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Sahasra nAma AvaLi

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#37. nAma 721 to 740

721. अनेकमूर्तिः (anEkamoortih)
He who has several forms

722. अव्यक्तः (avyaktah)
He who can not be perceived by the sense organs

723. शतमूर्तिः (s’atamoortih)
He who has hundreds of different forms

724. शताननः (s’atAnanah)
He who ha hundreds of different faces

725. एकः (Ekah)
He who has none equal to or second to him

726. नैकः (naikah)
He who sports many different forms

727. सवः (savah)
He who is of The nature of the sacrifice

728. कः (kah)
He who is of the nature of pure bliss

729. किम् (kim)
He is the one to be inquired into to find “What is His Nature?”

730. यत् (yat)
He is ‘That’ Which is self existent

731. तत् (tat)
He is ‘That which expands into the world of plurality’

732. पदमनुत्तमम् (padam-anuttamam)
He who is The unequalled state of perfection

733. लोकबन्धुः (lOkabandhur)
He who is a Friend of the whole world

734. लोकनाथः (lOkanAthah)
He who is The Lord of the world

735. माधवः 9mAdhavah)
He who is born in the family of Madhu

736. भक्तवत्सलः (bhaktavatsalah)
He who loves all His devotees

737. सुवर्णवर्णः (suvarNa-varNah)
He who is Golden-coloured

738. हेमांगः (hemAngah)
He who has limbs of gold

739. वरांगः (varAngah)
He who has beautiful limbs

740. चन्दनांगदी (chandanAngadee)
He who wears attractive armlets

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#38. nAma 741 to 760

741. वीरहा (veerahA)
He who destroys even valiant heroes

742. विषमः (vishama)
He who remains Unequalled

743. शून्यः (s’oonyah)
He who exists as The Pure Void in this world of object-emotion-thought.

744. घृताशी (ghritAseeh)
He who is not in need of good wishes from anyone

745. अचलः (acalah)
He is Non-moving since He is present everywhere all the time

746 चलः (chalah)
He is ‘The Moving’ as the non-moving traveller sitting in a moving vehicle

747. अमानी (amAnee)
He who does not have any false vanity and Ego

748. मानदः (mAnadah)
He who by His MAyAcauses false identification of the soul with the body

749. मान्यः (mAnyah)
He who is to be honoured

750. लोकस्वामी (lOkasvAmee)
He who is Lord of the universe

751. त्रिलोकधृक् (trilOkadhrik)
He who is the support of all the three worlds

752. सुमेधा (sumEdhA)
He who has pure intelligence

753. मेधजः (mEdhajah)
He who is born out of sacrifices

754. धन्यः (dhanyah)
He who is Fortunate

755. सत्यमेधः (satyamEdhah)
He whose intelligence never fails

756. धराधरः (dharAdharah)
He who is the sole supporter of the earth

757. तेजोवृषः (tejOvrisho)
He who showers radiance

758. द्युतिधरः (dyutidharah)
He who has an effulgent form

759. सर्वशस्त्रभृतां वरः (sarva-s’astra-bhritaam-varah)
He is The best among those who wield weapons

760. प्रग्रहः (pragrahah)
He who is Receiver of worship.

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#39. nAma 761 to 780

761. निग्रहः (nigrahah)
He who kills the ego of his devotees and absorbs them unto Himself

762. व्यग्रः (vyagrah)
He who is ever engaged in fulfilling the devotee’s desires

763. नैकशृंगः (naika shrungah)
He who has many horns (states of consciousness)

764. गदाग्रजः (gadhAgrajah)
He who is invoked through mantra

765. चतुर्मूर्तिः (chathur moorthih)
He who assumes these Four forms of manushya (Viswa, Taijasa, PrAnja, Tureeya)

766. चतुर्बाहुः (chathur bAhuh)
He who has Four arms

767. चतुर्व्यूहः (chathur vyoohah)
He who expresses Himself as the dynamic center in the four vyoohas

768. चतुर्गतिः (chathur gathih)

He who is The ultimate goal of all four varNas and the four Asramas

769. चतुरात्मा (chathur AtmA)

He who is Clear-minded

770. चतुर्भावः (chathur bhAvah)

