shiva, personification of all principles, personification of all holy chants , one who is far away from philosophy, one who takes the form of Brahma and Rudra, One who has blue neck, One who is dear to pretty Parvathi, One who has fire Sun and Moon as eyes,

Bhasmodhoolitha vigrahaya, maha mani makuta dharanaya, Manikhya bhooshanaya, Srushti sthithi pralaya kala rouudhravatharaya, Daksha dwara dwamsakaya, Maha kala bhedanaya, moola dharaika nilayaya, Thathwatheethaya,

One who applies ash all over, one who wears the great gem studded crown, One who wears Manikhya(ruby) as ornament, He who takes the angry form and does creation upkeep and destruction at deluge, he who destroyed the fire sacrifice of Daksha, He who broke the great God of death , He who stays in Mooladhara chakra , He who is above principles,

Gangadharaya , sarva devadhidevaya, shadasrayaya, vedantha saaraya , trivarga sadhanaya, Anantha koti brahmanda nayakaya, Anantha Vasuki Thaksha, karkodaka Sankha kulika, padma Maha padmayeshta maha naga kula bhooshanaya,

He who carries the Ganga, He who is God to all devas, He who is the basis of the six adhara Chakras, He who leads to three types of fulfillment, He who is the chief of the endless billions of universes, He who wears ornaments of the eight great serpents viz Anantha, Vasuki, Thaksha, Karkodaka, SAnkha , Kulika , Padma and Mahapadma,

Pranava swaroopaya, chidakasaya, Aakasa dik swaroopaya, Graha nakshatra maline, Sakalaya, Kalanka rahithaya, Sakala lokaika karthre, Sakala lokaika bharthre, Sakala lokaika samharthre, SAkala lokaika gurave, Sakala lokaika Sakshine, Sakala nigama guhyaya,

He who is the form of “Om”, He who is the divine ether, He who is personification of sky and directions, He who wears stars and planets as Garlands, He who is everything, He who does not have any dark spot, He who creates all the world, He who manages all the worlds, He who destroys all the worlds, He who is the teacher of all the world, He who is a witness of all the world, He who is hiding in all reasoning,

Sakala Vedantha paaragaya, Sakala lokaika vara pradhaya, Sakala lokaika sankaraya, Sasanku shekaraya, Sasvatha nija vasaya, Nirabhasaya, niramayaaya, nirmalaya , nirlobhaya, nirmadhaya, nischinthaya, Nirahankaraya, Nirangusaya, Nishkalankaya,

He who is expert in all Vedas, He who gives boons to all the world, He who gives all good things to every one, He who has collected the moon, He who is perennially in existence, He who shines always. He who is pervaded in everything, He who is clean,
He who is generous, He who does not have exuberance, He who does not have pride, He who cannot be stopped, He who does not have anything bad,

Nirgunaya, Nishkaamaya, Nirupaplavaya, Niravadhyaya, Nirantharaya, Nishkaranaya, Nirathangaya, Nishprapanchaya, Nissangaya, Nirdwandwaya, NIradharaya, Neeraagaya,
Nishkrodhaya, Nirmoolaya, Nishpapaya, Nirbhayaya, Nivikalpaya, Nirbhedhaya, Nishkriyaya, Nisthoolaya, Nissamsayaya, Niranjanaya, Nirupamavibhavaya,

He who does not have any properties, He who does not have any desires, He who is separate from all dangers, He who is permanent, He who does not have any cause, He who does not have any worry, He who is different from the world, He who is not in any group, He who is not plural, He who does not have any basis, He does not have likes, He who is not angry, He who does not have any roots, He who is above all sins, He who is not afraid, He who is not bound by time, He who does not differentiate, He who is action less, He who is above all , He who does not have any doubts, He who is without stains, He who has matchless assets,

Nithya shudha budhi paripoorna sachidaanadadwayaya, Parama santha swaroopaya, Thejo roopaya, Thejomayaya,

He who is perennially clean, completely wise , complete , divinely joyous and without second, He who is extremely peaceful, He who has a shining form, He who is full of light,

