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Sahasra nAma AvaLi

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member

1. VishNu Sahasra nAma


The VishNu SahasranAma is a list of 1, 000 names of Lord VishNu – one of the three main Gods in Hinduism viz Brahma, VishNu and Siva.

The main God worshiped by the VaishNavas is VishNu. These 1000 names are found in the MahA BhAratam as a dialogue between Bheeshma and Yudhistra.

The legend associated with this sahasra nAma :

At the end of the Mahabharata war, BhishmAchArya was awaiting on his bed of arrows for the auspicious and sacred hour to depart from his physical body unto the lotus feet of the Lord NArAyaNa.

Yudhishtira (the eldest of the Pancha PANdavas) was desperately looking for the answers to serious matters related to The Dharma and The Karma.

Lord Sri Krishna understood Yudhistira’s uneasy mind riddled with unanswered questions and guided him to Bhishma to learn and get an insight in to this precious knowledge.

Bhishma was acknowledged to be one of the twelve most knowledgeable people of all the time. The other eleven were Brahma, NArada, Siva, SubramaNya, Kapila, Manu , Prahlada, Janaka, Bali, Suka and Yama.

The VishNu SahasranAmA has been the subject of numerous different commentaries. The commentary written by Adhi Sankara in the 8th century is particularly influential for many schools of Hinduism even today.

This is an attempt to give the 1000 names correctly both in Sanskrit and English, with the meaning of each of these 1000 names in English.

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#01. nAma 1 to 20

1 विश्वम् (vis’wam) =
He who is the manifestation of the whole universe

2. विष्णुः (vishNuh) =
He who pervades everywhere

3 वषट्कारः (vashatkArah) =
He who is invoked for oblations

4 भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभुः (bhoota-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh) =
He who is the Lord of the past, the present and the future

5 भूतकृत् (bhoota-krit) =
He who is the creator of all the creatures

6 भूतभृत् (bhoota-bhrit) =
He who nurtures and nourishes all the creatures

7 भावः (bhAvah) =
He who becomes all the moving and the non-moving things

8 भूतात्मा (bhootAtmA) =
He who is the Atman of all the beings

9 भूतभावनः (bhoota-bhAvanah) =
He who is the cause of the birth and growth of all the creatures

10 पूतात्मा (pootAtmA) =
He who is extremely pure in essence unaffected by mAyA

11 परमात्मा (paramAtmA) =
He who is the Superior Soul

12 मुक्तानां परमा गतिः (muktAnAm paramA gatih) =
He who is the final goal to be reached by all the liberated souls

13 अव्ययः (avyayah) =
He who is without any decay or destruction

14 पुरुषः (purushah) =
He who rules our body as a King does his country

15 साक्षी (sAkshee) =
He who is the eternal witness of everything happening

16 क्षेत्रज्ञः (kshetrajnah) =
He who knows the body and its experiences.

17 अक्षरः (aksharah) =
He who is Indestructible

18 योगः (yOgah) =
He who can be realized through yOga sAdhana

19 योगविदां नेता (yoga-vidAm netA) =
He who guides all those who know yoga

20 प्रधानपुरुषेश्वरः (pradhAna-purushEs’varah) =
He who is the Lord of both PradhAna (MAyA) and Purusha (Jeeva)

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#02. nAma 21 to 40

21. नारसिंहवपुः (naarasimha-vapuh) =
He who assumed the form of a man-lion

22. श्रीमान् (s’reemAn) =
He who is always with S’ree (Lakshmi Devi – the Goddess of wealth)

23. केशवः (kes’avah) =
He who has beautiful locks of hair; He who is the slayer of the demon KEsi

