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Sahasra nAma AvaLi

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#18. nAma 341 to 360

341. जनेश्वरः (janes’varah)
He who is The Lord of the all people and all the beings

342. अनुकूलः (anukoolah)
He who is the Hearty Well-wisher of everyone

343. शतावर्तः (shatAvarttah)
He who as the vital air prANa flows through the innumerable nAdees of the body

344. पद्मी(padmee)
He who holds a lotus flower in His hand

345. पद्मनिभेक्षणः (padmanibhEkshaNah)
He who has eyes resembling the Lotus flower petal

346. पद्मनाभः 9padmanAbhah)
He who has a lotus flower springing from his navel

347. अरविन्दाक्षः (aravindAkshah)
He who has eyes as beautiful as the lotus petals

348. पद्मगर्भः (padmagarbhah)
He who is being meditated upon in the center of the lotus of the heart

349. शरीरभृत् (shareerabhrit)
He who nourishes and sustains all the living bodies

350. महर्द्धिः (maharddhi)
He who has a great prosperity

351. ऋद्धः (riddhah)
He who has expanded Himself as the universe and everything in it

352. वृद्धात्मा (VriddhAtmA)
He who is The most ancient Self

353. महाक्षः (mahAkshah)
He who can see the exterior as well as the interior of all the jeevAs

354. गरुडध्वजः (garudadhvajah)
He who has Garuda on His flag

355. अतुलः (atulah)
He who is beyond any comparison to anything else

356. शरभः (s’arabhah)
He who dwells inside and shines forth through all the living bodies

357. भीमः (bheemah)
He who is All inspiring and Terrible

358. समयज्ञः (samayajnah)
He whose worship is nothing more than holding everything as equal by His devotee

359. हविर्हरिः (havirharih)
He who receives all oblation and all the offerings

360. सर्वलक्षणलक्षण्यः (sarva-lakshaNa-lakshaNyah)
He who is known through philosophical inquiry and investigation

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#19. nAma 361 to 380

361. लक्ष्मीवान् (lakshmeevAn)
He who is The consort of Laksmi Devi

362. समितिञ्जयः (samitinjayah)
He who is for ever the victorious

363. विक्षरः (viksharah)
He who is the Imperishable

364. रोहितः (rohitah)
He who took the avatAr of a giant fish

365. मार्गः (mArgah)
He who is both the goal of life and the path leading to it.

366. हेतुः (hetuh)
He who is the The cause of the whole creation

367. दामोदरः (dAmOdarah)
He who was tied by a rope around his stomach;
He who can be realised only through a mind purified by self control

368. सहः (sahah)
He who is All-enduring and all forgiving

369. महीधरः (maheedharah)
He who bears and supports the earth.

370. महाभागः (mahAbhAgah)
He who gets the greatest share in every Yajna;
He who has extremely beautiful limbs

371. वेगवान् (vEgavAn)
He who is so swift that nothing can take over him.

372. अमिताशनः (amitAshanah)
He who has an endless appetite

373. उद्भवः (udbhavah)
One who is born as the all the jeevAs again and again.

374. क्षोभणः (kshObhaNah)
He who agitates and keeps the world active and alive

375. देवः (dEvah)
He who conquers, shines and revels

376. श्रीगर्भः (shreegarbhah)
He who contains are the glories within Him

377. परमेश्वरः (paramEshvarah)
Parama + Ishvara = Supreme Lord, and also The Lord of the supreme Devi (MahaLakshmi)

378. करणम् (karaNam)
He who is The instrumental cause for the creation of the world

379. कारणम् (kAraNam)
He who is The cause and makes the creation emerge.