The source of the four varNas, four Asramas and four purushArthas

771. चतुर्वेदविद् (chathur-vEdhavidh)
He who knows all the four Vedas

772. एकपात् (EkapAth)

He who supports the whole creation with just one part of Himself

773. समावर्तः (samAvarthah)

He who The efficient turner of the wheel of life

774. निवृत्तात्मा (nivruththAtmA)

He whose mind is turned away from sense indulgence

775. दुर्जयः (durjayah)

He is ‘The invincible’ who can not be defeated

776. दुरतिक्रमः (dhurathikramah)

He who can not be disobeyed

777. दुर्लभः (dhurlabhah)

He who can be obtained only through great efforts

778. दुर्गमः (dhurgamah)

He who is realized with a great effort

779. दुर्गः (dhurgah)

He who sits in the cave of our heart and can not be easily realized

780. दुरावासः (dhurAvAsah)

He who can not be dislodged easily

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
Please note that the following English letters have been used to represent the Sanskrit alphabets.

a, A, i, ee, u, oo, e, E, r'u, r'oo

l'u, l'oo, ai, o, O, ou, am, ah

ka, kha, ga, gha, nga,
cha Cha, ja, jha, jna
ta, Ta, da, Da, Na,
tha , Tha, dha, Dha, na,
pa, pha, ba, bha, ma,
ya, ra, la, va, s'a, sha,
sa, ha, ksha, thra, j~na

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#40. nAma 781 to 800

781. दुरारिहा (dhurArihA)
He who is The Slayer of the asuras

782. शुभांगः (s’ubhAngah)
He who has enchanting limbs

783. लोकसारंगः (lOkasArangah)
He who understands the universe

784. सुतन्तुः (suthanthuh)
He who beautifully expands forming the substratum of the creation

785. तन्तुवर्धनः (thanthu-vardhanah)
He who sustains the continuity of the lineage of the family

786. इन्द्रकर्मा (indhra-karmA)
He who always performs glorious auspicious actions

787. महाकर्मा (mahA-karmA)
He who accomplishes great acts

788. कृतकर्मा (krutha-karmA)
He who has fulfilled his actions and achievements

789. कृतागमः (krithAgamah)
He who is The Author of the Vedas

790. उद्भवः (udhbhavah)
He who is The ultimate source and origin of all creation

791. सुन्दरः (sundharah)
He who has unrivaled beauty

792. सुन्दः (sundhah)
He who has great mercy

793. रत्ननाभः (rathna-nAbhah)
He who has a beautiful navel

794. सुलोचनः (sulOchanah)
He who has the most enchanting eyes

795. अर्कः (arkah)
He who is in the form of the Sun

796. वाजसनः (vAjasanah)
He who is The giver of food

797. शृंगी (s'rungee)
He who sported horns in His VarAha and Matsya avatArs

798. जयन्तः (jayanthah)
He who is The conqueror of all enemies

799. सर्वविज्जयी (sarvavij-jayee)
He who is both omniscient and victorious

800. सुवर्णबिन्दुः (suvarNa-bindhuh)
He who has limbs as radiant as gold.

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#41. nAma 801 to 820

801. अक्षोभ्यः (akshObhyah)
He who remains for ever unruffled

802. सर्ववागीश्वरेश्वरः (sarva-vAgees’wares’warah)
He who is The Lord of the Lord of speech

803. महाहृदः (mahA hraudah)
He who is like a great refreshing swimming pool

804. महागर्तः (mahA garthah)
He who has The great chasm of MAyA which is very difficult to cross over

805. महाभूतः (mahA bhoothah)
He who is The great being

806. महानिधिः (mahA niDhih)
He who is The great abode

807. कुमुदः (kumudhah)
He who makes the earth happy

808. कुन्दरः (kundharah)
He who lifted the earth

809. कुन्दः (kundhah)
He who is as attractive as Kunda flowers

810. पर्जन्यः (parjanyah)
He who gives happiness to His devotees as the rain-bearing clouds do to the

811. पावनः (pAvanah)
He who for ever purifies

812. अनिलः (anilah)
He who never slips or falls down
He who is all pervading like the air.