24. पुरुषोत्तमः (purushottamah) =
The Supreme Controller or Purusha

25. सर्वः (sarvah) =
He who is everything

26. शर्वः (s’arvah) =
He who is the auspicious One

27. शिवः (s’ivah)
He who is eternally blemish-less and pure

28. स्थाणुः (sthANuh)
He who is the pillar of the eternal and established truth

29. भूतादिः (bhootAdih) =
He who is the cause of the five great elements

30. निधिरव्ययः (nidhir-avyayah) =
He who is the real imperishable treasure

31. सम्भवः (sambhavah) =
He who assumes various avatArs on His own free will

32. भावनः (bhAvanah) =
He who gives to his devotees everything desired by them

33. भर्ता (bhartA) =
He who governs and rules over the entire living world

34. प्रभवः ( prabhavah) =
He who is the womb of the five great elements

35. प्रभुः (prabhuh) =
Hw who is The All powerful Lord

36. ईश्वरः (eeshvarah) =
He who can do anything on His own without needing any other help

37. स्वयम्भूः (svayambhooh) =
He who manifests Himself from Himself

38. शम्भुः (s’ambhuh) =
He who brings auspiciousness

39. आदित्यः (aadityah) =
He who shines like the Sun God

40. पुष्कराक्षः (pushkarAkshah)
He who has eyes shaped like the lovely lotus petals

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#03. nAma 41 to 60

41. महास्वनः (mahAsvanah) =
He who has a thundering voice

42. अनादि-निधनः (anAdi-nidhanah) =
He who has neither a beginning nor an end

43. धाता (dhAtA) =
He who supports the world of numerous forms and names as well as all the fields of experience

44. विधाता (vidhAtA) =
He who is the giver of the fruits of all our actions

45. धातुरुत्तमः (dhAturuttamah) =
The subtlest unit (atom) forming the bigger things

46. अप्रमेयः (apramEyah) =
He who cannot be defined or explained or perceived

47. हृषीकेशः (hrisheekEs’ah) =
He who is the Lord of all the sense organs

48. पद्मनाभः (padmanAbhah) =
He from whose navel a lotus flower emerges

49. अमरप्रभुः (amaraprabhuh) =
He who is the Lord of the immortal Devas

50. विश्वकर्मा (vis’vakarmA) =
He who is the creator of the of the objects and the equipments of experiences in the Universe

51. मनुः (manuh) =
He who has manifested Himself as the Vedic mantras

52. त्वष्टा (tvashtA) =
He who reduces the huge things into small particles

53. स्थविष्ठः( sthavishtah) =
He who is the supremely gross and the subtlest reality

54. स्थविरो ध्रुवः (sthaviro dhruvah) =
He who is the most ancient and the motionless one

55. अग्राह्यः (agrAhyah) =
He who can not be perceived through the sensual organs

56. शाश्वतः (s’As’vatah) =
He who always remains the same at all times

57. कृष्णः (krishNah) =
He whose complexion is very dark in color

58. लोहिताक्षः (lohitAkshah) =
He who has eyes of the color of red lotus

59. प्रतर्दनः (pratardanah) =
he who can cause the complete destruction

60. प्रभूतस् (prabhootas) =
He who is always complete and full by Himself

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
Just like Lord GaNEs'a has two different versions of Sahasra nAmas
(GakAra Sahasra nAmas and the also another regular version)
Lord Siva also has two different versions of Sahasra nAma.
One of the two is based on the names taken out of Rudram.
How very exciting! :)
More so since I can compile 15 different Sahasra nAmas here!
Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#04. nAma 61 to 80

61. त्रिकाकुब्धाम (trikakub-dhAma) =
He who supports the three quarters (three levels of conscience)

62. पवित्रम् (pavitram) =
He who gives purity to the heart

63. मंगलं-परम् (mangalam param ) =
He who removes evil and bestows the Supreme auspiciousness

