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Sahasra nAma AvaLi

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram ( 81 to 90 )

81. सुभद्रा पूर्वज ...subhadhrA poorvaja = The elder brother of SubadhrA
ॐ सुभद्रा पूर्वजाय नमः। Om subhadrA poorvajAya Namah।

82. विष्णु...vishNu = The Lord Vishnu
ॐ विष्णवॆ नमः। Om vishNavE Namah।

83. भीष्ममुक्ति प्रदायक...bheeshma-mukthi-pradhAyaka =
The Lord who gave salvation to Bheeshma
ॐ भीष्ममुक्ति प्रदायकाय नमः। Om bheeshma-mukti-pradhAyakAya Namah।

84. जगद्गुरू...jagadh-guru = The teacher to the whole world
ॐ जगद्गुरवॆ नमः। Om jagadh-guravE Namah।

85. जगन्नाथ....jagannATha = Lord Of The Universe
ॐ जगन्नाथाय नमः। Om jagannAthAya Namah।
The Lord Of The Universe

86. वॆणुनाद विशारद....vENu-nAdha-vis'Aradha =
An expert in playing music in the Flute
ॐ वॆणुनाद विशारदाय नमः। Om vENu-nAdha-vis'AradhAya Namah।

87. वृषभासुर विध्वंसि...vrushabhAsura viDhvamsi =
Destroyer Of Demon VrushabhAsura
ॐ वृषभासुर विध्वंसिने नमः। Om vrushabhAsura viDhvamsine Namah।

88. बाणासुर करान्तकृत....bANAsura karAnthakruth =
The Lord Who destroyed Banasura's Arms
ॐ बाणासुर करान्तकाय नमः। Om bANAsura karAnthakAya Namah।

89. युधिष्ठिर प्रतिष्ठात्रे....yuDhishTira prathishTAthrE =
He Who Established Yudhisthira As A King
ॐ युधिष्ठिर प्रतिष्ठात्रे नमः। Om yuDhishTira prathishTAthrE Namah।

90. बर्हिबर्हावतंसक...barhi barhAvatamsaka =
He Who Adorns Himself with Peacock Feathers
ॐ बर्हिबर्हावतंसकाय नमः। Om barhi barhAvatamsakAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram ( 91 to 100 )

91. पार्थसारथी...pArtha-sAraThee = The Chariot Driver Of Arjuna
ॐ पार्थसारथये नमः। Om Parthasarathaye Namah।

92. अव्यक्त ...avyaktha = The Unmanifested Lord
ॐ अव्यक्ताय नमः। Om avyakthAya Namah।

93. गीतामृत महोदधी....geethAmrutha mahOdhaDhi
An Ocean Containing The Nectar Of Bhagwad Gita
ॐ गीतामृत महोदधये नमः। Om geethAmrutha mahOdhaDhi Namah।

94. कालीयफणिमाणिक्य रञ्जित श्रीपदाम्बुज...
kAliyaphaNi-mANikya-ranjitha-s'ree-padhAmbuja =
The Lord Whose Lotus Feet were Adorned by the Gems in the Hoods Of Serpent Kaliya
ॐ कालीय फणिमाणिक्य रञ्जित श्री पदाम्बुजाय नमः।
Om kAliyaphaNi-mANikya-ranjitha-s'ree-padhAmbujAya Namah।

95. दामॊदर...dhAmOdhara = He who got Tied Up With A Rope At The Waist
ॐ दामॊदराय नमः। Om dhAmOdharAya Namah।

96. यज्ञभोक्त...yaj~na-bhOktha =
He Who enjoys all the Sacrificial Offerings
ॐ यज्ञभोक्त्रे नमः। Om yaj~na-bhOkthrE Namah।

97. दानवॆन्द्र विनाशक...dhAnavEndhra vinAs'aka =
The Destroyer Of Lord Of Asuras
ॐ दानवॆन्द्र विनाशकाय नमः। Om dhAnavEndhra vinAs'akAya Namah।

98. नारायण...nArAyaNa = He Who Is Lord Vishnu
ॐ नारायणाय नमः। Om nArAyaNAya Namah।

99. परब्रह्म...parabrahma = The Supreme Brahmana
ॐ परब्रह्मणॆ नमः। Om parabrahmaNE Namah।

100. पन्नगाशन वाहन...pannagAs'ana vAhana =
He whose vAhana Garuda devours the deadly snakes
ॐ पन्नगाशन वाहनाय नमः। Om pannagAs'ana vAhanAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram ( 101 to 108 )

101. जलक्रीडा समासक्त गॊपीवस्त्रापहाराक...
jala-kreedA samAsaktha gOpee vasthra- apahArAka
Lord Who Hid the Gopi's Clothes While They Were Playing In River Yamuna
ॐ जलक्रीडा समासक्त गॊपीवस्त्रापहाराकाय नमः।
Om jala-kreedA samAsaktha gOpee-vasthra-apahArAkAya Namah।

