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Siddhar padalgal

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13. சாகாமல் தாண்டி தனிவழி போவோர்க்கு
ஏகாந்தம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
ஏகாந்தம் ஏதுக்கடி

14. அந்தரம் தன்னில் அசைந்தாடும் முத்தர்க்கு
தந்திரம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
தந்திரம் ஏதுக்கடி

13. The real siddha who has crossed even the state of death by conquering the samadhi and leads a separated path by his very normal nature, there is no need for his privacy. It means though he mixed with a crowd of herd population he remains himself residing in his own privacy. (Siddhar doesnt said that privacy is not needed for siddhar; he states that they can achieve the privacy even amidst of a heavy population. Thats the intended meaning here I think).

14. The mind of real siddhar always thinks of space (god/parabrahma) and he being in such a higher state, never even think of mere tantrics or magics. The mere usage of occult powers are of no use for those siddha who always dwell in space. (We can also take that siddha people who dwells with high spirits (Andaram- high (like sky)) never tempted with magic powers) (At the sametime, we should not take the meaning that siddha who attained the power of wandering in the sky- I mean to fly- never think of using other powers).

15. ஆனந்தம் பொங்கி அறிவோடு இருப்பற்கு
ஞானம்தான் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
ஞானம்தான் ஏதுக்கடி

16. சித்திர கூடத்தை தினம்தினம் பார்போர்க்கு
பத்திரம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
பத்திரம் ஏதுக்கடி

15. When the real siddhar who has already filled with satisfaction and knowledge, what is the use of gnana? Here the anandham pongi arivodu is the kundalini which hitted the sahasrara and the nectar pot whoch started flowing inside the body of siddha is denoted. If a siddhar has attained such a state, what is the use of him attaining some gnana of incompleteness?

16. Chithirakoodam- the place where art works are exhibited. When the siddhar is seeing various color combos daily within his body itself, what is the use of securedness for him?

Each chakra has its own colour. For example, mooladhara is known to be in red-colour. So, the siddhar people is experiencing all the colours within himself. (like an exhibition). That is the gnana of siddhapurushas. Even they view the changes in their own body just like an exhibition. They never consider to protect their lives or bodies. They know very well that the body is just a cover.

முக்கோணம் தன்னில் முளைத்த மெய்ஞானிக்கு
சட்கோணம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
சட்கோணம் ஏதுக்கடி

18. அஷ்டதிக்கெலாம் அசைந்தாடும் நாதர்க்கு
நட்டணை ஏதுக்கடி - குதம்பாய்
நட்டணை ஏதுக்கடி

17. The real siddha who has borne from three corners (Triangle) (It means who has bound with bindhu sthana of shri chakra- the completeness of yoga) (In shri chakra, the divine shakthi is residing in the traingular bindhusthana in the perfect center), there is no need for him a hexagon (6 cornered structure, which is a very basic adhara chakra structure).

18. When the true siddhar who knows about his relationship with the space and found himself throughout the space and see himself in the 8 directions around him, there is no need for any control to him to make him to revolve around particular thing (Nattu+anai= stopping around the central part). The siddhar people never care about anything and nothing can stop them.

Note: Somehow the explanations which came to my mind to these two verses are not satisfactory to me and I request all the readers to contribute them to furnish further so that we can conclude.

19. முக்தி பெற்றுள்ளம் முயங்கும் மெய்ஞானிக்கு
பத்தியம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
பத்தியம் ஏதுக்கடி

20. அல்லலை நீக்கி அறிவோடிருப்போர்க்கு
பல்லக்கு ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
பல்லக்கு ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்

19. When the real siddha has attained mukthi even when he was living, what is the limitations for him??? He has crossed all the limits and borders and is now completely independent. It does not mean siddha does not lead life without limitations. They know their own limitations and they cannot be controlled by any extrenal source.

