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Shiva Kavacham (Armour of Shiva) By Sage Rishabha

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(Rishbha (deva) was born as a king in the family of Swayambhuva manu. He married Meru devi and had one hundred children,. When they grew up, he entrusted the kingdom to his eldest son and retired to the forest. He became a great sage and a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He met in the forest a prince called Bhadraayu, who was driven out from his kingdom along with his mother by his enemies. Rishabha deva taught him the Shivakavacha, using which Bhadarayu regained his king dom. This story forms a part of Skanda purana This Kavacham (armour) addressed to Lord Shiva is unique and very important.)

Asya Shiva Kavacha stotr maha manthrasya
Brahma rishi, Anushtup Chanda, Sri Sada shiva rudro devatha, Hreem Shakthi , Ram keelakam , Sreem, hreem, Kleem Bheejam
Sri Sada shiva preethyarthe Shiva kavacha stotra Jape Viniyoga.

For the great chant of Shiva’s armour,
The sage is Brahma, the meter is Anushtup, The god addressed is Sada Shiva Rudra , the strength is “hreem”, the nail is “ram”,and the root is “Sreem, hreem , kleem.”
The Shiva Kavacha is being chanted to please Lord Sada Shiva.

( Another version:-
Asya sree Shiva Kavacha stotra maha manthrasya
Rishabha Yogeeswara rishi,
Anushtup Chanda, Sri Samba sada shivo devatha, Om Bheejam Nama Shakthi , Shivayethi keelakam Mama Samba sada shiva preethyarthe viniyoga.

For the great chant of Shiva’s armour,
The sage is Rishabha muni, meter is anushtup, The god addressed is sAmba Sada Shiva ,
Root is “om”, the nail is “shiva” and
This is being chanted to please my God Samba sada shiva.)

Adha nyasa
Om namo bhagawathe jwala jwaala maline
Om hraam sarva shakthi daamne eesanathmane angushtabhyam nama.

Om salutations to the dazzling and shining God, Om Hraam God who gives all powers,
Oh soul of God , salutations by the thumb.

Om namo bhagawathe jwala jwaala maline
Om nam rim nithya thruptha dhamne thath purushatmane tharjaneebhyam nama.

Om salutations to the dazzling and shining God, Om Nam Rim who grants perennial satisfaction , Oh soul of Purusgha, salutations by the forefinger

Om namo bhagawathe jwala jwaala maline
Om nam rum anadhi shakthi dhamne aghorathmane madhyamabhyam nama,

Om salutations to the dazzling and shining God, Om Nam Rum, who gives the power of the ancient, the soul of Aghora salutations by the middle finger.

Om namo bhagawathe jwala jwaala maline
Om shim raim swthanthra shakthi dhamne vamadevathmane anamikabhyam nama.

Om salutations to the dazzling and shining God, Om Shim raim , one who gives independent power and the soul of Vama deva salutations by the ring finger

Om namo bhagawathe jwala jwaala maline
Om vam roum aluptha shakthi dhamne sadhyojathmane kanishtikabhya nama.

Om salutations to the dazzling and shining God, Om vam roum , he who grants strength of aluptha, the soul of SAdhyojadha, salutations by the little finger.

Om namo bhagawathe jwala jwaala maline
Om yam ra anadhi shakthi dhamne sarvathmane kara thala kara prushtabhya nama.

Om salutations to the dazzling and shining God ,Om tam ra he who he grants primeval power , soul of all salutations by palm and back side of hand.

Yevam Hrudhayadhi.nyasa adha dhyanam

After Telling like this , do meditation.

( Another version
Kara nyasa
Om Sada shivaaya angushtabhyam nama
Nam Gangadharaya tharjaneebhyam nama
Mam mruthyunjayaya madhyamabhyam nama
Shim sollapanaya anamikabhyam nama
Vaam Pinaka panay kanishtikabhyam nama
Yam umapathaye Kara thala kara prushtabhyam nama

Om salutations to Sadashiva by the thumb
Nam Salutations to Gangadhara by the fore finger
Bam salutations to victor over death by the middle finger
Shim salutations to he who holds iron rod by the ring finger
Vaam salutations to he who holds Pinaka by the little finger
Yam salutations to consort of Uma and the palm and back of the palm.