102. पुण्य श्लॊक...puNya-s'lOka
Lord Whose Praise Bestows good merits on His devotees
ॐ पुण्य श्लॊकाय नमः। Om puNya s'lOkAya Namah।

103. तीर्थकरा...theerThakarA = Creator Of Holy Places
ॐ तीर्थकृते नमः। Om theerThakruthE Namah।

104. वॆदवॆद्या...vEdha-vEdhyA = He is the Source Of Vedas
ॐ वॆदवॆद्याय नमः। Om vEdha-vEdhyA Namah।

105. दयानिधि ...dhayA-niDhi
He Who Is Treasure house Of Compassion
ॐ दयानिधयॆ नमः। Om dhayA-niDhayE Namah।

106. सर्वभूतात्मका...sarva-bhootha-AthmakA =
He is the soul of all the elements
ॐ सर्वभूतात्मकाय नमः। Om sarva-bhootha-AthmakAya Namah।

107. सर्वग्रहरुपी...sarvagraharupi =
He who holds everything in Himself
ॐ सर्वग्रह रुपिणॆ नमः। Om sarvagraha roopiNE Namah।

108. परात्पर...parAthpara = The most Supreme - second to none
ॐ परात्पराय नमः। Om parAthparAya Namah।

॥इति श्रीकृष्णाष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा॥
s'ree krishNa ashtOthra s'atha nAmAvaLi sampoorNam
Om Thath Sath

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram (1 to 10)

1. श्रीराम...s'ree rAma = The Lord who gives happiness
ॐ श्रीरामाय नमः। Om s'ree rAmAya Namah।

2. रामभद्र...rAmabhadra = RAma - The Most Auspicious Lord
ॐ रामभद्राय नमः। Om rAmabhadrAya Namah।

3. रामचन्द्र...rAmachandhra = Lord as pleasant as the Moon
ॐ रामचन्द्राय नमः। Om rAmachandhrAya Namah।

4. शाश्वत...s'As'watha = The eternal Lord
ॐ शाश्वताय नमः। Om s'As'wathAya Namah।

5. राजीवलोचन....rAjeeva-lOchana = The Lord with Lotus petal shaped eyes
ॐ राजीवलोचनाय नमः। Om rAjeeva-lOchanAya Namah।

6. श्रीमते...s'reemathE = The Lord who is revered by all
ॐ श्रीमते नमः। Om s'reemathE Namah।

7. राजेन्द्र...rAjEndhra = The king of kings
ॐ राजेन्द्राय नमः। Om rAjEndhrAya Namah।

8. रघुपुङ्गव...raghu-pungava = The Scion Of The Raghu vamsam
ॐ रघुपुङ्गवाय नमः। Om raghu-pungavAya Namah।

9. जानकीवल्लभ...jAnakee-vallabha = The Consort Of Janaki dhEvi
ॐ जानकीवल्लभाय नमः। Om jAnakee-vallabhAya Namah।

10. जैत्र...jaithra = The victorious Lord
ॐ जैत्राय नमः। Om jaithrAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram (11 to 20 )

11. जितामित्र....jithAmithra = The Lord who vanquishes His enemies
ॐ जितामित्राय नमः। Om jithAmithrAya Namah।

12. जनार्दन...janArdhana = The Liberator From The Cycle Of Birth And Death
ॐ जनार्दनाय नमः। Om janArdhanAya Namah।

13. विश्वामित्रप्रिय...vis'wAmithra-priya = The Lord loved by sage viswAmithra
ॐ विश्वामित्रप्रियाय नमः। Om vis'wAmithra-priyAya Namah।

14. दान्त...dhAntha = The Lord who is the Personification of serenity
ॐ दान्ताय नमः। Om dhAnthAya Namah।

15. शरणत्राणतत्पर....s'araNathrANa tathpara = He who Protects His Devotees
ॐ शरणत्राणतत्पराय नमः। Om s'araNathrANa tathparAya Namah।

16. वालिप्रमथन...VAli-pramaThana = The Lord who killed vAli
ॐ वालिप्रमथनाय नमः। Om VAli-pramaThanAya Namah।

17. वाग्मिने...vAgminE = He who is a great orator
ॐ वाग्मिने नमः। Om vAgminE Namah।

18. सत्यवाचे....sathya-vAchE = The Lord who speaks only the truth
ॐ सत्यवाचे नमः। Om sathya-vAchE Namah।

19. सत्यविक्रम...sathya-vikrama = The Lord who is truly valorous
ॐ सत्यविक्रमाय नमः। Om Sathya-vikramAya Namah।

20. सत्यव्रत...sathya-vratha = Lord who has made sathyam as His vratam
ॐ सत्यव्रताय नमः। Om sathya-vrathAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram (21 to 30 )

21. व्रतधर...vratha-Dhara = The Lord who practises penance
ॐ व्रतधराय नमः। Om vratha-DharAya Namah।

