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TAMIL Kutthu Songs

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Dear Friends

Ok, I have started a sort of 'out of the norm' thread in this forum :) (The only rule being it should be a TAMIL song)

But, I am sure that there would be many members (friends) to contribute :) (Praveen, please forgive me (us)) :)

Ok! To start with - 'வால மீனுக்கும் வெளங்கு மீனுக்கும்' from the film 'கஸ்துரிமான்'.

YouTube - ‪Vazha meenu - divx‬‏

Kind regards


is it குத்து song or கூத்து song?

i havent heard this song.. and hence the doubt :)

thank you.
My Dearest Kunjuppu

Some Koothu songs are also Kuthu songs! But this is actually a Kuthu song!


Actually Dear Kunjuppu

I saw a song posted in 'Inspirational songs' thread 'நிலா அது வானத்து மேலே'!! So, I got Inspired to open a new thread for Kutthu songs like that :)

Kind regards
Last edited:
Dear Friends

I am overwhelmed by the kind responses :)

But please slow down!

Let's do one thing - let us all just post only one kuthu song per day (i.e. as many people but one song each). This will help other members to relish :) them and we will also have more time to contribute!

Kind regards
Dear Amala

You have a good taste of 'kuthu' songs. I like ALL the songs you have posted.

Actually I was thinking of posting 'Appadi Poodu' song this morning but you have overtaken me! It's ok. The contribution is more important than who contributes :)

Keep up the good spirit!

Kind regards
Valli (please call me valli, no madam/ji/etc for me)
Dear Shri. Raghy

I could not get my favourite kuthu song in youtube. Only have to hear it, please...



I haven't heard the above song. I will listen to it fully and then post the comment. But the other song you had posted 'வாங்க மச்சான் வாங்க உங்க வழியப்பார்த்து போங்க' - it is one of my favourites from my school days and this is one of the songs I enact at home :)

The other two songs you had mentioned in the film 'Thiruda Thirudi' are also very very good ones!

Kind regards
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