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Shiva Kavacham (Page 4)

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Phala Sruthi:-
Benefit of reading:-

Rishaba Uvacha:-
Rishabha said:-

Ithyedath kavacham shaivam varadam vyahrutham mayaa,
Sarva bhadha prasamanam , rahayam sarva dehinaam. 30

This protective armour of Lord Shiva as spoken by me ,
Removes all ills and bad things, and is secret for all beings.

Yasaada dharayen marthya saivam kavachamuthamam,
Na thasya jaayathe kwapi bhayam shambhoranugrahath. 31

That man who wears this greatly divine armour of Shiva,
Due to the blessing of Lord Shiva will never have any fear.

Ksheenayu praptha mruthyurva Maha roga gahathopivaa,
Sadya sukhamavapnothi , deergatuscha vindathi. 32

People whose life is about to be over,
Or the one nearing death,
Or the one who is afflicted by leprosy,
Would get rid of those problems,
And would be blessed with long life.

Sarva daridrya samanam soumagalya vardhanam,
Yo dathe kavacham saivam sa devairapi poojyathe. 33

If any one wears this armour,
Which removes all poverty,
And increases good luck,
He would be worshipped even by devas.

Maha pathaka sangathair muchyathe chopa pathakair,
Dehanthe mukthi maapnothi shiva varmanu bhavatha. 34

He with the greatness of the armour of Shiva,
Would be saved from great as well as minor sins,
And at death would be blessed with salvation.

Thwamapi sradhaya vathsa , shaivam kvachamuthamam,
Dharayaswa maya datham sadhya sreyohyavapsyasi. 35

Oh young man, you also wear this armour given by me,
And by wearing it you would see good things coming to you.

Sootha Uvacha:-
Sootha said:-

Ithyukthwa Rishabho yogi thasmai Parthiva soonave,
Dadhou Sankham Maharaavam Gadganchari nishoodhanam. 36

Punascha basma sammanthrya thadangam parithosprusath,
Gajaanaam Shad sahasraya dwigunasya balam dadhou. 37

Telling thus the sage Rishabha gave the son of the king,
A conch which makes loud noise and a sword which cuts well.

Then he applied the ash made divine by the chant all over him,
And gave him further the strength of 12000 elephants.

Basma prabhvad sampraptha balaiswaryadruthi smruthi,
Sa raja puthra shushubhe saradarka iva sriya. 38

Due to the effect of the ash applied on his body,
The prince got strength, wealth , courage and memory,
And shined like the Sun of the autumn.

Thamaha pranjalim bhooya sa yogi nrupanandanam,
Yesh gadgo maya dathasthapo manthranubhavitha, 39

Then the sage told the prince saluting him,
This sword given by me has the strength ,
Of the holy chants as well meditative power.

Shitha dharamimam Gadgam yasmai darsaye sphutam,
Sa sadhyomriyathe shathru saaksad mruthyurapi swayam. 40

If you show and shake this very sharp sword.
The enemy who sees it would die immediately.

Asya shankhasya nirhradham ye srunwanthi thavahithaa,
They moorchithaa pathishyanthi nyastha shasthra vichethana. 41

Those enemies who happen to hear the sound of this conch,
Would faint immediately and would fall down leaving all arms.

Gadga shankhavimou divyou para sainya vinasinou,
AAthma sainyasya pakshaanam sourya thejo vivardhanou. 42

This sword and conch which are divine destroy enemy’s army,
And bless one’s own army with bravery and great power.

Yethayoscha prabhavena shaivena kavachena cha,
Dwishat sahasra nagaanaam balena mahathapi cha. 43

These along with the power of the armour of Shiva,
Has greater strength than 12000 elephants.

Basma dharana samarthyath shathru sainyam vijayishyasi,
Prapya simhasanam pithryam gopthasi prithveemimaam. 44

Due to these and by the strength given by the sacred ash,
You would regain the throne of your father and riule over earth.

Ithi bhadrayusham samyag anusasya samathrukam,
Thaabhyaam sampoojithaa sodha yogi swaira f=gather yayou. 45

Thus encouraging the prince called Bharayus,
Who was hearing these along with his mother,
The sage called Rishabha departed the way he wanted.

Ithi Sri Sanda purane Bramothara Kande, Shiva kavacha prabhava varnanam nama dwadasodhyayam samaptham

Thus ends the armour of Shiva which occurs in the twelfth Brahmothara chapter of Skanda purana which deals with the power of the armour of Shiva.

Coutresy : Sri. Ramachandar Mahodhaya
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