22. सदाहनुमदाश्रित...sadhA HanumadhAs'ritha
The Lord who is always served by HanumAn
ॐ सदाहनुमदाश्रिताय नमः। Om sadhA HanumadhAs'rithAya Namah।

23. कौसलेय...kausalEya = The Son Of Kausalya
ॐ कौसलेयाय नमः। Om kausalEyAya Namah।

24. खरध्वंसी....khara-dhwamsee
The Slayer Of The Demon Khara
ॐ खरध्वंसिने नमः। Om khara-dhwamsinE Namah।

25. विराधवधपण्डित ...virADha-vaDha-paNditha =
The Slayer Of The Demon VirADha
ॐ विराधवधपण्डिताय नमः। Om virADha-vaDha-paNditha Namah।

26. विभीषणपरित्राता ....vibheeshaNa-parithrAthA =
He who accepted VibheeshanA as His friend
ॐ विभीषणपरित्रात्रे नमः। Om vibheeshaNa-parithrAthrE Namah।

27. हरकोदण्डखण्डन ...hara- kOdhaNda-khaNdana
The Lord who broke kOdhaNda - the bow of Lord Siva
ॐ हरकोदण्डखण्डनाय नमः।Om hara- kOdhaNda-khaNdanAya Namah।

28. सप्ततालप्रभेत्ता...saptha-thAla-prabhEththA
The Lord who shattered seven thAla trees with a single arrow
ॐ सप्ततालप्रभेत्रे नमः। Om saptha-thAla-prabhEthrE Namah।

29. दशग्रीवशिरोहर....dhas'a-greeva-s'irOhara
The Slayer Of The Ten-Headed Ravana
ॐ दशग्रीवशिरोहराय नमः। Om dhas'a-greeva-s'irOharAya Namah।

30. जामदग्न्यमहादर्पदलन...jamadhagnya-mahA-dharpa-dhalana
The Lord who shattered sage Jamadagni's son's arrogance
ॐ जामदग्न्यमहादर्पदलनाय नमः।
Om jamadhagnya-mahA-dharpa-dhalanAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 31 to 40 )

31. ताटकान्तक...thAtakAntaka = Slayer Of Yakshini thAtaka
ॐ ताटकान्तकाय नमः। Om thAtakAnthakAya Namah।

32. वेदान्तसार...vEdhAntha-sAra
He who is the essence of The vEdhas
ॐ वेदान्तसाराय नमः। Om vEdhAntha-sAraya Namah।

33. वेदात्मा...vEdhAthmA = The Spirit Of The VEdhas rests in Him
ॐ वेदात्मने नमः। Om vEdAthmanE Namah।

34. भवरोगस्य भेषजम् ...bhava-rOgasya bhEshajam
The true medicine to cure all the earthly sufferings
ॐ भवरोगस्य भेषजाय नमः। Om bhava-rOgasya bhEshajAya Namah।

35. दुषणत्रिशिरोहन्ता ...dhooshaNa-tris'irO-hanthA
The Slayer of Demons dhooshaNa and thri-s'iras
ॐ दूषणत्रिशिरोहन्त्रे नमः। Om dhooshaNa-tris'irO-hanthrE namah

36. त्रिमूर्ति...thrimoorthi
The supreme Lord Who exhibits Three different Forms
ॐ त्रिमूर्तये नमः। Om thrimoorthayE Namah।

37. त्रिगुणात्मक...thri-guNAthmaka = The Source Of The Three GuNas
ॐ त्रिगुणात्मकाय नमः। Om thri-guNAthmakAya Namah।

38. त्रिविक्रम...thri-vikrama = Conqueror Of The Three Worlds
ॐ त्रिविक्रमाय नमः। Om thri-vikramAya Namah।

39. त्रिलोकात्मा...thri-lOkAthmA = He who is the soul of all the three worlds
ॐ त्रिलोकात्मने नमः। Om thri-lOkAthmanE Namah।

40. पुण्यचारित्रकीर्तन...puNya-charithra-keerthana
He who is the Subject all the holy Hymns and divine stories
ॐ पुण्यचारित्रकीर्तनाय नमः। Om puNya-charithra-keerthanAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 41 to 50 )

41. त्रिलोकरक्षक...thrilOka-rakshaka = Protector Of The Three Worlds
ॐ त्रिलोकरक्षकाय नमः। Om thrilOka-rakshakAya Namah।

42. धन्वी...Dhanvee = The Wielder Of a Bow
ॐ धन्विने नमः। Om DhanvinE Namah।

43. दण्डकारण्यकर्तन...DhaNdakAraNya-karthana
He who lived in DhaNdakAraNya
ॐ दण्डकारण्यकर्तनाय नमः। Om DandakAraNya-karthanAya Namah।

44. अहल्याशापशमन...ahalyA-s'Apa-s'amana
The Lord who removed AhalyA's curse
ॐ अहल्याशापशमनाय नमः। Om ahalyA-s'Apa-s'amanAya Namah।

45. पितृभक्त...pithru-bhaktha = He who worshipped His Father Dasaratha
ॐ पितृभक्ताय नमः। Om pithru-bhakthAya Namah।