64. ईशानः (ees’Anah) =
The controller of the five great elements

65. प्राणदः (prANadah0 =
He who gives life to al the living beings

66. प्राणः (prAnah) =
He who lives in every living thing

67. ज्येष्ठः (jyeshthah) =
He who is older than everything else

68. श्रेष्ठः (shreshthah) =
He who is the most glorious of all

69. प्रजापतिः (prajApatih) =
He who is the Lord of all the living creatures

70. हिरण्यगर्भः (hiraNyagarbhah) =
He who dwells in the womb of the world

71 भूगर्भः (bhoogarbhah) =
He who is the womb of the Earth

72. माधवः (mAdhavah) =
He who is the Husband of Lakshmi Devi

73. मधुसूदनः (madhusoodanah) =
He who destroyed the demon named Madhu

74. ईश्वरः (eeshvarah) =
He who is the all powerful controller

75. विक्रमः (vikramee) =
He who is full of prowess and powers

76. धन्वी (dhanvee) =
He who always has the divine bow SArnga

77. मेधावी (mEdhAvee) =
He who is supremely intelligent

78. विक्रमः (vikramah) =
He who is very Valorous

79. क्रमः (kramah) =
He who is All-pervading

80. अनुत्तमः (anuttamah) =
He who is Incomparably great

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#05. nAma 81 to 100

81. दुराधर्षः (durAdharshah) =
He who cannot be attacked with any success

82. कृतज्ञः (kritajnah) =
He who knows everything that has been done by everyone, everywhere and at all times

83. कृतिः (kritih) =
He who suitably rewards all our actions

84. आत्मवान् (AtmavAn) =
He who is the real Self in all the living things

85. सुरेशः (sures’ah) =
He who is the Lord of the Suras (demigods)

86. शरणम् (s’araNam) =
He who is the refuge to all the jeevAs

87. शर्म (s’arma) =
He who Himself is the infinite bliss

88. विश्वरेताः (vis’va-rEtAh) =
He who forms the seed of the universe

89. प्रजाभवः (prajA-bhavah) =
He from whom all the prajAas (all the living beings) spring forth

90. अहः (ahah) =
He who is of the nature of Time or One as brilliant as the day time

91. संवत्सरः (samvatsarah) =
He from whom the concept of time is born

92. व्यालः (vyAlah) =
He who is both elusive and dangerous like a serpent (vyaalah) to atheists

93. प्रत्ययः (pratyayah) –
He whose very nature is pure and complete knowledge

94. सर्वदर्शनः (sarvadars’anah) +
He who is All-seeing

95. अजः (ajah) =
He who is unborn since He has no modifications or changes

96. सर्वेश्वरः (sarvEsvarah) =
He who is God of all gods and the supreme Controller of all

97. सिद्धः (siddhah) =
He who has achieved and become the most famous

98. सिद्धिः (siddhih) =
He who gives moksha or kaivalyam to His devotees

99. सर्वादिः (sarvAdih) =
He who is the very beginning of everything

100. अच्युतः (achyutah) =
He who never falls and is Infallible

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#06. nAma 101 to 120

101. वृषाकपिः (vrishAkapih)
He who lifts the world getting drowned in Adharma to Dharma

102. अमेयात्मा (amEyAtmA)
He who manifests Himself in infinite varieties

103. सर्वयोगविनिसृतः (sarva-yoga-vinissritah)
He who is free from all sorts of attachments and contacts

104 वसुः (vasuh)
He who is the supporter of all the elements

105. वसुमनाः (vasumanAh)
He whose mind is supremely pure

106. सत्यः (satyah)
He who is the only truth and remains the same during creation, existence and dissolution

107. समात्मा (samAtmA)
He who is the same Supreme Self present in everyone

108. सम्मितः (sammitah)
He who is acceptable to all the authorities

109. समः (samah)
He who is the one reality playing plurality and remains equal in everyone

110. अमोघः (amoghah)
He who is never useless and is always very useful

111. पुण्डरीकाक्षः (pundareekAkshah)
He who dwells in the cave of the heart of every living being

112. वृषकर्मा (vrishakarmA)
He whose every action is just and righteous

113. वृषाकृतिः (vrishAkritih)
He who is of the form of dharma

114. रुद्रः (rudrah)
He who is mightiest of the mighty and He who is fierce.