813. अमृतांशः (amruthAms’ah)
He whose desires are never fruitless

814. अमृतवपुः (amruthavapuh)
He whose form is immortal

815. सर्वज्ञः (sarvaj~na)
He who is The Omniscient

816. सर्वतोमुखः (sarvathO-mukhah)
He who has face in every direction

817. सुलभः (sulabhah)
He who is readily available

818. सुव्रतः (suvrathah)
He who has assumed the most auspicious forms

819. सिद्धः (sidhDhah)
He who is all perfection

820. शत्रुजित् (s’athru jith)
He who is ever victorious over His hosts of enemies

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#42. nAma 821 to 840

821. शत्रुतापनः (s’athru thApanah)
He who is the scorcher of enemies

822. न्यग्रोधः (nyagrODhah)
He who veils Himself with MAyA

823. उदुम्बरः (udhumbarah)
He who gives Nourishment of all living creatures

824. अश्वत्थः (as’wathThah)
He who is the Tree of life

825. चाणूरान्ध्रनिषूदनः (chANoorAnDhra-nishoodhanah)
He who is The slayer of ChANoora

826. सहस्रार्चिः (sahasrArchih)
He who has thousands of rays

827. सप्तजिह्वः (saptha jihvah)
He who expresses himself as the seven tongues of fire (Types of agni)

828. सप्तैधाः (sapthaiDhAh)
He who is The seven effulgence in the flames

829. सप्तवाहनः (saptha vAhanah)
He who as The Sun, has a vehicle drawn by seven horses

830. अमूर्तिः (amoorthih)
He who is Formless

831. अनघः (anaghah)
He who is Sinless

832. अचिन्त्यः (achinthyah)
He who is Inconceivable

833. भयकृत् (bhaya kruth)
He who infuses fear in the mind of the wicked people

834. भयनाशनः (bhaya nAs’anah)
He who destroys the fear of His devotees

835. अणुः (aNuh)
He who is The subtlest of all subtle things

836. बृहत् (bruhath)
He who is The greatest

837. कृशः (krus’ah)
He who is very delicate and lean

838. स्थूलः (sThoolah)
He who is huge and big

839. गुणभृत् (guNabhruth)
He who expresses through the three GuNas

840. निर्गुणः (nirguNah)
He who is without any characteristics or GuNas

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#43. nAma 841 to 860

841. महान् (mahAn)
He who is The mighty

842. अधृतः (aDhruthah)
He who needs no support

843. स्वधृतः (swaDhruthah)
He who is Self-supported

844. स्वास्यः (svAsyah)
He who has an effulgent face

845. प्राग्वंशः (prAgvams’ah)
He who has the most ancient ancestry

846. वंशवर्धनः (vams’a varDhanah)
He who multiplies His family of descendants

847. भारभृत् (bhAra-bhruth)
He who carries the load of the universe

848. कथितः (kaThitah)
He who is glorified in all scriptures

849. योगी (yOgee)
He who can be realized through yoga

850. योगीशः (yOgees’ah)
He who is The king of yOgis

851. सर्वकामदः (sarva kAmadhah)
He who fulfills all desires of true devotees

852. आश्रमः (As’ramah)
He who is the Haven for the jeevas steeped in samsAra

853. श्रमणः (s’ramaNah)
He who persecutes the worldly people

854. क्षामः (kshAmah)
He who destroys everything

855. सुपर्णः (suparNah)
He who is the theme of the Vedas forming The golden leaves in the tree called Creation

856. वायुवाहनः (vAyu vAhanah)
He who can move the winds

857. धनुर्धरः (Dhanur Dharah)
He who is The wielder of the bow

858. धनुर्वेदः (Dhanur vEdah)
He who declared the science of archery as the chanting of OM for self realization

859. दण्डः (dhandhah)
He who punishes the wicked

860. दमयिता (dhamayithA)
He who is The controller

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#44. nAma 861 to 880

861. दमः (dhamah)
He is the final experience of Beatitude in the Self

862. अपराजितः (aparAjithah)
He who cannot be defeated

863. सर्वसहः (sarvasahah)
He who carries the entire Universe

864. अनियन्ता (aniyanthA)
He who has no one as His controller

865. नियमः (niyamah)
He who does not obey anyone’s laws

866. अयमः (ayamah)
He who knows no death

867. सत्त्ववान् (saththvavAn)
He who is full of exploits and courage

868. सात्त्विकः (sAththvikah)
He who is full of sAttvic qualities

869. सत्यः (sathyah)
He who is The Truth

870. सत्यधर्मपराक्रमः (sathya-Dharma-parAkramah)
He who is the very abode of truth and dharma

