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Karadayan Nombu

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Dear ALL,

Karadayan Nonbu, or SavitriNombu is a vow observed in Tamil Nadu on the last day in Maasi masam or the Masi month in Tamil calendar. This festival also marks the Meena Sankramanam or the transition of Sun into Meena Rasi (Pisces) from Kumbha rasi (Aquarius). In 2010, Karadayan Nonbu date is March 14. Married women worship Goddess Gauri or Parvathi or Shakti for marital bliss and better health of husband and children. Unmarried girls perform the vratam to get ideal person as their husband

14th MARCH 2010 (Sunday) Timings : 7.30PM- 9pm

Karadayan Nonbu is similar to that of sowbagya Gouri vratam or Gauri Tritiya vratam of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka,Gangaur vrat of Rajasthan,Jyesta gouri Vrat of Maharashtra,Jitiya Puja of Bihar, Karva Chauth of all other North Indian states’ festivals. This vratham is very much similar toVat Savitri Vrat observed in Bengal, Orissa and some other places of India.
An ideal husband is one who can understand his wife's moments of happiness .sadness .worry,fear and other emotions.He will stand by her come what may.The word kannavan meaning husband in Tamil is derived from the word kan.
During karadayan nonbu women invoke the blessings of Gowri devi to attain such a husband for all seven births.
Unmarried girls pray for a good husband and married women pray for their husband.s long life

Story Behind Nombu

Savithri was the daughterof the King Asrapathi.When her father asked her who she wished to marry she pointed to Sathyavanwho lived in the forest.Despite being warned by Narada that he would die within a year of marriage,she married sathayavan.
Impressed by Satyavan’s devotion towards his blind parents, Savitri decides to marry him. On enquiry, the King found out from Sage Narada that Satyavan was the son of a deposed king and that he was destined to die in a year.

King first refused to the marriage but Savitri was adamant. Finally, the King relented and the marriage was conducted and the couple left for the forest.

They led a happy life and soon a year passed and Savitri realized that Satyavan would die any moment. So she kept fast and always followed him. .Her offerings were durwa grass and peepal leaves.She performed neivedhyam with wild rice and toor dal. that is kaara arisi and thuvaram parrupu that is why this vratham is known as karadayan nonbu.

Next day, she followed Satyavan to the forest. While cutting woods, he fell down and fainted. Soon, Savitri realized that Satyavan is dying. Suddenly she felt the presence of Yama, the god of death. She saw him carrying the soul of Satyavan and she followed Yama.

Yama first ignored Savitri thinking that she will soon return back to her husband’s body. But she persisted and kept on following him. Yama tried few tricks to persuade her but nothing worked. Then Yama said that it is impossible for him to give back the dead as it is against the nature’s law. Instead, he will give her three boons.

Savitri agreed with the first boon she asked for a son for her father. With the second boon she asked that her in-laws be reinstated in their kingdom with full glory.

Finally, for the third boon she asked ‘I would like to have children.’

Yama immediately said ‘granted.’ But soon Yama realized that he had been tricked by Savitri.

Yama remained silent for a minute and then smiled and said ‘I appreciate you persistence. But what I liked more was you readiness to marry a man whom you loved even though you knew that he would only live for a year. So this karayadan nonbu protected her husband.

Prayers are offered to GowriDevi and women meditate on Savitiri and wear a yellow thread round their neckas they chant the following sloka

Throram Krishhnami subhake saharitham
Dharami aham bharthu
Ayushya Sidhartham supreethabhava sarvadha

The following is the tamil chant

Urukaddha Venneyum oradhayam naan nootren
Orukkalum en kanavar ennai vittu pririyadhirukka vendum

which means I offer butter and the rice made out of kaara arisi bless me that i live happily with my husband.
Neivadhayam is made of betel leaves a adai made out of rice and butter.
On this occasion let me wish all the ladies a happy karadayan nonbu
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nice to see these explanations here iyer mama,
how beautifully you have explained to all here..sunkan
Anyone clarify why this name??? I think that special "Kara adai" is prepared on that day. Wowowowowow. It will be so delicious. But what is the relation of this with nonbu? Also I had a doubt. How is it possible for smt. Savithri to get fresh butter and batter even amidst of dense forest???

Anyone clarify why this name??? I think that special "Kara adai" is prepared on that day. Wowowowowow. It will be so delicious. But what is the relation of this with nonbu? Also I had a doubt. How is it possible for smt. Savithri to get fresh butter and batter even amidst of dense forest???


dear durgadasan sir,
it is more so because she could get only karamani on that day so it is a karamani adai, that turned to kara adai, i hear she sent her husband sathyavan to get it , there have been cows and cowherds too, so let us take it they gave him that, even otherwise they were blessed with bhakthi to procure anything...sunkan
Dear Sharma ji

Certainly I asked this just with a curiosity only. Myth says that even sati anusya devi has baked iron groundnuts and made it edible. So, there is no doubt in that. Also this story is not bound with krishna anywhere na ji? Krishna will help only to those whom they served before itself. Krishna is a bank, he can give only interest and payback all your savings. He never give to poppers without any surity. Hahahaha. He gave draupadi the dress since because at one time she helped sage durvasa by giving him her saree. Also, this krishna gave the same to draupadi which he stole from gopikasthreeis in his earlier days. Hahahahaa...

"karomi yath yath sakalam parasmai sriman narayanayedhi samarpayami"

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