115. बहुशिरः (bahu-shirah)
He who has many heads

116. बभ्रुः (babhrur)
He who rules over all the worlds like a King

117. विश्वयोनिः (vishvayOnih)
He who is the womb of the universe from whom all the thoughts and actions emerge

118. शुचिश्रवाः( shuchi-shravAh)
He who listens only the good and pure thoughts and words

119. अमृतः amritah
He who is immortal and immutable

120. शाश्वतः-स्थाणुः (shAshvatah-sthANur)
He who is both Permanent and Immovable

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#07. nAma 121 to 140

121. वरारोहः (varArOhah)
He who forms the most glorious destination

122. महातपः (mahAtapah)
He who is of great tapas

123. सर्वगः (sarvagah)
He who is All-pervading

124. सर्वविद्भानुः (sarvavid-bhAnuh)
He who is the All-knowing and effulgent consciousness

125 . विष्वक्सेनः (vishvaksenah )
He against whom no army can stand and fight

126. जनार्दनः (janArdanah)
He who gives joy to good people and sorrows to the wicked people.

127. वेदः (vedah)
He who is the Reality and can give us the knowledge of Reality

128. वेदविद् (vedavid)
He who is the knower of the Vedas

129. अव्यंगः (avyangah)
He who is without any imperfections

130. वेदांगः (vedAngah)
He whose very limbs are the Vedas

131. वेदविद् (vedavi)
He who contemplates upon the Vedas

132. कविः (kavih)
He who is the The seer

133. लोकाध्यक्षः (lOkAdhyakshah)
He who presides over all the fields of experiences

134. सुराध्यक्षः (surAdhyaksho)
He who presides over all Devas

135. धर्माध्यक्षः (dharmAdhyakshah)
He who presides over dharma

136. कृताकृतः (krita-akritah)
Everything that has been created and not created

137. चतुरात्मा (chatuAatmA)
He who exists as the Self with four-fold

138. चतुर्व्यूहः (chaturvyoohah)
He who manifests as four mighty powers viz VAsudEva, SankarshaNa,
Pradyumna and Aniruddha.

139. चतुर्दंष्ट्रः chaturdamstrah
He who has four powerful canines (as Narasimha)

140. चतुर्भुजः (chaturbhujah)
He who has Four arms

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#08. nAma 141 to 160

141. भ्राजिष्णुः (bhrAjishNur)
He who is the Self-effulgent Consciousness and illuminates everything

142. भोजनम् (bhOjanam)
He who becomes the food for all the sense organs

143. भोक्ता (bhOktA)
He who really enjoys of the experiences of all jeevas

144. सहिष्णुः (sahishNuh)
He who can suffer patiently in perfect detachment

145. जगदादिजः (jagadAdijah)
He who was born at the very beginning of the world

146. अनघः (anaghah)
He who is pure and Sinless

147. विजयः(vijayah)
He who is always Victorious

148. जेता (jEtA)
He who is always successful in everything He does

149. विश्वयोनिः (vis’vayOnih)
He who incarnates because of the world.
He who is the cause of this world.

150. पुनर्वसुः (punarvasuh)
He who lives repeatedly in different bodies of the jeevas

151. उपेन्द्रः (upEndrah)
He who as VAmana became the younger brother of Indra

152. वामनः (vAmanah)
He who had the body of a dwarf as VAmana

153. प्रांशुः (prAmshuh)
He who grew up to have a huge body

154. अमोघः (amOghah)
He whose actions are for serving great purposes

155. शुचिः (s’uchih)
He who is spotlessly clean

156. ऊर्जितः (oorjitah)
He who has infinite strength and vitality

157. अतीन्द्रः (ateendrah)
He who surpasses Indra in knowledge, glory and power

158. संग्रहः (samgrahah)
He who binds and holds everything together

159, सर्गः (sargah)
He who creates the world from His own self

160. धृतात्मा (dhritAtmA)
He who is established in Himself

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#09. nAma 161 to 180

161. नियमः (niyamah)
He who has the authority of appointing the others

162. यमः (yamah)
He who is the powerful administrator

163. वेद्यः (vedyah)
He is That which is to be known

164. वैद्यः (vaidyah)
He who is The Supreme doctor with the power to cure

165. सदायोगी (sadA-yogee)
He who is always remains in yoga

166. वीरहा (veerahA)
He who can destroy all the other mighty heroes

167. माधवः (mAdhavah)
He who is The Lord of all knowledge

168. मधुः (madhuh)
He who can be as sweet as Honey and nectar to his devotees

169. अतीन्द्रियः (ateendriyo)
He who is beyond the perception by the sense organs