Jaya jaya Rudhra, Maha roudhra, bhadravathara, maha bhairava, Kala Bhairava, Kalpanthaka Bhairava, Kapala maladhara, Gadwanga, Gadga charma pasa angusa Damaru soola Chapa Bana Gadha Shakthi Bindi pala thomara musala mudgara, Pasa parigha Bhoosundi SAthagni Chakradhyaudha , Bheeshanakra Sahasra Mukha Damshtra karala vadana,

Victory ,victory to Rudra, He who is very angry, He who protects, great Bhairava , The Bhairava at the time of deluge, He who wears garland of skulls, He who is armed with sword, He who is very fearsome armed with sword, Shield, rope, goad , drum , trident, arrow, mace, Shakthi , catapult, iron mace , iron pestle , stick of thorns, rope, iron beam, spear, and fire wheel, He who is extremely fearsome , he who has thousand faces, He who is fearsome face due to protruding teeth,

Vikatattahasa visamharitha brahmanda mandala, nagendra kundala , nagendra hara, nagendra valaya, nagendra charma dhara, Mruthyunjaya, Tryambaka, Tripuranthaka, Viswaropa, Viroopaksha, Visweswara, Vrushabha vahana, Visha vibhooshana, Viswathomukha,

He who due to his fearsome roar breaks the universe , He who wears the king of snakes as ear stud, He who wears the snake king as garland, He who wears snake king as armlet, he who wears the skin of the snake king, He who has defeated the God of death, He who has three eyes, He who destroyed the three cities, He who has a form as big as universe, He who has fearsome slanted eyes, He who is the Lord of the universe, He who rides on the bull, He who wears poison as an ornament, he who has universe as face,

Sarvatho raksha raksha maam,
Jwala jwala maha mrutyu bhayam nasaya nasaya,
Chora bhayamuthsadaya muthsadaya,
Visha sarpa bhayam samaya samaya,
Choran marya maraya,
Shathroon uchadaya uchadaya,
Trisoolena vidharaya vidharaya,
Kutarena bhindi bhindi,
Gadgena chindi chindi,
Gadwangena vipodhaya vipodhaya,
Musalena nishpekshaya nishpekshaya,
Banai santhadaya santhadaya,
Rakshamsi bheeshaya bheeshaya,
Bhoothani vidhravaya vidhravaya,
Koosmanda Vetala mareecha brahma rakshasa ganan santhrasaya santhrasaya,
Mam abhayam kuru kuru,
Vithrastham mam aaswasaya aaswasaya,
Naraka maha bhayan Maam udharoudhara,
SAnjeevaya sanjeevaya,
Kshuthrubhyam mamapyaya yapyaya,
Dukhathuram Maam Aananadanandaya,
Shiva kavache namaschadhaya yachadhaya,
Mruthyunjaya Trimbakka SAdashiva namasthe namasthe

Save , save me everywhere,
Shine , shine , destroy , destroy, the great fear of death,
Remove , remove the fear of theft and robbery,
Put out, put out , the fear for snakes with poison,
Kill, kill thieves,,
Drive away, drive away my enemies,
Split, split with trident,
Kill , kill with white axe,
Cut , cut with the sword,
Hit , hit with the skull stick,
Powder, powder with the steel pestle,
Strike, strike with arrows,
Scare , scare Rakshasas,
Drive away drive devils,
Scare away scare away Koosmandas, Vetalas Mareechas and Brahma Rakshas (evil spirits)
Give me, give me protection,
Console , console , who am afraid,
Lift me up, lift me up from fear of hell, Keep me alive , keep me alive,
Save me, save me from effects of hunger and thirst,
Make me who is sad happy,
Cover and protect me with armour of Shiva,
Hey victor over death, Thee eyed one , ever peaceful one , my salutations to you.

Poorva vath Hrudhayadhi nyasa, pancha pooja bhoorbuwaswarom ithi Dig vimoka

After wards after performing nyasa starting from the heart and performing the worship of five deities , you are getting free by chanting boo, bhuva , suva …etc.
Not open for further replies.
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