871. अभिप्रायः (abhiprAyah)
He who is faced by all seekers marching to the infinite
He who merges the world of plurality unto Himself

872. प्रियार्हः (priyArhah)
He who deserves all our love

873. अर्हः (arhah)
He who deserves to be worshipped

874. प्रियकृत् (priyakruth)
He who is ever-obliging in fulfilling our wishes

875. प्रीतिवर्धनः (preethi varDhanah)
He who increases joy in the devotee’s heart

876. विहायसगतिः (vihAyasa-gatih)
He who travels in space

877. ज्योतिः (jyOthih)
He who is Self-effulgent

878. सुरुचिः (suruchih)
He Whose desire manifests as the universe

879. हुतभुक् (huthabhuk)
He who enjoys all that is offered in yajna

880. विभुः (vibhuh)
He who is All-pervading

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#45. nAma 881 to 900

881. रविः (ravi)
He who dries up everything

882. विरोचनः (virOchanah)
He who shines in different forms

883. सूर्यः (sooryah)
He who is The one source from where everything is born

884. सविता (savithA)
He who brings forth the Universe from Himself

885. रविलोचनः (ravi lOchanah)
He who has The Sun as one of His eyes

886. अनन्तः (ananthah)
He who is Endless

887. हुतभुक् (huthabhuk)
He who accepts oblations

888. भोक्ता (bhOkthA)
He who enjoys and experiences everything

889. सुखदः (sukhadhah)
He is The Giver of bliss to those who are liberated

890. नैकजः (naikajah)
He who is born many times

891. अग्रजः (agrajah)
He who is The first-born

892. अनिर्विण्णः (anirviNNah)
He who feels no disappointment

893. सदामर्षी (sadhAmarshee)
He who forgives the trespasses of His devotees

894. लोकाधिष्ठानम् (lOkADhishTAnam)
He who is The substratum of the universe

895. अद्भुतः (adbhuthah)
He who is The Most Wonderful

896. सनात् (sanAth)
He who is without a beginning or an end

897. सनातनतमः (sanAthanathamah)
He who is The most ancient

898. कपिलः (kapilah)
He who was born as The great sage Kapila

899. कपिः (kapih)
He who drinks water as The Sun

900. अव्ययः (avyayah)
He in whom the universe merges

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#46. nAma 901 to 920

901. स्वस्तिदः (swasthi-dhah)
He who is The Giver of Swasti (Auspiciousness)

902. स्वस्तिकृत् (swasthi-kruth)
He who robs all auspiciousness

903. स्वस्ति (swasthi)
He who is the source of all auspiciousness

904. स्वस्तिभुक् (swasthi-bhuk)
He who constantly enjoys auspiciousness

905. स्वस्तिदक्षिणः (swasthi dakshiNah)
He who is The Distributor of auspiciousness

906. अरौद्रः (aroudrah)
He who has no negative emotions or urges

907. कुण्डली (kuNdalee)
He who wears makara KuNdalams as His earrings

908. चक्री (chakree)
He who holds the Suadars’ana chakra

909. विक्रमी (vikramee)
He who is The most daring

910. ऊर्जितशासनः (oorjitha-s’Asanah)
He who commands with His hand

911. शब्दातिगः (s’abdhAtigah)
He who transcends all words

912. शब्दसहः (s’abdasahah)
He who allows Himself to be invoked by Vedic declarations

913. शिशिरः (s’is’irah)
He who is the pleasant cold season for the jeevAs being scorched by samsAra

914. शर्वरीकरः (s’arvaree-karah)
He who is The Creator of darkness

915. अक्रूरः (akroorah)
He who is Never cruel

916. पेशलः (pEs’alah)
He who is supremely soft

917. दक्षः (dakshah)
He who is very prompt in rushing to His devotees

918. दक्षिणः (dakshiNah)
He who is the most liberal and kind

919. क्षमिणांवरः (kshamiNAm-varah)
He who has the greatest amount of patience with sinners