170. महामायः (mahAmAyah)
He who is The Supreme Master of all MAyA

171. महोत्साहः (mahotsAhah)
He who is The great enthusiast

172. महाबलः (mahAbalah)
He who has the supreme strength

173. महाबुद्धिः (mahAbuddhir)
He who has the supreme intelligence

174. महावीर्यः (mahA-veeryah)
He who forms the supreme essence

175. महाशक्तिः (mahA-shaktih)
He who is All-powerful

176. महाद्युतिः (mahA-dyutih)
He who is greatly luminous

177. अनिर्देश्यवपुः (anirdes’ya-vapuh)
He whose form can not be described or defined or explained

178. श्रीमान् (shreemAn)
He who is always courted by glories (He who is wedded to Glory)

179. अमेयात्मा (amEyAtmA)
He whose essence is immeasurable

180. महाद्रिधृक् (mahAdri-dhrik)
He who supports the great mountain

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#10. nAma 181 to 200

181. महेष्वासः (mahEshvAsah)
He who wields the great bow s’Arnga

182. महीभर्ता (maheebhartA)
He who is the The husband of the Mother Earth

183. श्रीनिवासः (shreenivAsah)
The permanent abode of Shree (Goddess Lakshmi Devi)

184. सतां गतिः (satAm gatih)
The final goal in life for all the virtuous people

185. अनिरुद्धः (aniruddhah)
He who cannot be obstructed, stopped or resisted by anyone.

186. सुरानन्दः (surAnandah)
He who gives happiness to the Suras (Devas)

187. गोविन्दः (gOvindah)
He who is the protector of the ‘Go’ (Earth, Vedas, Cow and speech)

188. गोविदां-पतिः (gOvidAm-patih)
He who is the Lord of all seers and men of wisdom

189. मरीचिः (mareechih)
He who is of the nature of Effulgence

190. दमनः (damanah)
He who controls the wicked rAkshasas and wicked impulses

191. हंसः (hamsah)
He who in the supreme state of self realization is called Hamsa (The swan)

192. सुपर्णः (suparnah)
The Bird with beautiful wings which remains as a mere witness
(The eternal Saakshee in the analogy of two birds sitting on a tree)

193. भुजगोत्तमः (bhujagOttamah)
He who is the best among the serpents as Ananta

194. हिरण्यनाभः( hiraNyanAbhah)
He who supports HinraNyagarba (Brahma) on his navel

195. सुतपाः (sutapAh)
He who has glorious tapas

196. पद्मनाभः (padmanAbhah)
He whose navel is like a beautiful lotus flower.
He who supports Brahma on a lotus from his navel

197. प्रजापतिः (prajApatih)
He from whom all the creatures emerge

198. अमृत्युः (amrityuh)
He who knows no death nor has an end

199. सर्वदृक् (sarva-drik)
He who is The seer and Knower of everything

200. सिंहः ( simhah)
He who can and does destroy (the three avastAs)

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#11. nAma 201 to 220

201. सन्धाता (sandhAtA)
He who regulates and co-relates our action and their fruits

202. सन्धिमान् (sandhimAn)
He who is the Law and the giver of the Law.

203. स्थिरः (sthirah)
He who is firm, consistent and Steady

204. अजः (ajah)
He who takes the form of Aja, the unborn Brahma

205. दुर्मषणः (durmarshaNah)
He who cannot be vanquished or conquered.

206. शास्ता (s’AstA)
He who rules over the whole universe

207. विश्रुतात्मा (vis’rutAtmA)
He who is well celebrated, the most famous of all.