46. वरप्रद...varapradha = The bestower Of Boons
ॐ वरप्रदाय नमः। Om varapradhAya Namah।

47. जितेन्द्रिय...jithEndhriya =
He who had conquered all his sense organs
ॐ जितेन्द्रियाय नमः। Om jithEndhriyAya Namah।

48. जितक्रोधा...jitha-krODha = He who has conquered His anger
ॐ जितक्रोधाय नमः। Om jitha-krOdhAya Namah।

49. जितमित्र...jithAmithra = He Who Wins Over Friends and foes
ॐ जितमित्राय नमः। Om jithAmithrAya Namah।

50. जगद्गुरु ...jagadh-guru
Spiritual Teacher Of Dharma, Artha And KAma to the world
ॐ जगद्गुरवे नमः। Om jagadh-guravE Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 51 to 60 )

51. ऋक्षवानरसङ्घाती ...ruksha-vAnara-sanghathee
The Saviour and friend Of the Boars And the Monkeys
ॐ ऋक्षवानरसङ्घातिने नमः। Om ruksha-vAnara-sanghathinE Namah।

52. चित्रकूटसमाश्रय...chithrakoota-samAs'raya
The Lord Who Took Refuge At Chitrakuta Hill
ॐ चित्रकूटसमाश्रयाय नमः। Om chitrakoota-samas'rayAya Namah।

53. जयन्तत्राणवरद...jayantha-thrANa-varadha
He who gave a boon to save Jayantha
ॐ जयन्तत्राणवरदाय नमः। Om jayantha-thrANa-varadhAya Namah।

54. सुमित्रापुत्रसेवित...sumithrA-puthra-sevitha
The Lord Who Is Served By Sumitra's son (Lakshmana)
ॐ सुमित्रापुत्रसेविताय नमः।
Om sumithrA-puthra-sEvithAya Namah।

55. सर्वदेवादिदेव ...sarva-dhEvAdhi-dhEva = The Lord Of All The Gods
ॐ सर्वदेवादिदेवाय नमः। Om sarva-dhEvAdhi-dhEva Namah।

56. मृतवानरजीवन...mrutha-vAnara-jeevana
He who resurrected all the dead monkeys back to life
ॐ मृतवानरजीवनाय नमः। Om mrutha-vAnara-jeevanAya Namah।

57. मायामारीचहन्ता...mAyA-mAreecha-hanthA
Slayer Of Demon ThAtakA's Son MAreecha
ॐ मायामारीचहन्त्रे नमः। Om mAyA-mAreecha-hanthrE Namah।

58. महादेव...mahAdhEva = The supreme Lord
ॐ महादेवाय नमः। Om mahAdhEvAya Namah।

59. महाभुज ...mahA-bhuja = The Lord with Mighty Arms
ॐ महाभुजाय नमः।...Om mahA-bhujAya Namah।

60. सर्वदेवस्तुत...sarva-dhEva-sthutha
The Lord Who Is Praised By All The Gods
ॐ सर्वदेवस्तुताय नमः। Om sarva-dhEva-sthuthAy


Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 61 to 70 )

61. सौम्य...soumya = The Lord with a pleasing nature
ॐ सौम्याय नमः। Om soumyaAya Namah।

62. ब्रह्मण्य...brahmaNya = The supreme reality
ॐ ब्रह्मण्याय नमः। Om brahmaNyaya Namah।

63. मुनिसंस्तुत...muni-sam-sthutha =
The Lord Who Is Praised By the Sages
ॐ मुनिसंस्तुताय नमः। Om muni-sam-sthuthAya Namah।

64. महायोगी...mahA-yOgi = The supreme meditator
ॐ महायोगिने नमः। Om mahA-yOginE Namah।

65. महोदर....mahOdhara = One with great compassion
ॐ महोदराय नमः। Om mahOdharAya Namah।

66. सुग्रीवेप्सितराज्यद...sugreevEpsitha-rAjyadha
The Lord Who Returned The Kingdom To Sugreeva
ॐ सुग्रीवेप्सितराज्यदाय नमः। Om sugreevEpsitha-rAjyadhAya Namah।

67. सर्वपुण्याधिकफल...sarva-PuNyADhika-phala
One Who Answers Prayers And Rewards Good Deeds
ॐ सर्वपुण्याधिकफलाय नमः। Om sarva-PuNyADhika-phalAya Namah।

68. स्मृतसर्वाघनाशन...smrutha-sarva-ghanAs'ana
The Lord who removes all afflictions
ॐ स्मृतसर्वाघनाशनाय नमः। Om smrutha-sarva-ghanAs'anAya Namah।

69. आदिपुरुष...Adhi-purusha = The Primal Being
ॐ आदिपुरुषाय नमः। Om Adhi-purushAya Namah।

70. परमपुरुष ...parama-purusha = The most supreme being
ॐ परमपुरुषाय नमः। Om parama-purushAya Namah।