380. कर्ता (kartA)
He who performs the tasks of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction as The doer

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#20. nAma 381 to 400

381. विकर्ता (vikartA)
He who is the Creator of the endless varieties that make up the universe

382. गहनः (gahanah)
He who is beyond the power of perception by the sense organs

383. गुहः (guhah)
He who dwells inside the cave of the heart of every jeevA

384. व्यवसायः (vyavasAyah)
He who is Resolute and firm in His resolutions

385. व्यवस्थानः (vyavasthAnah)
He who is The substratum for the entire Universe and everything in it

386. संस्थानः (samstAnah)
He who is The ultimate authority and the goal

387. स्थानदः(sthAnadah)
He who confers on the jeevA the right abode, as the fruit of the actions performed by the jeevA

388. ध्रुवः (dhruvah)
He who remains The changeless amidst things that keep changing

389. परर्धिः (pararddhih)
He who has supreme manifestations expressing His glory and vobhooti

390. परमस्पष्टः (paramaspashtah)
He who is extremely vivid to the Yogi who has purified and mastered his mind

391. तुष्टः (tushtah)
He who is contented even with a very simple and sincere offering made by His

392. पुष्टः (pushtah)
He who is ever-full so that nothing can be added to Him nor taken away from Him

393. शुभेक्षणः (s’ubhEkshaNah)
He who has a gaze which is All-auspicious

394. रामः (rAmah)
He who is most handsome

395. विरामः (virAmah)
He who is The final abode or the perfect-resting place to all JeevAs

396. विरजः (virajO)
He who does not have strong passions or agitations of the mind

397. मार्गः (mArgah)
He who is the The Path leading to Self realisation

398. नेयः (nEyah)
He who is The guide to the JeevAs seeking The Reality

399. नयः (nayah)
He who leads the seekers in the right path to self realisation

400. अनयः (anayah)
He who needs no other leader or guide to lead or guide Him

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#21. nAma 401 to 420

401. वीरः (veerah)
He who is The valiant creating terror in the hearts of the evil demons

402. शक्तिमतां श्रेष्ठः (shaktimatAm-shrEsthah)
He who is The best among those who are powerful.

403. धर्मः (dharmah)
He who is the One Self in all the beings

404. धर्मविदुत्तमः (dharmaviduttamah)
He who is the The highest among the men of realisation

405. वैकुण्ठः (vaikunthah)
He who is the Lord of supreme abode, Vaikuntha

406. पुरुषः (purushah)
He who dwells in all the living bodies

407. प्राणः prANah
He who is the prANa in all the living things.

408. प्राणदः (prANadah)
He who is the Giver of life

409. प्रणवः (praNavah)
He who is praised by all the other gods

410. पृथुः (prituh)
He who expands to form the Universe and everything in it.

411. हिरण्यगर्भः (hiraNyagarbhah)
He who is the creator of everything in the creation

412. शत्रुघ्नः (shatrughnah)
He who is The destroyer of enemies

413. व्याप्तः (vyApthah)
He who pervades in everything

414. वायुः (vAyuh)
He who sustains all the life in the form of The air

415. अधोक्षजः (adhokshajah)
He whose vitality never flows downwards

416. ऋतुः (rituh)
He who governs The seasons

417. सुदर्शनः (sudarshanah)
He viewing whom is very auspicious

418. कालः (kAlah)
He who correctly judges every person and hands out the appropriate fruits of
their actions

419. परमेष्ठी (paramEshthee)
One who is centered his own infinite glory.
One who is readily available within the heart.

420. परिग्रहः (parigrahah)
He who is The receiver of even the simple offerings with a great contentment

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#22. nAma 421 to 440

421. उग्रः (ugrah)
He who infuses fear and makes all the others function correctly

422. संवत्सरः (samvatsarah)
He is the Time in which everything exists and gathers experiences

423. दक्षः (dakshah)
He who is smart enough to perfomr the tasks of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction smoothly

424. विश्रामः (vishrAmah)
He who is the final and peaceful resting place of the seekers

425. विश्वदक्षिणः (vis’va-dakshiNah)
He who is The most skilful and efficient

426. विस्तारः (vistArah)
He is the extension in whom all the jeevas reside during the total destruction caused by praLaya

427. स्थावरस्स्थाणुः (sthAvarah-sthANuh)
He who is very firm and motionless due to his all pervasiveness.

428. प्रमाणम् (pramANam)
He is the reality behind everything and He is also the proof for everything.