208. सुरारिहा (surArihA)
He who destroys all the enemies of the Devas

209. गुरुः (guruh)
He who teaches the secrets of the sacred Vedas to the seekers

210. गुरुतमः (gurutamah)
He who is the greatest teacher

211. धाम (dhaama)
He who is the final goal or destination of the devotees

212. सत्यः (satyah)
He who Himself is the absolute and only truth

213. सत्यपराक्रमः (satya-parAkramah)
He who establishes the Dynamic Truth and that “Only truth conquers and nor
the untruth”

214. निमिषः (nimishah)
He who has closed His eyes in deep contemplation

215. अनिमिषः (animishah)
He who remains without winking; alert and ever knowing of everything

216. स्रग्वी (sragvee)
He who always wears a garland of flowers which never wither or decay

217. वाचस्पतिः-उदारधीः (vAchaspatir-udAra-dheeh)
He who is eloquent in championing the Supreme law of life; He who is
merciful and intelligent

218. अग्रणीः (agrNneeh )
He who guides us right to the end of the path or the peak

219. ग्रामणीः (grAmaNeeh)
He who leads and guides the the flock of jeevas

220. श्रीमान् (s’reemAn)
He who possesses light, effulgence and glory

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#12. nAma 221 to 240

221. न्यायः (nyAyah)
He who is the personification of Justice

222. नेता (nEthA)
He who is the leader protecting, nourishing, and guiding all the jeevAs

223. समीरणः (sameeraNah)
He who efficiently administrates all movements of all the living creatures

224. सहस्रमूर्धा (sahasra-moordhA)
He who has innumerable heads

225. विश्वात्मा (vis’vAtmA)
He who is the soul of the universe

226. सहस्राक्षः (sahasrAkshah)
He who has innumerable eyes

227. सहस्रपात् (sahasrapAt)
He who has innumerable feet.

228. आवर्तनः (Avartanah)
He who is the unseen dynamism behind the Wheel of Time which creates and destroys alternately

229. निवृत्तात्मा (nivritAtA)
He who is the pure soul unrelated to any matter

230. संवृतः (samvritah)
He who is veiled and completely hidden from all the jivas

231. संप्रमर्दनः (sam-pramardanah)
He who persecutes and punishes all the sensuous minded evil men

232. अहः संवर्तकः (ahassamvartakah)
He who makes the day function vigorously

233. वह्निः (vahnih)
He who is worshipped as The Fire

234. अनिलः (anilah)
He who supports all life as The Air

235. धरणीधरः (dharaneedharah)
He who supports the earth which forms the field of experiences to all the jivas

236. सुप्रसादः (suprasAdah)
He who becomes fully satisfied very easily and with very little

237. प्रसन्नात्मा (prasanAtmA)
He who is for ever pure and is the all-blissful-self

238. विश्वधृक् (vis’va-dhrik)
He who is the Supporter of the world and everything in the world

239. विश्वभुक् (vis’vabhuk)
He who really enjoys all the experiences

240 विभुः (vibhuh)
He who manifests Himself in an endless variety of forms

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#13. nAma 241 to 260

241. सत्कर्ता (satkartA)
He who adores the good people and the wise people

242. सत्कृतः (satkritah)
He who is adored by all good people and the wise people

243. साधुः (sAdhur)
He who adheres to and follows the righteous codes of living

244. जह्नुः (jahnuh)
He who is the real Leader of all men

245. नारायणः nArAyaNah
He who resides on the waters

246. नरः (narah)
He who guides all creatures according to their actions

247. असंख्येयः (asankhyEyah)
He who has innumerable names and forms

248. अप्रमेयात्मा (apramEyAtmA)
He who can not be comprehended through any of the known pramANas.