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#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 71 to 80 )

71. महापुरुष...mahA-purusha = The Great Being
ॐ महापुरुषाय नमः। Om mahA-purushAya Namah।

72. पुण्योदय...puNyOdhaya = The Source Of All Blessings
ॐ पुण्योदयाय नमः। Om puNyOdhayAya Namah।

73. दयासार ...dhayAsAra = The Embodiment Of Kindness
ॐ दयासाराय नमः। Om dhayAsArAya Namah।

74. पुराणपुरुषोत्तम...purANa-purushOththama
Supreme Being in all The PurANas
ॐ पुराणपुरुषोत्तमाय नमः। Om purANa-purushOththamAya Namah।

75. स्मितवक्त्र...smitha-vakthra = Lord with a smiling face
ॐ स्मितवक्त्राय नमः। Om smitha-vakthrAya Namah।

76. मितभाषी...mitha-bhAshee = Reticent And Mellifluous Speaker
ॐ मितभाषिणे नमः। Om mitha-bhAshiNE Namah।

77. पूर्वभाषी...poorva-bhAshee
One Who Knows Future And Speaks Of Events To Come
ॐ पूर्वभाषिणे नमः। Om poorva-bhAshiNE Namah।

78. राघव...rAghava = Belonging to the Raghu Vamsam
ॐ राघवाय नमः। Om rAghavAya Namah।

79. अनन्तगुणगम्भीर...anantha-guNa-gambheera
Endowed With many Virtues and majestic in nature
ॐ अनन्तगुणगम्भीराय नमः। Om anantha-guNa-gambheerAya Namah।

80. धीरोदात्तगुणोत्तम...DheerOdhAththa-guNOththama
Lord who is kind hearted and valiant
ॐ धीरोदात्तगुणोत्तमाय नमः।
Om DheerOdhAththa-guNOththamAya Namah।

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#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 81 to 90 )

81. मायामानुषचारित्र...mAyA-mAnusha-charithra
The Lord Who Incarnated As A Man Through His MAyA
ॐ मायामानुषचारित्राय नमः।
Om mAyA-mAnusha-charithrAya Namah।

82. महादेवादिपूजित...mahA-dhEvAdhi-poojitha
The Lord Who is Worshipped By Lord Shiva And the Other Gods
ॐ महादेवादिपूजिताय नमः। Om mahA-dhEvAdhi-poojithAya namah।

83. सेतुकृते...SEthu-kruthE
The Lord who built the dam rAma sEthu
ॐ सेतुकृते नमः। Om sEthu-kruthE Namah।

84. जितवाराशय...jithavArAs'aya
The Lord who Conquered The Ocean
ॐ जितवाराशये नमः। Om jithavArAs'AyE Namah।

85. सर्वतीर्थमय....sarva-theerTha-maya
The Lord Who Is The Sum Of All Holy Places
ॐ सर्वतीर्थमयाय नमः। Om sarva-theerTha-mayAya Namah।

86. हरि...hari = Destroyer Of All Sins
ॐ हरये नमः। Om harayE Namah।

87. श्यामाङ्ग...s'yAmAnga
The dark hued Lord
ॐ श्यामाङ्गाय नमः। Om s'yAmAngAya Namah।

88. सुन्दर...sundhara
The handsome Lord
ॐ सुन्दराय नमः। Om sundharAya Namah।

89. शूर...s'oora
The valiant Lord
ॐ शूराय नमः। Om s'oorAya Namah।

90. पीतवासा...peetha-vAsa
The Lord who wears Yellow Attire Signifying Purity And Wisdom
ॐ पीतवाससे नमः। Om peetha-vAsasE Namah

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#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 91 to 100 )

91. धनुर्धर...Dhanur-Dhara
The Lord who wields His bow
ॐ धनुर्धराय नमः। Om Dhanur-DharAya Namah।

92. सर्वयज्ञाधिप...sarva-yaj~nADhipa
The Lord of All Sacrificial Offerings
ॐ सर्वयज्ञाधिपाय नमः। Om sarva-yaj~nADhipAya Namah।

93. यज्विने...yajvinE
The Lord Who Performs Yagnas
ॐ यज्विने नमः। Om YajvinE Namah।

94. जरामरणवर्जित...jarA-maraNa varjitha
He who can free us from the cycle of birth and death
ॐ जरामरणवर्जिताय नमः। Om jarA-maraNa-varjithAya Namah।

95. शिवलिङ्गप्रतिष्ठाता...s'iva-linga-prathishTAthA
The Lord who established a Sivalingam
ॐ शिवलिङ्गप्रतिष्ठात्रे नमः। Om s'iva-linga-prathishTAthrE Namah।

96. सर्वापगुणवर्जित...sarvApaguNa-varjitha
The Lord who destroys all wicked qualities
ॐ सर्वापगुणवर्जिताय नमः। Om sarvApaguNa-varjithAya Namah।

97. परमात्मा...paramAthma
He who is The Supreme Soul
ॐ परमात्मने नमः। Om paramAthmanE Namah।