Hrudaya nyasa
Om Sada shivaaya hrudayaya nama
Nam Gangadharaya Shirase swaha
Mam mruthyunjayaya shikayayai vashat
Shim sollapanaye kavachaya hoom
Vaam Pinaka panaye nethra thrayaya voushat
Yam umapathaye asthraya phat
Om ithi Digbandha

Om salutations to the heart of Sadashiva
Nam salutations to the head of he who carries Ganga
Mam salutations to the tuft of he who won over death
Shim salutations to he who holds iron rod and the armour
Vaam salutations to he who holds the Pinaka’s eyes
Yamm salutations to the arrow of consort of Uma
Thus you tie yourself up with directions)

Adha Dhyanam
Then meditation

Vajra damshtram trinayanam kala kanda marindhamam,
Sahasrakara mathyugam, vande Shambhum umapathim. 1

I salute Shambu the consort of Parvathi,
Who has diamond like teeth and three eyes,
Who has black neck and kills his enemies,
And who has thousands of fearful hands.

Adhoparam sarva purana guhyam ,
Nissesha papougha haram pavithram,
Jayapradham Sarva vipath pramochanam,
Vakshyami shaivam kavacham hithaya they. 2

For your benefit I would tell you the “armour of Shiva”,
Which is very secret among the Puranas,
Which is holy and removes all the sins that are committed,
Which leads to victory and prevents all dangers.

Pancha pooja:-
Five worships:-

Lam Pruthvyathmane Gandham samarpayami
Ham Akasathmane pushpam poojayami
Yam Vayvathmane dhoopam agrahayami
Ram Agneyathmane deepam darasayami
Vam amtuthathmane amrutham maha naivedyam nivedayami
Sam sarvathmane sarvopachara poojam samarpayami

Lam spirit of earth, I offer you sandal paste
Ham spirit of sky , I worship you with flowers
Yam Spirit of wind I salute you with smoke incense
Ram spirit of fire , I show you a lit lamp
Vam spirit of deathlessness , I offer you nectar
Sam spirit of all souls I am offering you comprehensive worship

Rishabha Uvacha:-
Rishabha said:-

Namskrythwa maha devam viswa vyapeenameeswaram,
Vakshye Shiva mayam varma sarva raksha karam nrunaam. 3

After saluting the great God who is spread through out,
I would tell you the “armour of Shiva, which protects all men.

Suchou dese samaaseeno yadavath kalpithasana,
Jithendriyo jitha pranas chinthayeth shivamavyayam. 4

You should sit in a clean place ,
Assume the proper sitting position,
Win over your senses , control your desires,
And meditate on Shiva who is forever stable.

Hruth pundarikaantha sannivishtam,
Swatheja saavyaaptha nabhovakasam,
Atheendriyam sookshmamananthamadhyam,
Dyayeth parananda mayam mahesam. 5

I meditate on the great lord , who is full eternal joy,
Who lives in the lotus of one’s heart,
Whose innate luster spreads all over the sky,
And who is beyond the senses and is micro and also end and beginning less.

Dhyannavadhoothakhila karma bandha,
Schiram chidwananda nimagna chetha,
Shadakshara nyasa samahithathma,
SAivena kuryath kavachena rakshaam. 6

By deep meditation cutting off the ties of Karma,
For a long time and getting drowned in the divine joy,
With chant of the six letter mantra of Lord Shiva,
You have to protect your self with Shiva’s armour.

Maam pathu devo akhila devathathma,
Samsara koope pathitham gabheere,
Thannama divyam paramanthra moolam,
Dhunothu may sarvamagham hrudhistham. 7

May I, be saved by The God of all devas,
From this deep chasm called domestic life,
And his sacred divine names ,
Which are the basis of all great mantras,
Destroy all the sins in my heart.

Sarvathra maam rakshathu viswa moorthir,
Jyothir mayananda ghanaschidathma,
Anoraniyanuru shathireka,
Sa iswara pathu bhayad aseshath. 8

Let me be protected everywhere by the Lord of the universe,
Who is full of the light of happiness, who is the divine soul,
Let the God ,who is micro among micros, who is all powerful,
Protect me completely from all sort of fears.