249. विशिष्टः (vis’ishtah)
He who transcends everything and everyone else by His supreme glory

250. शिष्टकृत् (s’ishta-krit)
He who governs and is the he law-maker

251. शुचिः (s’uchih)
He who is very pure and blemishless

252. सिद्धार्थः (siddhArthah)
He who has gained all the arthas and goals

253. सिद्धसंकल्पः (siddhasankalpah)
He who can get done or achieve whatever He wishes for

254. सिद्धिदः (siddhidah)
He who is the giver of benedictions and rewards all our actions

255. सिद्धिसाधनः (siddhisAdhanah)
He who is the real power and force behind our spiritual SAdhana

256. वृषाही (vrishAhee)
He who controls all our actions and gives us the befitting results

257. वृषभः (vrishabhah)
He who showers all the dharmas on His devotees and the sincere seekers

258. विष्णुः (vishnuh)
He who is all-pervading

259. वृषपर्वा (vrishaparvA)
He who forms the ladder leading to dharma

260. वृषोदरः (vrishOdarah)
He from whose belly all forms of life shower forth.

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#14. nAma 261 to 280

261. वर्धनः (vardhanah)
He who really nurturers and nourishes

262. वर्धमानः (vardhamAnah)
He who can magnify or expand Himself to any dimension

263. विविक्तः (viviktah)
He who stands apart and separates Himself from everything else.

264. श्रुतिसागरः (shruti-sAgarah)
He who forms the ocean for all scriptural thoughts

265. सुभुजः (subhujah)
He who has graceful arms

266. दुर्धरः (durdharah)
He who cannot be understood even by the great yogis

267. वाग्मी (vAgmee)
He who is eloquent in speech and excels in His glory

268. महेन्द्रः (mahEndrah)
He who is the lord of Indra

269. वसुदः (vasudah)
He who gives us all wealth

270. वसुः (vasuh)
He who manifests Himself as various forms of Wealth

271. नैकरूपः (naika-roopo)
He who has unlimited and infinite forms of manifestations

272. बृहद्रूपः (brihad-roopah)
He who is Vast and of infinite dimensions

273. शिपिविष्टः (s’ipivishtah)
He who is the presiding deity of the Sun

274. प्रकाशनः (prakAs’anah)
He who illuminates as the all pervading consciousness in every equipment

275. ओजस्तेजोद्युतिधरः (ojas-tejO-dyutidharah)
He who possesses Vitality, Effulgence and Beauty

276. प्रकाशात्मा (prakAshAtmA)
He who is the effulgent self

277. प्रतापनः (pratApanah)
He who exhibits Himself as the Thermal energy and provides heat

278. ऋद्धः (riddhah)
He who is always full of prosperity

279. स्पष्टाक्षरः (spashtAksharah)
He who is clearly indicated by the single sound of OM

280. मन्त्रः (mantrah)
He who is of the nature of the Vedic mantras

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#15. nAma 281 to 300

281 चन्द्रांशुः (chandrAmshuh)
He who nourishes as the cool rays of the Moon

282. भास्करद्युतिः (bhAskara-dyutih)
He who has the effulgence of the Sun

283. अमृतांशोद्भवः (amritAmshOdbhavah)
He who is The ParamAtman from whom AmrutAmshu or The Moon originated at the time of the churning of the Milk-ocean.

284. भानुः (bhAnuh)
He who expressed Himself as the Self-effulgent Sun

285. शशबिन्दुः (shashabindhuh)
He expresses Himself as The moon which has a rabbit-like spot

286. सुरेश्वरः (surEshvarah)
He who is the God of all the Devas; He is the most generous of all

287. औषधम् (aushadham)
He who is the effective medicine for the disease called samsAra

288. जगतः सेतुः (jagatas-setuh)
He who forms a bridge to help the jiva across from imperfection to perfection

289. सत्यधर्मपराक्रमः (satya-dharma-parAkramah)
He who champions heroically for establishing the Truth and Righteousness

290. भूतभव्यभवन्नाथः (bhoota-bhavya-bhavan-nAthah)
He who is the Lord of the past, the present and the future

291. पवनः (pavanah)
He who is the pure air that fills the universe

292. पावनः (pAvanah)
He who gives life-sustaining power to the pure air filling the Universe