429. बीजमव्ययम् (beejamavyayam)
He who is The Immutable Seed of creation

430. अर्थः (arthah)
He who is worshipped by everyone

431. अनर्थः (anarthah)
He to whom there is nothing yet to be fulfilled

432. महाकोशः (mahAkOshah)
He who has got around him the great sheaths

433. महाभोगः (mahAbhOgah)
He who is of the nature of enjoyment.
He gives the greatest happiness to his devotees.

434. महाधनः (mahAdhanah)
He who is supremely rich in the inexhaustible wealth of bliss

435. अनिर्विण्णः (anirviNNah)
He who has no discontentment

436. स्थविष्ठः (sthavishthah)
He who is supremely huge and has the entire cosmos as His form

437. अभूः (a-bhooh)
He who has no birth.
He who frees the seekers from future births.

438. धर्मयूपः (dharma-yoopah)
He is the post to which The Dharma is tied

439. महामखः (mahA-makhah)
He who confers total liberation to those who perform great sacrifices

440. नक्षत्रनेमिः (nakshatranemir)
He who is axis of the glowing wheel of light.

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#23. nAma 441 to 460

441. नक्षत्री (nakshatree)
He as The Moon is Lord of all the stars

442. क्षमः (kshamah)
He who is supremely efficient in all undertakings.
He who is very patient with the defects of his devotees

443. क्षामः (kshAmah)
He who for ever remains without any scarcity

444. समीहनः (sameehanah)
He whose desires are all very auspicious

445. यज्ञः (yajnah)
He who is of the nature of yajna

446. इज्यः (ijyah)
He who can be invoked through yajna and yAga.

447. महेज्यः (mahejyah)
He who is the most worshipped in yajna and yAga

448. क्रतुः (kratuh)
He who is The animal-sacrifice

449. सत्रम् (satram)
He who is the Protector of the good people

450. सतां-गतिः (satAm-gatih)
He who is the final refuge for the good people

451. सर्वदर्शी (sarvadarshee)
He is The All-knower as the Consciousness in every living thing

52. विमुक्तात्मा (vimuktAtmA)
He who is The ever-liberated-self

453. सर्वज्ञः (sarvajno)
He who is The all knowing Omniscient

454. ज्ञानमुत्तमम् (jnAnamuttamam)
He is The Supreme Knowledge among all the forms of knowledge

455. सुव्रतः (suvratah)
He who is for ever performing the pure vow

456. सुमुखः (sumukhah)
He who has a very charming face

457. सूक्ष्मः (sookshmah)
He who is subtler than the subtlest

458. सुघोषः (sughOshah)
He who is the auspicious sound

459. सुखदः (sukhadah)
He who is the Giver of happiness

460. सुहृत् (suhrit)
He who is the Friend of all creatures

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#24. nAma 461 to 480

461. मनोहरः (manOharah)
He who steales the mind of his devotees

462. जितक्रोधः (jita-krOdhah)
He who has conquered His anger

463. वीरबाहुः (veerabAhur)
He who is having mighty arms

464. विदारणः (vidAraNah)
He who can split asunder the wicked people

465. स्वापनः (svApanah)
He who can stupefy and put people to sleep

466. स्ववशः (svavashah)
He who has everything under His control

467. व्यापी (vyApee)
He who is All-pervading

468. नैकात्मा (naikAtmA)
He who manifests as many different souls

469. नैककर्मकृत् (naikakarmakrit)
He who performs many actions.
He without whom no action can be performed.

470. वत्सरः (vatsarah)
He who is The abode of all the creatures

471. वत्सलः (vatsalah)
He who is the supremely affectionate

472. वत्सी (vatsee)
He who is The father of the entire creation

473. रत्नगर्भः (ratnagarbhah)
He who can bestow on His devotees the objects desired by them.

