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EV Ramasamy Naicker's hypocracy

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Please click on to this link and read about this book by one Mr. Venkatesan, a Dalit. The excerpt is given below.

Go to this link for a book review.

E V Ramasamy Naickarin Marupakkam
(The other side of E V Ramasamy Naickar)
V Sundaram interviews Author M.Venkatesan
6 March 2006 [courtesy News Today]​
"..During the course of my interview, he told me with an anguished feeling that if only people cared to read my book on 'E V Ramasamy Naickar', then they will clearly understand how some sections of people in Tamilnadu, behaving like heads of cattle, were brainwashed into the hero-worship of E V Ramasamy Naickar, completely ignoring the inherent and fundamental contradictions in his self-proclaimed ideologies founded only on communal hatred of Brahmins and atheistic hatred of Hindu Gods. Venkatesan's view is that Periyar wrongly thought that when he attacked Brahmins, he was attacking Hinduism and when he attacked Hinduism, he was attacking Brahmins....'I am really ashamed of those people who have veneration for E V Ramasamy Naickar and his perverse philosophy of selective hatred of men and things. I am no less rational or serious than him when I say this', observed Venkatesan.
Thanks for the link, Silver Fox. Terrific read.

It comes as no surprise that 'Periyar' held the views held about 'Dalits' because even today, all the so called 'Dravidan' parties are interested only in ensuring the betterment of their (affluent) caste/community & not sincere about the economically & socially backward. Actually only in India do we still call a economically affluent community as "backward".

Regarding the 'Dravidan' parties 'atheist' beliefs, the less said the better - The reason behind Kalaignar's yellow shawl will remain a(n) (open) secret -

It is very sad that such people have become the benchmark or idols in TN politics and we need more than 1 Mr Venkatesan to uncover the mask of such 'great leaders'.
dear members,
all thru the ages of mughal and british period itwas the brahmins who stood as sentinels of hindu religion. so you remove brahmins you remove the obstacle in front of the gate. after that it is very easy to breach the wall.
so the concerted attack on brahmins. it is unfortunate that others dont realise what is happening and are standing as spectators.
3 + 6+ 1+9+2+4=7.The day number is 3.Jupiter.Guru.Yellow Color.Pusparagam Stone.Gold Metal.For 7,its Ketu.Night ie 12 PM to 11.59 PM Saturday.Shanieswaran.Shri Mu Ka gives importance to public view his Jupiter Character.An Asura Guru.But what is actually saving grace is 7.The Vaal portion of the snake.Also a spiritual number.That is why he has been so deceptive about his religion.Just my 2 cent numerology.:)


Shri vanavil

Let me re-phrase that as it came out wrongly.I meant the character of Shri Mu Ka as Asura Guru NOT number three which is Jupiter or Gurus number and he,ie Jupiter is Deva Guru.That is why Shri Mu Ka wears a Yellow color shawl all the time and wears a Puspragam stone set in gold,to strenghten number 3.IMHO.

Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba did not materialise a Pushparagam Stone set ring for him but he did for many others during his visit to his residence in Gopalapuram.


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Dear S Bala-ji,

Are you saying that Satya Sai went to Karunanidhi's house in Gopalapuram ???? And from where did you get this info ????
Yes. he did. May be a year or so back. Gave rings to Durai Murugan & stalin. Photographs were published by media showing MK's wife falling at his feet.
Mgr & jj

Shrimati HH

MGR & JJ acted for a living in reel life.But Shri Mu Ka & Co,act in real life portraying themselves as atheists but in actuallity are god loving folks.But put the blame on women folks"a la mundhanai mudichhu".I sometimes suspect,Shri Mu Ka has legally become a Muslim,in order to maintain his harem,like Muhammad -Bin-Tughlak :)

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Shri HH

MGR & JJ acted for a living in reel life.But Shri Mu Ka & Co,act in real life portraying themselves as atheists but in actuallity are god loving folks.But put the blame on women folks"a la mundhanai mudichhu".I sometimes suspect,Shri Mu Ka has legally become a Muslim,in order to maintain his harem,like Muhammad -Bin-Tughlak :)


yep :lol: no wonder he is always so soft on muslims...except that his harem was the unaccountable sort unlike tughlak who probably knew how many he had...and yes, i hear he has a very devout wife, lucky man.
Indian Wife

Shrimati HH

She is an Indian wife so he is lucky.If he had Russian wife,she prolly would have made him Karu - na- Kazhangu Roast,with Kothavaranga Chutney ROFL :).Though he has named his son Stalin.Paavam,Indian na porundhu Stalin oru russian pairray waychidduchu,onera kann doriya.Adukku daan karuppu kannadi,rofl.Yenna ketta thun pairray marthindu irukkanoom adhu...maybe to Lenin..khe khe


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Why are we getting into the personal lives of one person and wasting time in a EVR thread. Ok, I get the point. MuKa is not a atheist inside. It pleases me to hear that. Anyone can shed more light about whether EVR himself had a different inside or not ?
so far abt EVR, no. The man was an atheist for sure - was a perfect hatered incarnate. He was also a pucca tamil fanat. I read this piece of news from a dalit in the tamilnation.org website long back - dunno if its true.
Sir , I do not get how he can speak a different language at home and be Tamil fanatic also. His policy has sliced and diced TN in various ways as we see it today. I understand that EVR was not really influential man during his days. Is it true that only his followers made him widely (un)poopular as we see him today ?
i dunno if he spoke a diff language at home, the older telugu folk were no easy ppl, i do not think anyone wud hv spoken in tamil to evr just to please him and his beliefs - evr might hv ended up in telugu with them instead, and yep i do think he was made out into a popular figure to this extent by those whose interests his rantings served..
so far abt EVR, no. The man was an atheist for sure - was a perfect hatered incarnate. He was also a pucca tamil fanat. I read this piece of news from a dalit in the tamilnation.org website long back - dunno if its true.