293. अनलः (analah)
He who sustains all forms of life as the Fire

294. कामहा (kAmahA)
He who destroys all our desires

295. कामकृत् (kAmakrit)
He who fulfils all our desires

296. कान्तः (kAntah)
He who has an enchanting form

297. कामः (kAmah)
He who is the beloved of all the jivas

298. कामप्रदः (kAmapradah)
He who supplies desired objects

299. प्रभुः prabhuh
He who is The Lord o everything and everyone

300. युगादिकृत् (yugAdi-krit)
He who is the creator of the yugas (eons)

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#16. nAma 301 to 320

301. युगावर्तः (yugAvartah
He who is the power behind the wheel of Time

302. नैकमायः (naikamAyah)
He whose deluding forms are endless and varied

303. महाशनः (mahAs’anah)
He who can consume everything created and existing

304. अदृश्यः (adris’yah)
He who is Imperceptible

305. व्यक्तरूपः (vyaktaroopah)
He who can be perceived by the yogi by yoga sadhana

306. सहस्रजित् (sahasrajit)
He who can vanquish thousands of enemies

307. अनन्तजित् (anantajit)
He whose victories are countless

308. इष्टः (ishtah)
He who is invoked through Vedic rituals

309. विशिष्टः (visishtah)
He who is the noblest and the most sacred

310. शिष्टेष्टः (sishteshtah)
He who is the most beloved to those who are spiritually inclined

311. शिखण्डी (sikhaNdee)
He who wears a peacock feather on his hair

312. नहुषः (nahushah)
He who binds all the living creatures in bondage of samsAra with mAyA

313. वृषः (vrishah)
He who can fulfil the desires of His devotees

314. क्रोधहा (krodhahA)
He who destroys the anger in all his sincere devotees and seekers

315. क्रोधकृत्कर्ता (krodhakrit-kartA)
He who generates anger against the lower tendency

316. विश्वबाहुः (vis’vabAhuh)
He whose hands are innumerable and are in everything

317. महीधरः (maheedharah)
He who is the support of the earth

318 अच्युतः (achyutah)
He who does not undergo any changes oe modifications

319. प्रथितः (prathitah)
He whose glory exists everywhere on the earth

320. प्राणः (prANah)
He who sustains all the living creatures as the vital air.

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#17. nAma 321 to 340

321. प्राणदः (prANadah)
He who gives prANa to all the living creatures

322. वासवानुजः (vAsavAnujah)
He who as VAmana was the younger brother of Indra

323. अपां-निधिः (apAm-nidhih)
He who is the treasure of waters in the form of the ocean.

324. अधिष्ठानम् (adhishtAnam)
He who forms the substratum of the entire universe

325. अप्रमत्तः (apramattah)
He who never makes a mistake in His judgement

326. प्रतिष्ठितः (pratishthitah)
He who has neither a cause nor an origin for his existence

327. स्कन्दः (skandah)
He whose glory is expressed through the valorous SubrahmaNya

328. स्कन्दधरः (skanda-dharah)
He who is the Upholder of the righteousness

329. धूर्यः (dhuryah)
He who performs the three tasks of creating, sustaining and destroying without
any problem.

330 वरदः (varadah)
He who blesses His devotees and fulfils their wishes by giving boons

331. वायुवाहनः (vAyuvAhanah)
He who is the Controls, regulates and creates the powerful winds.

332. वासुदेवः (vAsudEvah)
He who dwells in all the living creatures although He does not get affected by that condition

333. बृहद्भानुः (brihat-bhAnuh)
He who illumines the world with the rays of the Sun and the Moon

334. आदिदेवः (AdidEvah)
He who is the primary source of everything

335. पुरन्दरः (purandarah)
He who as MahEsawara destroyed the three cities known as Tripura Dahanam.

336. अशोकः (as’Okah)
He who suffers from no sorrows

337. तारणः (tAraNah)
He who enables us to cross samsara and jump over the wheel of birth and death

338. तारः (tArah)
He who is our only saviour and never fails to save

339. शूरः (s’oorah)
He who is the most valiant capable of crushing injustice

340. शौरिः (s’aurih)
He who was born in the dynasty of Shoora in one of his incarnations


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