474. धनेश्वरः (dhanEshvarah)
He who is The Lord of wealth

475. धर्मगुब् (dharmagub)
He who protects Dharma

476. धर्मकृत् (dharmakrit)
He who acts according to Dharma

477. धर्मी (dharmee)
He who is the supporter of dharma

478. सत् (sath)
He who exists in every living thing

479. असत् (asath)
He who appears to be limited by an illusion

480. क्षरम् (ksharam)
He who appears to perish due to mutations

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#25. nAma 481 to 500

481. अक्षरम् (aksharam)
He who is Imperishable

482. अविज्ञाता (avijnAtA)
He who is a non-knower when He manifests as a jeeva

483. सहस्रांशुः (sahasrAmshur)
He who has Thousands of rays

484. विधाता (vidhAtA)
He who supports everything and everyone

485. कृतलक्षणः (kritalakshaNah)
He who is famous for His qualities

486. गभस्तिनेमिः (gabhastinEmih)
He who is The hub of the universal wheel

487. सत्त्वस्थः (sattvasthah)
He who abides in Sattva GuNa

488. सिंहः (simhah)
He who appeared as The lion among human beings

489. भूतमहेश्वरः (bhoota-mahEs’varah)
He who is The great lord of all living beings

490. आदिदेवः (AdidEvah)
He who is the foremost Deity

491. महादेवः (mahAdEvah)
He who is The great deity

492. देवेशः (devEs’ah)
He who is The Lord of all the Devas

493. देवभृद्गुरुः (devabhrit-guruh)
He who is the Advisor of Indra

494. उत्तरः (uttarah)
He who lifts us from the ocean of samsAra

495. गोपतिः (gopatih)
He who is The shepherd of all living beings

496. गोप्ता (goptA)
He who is The protector

497. ज्ञानगम्यः (jnAnagamyah)
He who can be experienced only through pure knowledge

498. पुरातनः (purAtanah)
He who existed even before the beginning of Time

499. शरीरभूतभृत् (shareera-bhootabhrit)
He who nourishes the Nature and the Elements from which the bodies of all the
living things are made

500. भोक्ता (bhoktA)
He who really enjoys everything

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#26. nAma 501 to 520

501. कपीन्द्रः (kapeendrah)
He who is the Lord of the monkeys (Sri Rama)

502. भूरिदक्षिणः (bhooridakshiNah)
He who gives away rich gifts

503. सोमपः (somapah)
He who drinks the Soma rasa in the yajnas

504. अमृतपः (amritapah)
He who drinks the nectar

505. सोमः (somah)
He who as the Moon nourishes the plants

506. पुरुजित् (purujit)
He who has conquered numerous enemies

507. पुरुसत्तमः (purusattamah)
He who is the greatest of the great

508. विनयः (vinayah)
He who humiliates those who are unrighteous

509. जयः (jayah)
He who is the victorious

510. सत्यसन्धः (satyasandhah)
He who is of truthful sankalpam (resolution)

511. दाशार्हः (dAs’Arhah)
He who was born as Krishna in the DAsArha race (Yadu kula)

512. सात्त्वतां पतिः sAtvatAm-patih
He who is the Lord of the SAtvatas

513. जीवः (jeevah)
He who has limited ego as the ksetrajna (jeeva)

514. विनयितासाक्षी (vinayitA-sAkshee)
He who is the witness of modesty

515. मुकुन्दः (mukundah)
He who is the giver of liberation

516. अमितविक्रमः (amitavikramah)
He who has immeasurable prowess

517. अम्भोनिधिः (ambhO-nidhir)
He who forms the substratum of the four different types of beings (Devas, Men, Manes and Asuras)

518. अनन्तात्मा (anantAtmA)
He who is The infinite self

519. महोदधिशयः (mahOdadhishayah)
He who rests on the great ocean

520. अन्तकः (antakah)
He who brings about all the changes in the world

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#27. nAma 521 to 540

521. अजः (ajah)
He who is The Unborn

522. महार्हः (mahArhah)
He who deserves the highest worship

523. स्वाभाव्यः (svAbhAvyah)
He who is forever rooted in the nature of His own Self

524. जितामित्रः (jitAmitrah)
He who has conquered all enemies

525. प्रमोदनः (pramodanah)
He who is Ever-blissful

526. आनन्दः (Anandah)
He who is a mass of pure bliss

527. नन्दनः (nandanah)
He who makes others blissful

528. नन्दः (nandah)
He who is free from all the limited worldly pleasures

529. सत्यधर्मा (satyadharmA)
He who has in Himself all true dharmas

530. त्रिविक्रमः (trivikramah)
He who as VAmana took three steps to conquer the three worlds