920. विद्वत्तमः (vidvaththamah)
He who has the greatest wisdom

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#47. nAma 921 to 940

921. वीतभयः (veetha-bhayah)
He who knows no fear

922. पुण्यश्रवणकीर्तनः (puNya-s’ravaNa-keerthanah)
He whose glory causes the holiness to grow in the mind of the listener

923. उत्तारणः (uththAraNah)
He who lifts us out of the ocean of constant changes

924. दुष्कृतिहा (dush-kruthihA)
He who is The Destroyer of bad actions

925. पुण्यः (puNyah)
He who is Supremely pure

926. दुःस्वप्ननाशनः (duh-swapna-nAs’anah)
He who destroys all the bad dreams and nightmares

927. वीरहा (veerahA)
He who ends the passage from one womb to another womb

928. रक्षणः (rakshaNah)
He who is The Protector of the universe

929. सन्तः (santhah)
He who is expressed through saintly men

930. जीवनः (jeevanah)
He who is The spark of life in all the creatures

931. पर्यवस्थितः (paryavasThithah)
He who dwells everywhere

932. अनन्तरूपः (anantharoopah)
He who is of infinite forms

933. अनन्तश्रीः (ananthas’reeh)
He who is Full of infinite glories

934. जितमन्युः (jithamanyuh)
He who knows no anger

935. भयापहः (bhayApahah)
He who destroys all fears

936. चतुरश्रः (chaturas’rah)
He who deals squarely and equally with everyone

937. गभीरात्मा (gabheerAthmA)
He who is too deep to be fathomed

938. विदिशः (vidhis’ah)
He who is unique in His giving

939. व्यादिशः (vyAdhis’ah)
He who is unique in His commanding power

940. दिशः (dis’ah)
He who gives good advises and knowledge

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#48. nAma 941 to 960

941 अनादिः (anAdhih)
He who is the first cause

942. भूर्भूवः (bhoor-bhuvah)
He who is The substratum of the earth

943. लक्ष्मीः (lakshmeeh)
He whois the glory of the universe

944. सुवीरः (suveerah)
He who moves through various ways

945. रुचिरांगदः (ruchirAngadhah)
He who wears resplendent shoulder ornaments

946. जननः (jananah)
He who delivers all living creatures

947. जनजन्मादिः (jana-janmAdhir)
He who causes the birth of all creatures

948. भीमः (bheemah)
He who has a terrible form

949. भीमपराक्रमः (bheema-parAkramah)
He whose prowess is fearful to His enemies

950. आधारनिलयः (AdhAra-nilayah)
He who is The fundamental sustainer

951. अधाता (aDhAthA)
He above whom there is no one else to command Him

952. पुष्पहासः (pushpa-hAsah)
He who shines like a blooming flower

953. प्रजागरः (prajAgarah)
He who remains awake and available for ever

954. ऊर्ध्वगः (oorDhvagah)
He who is on top of everything

955. सत्पथाचारः (sathpaThAchArah)
He who walks the path of truth

956. प्राणदः (prANadah)
He who is The Giver of life

957. प्रणवः (praNavah)
He who is The OmkAra

958. पणः (paNah)
He who is the supreme manager of the universe

959. प्रमाणम् (pramANam)
He whose form is the Veda

960. प्राणनिलयः (prANa-nilayah)
He in whom prANa is established

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#49. nAma 961 to 980

961. प्राणभृत् (prANa-bhruth)
He who rules over prANas

962. प्राणजीवनः (prANa-jeevanah)
He who maintains the life-breath in all the living creatures

963. तत्त्वम् (taththvam)
He who is The reality and The essence of self realization

964. तत्त्वविद् (thaththva vidh)
He who has realized the Reality

965. एकात्मा (EkAthmA)
He who is The Only Self

966. जन्ममृत्युजरातिगः( janma-mrithyu-jarAthigah)
He who knows no birth or death or old age in Himself

967. भूर्भुवःस्वस्तरुः (bhoor-bhuvah swas-tharuh)
He who is the sap of The Tree of Life existing in all the three worlds
(bhoo = terrestrial, svah = celestial and bhuvah = the world in between)