EVR was not a tamil fanatic... he, in fact had called for people to learn english as it would lift them up from their low standards of living...

- source: Tughlaq magazine...

Aside: When the movie "Periyar" was about to be released (or was in the making?), Cho came out with a series of articles on EVR and his thoughts. Think the series spread over several weeks...
EVR was a brahmin hatred fellow. If Brahmins weren't there, probably he would have shifted his target elsewhere. But it did not smoke without a fire. The brahmins of those days did some atrocities and earned the wrath of other communities. This is true. Though the justification given by these people are just bull-crap, it is true that the brahmins played a lot of games in politics and in the livelihood of other castes.

I feel the other castes in TN chose to hate Brahmins because of a number of reasons including psychological point of view. Some of them are: Their intellectual marvel, the colour of their skin, their superiority complex (sadly, yes) to name a few. Though there were (and are) wonderful souls in this community, the EVR oil worked well in the hatred flame.

But this issue will not hold on for long. Already, the other caste people have started realizing that just the brahmin-bashing won't help them for long and that it is not totally true. Even now, their socio-economic status has not improved so well. There are many sub-sects like Nadar Christian, Naicker Christian, BC, MBC and all the alphabets under the sun.

Brahmins MUST unite. This is the need of the hour.
Hi folks

The Present Union Minister of State for Textiles, EVKS Ilangovan is the grand-nephew of EVR.

Ilangovan doesnot claim himself as an atheist, though. He is at loggerheads with Karunanithi more often than not.

On 21st December 2008 (Sunday) Ilangovan had organised on his account the golden chariot program at 7.00 p.m., for Devi Kamakshi at the Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kanchipuram.
சரிதான். திராவிட சிங்கங்களுக்குத் தூக்கம் போயிருக்குமே? :)

தேர் இழுத்தால் கைகளுக்குத் தெம்பு வரும், பொன்னாலான தேரை இழுத்தால் அது வறுமையின்மையைக் குறிக்கும். அதனாலேயே பகுத்தறிவை பயன்படுத்தி எங்கள் அமைச்சர் இவ்வாறு செய்தார் என்று ஒருவர் ஒரு விளக்கம் அளித்தாலும் அளிப்பார்.

personally i think periyar could care less for hinduism. but he sure wanted to bait the brahmins. and the brahmins caught the bait, hook line and sinker.

if you notice, periyar, kept away from insults to murugan or ammans - which are the popular tamil deities. his scorn was primarily directed at rama.

guess what? only the brahmins were offended.

i have mused many a nights, over 'what if the brahmins had just ignored periyar's rants'. after all it takes two hands to make a noise. or as you can put it, it takes two to tango. :)

it was a good question raised elsewhere in this forum. how come the other hindu castes did not do anything about periyar's rant against vedic hinduism.

personally, i think, the whole affair was not taken too seriously by the other castes. the men, if concerned, would blabber about atheism, but the maami inside the house, lit her lamps and did her prayers.

there has also been a steady outflow of high profile folks from the dravidian atheism - starting with kannadasan, evk sampath and many many more.

it does not necessarily mean that these are anyway identifying with brahmin values or brahmin interests. but these guys may be more acceptable to us, as is due to the absence of virulent vedic antibrahminic atheism.

all in all, when you step through it, the tamil hinduism has been championed and guardianed, in its various forms, whether it be thanajvur periakovil, chidambaram, or thirverkaadu mariamman or pazhani, by and large, by the non brahmin tamil communities.

in most cases, we have been bit players, contributing, to the ritualistic pomp at the altar, and not necessarily to the construction/maintenance.

it is only of late, that we too have joined this endeavour to build temples - but these have been mostly confined to ayyappa. the ayyappa phenomenon of late, is, i think, a welcome development.

for the first time, there is a deliberate mingling of castes. in its initial form, as practised in my father's ayyappa club, there were not even priests.

however, here too, the vedic homam type rituals appear creeping into ayyappa-ism, a erstwhile eclectic mass movement, all in the name of proprietary orthodoxy.

i am not so sure, i agree with that.

i see it, as a transition from a mass based populist affair, to one which is associated with a somewhat jaded establishment.

thank you.

I agree with you on the bait. Saw few minutes of the movie "Periyar". He was portrayed as a defiant or critique of Hinduism, especially blind faith by people who did not understand it. Perhaps Rajaji and himself could have "played" a drama for their own political ends ? I read that during his later years he was more against DMK than Brahmins.
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