531. महर्षिः कपिलाचार्यः (maharshih kapilAchAryah)
He who incarnated as Kapila, the great sage

532. कृतज्ञः (kritajnah)
He who is The knower of the creation

533. मेदिनीपतिः (medineepatih)
He who is The Lord of the earth

534. त्रिपदः (tripadah)
He who as VAmana has taken three steps to conquer the three worlds

535. त्रिदशाध्यक्षः (tridashAdhyaksho)
He who is The Lord of the three states of consciousness

536. महाशृंगः (mahAshringah)
He who sported a Great horn in His avatar as a Matsya (Fish)

537. कृतान्तकृत् (kritAntakrit)
He who is The Destroyer of the creation

538. महावराहः (mahAvarAho)
He who manifested as The great boar

539. गोविन्दः (gOvindah)
He who is known through Vedanta

540. सुषेणः (sushENah)
He who has a charming army

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
Different notations are used to write Sanskrit words in English.

The 579th name in Sri. Subrahmnya sahasr nAma is given as

Om fadUc-cAtita-pApow-dhAya namah

I managed all the other names so far with the Names given in Tamil with umpteen spelling mistakes - with my back ground knowledge of Sanskrit.

But this one beats me!

I do not want to give any wrong info.

Can anyone who can decipher this notation help me with the name PLEASE?
Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#28. nAma 541 to 560

541. कनकांगदी (kanakAngadee)
He who wears the bright gold armlets

542. गुह्यः (guhyo)
He who remains The mysterious

543. गभीरः (gabheerah)
He who remains The unfathomable

544. गहनः (gahano)
He who remains The Impenetrable

545. गुप्तः (guptah)
He who remains well-concealed

546. चक्रगदाधरः (chakra-gadAdharah)
He who is the wielder of the disc and mace

547. वेधाः (vedhAh)
He who is Creator of the universe

548. स्वांगः (svAngah)
He who has well-proportioned limbs.

549. अजितः (ajitah)
He who can be vanquished by no one

550. कृष्णः (krishNah)
He who is dark in complexion

551. दृढः (dridhah)
He who remains very firm in His convictions, judgements, love and mercy

552. संकर्षणोऽच्युतः (sankarshaNOchyutah)
He who absorbs the whole creation into His Nature and never falls away from that Nature

553. वरुणः (varuNah)
He who sets on the horizon as The Sun

554. वारुणः (vAruNah)
He who is The son of Varuna (as Vasistha or Agastya)

555. वृक्षः (vrikshah)
He from whom the world emerges as a Tree

556. पुष्कराक्षः (pushkarAkshah)
He who has eyes like the Lotus petals

557. महामनः (mahAmanAh)
He who has a great mind

558. भगवान् (bhagavAn)
He who possesses the six great glories (Wealth, Power, Dharma, Fame, Knowledge and Dispassion)

559. भगहा (bhagahA)
He who destroys the six glories during praLaya

560. आनन्दी (Anandee)
He who gives happiness

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#29. nAma 561 to 580

561. वनमाली (vanamAlee)
He who wears a garland made of Vaiyantee flowers

562. हलायुधः (halAyudhah)
He who uses a plough as His weapon

563. आदित्यः (Adityah)
He who was born as the Son of Aditi and Kashyapa

564. ज्योतिरादित्यः (jyOtirAdityah)
He who is the brilliance of the Sun

565. सहिष्णुः (sahishNuh)
He who calmly endures duality and the pairs of opposites

566. गतिसत्तमः (gatisattamah)
He who is The ultimate refuge for all devotees

567. सुधन्वा (sudhanvA)
He who wields the bow ShArnga

568. खण्डपरशु: (khanda-paras’ur)
He who wields an axe

569. दारुणः (dAruNah)
He who is merciless towards the unrighteous and the wicked

570. द्रविणप्रदः (draviNapradah)
He who lavishly gives wealth to His devotees who seek wealth

