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Yenkay Brahmanan?



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Reference; The Dravidian Movement in Tamil Nadu and it's legacy .by A.N.Sattanathan. university of Madras,1982
comment on the below article says
Brahmins are the ''new minority'' in Tamil Nadu. Not only a minority but also an insignificant one. WIth a total population of just 2 % they have more or less faded away thanks to the aggressive anti-brahminism practiced by DMK and other political parti ..
I don't understand why sothai Brahmins are hated with a vengeance in TN, when many other so called upper castes are are actively keeping other castes down. Don't jump down my throat for saying sothai, I mean adicha paambe adichindu irukka mudiyumo.
First of all i dont understand when some tamil brahmin claim discrimination in tn . 30% is in open reservation. And we know who come top in this categories and lining up in us embassy for visa. Even in entertaiment such tamil tv dramas .tamil brahmin actor dominate in field discounting non tamil actor. There two type tamil brahmin the one changed acordding to time and tamil orthodox brahmin who want bring back old system . Fyi i am not brahmin or india born indian


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The majority community is actually doing great harm to Tamil by their hate brahmin remove Sanskrit rhetoric
someone was complaining about Ponniyin Selvan word usage and gave dharma-sankatam as example. எனக்கு தர்மசங்கடமாயிருந்தது. They want to strip vadamozhi and replace with hideous words they create, changing Tamil as we know it. In addition atrocious words created in the movies or elsewhere are added. Pronunciation of Tamil is going downhill thanks to the so called Tamil fanatics. Long back the Srilankan railways had 3 classes with the 1st class maintained in the posh state left by colonial masters. The government at some point made the move to scrap all upper classes and make everything flat 3rd class. This is what is happening to Tamil. Instead raising everyone up to 1st class, they are bringing everyone down to the gutters. but as vgane said in his Nazi quote, other communities are obviously assisting in the downfall.
They make fun of Brahmin expressions and words like 'Nannaa Irukkelaa?', 'pukkaaththu', 'poranthaaththu'. Are words like 'vanthichu', 'irunthichu', 'poidichu' correct Tamil words.

Many years back, in a TV interview Karunanidhi was asked by a (TV) viewer '... ithukku unga advice enna?'. He immediately corrected him 'why do you use the word advice instead of arivurai'. A few minutes later in answering another question he said 'avanga kittenthu thaan entha response illai'. Even Ravana had only 10 faces!

The lack of distinct consonants (for ka and ga, pa and ba, ta and da and so on) in Tamil is having a very adverse effect on the way Tamil children pronounce and spell words in other languages. The succession of Governments are reluctant to enhance the language - the only change they have accepted is introducing the way they now write words like 'alai' (wave) and 'yaanai' (elephant) and that change was accepted because that was 'Periyar sonna maatram'. If they are rejected in interviews for jobs in MNCs, they have only themselves and the dravidian governments (which have been ruling the state for the last 50+ years) to blame. In contrast, (in Hindi) they have introduced the use of '.' below some Devanagari consonants so that words like 'farz' and 'qilaa' can be written without ambiguity and they have also introduced the use of an arc above some vowels so that words like 'common' and 'man' can be transliterated in Devanagari. (If they also did away with gender it would be a great help 'pustak' is masculine, 'qitaab' is feminine and so is 'moochh' (moustache)) - these gender rules cost me a lot of marks in Hindi in my school leaving exams)

And removing words common to Sanskrit and Tamil as being vadamozhi only points to their incurable inferiority complex. They assume that the word must have been borrowed in Tamil from Sanskrit and never the other way around because flow is always from the higher to the lower and it is hard wired in their heads that Sanskrit is the superior language.

Anyone who tries to learn and speak correct English is considered an upstart (they even have an expression for it - periya Peter England) but according to them it is civilised to use sentences like 'avan oru tension party' to describe a short tempered person.
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The நாஸ்திகம் பேசி நாத்தழும்பேரின so called draavida kumbal has over 60 years made up this story aided by the white man that, the Brahmin is an invader or whatever - who brought his language, religion etc replacing the local religion (surprise which was also Hinduism). So he along with his religion and language must be destroyed. of course Abrahamic religions ( the true invaders to this land) and the communists would love to join forces to bring down Hinduism by bringing down the priest.
It is so easy to confuse the common man with continuous brainwashing specially with movies. They portray the brahmin as the sankrit lover and tamil hater, but sorry to say it is the Brahmin who speaks proper tamil. Somehow the jewel of tamil ழகரம் is completely absent in the tongue of the so called tamil upkeepers,
not to talk about ன ண difference. I laugh when I hear மன்னன் pronounced as மண்ணன் in the movies. I agree with ekaputra above. The so called TAs do they even understand thevara thiruvaasakam ? Iam sure they have some theory about the aadhi brahmin namely the esteemed Mutharkuravar Thirugnanasambanthar, pillai paathi puranam paathi meaning half of periyapuranam is about him. They may rewrite history saying he was not a brahmin.

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