98. परब्रह्म...para-brahma
He who is the most supreme God
ॐ परब्रह्मणे नमः। Om para-brahmaNE Namah।

99. सच्चिदानन्दविग्रह...sachChidhAnandha vigraha
He Whose Form Is Made Of Eternal Knowledge And Bliss
ॐ सच्चिदानन्दविग्रहाय नमः। Om sachChidhAnanda-vigrahAya Namah।

100. परंज्योति...param-jyOthi
He who has the most Spectacular Radiance
ॐ परंज्योतिषे नमः। Om param-jyOthishE Namah।

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#7a. Sree RAma AshtOthram ( 101 to 108 )

101. परंधाम...paranDhAma
The Lord Of Vaikuntha ( The Supreme Abode)
ॐ परंधाम्ने नमः। Om paranDhAmnE Namah।

102. पराकाश...parAkAs'a
He who is The Supreme Space
ॐ पराकाशाय नमः। Om parAkAs'Aya Namah।

103. परात्पर...parAthpara
He who is the Greatest among The Greats
ॐ परात्पराय नमः। Om parAthparAya Namah।

104. परेश...parEs'a
He who is the supreme God
ॐ परेशाय नमः। Om parEs'Aya Namah।

105. पारग..pAraga
The Lord who is The Uplifter Of The Poor
ॐ पारगाय नमः। Om pAragAya Namah।

106. पार...pAra
The Ultimate Lord
ॐ पाराय नमः।Om pArAya Namah।

107. सर्वदेवात्मक....sarva-dhEva-Athmaka
He who lives as the soul of every form of God
ॐ सर्वदेवात्मकाय नमः। Om sarva-dhEva-AthmakAya Namah।

108. परस्मै...parasmai
The Supreme Lord
ॐ परस्मै नमः। Om parasmai Namah।

॥इति श्रीरामष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा॥
s'ree rAma astOthra s'atha nAmAvaLi sampoorNam

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#8. Sree HanumAn ashtothram (1 to 10)

1. आञ्जनेय...AnjanEya = The son of Anjana Devi
ॐ आञ्जनेयाय नमः। Om AnjaEeyaya Namah।

2. महावीर...mahA-veera = He who is Valorous in nature
ॐ महावीराय नमः।...Om mahAveerAya Namah।

3. हनूमत...hanumatha = The Lord with puffed up cheeks
ॐ हनूमते नमः। Om hanumathE Namah।

4. मारुतात्मज...mAruthAthmaja = The son of VAyu the God of Wind
ॐ मारुतात्मजाय नमः। Om mAruthAthmajAya Namah।

5. तत्वज्ञानप्रद...thathva-j~nAna-pradha = He who grants Wisdom
ॐ तत्वज्ञानप्रदाय नमः। Om thathva-j~nAna-pradhAya Namah।

6. सीतादेविमुद्राप्रदायक...seethA-dhEvi-mudhra-pradhAyaka
He who delivered the choodAmaNi sent by seethA Devi
ॐ सीतादेविमुद्राप्रदायकाय नमः।
Om seethA-dhEvi-mudhra-pradhAyakAya Namah।

He who destroyed the orchard AsOkha vanam
ॐ अशोकवनकाच्छेत्रे नमः।
Om as'Okavana-kAchChethrE Namah।

8. सर्वमायाविभंजन...sarva-mAyA-vibhanjana
He who can shatter all kids of illusions and delusions
ॐ सर्वमायाविभंजनाय नमः।
Om sarva-mAyA-vibhanjanAya Namah।

9. सर्वबन्धविमोक्त्रे...sarva-banDha-vimOkthrE
He who shatters all the fetters of worldly bondage
ॐ सर्वबन्धविमोक्त्रे नमः।
Om sarva-banDha-vimOkthrE Namah।

10. रक्षोविध्वंसकारक...rakshO-viDhwamsa-kAraka
He who killed all the demons and rAkshasas
ॐ रक्षोविध्वंसकारकाय नमः। Om rakshO-viDhwamsa-kAraka Namah।

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#8. Sree HanumAn ashtOthram (11 to 20 )

11. परविद्या परिहार...para-vidhyA-parihAra
He who can destroy the enemies with higher knowledge
ॐ परविद्या परिहाराय नमः।
Om para-vidhyA-parihArAya Namah।

12. परशौर्य विनाशन...para-s'aurya-vinAs'ana
He who vanquishes the valor of His enemies
ॐ परशौर्य विनाशनाय नमः।
Om para-s'aurya-vinAs'ana Namah।

13. परमन्त्र निराकर्त्रे...para-manthra-nirAkarthrE
He who accepts only rAma's manthram
ॐ परमन्त्र निराकर्त्रे नमः।
Om para-manthra-nirAkarthrE Namah।

14. परयन्त्र प्रभेदक...para-yanthra-prabhEdhaka
He who destroys the missions of His enemies
ॐ परयन्त्र प्रभेदकाय नमः।
Om para-yanthra-prabhEdhakAya Namah।

