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How to make the government quit the administration of hindu establishments?

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This is a question in the minds of so many true and loyal Hindus.

1. Why the state machinery should interfere with the administration of
Hindu establishments alone, while it adopts a laissez faire policy
insofar as the other religious establishments?

2. Whether a government, which calls itself secular, is legally entitled
to and morally right in taking over the administration of Hindu

3. What the government has done to retrieve the invaluable
assets owned by the temples, but encroached upon or illegally
taken possession of by third parties?

4. Why the non-believers and those who are openly opposed to
Hinduism, its philosophies and objectives are appointed on the
boards of trustees governing the temples?

5. In what way, the government is right in diverting huge surplus
income of many big temples to other unrelated, non-Hindu
causes? Can they do the same with other religions?

6. What the government has done to maintain, repair and renovate
ancient but poor temples, in terms of their individual income?

7. Why the archakas and other temple servants of a large number
of temples live in penury and is not the government responsible
for their pitiable plight?

8. While the state government employees are pampered, beyond
an acceptable level, why discrimination against the HRCE
workers, whose department is also a major money spinner for
the government?

9. When the government is seriously involved in temple
administration, how come the political bosses ruling the state
openly criticise, mock at and belittle Hinduism and Hindus?

10. Is there any legal remedy to extricate the temples from the
clutches of the government?

I invite our members to pour out their heart freely and after collecting important, pertinent and legally tenable arguments, we
may think of compiling them and then submitting a mass memoranda to all the constitutional authorities and also, take the issue to the courts and fight it out.
Pannvalan ji,

Your article is thought provoking. I have few points. I shall reply once the administrators come out with rules of editing.

All the best
Pannvalan ji,

Your article is thought provoking. I have few points. I shall reply once the administrators come out with rules of editing.

All the best
The rules of editing are only for the moderators/admins purpose and may not be shared with all. Moderation policy is something that is internal. FYI.

there is a historic reason behind it. please bear with me.

the temples of erstwhile madras state were brought under the hrce under the first justice party government.

it was an effort to save a bad situation. whatever those justice guys might have felt against the brahmins, they were religious, and looked upon the temples with same respect and awe as us.

this was the first time, that an elected government in india, that i know of, took to spending money on hindu temples. it is a cost centre to the government, as hrce i think, gets more fumds than what it gives back the government.

this intention, was to replace the erstwhile support from kings and later jamindars.

when rajaji became c.m. of madras, he not only supported hrce, but strengthened it.

pann, the current malaise, is part of poor governance overall. hrce is not a career developing department and probably gets the worst talent.

i know of similar state in kerala too.

hope this explains, atleast the background of hrce.

another question, then, is how do we replace hrce? decentralising by temple, would probably mean the demise of a large number of them, would they not?

what may be needed is better administration. but then all of india needs better admin. ne pas?
Pannvalan ji has raised very pertinent questions . Are there any NGOs/ any private trusts with philonthrophic outfits who volunteer to take control and managment of a temple based on some well considerd factors like no money for daily pooja and meeting monthly overheads and conducting annual festivals . i know some small temples which neds such care.

First, I do not want the temples to be administered individually, by the local trusts or bodies. Let them be managed by an apex religious body of scholars and saints, with government monitoring and audit.

But, I want only honest and pious people to be on the board of trustees in case of individual temples. Surplus income of big temples must be utilised to patronise many small temples and those who depend on them for their livelihood.

Considering the revenue of some very popular temples, still more surplus will remain.
Such surplus must be utilised to promote Hindu religious activities encompassing
teaching and learning the tenets, temple architecture, promotion of music and fine arts connected with Hindu religion, propagation of scriptures, religious thoughts, puranas and Bakthi literature through active participation of the common masses, school and college students and teachers, academicians, researchers and historians.

Hindu temples must regain their past glory and must function as religious and socio-cultural centres. They must also serve as rehabilitation centres at the time of famines, droughts, floods, cyclones and other major natural calamities or disasters.

Precious paintings, artefacts, sculputures and structures must be preserved with utmost care and responsibility. Museums inside all big temples must be established and properly administered.

Temples in short, must function as seats of religious consciousness, learning and
repository of ancient culture.

This is my vision.
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This is my vision.

i agree with you.

in fact, during the sri lankan crisis, hindu temples there, were places of refuge to many displaced victims.

ultimately, we are both, i think saying the same thing.

good, honest, motivated and mission driven governance!!

i think the muslims too have a gripe like this against wakf boards. i may be wrong here.

thank you.
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Do you know that Tamilnadu alone accounts for nearly 80% of the Hindu temples in India?

In the previous, undivided Thanjavur district alone, over 300 big temples exist.
Taking into account the small temples too there, no one single state in the country, A.P. included, has as many temples. That's why temple gopuram (that of Srivilliputtur) has been chosen as the logo/insignia of the Tamilnadu state government.

Except in very few areas, temples are very rare, they are small in size and not popular for their architectural value, in Andhra Pradesh. In terms of geographical area, A.P. is almost twice as big as T.N.

We should thank Cholas, Pandyas and Pallavas, though Pallavas concentrated more on monuments, rather than religious structures where worship can take place.
My idea would seem little insane, but this is what i think.

Voting for the right party. I suppose BJP performs well in this issue. Please give some information on this if i am wrong. I am not telling they are genuine, but at least they are many times better than Congress when Hinduism is concerned.

In Tamil Nadu also i am not sure but AIADMK is much more responsible than DMK(which wanted to remove Lord Rama's Bridge) with regards to Hinduism and Temples. Again i am not telling these parties are Genuine and i am not a politician. I am also not sure on these ideas, so please educate me if i am wrong. I do not know much about politics.

It is my opinion on this thread as what can be done from Hindus side on this matter. But i know it is practically not possible. :)
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Comparatively, BJP is better than (Sonia) Congress and AIADMK better than DMK.
But, all these are after all political parties, playing to the gallery, vying for votes.
They do all non sense to capture and retain power.

As true Hindus, let us not look up to politicians for help and support. But, as we are living in a democratic nation, we must not hesitate to utilise all legal and constitutional means and institutions to defend and safeguard us.

Let us show unity in this regard.
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