Yo bhoo swaroopena bhibharthi viswam,
Paayath sa bhoomer gireeso ashta moorthi,
Yopaam swaroopena nrunaam karothi,
SAnjeevanam sovathu maam jalebhya. 9

Let him who in the form of earth looks after the earth,
Look after me from, the fear of land related issues,
Let him who gives life to all beings in the form of water,
Protect me from everything concerning water.

Kalpavasane bhuvanaani dhagdwa ,
Sarvaani yo nruthyathi bhoori leela,
SA kala rudhro vathu maam davagner,
Vathyadhi bheethorakhilascha thapath. 10

Let the death like Kala Rudhra , who dances,
At the end of ages after burning the universe.
With playfulness protect me from problems.
Created by forest fire and cyclone.

Pradheeptha vidhyuth kanakava bhaso,
Vidhya vara bheethi kutara pani,
Chathurmukha sthath purushasthri nethra,
Prachyam sthitham rakshathu mamajasram. 11

Let him who shines like gold and the glittering lightning,
Who holds in his hand symbols of knowledge, boon, protection and sword,
And who has four faces and three eyes,
Be in the east and protect me there.

Katara vedhamkusa pasa soola,
Kapala dakkaksha gunaan dhadhaana,
Chathurmukho neela ruchistrinethra,
Payadghoro disi dakshinasyam. 12

Let Aghora who holds the sword , Vedas , goad , rope, trident,
Skull , drum and Rudraksha in his eight hands,
And who is blue in colour and has four faces,
Protect me from the southern side.

Kundendu sankha sphatikaava bhaso,
Vedaksha mala varada bhayanka,
Triksha chatur vakthra uru prabhava,
SAdhyodhi jatho aavathu maam pratheechyam. `13

Let him who shines white like jasmine , moon . conch and crystal,
Who holds Veda, chain of beads , protection and boon in his hands,
And who shines with three eyes and four necks,
And who is called Adhijatha* protect me from the west.
* Born in the beginning

Varaksha mala abhaya tanga hastha ,
Saroja kinjathka samana varna,
Trilochanas charu chaturmukho,
Maam payad udechyam disa vama deva. 14

Let him who holds chain of beads and axe in his hand,
And shows sign of boons, protection by his other hands,
Who is of the colour of the tendrils of lotus flower,
And who has three eyes and four heads,
And is called Vama deva protect me from north.

Veda abhayeshtangusa pasa tanga ,
Kapala dakkakshaka soola pani.
Sithadhyuthi pancha mukhova,
Thwnmaeesana oordhwam parama prakasa. 15

Let him who is holding Veda goad , rope , axe , Skull, Rudraksha
And hatchet in his hands and showing signs of protection by one hand,
Who is of white colour and who has five faces and is shining,
And is called Eesana murthi protect me from above.

Moordhana mavyanmamam chandra mouli ,
Phalam mamavyadhadha phala nethra,
Nethremamaavyadh bhaga nethra haaree,
Naasam sada rakshathu Viswanadha. 16

Let him who has moon on his head protect my head,
Let him who has eyes on his forehead protect my forehead,
Let the destroyer with Sun as eyes protect my eyes,
And let Lord of the universe protect my nose.

Payachsruthirmay sruthi Geetha keethi,
Kapola mavyaathsa thatham kapali,
Vakthram sada rakshathu pancha vakthra,
Jihwam sada rakshathu veda jihwa. 17

Let my ears be protected by him who is sung about by Vedas,
Let Kapali (God with skull) protect my cheeks,
Let the five necked one protect my neck,
And let the God with Veda as toungue protect my toungue.

Kandam gireesovathu Neela kanda,
Pani dhwayam pathu Pinaka pani,
Dhor mola mavyan mama dharma bahur,
Vaksha sthalam Daksha makhanda kovyath. 18

Let the Lord of mountain with a blue neck protect my neck,
Let my both hands be protected by he who holds Pinaka bow,
Let the god having Dharma as hands protect my arm pits,
Let my bosom be protected , by him who destroyed the yaga of Daksha,

Mamodharam pathu Gireendra dhanwa,
Madhyam mamaavyanmadanathakari,
Heramba thatho mama pathu nabhim,
Payath kateem doorjateeswaro may. 19

Let my belly be protected by him, who made a bow out of the mountain,
Let my middle part be protected by him , who killed the God of love,
Let the father of Ganesa protect my navel,
And my hips be protected by him, who has difficult plaited hair.