571. दिवःस्पृक् (divah-sprik)
He who reaches the sky in his viswa roopam

572. सर्वदृग्व्यासः (sarvadrik-vyAsO)
He who creates many men of wisdom

573. वाचस्पतिरयोनिजः (vAchaspatir-ayOnijah)
He who is the master of all vidhyas and who is not born through a womb

574. त्रिसामा (trisAmA)
He who is glorified by the three SAmAs (Devas, Vratas and SAma VEdam)

575. सामगः (sAmagah)
He who is the singer of the sAma vEda songs

576. साम (sAma)
He who is The SAma VEda

577. निर्वाणम् (nirvaaNam)
He who is ever liberated, ever free and All-bliss

578. भेषजम् (bhEshajam)
He who is the Medicine for the disease called samsAra

579. भृषक् (bhishak)
He who is The Physician to treat the disease of samsAra

580. संन्यासकृत् (samnyAsa-krit)
He who qualifies His devotees for the sanyAsa Ashramam

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#30. nAma 581 to 600

581. समः (samah)
He who remains Calm

582. शान्तः (shAntah)
He who is always Peaceful within

583. निष्ठा (nishthA)
He who is The Abode of all beings

584. शान्तिः (shAntih)
He whose very nature is peaceful

585. परायणम् (parAyaNam)
He who shows the The way to liberation

586. शुभांगः (shubhAngah)
He who has the most beautiful form

587. शान्तिदः (shAntidah)
He who is The Giver of peace

588. स्रष्टा (srashtA)
He who is The Creator of all beings

589. कुमुदः (kumudah)
He who delights in the earth

590. कुवलेशयः (kuvalEs’ayah)
He who reclines in the waters

591. गोहितः(gOhitah)
He who cares for the welfare of the cows

592. गोपतिः (gOpatih)
He who is The Husband of the earth.

593. गोप्ता (gOptA)
He who is The Protector of the universe

594. वृषभाक्षः (vrishabhAksho)
He whose eyes rain the fulfillment of the desires of is devotees

595. वृषप्रियः (vrishapriyah)
He who delights in dharma

596. अनिवर्ती (anivartee)
He who never retreats

597. निवृतात्मा (nivrittAtmA)
He who is realized only by a person fully restrained from all the sensual indulgences

598. संक्षेप्ता (samkshEptA)
He who never abandons His devotees

599. क्षेमकृत् (kshEmakrit(
He who is The Doer of good

600. शिवः (shivah)
He who is all Auspiciousness

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#31. nAma 601 to 620

601. श्रीवत्सवक्षः
He who has the sreevatsa mark on His chest

602. श्रीवासः (s’reevAsah)
He who is The Abode of Sree (Lakshmi Devi)

603. श्रीपतिः (s’reepatih)
He who is the Lord of Lakshmi Devi

604. श्रीमतां वरः (s’reematAm varah)
He who is The best among the glorious

605. श्रीदः (s’reedah)
He who is the Giver of opulence

606. श्रीशः (s’reesah)
He who is The Lord of Sree (Lakshmi Devi)

607. श्रीनिवासः (sreenivAsah)
He who dwells in the good people

608. श्रीनिधिः (s’reenidhih)
He who is The treasure of Sree

609. श्रीविभावनः (s’reevibhAvanah)
He who is The Distributor of Sree (wealth)

610. श्रीधरः (s’reedharah)
He who is The Holder of Sree

611. श्रीकरः (sreekarah)
He who gives Sree

612. श्रेयः (s’reyah)
He who is the path and the goal for Liberation

613. श्रीमान् (s’reemAn)
He who is The Possessor of Sree

614. लोकत्रयाश्रयः (loka-trayAshrayah)
He who is The Shelter for all the three worlds

615. स्वक्षः (svakshah)
He who has very beautiful eyes

616. स्वङ्गः (svangah)
He who has very beautiful limbs

617. शतानन्दः (s’atAnandah)
He who experiences infinite varieties and joys through His infinite

618. नन्दिः (nandih)
He who is of Infinite bliss

619. ज्योतिर्गणेश्वरः (jyOtir-gaNes’varah)
He who is The Lord of the luminaries in the cosmos