968. तारः (thArah)
He who helps everyone to cross over

969. सविताः (savithA)
He who is The father of the entire universe

970. प्रपितामहः (prapithAmahah)
The father of the father of beings (Brahma)
The grandfather of all the creation

971 यज्ञः (yaj~nah)
He whose very nature is yajna

972. यज्ञपतिः (yaj~napathih)
He who is The Lord of all yajnas

973. यज्वा (yajvA)
He who performs yajna

974. यज्ञांगः (yaj~nAngah)
He whose limbs are the things employed in yajna

975. यज्ञवाहनः (yaj~na vAhanah)
He who fulfills yajna in complete

976. यज्ञभृद् (yaj~na bhrudh)
He who is The ruler of the yajna

977. यज्ञकृत् (yaj~na kruth)
He who performs yajna

978. यज्ञी (yaj~nee)
He who enjoys the yajna

979. यज्ञभुक् (yaj~na bhuk)
He is The Receiver of all that is offered in a yajna

980. यज्ञसाधनः (yaj~na sAdhanah)
He who fulfills all the yajna
Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#50. nAma 981 to 1000

981. यज्ञान्तकृत् (yaj~nAntha kruth)
He who performs the concluding act of the yajna

982. यज्ञगुह्यम् (yaj~na guhyam)
He who is to be realised by yajna

983. अन्नम् (annam)
He who is the food we eat

984. अन्नादः (annAdhah)
He who eats all the food we eat

985. आत्मयोनिः (Athma yOnih)
He who is the cause of everything but has nothing as His cause

986. स्वयंजातः (swayam jAthah)
He who is Self-born

987. वैखानः (vaikhAnah)
He who cut through the earth

988. सामगायनः (sAma-gAyanah)
He who sings the sAma songs;
He who loves hearing sAma chants;

989. देवकीनन्दनः (dhEvakee-nandhanah)
He who is the Son of Devaki

990. स्रष्टा (srashtA)
He who is The Creator of the creation

991. क्षितीशः (kshithees’ah)
He who is The Lord of the earth

992. पापनाशनः (pApa-nAs’anah)
He who is the Destroyer of sin

993. शंखभृत् (sankha-bhruth)
He who has the divine conch PAnchajanya

994. नन्दकी (nandhakee)
He who holds the divine sword Nandaka

995. चक्री (chakree)
He who carries the divine disc Sudarsana

996. शार्ङ्गधन्वा (s’Arnga-DhanvA)
He who aims His shArnga bow

997. गदाधरः (gadAdharah)
He who wields the divine mace Kaumodaki

998. रथांगपाणिः (raThAnga-pANih)
He who carried the wheel of a chariot as His weapon;
He who holds the reins of the chariot in his hands;

999. अक्षोभ्यः (akshObhyah)
He who cannot be annoyed by anyone

1000. सर्वप्रहरणायुधः (sarva-praharaNAyudhah)
He who has all the implements for all kinds of assault and fight

The 1000 names of MahA VishNu get completed here.

Om NamO NArAyaNAya

Om That Sath. sarvam brahmArppaNam astu!
Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
Sri GaNEs'a sahasra nAmAvaLi

An Introduction

This is a hymn of praise of lord Ganesha who is referred to by 1,000 different names. Ganesha Sahasra nAmAvaLi is recited in many Hindu temples today as part of worship of Lord Ganesa.

There are two different major versions of the Ganes’a Sahasra nAmAvaLi , with sub-variants of each version.

One major version appears in chapter I.46 of the GaNEs’a PurANa – an important scripture of the GANapatya (aka Ganesha worship).

This version provides an encyclopedic review of Ganesha’s various attributes and roles as they were understood by the followers of GANapatya.

There is a completely different second major version called as GakAra Sahasra nAmAvaLI. In this version all the 1000 names of Lord Ganesha begin with the letter ‘g’ ( ग् ).