Oorudwayam padu kubheramithra,
Janu dhwayam may Jagadheeswaravyath,
Janga yugam pungava kethuravyath,
Padou mamavyath sura vandhya pada. 20

Let the friend of Kubhera* protect both my thighs,
Let both my knees be protected by Lord of universe,
Let my both calves be protected by he who rides a bull,
Let my feet be protected by he, whose feet is worshipped by devas.
*Lord of wealth

Maheswara pathu dhinadhi yame,
Maam madya yame aavathu vama deva,
Trilochana pathu thritheeya yame,
Vrusha dwaja padu dinandya yame. 21

Let the great God protect me during the first quarter of the day,
Let Vama deva protect me during the second quarter of the day,
Let the three eyed one protect me during the third quarter of the day,
And let he who rides a bull protect me during the last quarter of the day

Paayan nisadhou sasi shekharo maam,
Gangadharo rakshathu maam niseedhe.
Gowripathi pathu nisavasane,
Mruthyunjaya rakshathu sarva kalam. 22

Let him, who wears the moon protect me during first part of night,
Let him, who carries Ganga protect me during the middle of the night,
Let the consort of Gowri protect me during last part of night,
Let the God who won over God of death protect me at all times.

Anthasthitham rakshathu Sankaro maam,
Sthsanu sadaa pathu bahi sthitham maam,
Thadanthare [athu pathi passonaam,
Sada shivo rakshathu sarva kalam. 23

Let me protected when I am inside, by Shankara,
Let Sthanu (stable one) protect me when I am outside,
Let the lord of all beings protect me when I am in between,
And Sada Shiva protect me all ways and at all times.

Thishtanthamavyath bhuvaanaika nadha,
Payad vrujantham pramadhathi nadha,
Vedantha vedhyovathu maam nishannam,
Mamavyaya pathu Shiva sayaanaam. 24

Let the lord of all the worlds protect me when I am standing,
Let the lord of Pramadhas protect me when I am walking,
Let the Lord studied by Vedantha protect me when I am sitting,
And let Lord Shiva protect me when I am lying down.

Margeshu maam rakshathu neelakanda,
Shailadhi durgeshu purathrayari,
Aranya vasadhi maha pravase,
Payad mruga vyadha udhara shakthi. 25

Let the blue necked one protect me when I am on my way,
Let the destroyer of three towns protect me when I am in mountain or forts,
Let him, who lives in the forest protect me during journey
Let the hunter of deers who is extremely strong protect my strength of digestion.

Kalpantha katopa patu prakopa,
Sphutattahasochali thanda kosa.
Ghorari senarnava dur nivara,
Maha bhayad rakshathu Veera bhadhra. 26

Let me be protected from the great fear,
Due to the attack of the army of enemies,
By Veerabhadra who burns , like the fire of deluge,
And who due to his anger turns the universe up and down.

Pathyaswa mathanga ghatavaroopa,
SAhasra lakshayutha koti bheeshanam,
Akshouhineenaam satha matha thayinam,
Chindhyan mrudo ghora kutaradharaya. 27

Let Mruda break with the terrible white axe,
The innumerable army of the enemies,
Which consists of several formations,
Of soldiers and horses, elephant and chariot borne troops.

Nihanthu dasyun pralayanalarchir,
Jwalath trisoolam tripuranthakasya,
Saardhoola simaraksha vrukaadi himsraan,
Santhraasaya thweesa dhanu pinaka. 28

Let the trident of the God who destroyed the three cities,
Which burns like the fire of the deluge destroy my enemies.
Let the Pinaka bow of Lord Shiva drive away.
Tiger, lion , bear , wolf and other wild animals.

Duswapna du shakuna durgathi dourmanasya,
Durbiksha durvyasana dussaha dooryamsi,
Uthpatha thapa visha bheethi ma sadgraharthi,
Vyadheemscha nasayathu may Jagatham adheesa. 29
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