620. विजितात्मा (vijitAtmA)
He who has conquered the sense organs

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#32. nAma 621 to 640

621. विधेयात्मा (vidhEyAtmA)
He who is available to the devotees’ commands of love

622. सत्कीर्तिः (sat-keertih)
He who is of pure fame

623. छिन्नसंशयः (chinnasams’ayah)
He whose doubts do not exist

624. उदीर्णः (udeerNah)
He who is The great transcendent

625. सर्वतश्चक्षुः (sarvatah-chakshuh)
He who has His eyes everywhere

626. अनीशः (anees’ah)
He who has no Lord above Him

627. शाश्वतः-स्थिरः (s’aashvata-sthirah)
He who is eternal and stable

628. भूशयः (bhooshayah)
He who rested on the ocean shore as Rama.
He in whom the whole world rests.

629. भूषणः (bhooshaNah)
He who adorns the world as an ornament

630. भूतिः (bhootih)
He who is of pure existence

631. विशोकः (vis’Okah)
He who has no griefs or sorrowls

632. शोकनाशनः (sh’oka-nAshanah)
He who The Destroyer of sorrows

633. अर्चिष्मान् (archishmAn)
He who is self effulgent and the source of all the light

634. अर्चितः (architah)
He who is constantly being worshipped by His devotees

635. कुम्भः (kumbhah)
He is The pot within whom everything is contained

636. विशुद्धात्मा (vis’uddhAtmA)
He who has the purest soul

637. विशोधनः (vis’odhanah)
He who is The great purifier

638. अनिरुद्धः (aniruddhah)
He who is invincible by any enemy

639. अप्रतिरथः (apratirathah)
He who has no enemies to threaten Him

640. प्रद्युम्नः (pradyumnah)
He who is very rich.

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#33. nAma 641 to 660

641. अमितविक्रमः (amitha vikramah)
He who has immeasurable prowess

642. कालनेमीनिहा (kAlanEmi-nihaa)
He who is the slayer of KAlanEmi

643. वीरः (veerah)
He who is The heroic victor

644. शौरी (s’auri)
He who always has invincible prowess

645. शूरजनेश्वरः (shoora-janEs’varah)
He who is The Lord of the valiant

646. त्रिलोकात्मा (trilOkAtmA)
He who is The self of the three worlds

647. त्रिलोकेशः (trilOkes’ah)
He who is The Lord of the three worlds

648. केशवः (kEs’avah)
He whose rays illumine the cosmos.

He who as Krishna sported long hair

649. केशिहा (kEshihA)
He who is Killer of the demon KEsi

650. हरिः (harih)
He who is The destroyer

651. कामदेवः (kAmadEvah)
He who is The most beloved and worshiped Lord

652. कामपालः (kAmapAlah)
He who fulfills desires

653. कामी (kAmee)
He who has fulfilled all His desires

654. कान्तः (kAntah)
He who has an enchanting form

655. कृतागमः (kritAgamah)
He who is The author of the Agama (scriptures)

656. अनिर्देश्यवपुः (anirdes’ya-vapuh)
He whose form is beyond descriptions

657. विष्णुः (vishNuh)
He who is All-pervading

658. वीरः (veerah)
He who is The most courageous

659. अनन्तः (anantah)
He who is The Endless

660. धनञ्जयः (dhananjayah)
He who has acquired His wealth through conquests

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#34. nAma 661 to 680

661. ब्रह्मण्यः (brahmaNyah)
He who is The Protector of Brahman (anything related to Narayana)

662. ब्रह्मकृत् (brahmakrit)
He who acts in Brahman

663. ब्रह्मा (brahmA)
He who is The Creator

664. ब्रहम (brahma)
He who is The Biggest

665. ब्रह्मविवर्धनः (brahma-vivardhanah)
He who enhances the Brahman

666. ब्रह्मविद् (brahmavid)
He who manifests as the great persons who know Brahman

667. ब्राह्मणः (brAhmaNah)
He who manifests as the great men who have realised Brahman

668. ब्रह्मी (brahmee)
He who is with Brahma

669. ब्रह्मज्ञः (brahmajnO)
He who manifests in the people who know the nature of Brahman

670. ब्राह्मणप्रियः (brAhmaNa-priyah)
He who is dear to the brahmaNas

671. महाकर्मः (mahAkramo)
He who is all pervading and exists everywhere before the others can reach any place.