20. The siddha who has conquered all the desires, obstacles and always residing in the state of "Anandha", what is the use of a palanquin to him?? Palanquin is mentioned here to denote high society, status, wealth, advertisment, etc. Siddhar people does not need these things at all...
To Durga Dasan : Siddhar says in poem no 10 Once reached the stage of Maigani there is no needof Manthirangal , since Muthamizh teaches every thing for Yoga. s.r.k.
21. அட்டாங்க யோகம் அறிந்த மெய்ஞானிக்கு
முட்டாங்கம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
முட்டாங்கம் ஏதுக்கடி

22. வேகம் அடக்கி விளங்கும் மெய்ஞானிக்கு
யோகம்தான் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
யோகம்தான் ஏதுக்கடி

21. The true gnani or siddhar who is a master of ashtanga yoga is really a master (who does not need any thing beyond that). There is no need for him to hide for anything or to get frighten of anyone. For him, there is no problems at all to solve. There is no issues at all to find answers. He himself is the answer for all the questions and hence he will be very open to all and never hide himself infront of problems.

22. The siddhar who has conquered "fastness" (In this statement, fastness or hastiness is meaning about the slow and determined penance and yogasakthi of the siddha) and finally mingled with god by his power of penance and who attained all the siddhis, what is the use of him in doing simple yogas which has give some temporary powers?

(These verses are not against yoga. Certainly it is crediting yoga only. Because of this yoga only the siddha attains his spritual highness. At the sametime, after reaching such highness, the yoga itself has turned of no use to him. But for people like us, we should continue our yoga practice always)

23. மாத்தானை வென்று மலைமேல் இருப்போருக்கு
பூத்தானம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
பூத்தானம் ஏதுக்கடி

24. செத்தாரைப்போல திரியும் மெய்ஞானிக்கு
கைத்தாளம் ஏதுக்கடி - குதம்பாய்
கைத்தாளம் ஏதுக்கடி

23. The real siddhar has conquered all his enemies (The word matran- enemy here refers all the lust, anxiety, anger such qualities and not a real person) internally and he resides in mountain (It means the siddhar is living in a highest state- mountain is just an example. It doesnt mean that the siddhar lives only in mountains). If he is like this, what will be the use of him with a land if anyone offers it to him?? He has conquered all his desires. He doesn't need anything from this materialistic world. So, an offer of land given to him will be a total waste only. Also since he is residing in the mountain how can he take care of plain land???

24. The true siddhar who behaves like a dead person (It means he never acts like living man (he is devoid of all desires and needs)) sings happily without worrying about anything. If it is the situation what is the use of "Kaithaalam" (its an instrument used instead of clapping with hands) (Shri shiva gave this to Gnanasambandha in the town "Thirukolakka" and since the ambal there gave this she is known as "osai kodutha nayagi") for the siddha?? (he never care for himself, so the use of hand instrument is also a waste).

25. கண்டாரை நோக்கி கருத்தோடிருப்போர்க்கு
கொண்டாட்டம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
கொண்டாட்டம் ஏதுக்கடி

26. காலனை வென்ற கருத்தறிவாளர்க்கு
கோலங்கள் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
கோலங்கள் ஏதுக்கடி

25. The real siddhar who is interested in the supreme power (only he knows each and everything). So only siddhar stress that "Kandaarai" It means one who saw everything. (It means god). The siddhar is searching the god within himself only and not anywhere outside. So, there is no need for him of any sorta celebrations (or festivals) and he just hates these pomps and noises.

26. The real siddhar who has conquered time (also the death god- Yama) was filled with knowledge. (It means that even siddhar will also die and leave their body to world. But they never attach to their bodies and thereby conquers the death god himself). If he is remaining like this why he has to decorate himself when he thinks his own body itself as an extra object...

27. வெங்காயம் உண்டு மிளகுண்டு சுக்குண்டு
உண்காயம் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
உண்காயம் ஏதுக்கடி

28. மாங்காய்ப்பால் உண்டு மலைமேல் இருப்போர்க்கு
தேங்காய்ப்பால் ஏதுக்கடி- குதம்பாய்
தேங்காய்ப்பால் ஏதுக்கடி

27. There are onions, gingers, and pepper and where is the need for developing the body of inner? Here siddha says that by eating these herbs we can keep and protect our body which will die a day. But what is the dish to protect the body of immortal?? Here siddha is stressing the importance of yoga and also provide values for herbs like these.