15. सर्वग्रह विनाशी...sarva-graha-vinAs'ee
He who can destroy the evil effects exhibited by the nine planets
ॐ सर्वग्रह विनाशिने नमः।
Om sarva-graha-vinAs'ee

16. भीमसेन सहायकृथे....bheemasEna-sahAya-kruthE
He who helped Bheema sEnan in his mission
ॐ भीमसेन सहायकृथे नमः।
Om Bhimasena Sahayakrithe Namah।

17. सर्वदुखः हरा...sarva-dukha-harA
He who removes all the agonies and sorrow of His devotees
ॐ सर्वदुखः हराय नमः।
Om sarva-dukha-harAya Namah।

18. सर्वलोकचारिणे...sarva-lOka-chAriNE
He who wanders over all the worlds
ॐ सर्वलोकचारिणे नमः।
Om sarva-lOka-chAriNE Namah।

19. मनोजवाय...manOjavAya
He who can travel with the speed of thoughts in mind
ॐ मनोजवाय नमः।
Om manOjavAya Namah।

20. पारिजात द्रुमूलस्थ...pArijAtha-dhru-moolasTha
he who resides under the pArijAtha tree
ॐ पारिजात द्रुमूलस्थाय नमः।
Om pArijAtha-dhru-moolasTha Namah।

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#8. Sree HanumAn ashtOthram ( 21 to 30 )

21. सर्वमन्त्र स्वरूपवते...sarva-manthra-swaroopavathE
He who possesses all the hymns
ॐ सर्वमन्त्र स्वरूपवते नमः।
Om sarva-manthra-swaroopavathE Namah।

22. सर्वतन्त्र स्वरूपिणे...sarva-thanthra-swaroopiNE
He who is present in all the hymns
ॐ सर्वतन्त्र स्वरूपिणे नमः। Om sarva-thanthra-swaroopiNE Namah।

23. सर्वयन्त्रात्मक...sarva-yanthrAthmaka
He who dwells in all the Yantras
ॐ सर्वयन्त्रात्मकाय नमः। Om sarva-yanthrAthmakAya Namah।

24. कपीश्वर...kapi-es'wara
He who is the Lord of the monkeys
ॐ कपीश्वराय नमः। Om kapi-es'warAya Namah।

25. महाकाय...mahA-kAya
He who can assume a gigantic body
ॐ महाकायाय नमः। Om mahAkAyAya Namah।

26. सर्वरोगहरा...sarva-rOga-harA
He who relieves us from all the ailments
ॐ सर्वरोगहराय नमः। Om sarva-rOga-harAya Namah।

27. प्रभवे...prabhavE
He who is very famous among all the Gods
ॐ प्रभवे नमः। Om prabhavE Namah।

28. बल सिद्धिकर...bala-sidhDhi-kara
He who can bestow strength and victory on us
ॐ बल सिद्धिकराय नमः। Om bala-sidhDhi-karAya Namah।

29. सर्वविद्या सम्पत्तिप्रदायक...sarva-vidhyA-sampaththi-pradhAyaka
He who grants us true Knowledge and Wisdom
ॐ सर्वविद्या सम्पत्तिप्रदायकाय नमः।
Om sarva-vidhyA-sampaththi-pradhAyakAya Namah।

30. कपिसेनानायक ...kapi-sEnA-nAyaka
He who is the chief of the Monkey Army
ॐ कपिसेनानायकाय नमः। Om kapi-sEnA-nAyakAya Namah।

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#8. Sree HanumAn ashtOthram ( 31 to 40 )

31. भविष्यथ्चतुराननाय ...bhavishyaTh-chathurAnanAya
He who can foresee the future events
ॐ भविष्यथ्चतुराननाय नमः। Om bhavishyaTh-chathurAnanAya Namah।

32. कुमार ब्रह्मचारी...kumAra-brahmachAri
He who is the young eternal celibate
ॐ कुमार ब्रह्मचारिणे नमः। Om kumAra-brahmachAriNE Namah।

33. रत्नकुण्डल दीप्तिमते...rathna-kuNdala-dheepthi-mathE
He who is wearing Gem-Studded Ear ornaments
ॐ रत्नकुण्डल दीप्तिमते नमः। Om rathna-kuNdala-dheepthi-mathE Namah।

34. चञ्चलद्वाल सन्नद्धलम्बमान शिखोज्वला
He who holds his tail suspended above the head
ॐ चञ्चलद्वाल सन्नद्धलम्बमान शिखोज्वलाय नमः।
Om chanchaladhwAla-sannadhDha-lambamAna-s'ikhOjwalA

35. गन्धर्व विद्यातत्वज्ञ ....ganDharva-vidhyA-thathvanj~na
He who is an exponent in the Arts of the Celestials
ॐ गन्धर्व विद्यातत्वज्ञाय नमः। Om ganDharva-vidhyA-thathvanj~na Namah।