The names and structure of this version bear no resemblance to the version found in Ganesha PurANam

Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
॥ श्रीगणेश गकारसहस्रनामावली ॥
Sree GanEs’a GakAra sahasra nAmAvaLi

॥ ॐ श्री महागणपतये नमः ॥
Om Sree mahA gaNapathayE namah

1. nama 1 to 20

ॐ गणेश्वराय नमः । …..Om GanEs’warAya namah
ॐ गणाध्यक्षाय नमः । …..Om GanADhyakshAya namah
ॐ गणाराध्याय नमः । …..Om GaNArADhyAya namah
ॐ गणप्रियाय नमः । ……Om GanapriyAya namah
ॐ गणनाथाय नमः । …..Om GaNa nAThAya namah (5)

ॐ गणस्वामिने नमः
। …..Om GaNa swAminE namah
ॐ गणेशाय नमः । …..Om GaNEs’Aya namah
ॐ गणनायकाय नमः। ……Om GaNa nAyakAya namah
ॐ गणमूर्तये नमः । ……Om GaNa moorthayE namah
ॐ गणपतये नमः । ……Om GaNa pathayE namah (10)

ॐ गणत्रात्रे नमः
। ….Om GaNa thrAthrE namah
ॐ गणंजयाय नमः । …Om GaNanjayAya namah
ॐ गणपाय नमः । ..Om GaNa pAya namah
ॐ गणक्रीडाय नमः । ..Om GaNa kreedAya namah
ॐ गणदेवाय नमः । ..Om GaNa dhEvAya namah (15)

ॐ गणाधिपाय नमः
। ….Om GaNADhipAya namah
ॐ गणज्येष्ठाय नमः । ….Om GaNa jyEshTAya namah
ॐ गणश्रेष्ठाय नमः । …..Om GaNa srEshTAya namah
ॐ गणप्रेष्ठाय नमः | …..Om GaNa prEshTAya namah
ॐ गणाधिराजाय नमः। ….Om GaNADhi rAjAya namah (20)
Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
The English letters used to denote the Sanskrit alphabets are given below.

a, A, i, ee, u, oo, e, E, r’u, r’oo
l’u, l’oo, ai, o, O, ou, am, ah

The Other alphabets:-
ka, kha, ga, gha, nga,
cha, Cha, ja, jha, jna,
ta, Ta, da, Da, Na,
tha, Tha, dha, Dha, na,
pa, pha, ba, bha, ma,
ya, ra, la, va, s’a, sha,
sa, ha, ksha, thra, j~na
Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
A request to those who are well versed in Sanskrit.
If you spot any slip/ mistake kindly do bring it to my notice.

I am like a candle burning at both ends and
might have messed up something somewhere!
Visalakshi Ramani

Visalakshi Ramani

Gold Member
Gold Member
#2. nAma 21 to 40

ॐ गणराजे नमः । ……Om GaNa rAjE namah
ॐ गणगोप्त्रे नमः । ……Om GaNa gOpthrE namah
ॐ गणाङ्गाय नमः । ……Om GaNAngAya namah
ॐ गणदैवताय नमः । ….Om GaNa dhaivathAya namah
ॐ गणबंधवे नमः । ……Om GaNa bandhavE namah (25)

ॐ गणसुहृदे नमः । ………Om GaNa suhrudhE namah
ॐ गणाधीशाय नमः | …….Om GaNAdhees’Aya namah
ॐ गणप्रदाय नमः । …….Om GaNa pradhAya namah
ॐ गणप्रियसखाय नमः । . …Om GaNa priya sakhAya namah
ॐ गणप्रियसुहृदे नमः ।.. …..Om GaNa priya suhrudhE namah (30)

ॐ गणप्रियरतोनित्याय नमः ।…. .Om GaNa priyarathO nithyAya namah
ॐ गणप्रीतिविवर्धनाय नमः । …..Om GaNa preethi vivarDhanAya namah
ॐ गणमण्डलमध्यस्थाय नमः । ….Om GaNa maNdala maDhyasThAya namah
ॐ गणकेलिपरायणाय नमः ।……Om GaNa kEli parAyaNAya namah
ॐ गणाग्रण्ये नमः । ………..Om GanA graNyE namah (35)

ॐ गणेशाय नमः ।…….. Om GaNEs’Aya namah
ॐ गणगीताय नमः । …….Om GaNa geethAya namah
ॐ गणोच्छ्रयाय नमः । ……Om gaNOchChrayAya namah
ॐ गण्याय नमः । ………Om GaNyAya namah
ॐ गणहिताय नमः । …….Om GaNa hithAya namah (40)


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