In tamil the saying "SUKKUKU MINJIA MARUNDUM ILLAI SUBRAMANYA SWAMIKKU MINJIA DEIVAMUM ILLAI" (It means none of the herbs is above ginger; and none of the god is above Lord Subramanya).

28. The siddha who is having the milk of mango and living in rest, what is the need for him with the milk of coconut?? Using coconut milk is the sign of wealthiness also it has high calorie content (around 552 cal) and rich proteinacous and vitaminaceous food. Whereas the milk of mango is bitter in taste and is an ailment for weight loss. Siddha people are not interested in royal things. What they actally want is obtained in the hills (It means they are not interested in worshipping some other demi- or gods who can provide health and wealth. They are actually men who bind themselves with the supreme parabrahma and they too attached themselves in that high eternal position. That was only symbolically mentioned here as "MALAI MEL IRUPPORUKU").

To durgaji, Malai Mel Irupporuku means those who are practice in Kundali yoga and reached the Headregion visualize with Jothi darshan those people called Malai mel Iruppor. MaanPlus Khai means winning the MInd and body a person gets the deatchment so no need of any kind of worldly Milk. s.r.k.
Respected Esarkey ji

Your explanation is appropriate. Also I think that "ma+kaai" (Larger fruit), since these siddhar have acheived and had the fruit of greater pleasure, they are not in need of those smaller and externally tasteful Coco-milk.Yeah, as I said in my previous posts, malai mel is certainly those who achieved higher position (attained kundalini sakthi).

When the mind acts on the body, desires and wants are born. Satisfying these may result in so many ugly and unimagined things.

When the body acts on the body, only pleasure and pain are felt and they remain the only motivating factors for anyone's behaviour. This also is to be avoided.

When wisdom dawns on the person concerned, both mind and body either become irrelevant or are of no consequence at all.
mind body soul budhi deham athma

athmavinaal budhi deham irukkiradhu

athma vishwasam wandu vittal,nirvikalpa samadhi vaazhumpoday,allava saar?pannvalan.
Dear Pannavalan and Nachi Naga jis

Suvar indri chitiram illai- Am I right? For each and everything, the body is required. Only by growing this body, we can do anything. Even if we want to attain some superior state, this same body is helping us. We are doing penance only with this body. I think Athma viswasam is OK. But swasam is more important than that. Athma is the one,which we dont know where it is and waht function it is doing. Buddhi is we dont know where it is (Not scientifical brain am telling), but we know its activities and powerfulness. Whereas as a highlight, we know very well about our body, where it is, and also how it functions. So I think Deham is more important. Athma should be like a crystal with purity. Then the buddhi will attain its "laya" (workless state), then the body will enter into the samadhi state.

Please clarify if am wrong by any means. Pranams
siidar samadhi

Dear Durgadasan sir,

I want to know exactly where the samadi of the Famous Kudambai sitthatar located ?
Dear Siddarbakthan sir

It is a tough job to say where actually the samadhis of these siddhas are located. Because they will having 5-6 samadhis. They are much powerful and they knew the technique of separating their athma and body. Anyhow the samadhi of this siddhar is there inside the temple of Shri Mayuranatha swami temple, Mayiladuthurai.


Agasthiyar Siddhar Ananda sayanam Agapaei Sidhar Yettakudi Thirumoolar Siddhar Chidambaram Nandeesar Siddhar Thiruvaadudurai Bogar Siddhar Pazhani Kumbamuni Siddhar kudandai Vamadevar Siddhar Azhagar malai Idaikaadar Siddhar Thiruvannamalai Satta muni Siddhar Seergazhi Kamala muni Siddhar Thiruvarur Macha muni Siddhar Thiruparankundram Konganar Siddhar Thirupathi Pathanjali Siddhar Rameshwaram Pambatti Sidhar Thirukadaiyur Sundaranandar Madurai Kuthambai Sidhar Mayiladuthurai Karuvuraar Siddhar Thanjavur Korakar Sitthar Thirukazhukundram Dhanvantri Siddhar Vaideeshwaran kovil Pulathiyar Siddhar Pabanaasam
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