672. महाकर्मा (mahAkarmA)
He who performs great deeds

673. महातेजा (mahAtEjAh)
He who is of great resplendence

674. महोरगः (mahOragah)
he who rests on The great serpent

675. महाक्रतुः (mahAkratuh)
He who is realised by The great sacrifice of Ego

676. महायज्वा (mahAyajvA)
He who has performed great yajnas

677. महायज्ञः (mahAyajnah)
He who is The great japa yajna

678 महाहविः (mahAhavih)
He Himself is The great offering made in a yajna.

679. स्तव्यः (stavyah)
He who is the object of all praise

680. स्तवप्रियः (stavapriyah)
He who is invoked through prayer

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#35. nAma 681 to 700

681. स्तोत्रम् (sthothram)
He who is The hymn

682. स्तुतिः (sthuthih)
He who is The act of praise

683. स्तोता (sthOthA)
He who adores or praises

684. रणप्रियः (raNapriyah)
He who lover the battles and wars against the wicked

685. पूर्णः (poorNah)
He who is The complete one

686. पूरयिता (poorayithA)
He who fulfills our desires and wishes

687. पुण्यः (puNyah)
He who is The truly holy

688. पुण्यकीर्तिः (puNya-keerthir)
He who is of the truly Holy fame

689. अनामयः (anAmayah)
He who has no diseases or discomforts

690. मनोजवः (manOjavah)
He who is as swift as the mind

691. तीर्थकरः (theertthakaro)
He who is The greatest teacher of all forms of vidhya

692. वसुरेताः (vasurEthAh)
He who is the HiraNya garbha whose very essence is golden

693. वसुप्रदः (vasupradah)
He who gives wealth liberally and generously

694. वसुप्रदः (vasupradah)
He who is The giver of salvation – the greatest wealth

695. वासुदेवः (vAsudevo)
He who is The son of VasudEva

696. वसुः (vasuh)
He who is The refuge for everyone

697. वसुमना (vasumanA)
He who as the omnipresent is attentive to everything

698. हविः (havih)
He who is the The oblation offered in a yAga

699. सद्गतिः (sadgathih)
He who is The ultimate goal of all good people

700. सत्कृतिः (satkrithih)
He who is full of Good actions

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
[h=1]#36. nAma 701 to 720[/h]
701. सत्ता (sattA)
He who does not have a second

702. सद्भूतिः (sadbhootih)
He who has rich glories

703. सत्परायणः (satparAyaNah)
He who is The Supreme goal for the good people

704. शूरसेनः (s’oorasenah)
He who has heroic and valiant armies

705. यदुश्रेष्ठः (yadu-shrEsthah)
He who is The best among the Yadava clan

706. सन्निवासः (sannivAsah)
He who is The abode of the good people

707. सुयामुनः (suyAmunah)
He who is attended by the people dwelling on the banks of river Yamuna

708. भूतावासः(bhootAvAso)
He who is The dwelling place of the five great elements

709. वासुदेवः (vAsudEvah)
He who envelops the world and deludes it with MAyA

710. सर्वासुनिलयः (sarvAsunilayah)
He who is The abode of all life energies

711. अनलः (analah)
He who possesses unlimited wealth, power and glory

712. दर्पहा (darpahA)
He who is The destroyer of pride in evil-minded people

713. दर्पदः (darpadah)
He who creates an urge to become the best among the righteous

714. दृप्तः (driptah)
He who is drunk with Infinite bliss

715. दुर्धरः (urdharah)
He who is The object of contemplation

716. अथापराजितः (athAparAjitah)
He who remains The unvanquished

717. विश्वमूर्तिः (vis’vamoortih)
He who is of the form of the entire Universe

718. महामूर्तिः (mahAmortir)
He who possesses a great form

719. दीप्तमूर्तिः (deeptamoortir)
He who has a resplendent form

720. अमूर्तिमान् (a-moortirmAn)
He who does not have any form

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