36. महाबल पराक्रम...mahA-bala-parAkrama
He who has immense strength and valor.
ॐ महाबल पराक्रमाय नमः। Om mahA-bala-parAkrama Namah।

37. काराग्रह विमोक्त्रे...kArAgraha-vimOkthrE
He who frees us from the darkest dungeon
ॐ काराग्रह विमोक्त्रे नमः। Om kArAgraha-vimOkthrE Namah।

38. शृन्खला बन्धमोचक ...s'runkhalA-banDha-mOchaka
He who relieves us from a chain of several distresses
ॐ शृन्खला बन्धमोचकाय नमः। Om s'runkhalA-bandha-mOchakAya Namah।

39. सागरोत्तारक....sAgarOth-thAaraka
He who leaped over the great ocean
ॐ सागरोत्तारकाय नमः। Om sAgarOth-thAarak Namah।

40. प्राज्ञाय...prAj~nAya
He who is a great Scholar
ॐ प्राज्ञाय नमः। Om prAj~nAya Namah।

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#8. Sree HanumAn ashtOthram ( 41 to 50 )

41. रामदूत...rAma-dhootha
He is the messenger of Lord Rama
ॐ रामदूताय नमः। Om rAma-dhoothAya Namah।

42. प्रतापवते...prathApavathE
He who is well known for his valour and strength
ॐ प्रतापवते नमः। Om prathApavathE Namah।

43. वानर...vAnara
He is a divine monkey
ॐ वानराय नमः। Om vAnarAya Namah।

44. केसरीसुत ...kEsaree-sutha
He who is the son of Kesari
ॐ केसरीसुताय नमः। Om kEsaree-suthAya Namah।

45. सीताशोक निवारक...seethA-s'Okha-nivAraka
He who removed the sorrows of SeethA Devi
ॐ सीताशोक निवारकाय नमः। Om seethA-s'Okha-nivArakAya Namah।

46. अन्जनागर्भसम्भूता...anjanA-garbha-sambhoothA
He who was born out of the womb of Anjana dhEvi
ॐ अन्जनागर्भ सम्भूताय नमः। Om anjanA-garbha-sambhoothAya Namah।

47. बालार्कसद्रशानन....bAlArka-sadhras'Anana
He whose face was as bright as the rising sun
ॐ बालार्कसद्रशाननाय नमः। Om bAlArka-sadhras'AnanAya Namah।

48. विभीषण प्रियकर...vibheeshaNa-priyakara
He who was adored by vibheeshaNa
ॐ विभीषण प्रियकराय नमः। Om .vibheeshaNa-priyakara Namah।

49. दशग्रीव कुलान्तक...das'a-greeva-kulAnthaka
He who killed the entire dynasty of the ten headed RAvaNa
ॐ दशग्रीव कुलान्तकाय नमः। Om das'a-greeva-kulAnthakAya Namah।

50. लक्ष्मणप्राणदात्रे...lakshmaNa-prANa-dhAthrE
He who resurrected LakshmaNa during the battle between RAma and RAvaNa
ॐ लक्ष्मणप्राणदात्रे नमः। Om lakshmaNa-prANa-dhAthrE Namah।

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#8. Sree HanumAn ashtOthram ( 51 to 60 )

51. वज्रकाय....vajra-kAya
He whose body is as strong as diamond
ॐ वज्रकायाय नमः। Om vajra-kAyAya Namah।

52. महाद्युत...mahA-dhyutha
He who shines brilliantly
ॐ महाद्युथये नमः। Om mahA-dhyuThayE Namah।

53. चिरञ्जीविने...chiranjeevinE
He who is immortal and eternal
ॐ चिरञ्जीविने नमः। Om chiranjeevinE Namah।

54. रामभक्त...rAma-bhaktha
He who is a great devotee of Lord RAma
ॐ रामभक्ताय नमः। Om rAma-bhakthAya Namah।

55. दैत्यकार्य विघातक...dhaithya-kArya-vighAthaka
He who destroyed all the wicked actions of the demons
ॐ दैत्यकार्य विघातकाय नमः। Om dhaithya-kArya-vighAthaka Namah।

56. अक्षहन्त्रे...aksha-hanthrE
He who killed the price Aksha kumAran
ॐ अक्षहन्त्रे नमः। Om aksha-hanthrE Namah।

57. काञ्चनाभ...kAncha-nAbha
He who has a golden colored body
ॐ काञ्चनाभाय नमः। Om kAncha-nAbhAya Namah।

58. पञ्चवक्त्र...pancha-vakthra
He who has five faces
ॐ पञ्चवक्त्राय नमः। Om pancha-vakthrAya Namah।

59. महातपसी...mahA-thapasee
He who does severe penance
ॐ महातपसे नमः। Om mahA-thapasE Namah।

60. लन्किनी भञ्जन...lankiNee-bhanjana
He who vanquished LankiNi who was guarding Lanka
ॐ लन्किनी भञ्जनाय नमः। Om lankiNee-bhanjanAya Namah।

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