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Sahasra nAma AvaLi

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
4. Sree VishNu AshtOthram ( 101 to 108 )

101. लीलामानुषविग्रह...leelA-mAnusha-vigraha = He playfully assumed the form a human being
ॐ लीलामानुषविग्रहाय नमः। Om leelA-mAnusha-vigrahAya Namah।

102. दामोदर...dhAmOdhara = He who was bound by ropes on his stomach region
ॐ दामोदराय नमः। Om dhAmOdharAya Namah।

103. विराड्रूप....virAdroopa = He who has the cosmic form
ॐ विराड्रूपाय नमः। Om virAdroopAya Namah।

104. भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभ....bhootha-bhavya-bhavath-prabha
He is Lord who becomes the Past the Present and the Future
ॐ भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभवे नमः।
Om bhootha-bhavya-bhavath-prabhavE Namah।

105. आदिदेव....AdhidhEva = He is the foremost among all the Deities
ॐ आदिदेवाय नमः। Om AdhidhEvAya Namah।

106. देवदेव....dhEvadhEva = He is the God of all the Gods
ॐ देवदेवाय नमः। Om dhEvadhEvAya Namah।

107. प्रह्लादपरिपालक....prahlAdha-paripAlaka
He took compassion on Bhaktha PrahlAd
ॐ प्रह्लादपरिपालकाय नमः।
Om prahlAdha-paripAlakAya Namah।

108. श्रीमहाविष्णु...s'ree-mahA-vishNu = He is the Supreme VishNu
ॐ श्रीमहाविष्णवे नमः। Om s'ree-mahA-vishNavE Namah।

॥इति श्रीविष्णुष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा॥
vishNu ashtOthra s'atha nAmAvaLi sampoorNam

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva AstOthram (1 to 10)

1. शिव...s'iva = He is Always Pure
ॐ शिवाय नमः। Om s'ivAya Namah।

2. महेश्वर...mahEs'wara = He is the Lord Of all the Gods
ॐ महेश्वराय नमः। Om mahEs'warAya Namah।

3. शंभवे ...s'ambhu = He Who Bestows Prosperity
ॐ शंभवे नमः। Om s'ambhavE Namah।

4. पिनाकिन...pinAkin = He Who Has the Bow pinAka In His Hand
ॐ पिनाकिने नमः। Om pinAkinE Namah।

5. शशिशेखर...s'as'i-s'Ekhara = He who adorns his head with The Crescent Moon
ॐ शशिशेखराय नमः। Om s'as'i-s'EkharAya Namah।

6. वामदेव...vAmadhEva = He who is Pleasing And Auspicious
ॐ वामदेवाय नमः। Om vAmadhEvAya Namah।

7. विरूपाक्ष....viroopAksha = The Lord With Oblique Eyes
ॐ विरूपाक्षाय नमः। Om viroopAkshAya Namah।

8. कपर्दी....kapardhee = The Lord With Thick Matted Hair
ॐ कपर्दिने नमः। Om kapardhinE Namah।

9. नीललोहित...neelalOhitha = The Lord With Red And Blue hues
ॐ नीललोहिताय नमः। Om neelalOhithAya Namah।

10. शंकर...s'ankara = He Gives Happiness And Prosperity
ॐ शंकराय नमः। Om s'ankarAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva AstOthram (11 to 20)

11. शूलपाणी...s'oolapANee = He who wields a trident
ॐ शूलपाणये नमः। Om s'oolapANaye Namah।

12. खटवांगी....khatvAngi = He who Carries the Club khatvAnga
ॐ खट्वांगिने नमः। Om khatvAnginE Namah।

13. विष्णुवल्लभ...vishNu-vallabha = He who is the beloved of VishNu
ॐ विष्णुवल्लभाय नमः। Om vishNu-vallabhaya Namah।

14. शिपिविष्ट...s'ipivishta = The Lord Who Emits Rays Of Light
ॐ शिपिविष्टाय नमः। Om sipivishtAya Namah।

15. अंबिकानाथ...ambikA-nATha = He who is Consort of Ambika
ॐ अंबिकानाथाय नमः। Om ambikA-nAThAya Namah।

16. श्रीकण्ठ....s'reekanTa = He who has an auspicious neck
ॐ श्रीकण्ठाय नमः। Om s'reekanTAya Namah।

17. भक्तवत्सल...bhaktha-vathsala = He who loves his devotees
ॐ भक्तवत्सलाय नमः। Om bhaktha-vathsalAya Namah।

18. भव...bhava = He Who Is The Existence
ॐ भवाय नमः। Om bhavaya Namah।

19. शर्व...s'arva = He who Removes All Troubles
ॐ शर्वाय नमः। Om s'arvAya Namah।

20. त्रिलोकेश....thrilOkEs'a = The Lord Of All The Three Worlds
ॐ त्रिलोकेशाय नमः। Om thrilOkEs'Aya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram (21 to 30)

21. शितिकण्ठ...s'ithi-kaNTa = The Lord Who Has White Neck
ॐ शितिकण्ठाय नमः। Om s'ithi-kaNTAya Namah।

22. शिवाप्रिय...s'ivApriya = Beloved Of PArvathi
ॐ शिवा प्रियाय नमः। Om s'iva priyAya Namah।

23. उग्र....Ugra = He who Has an Extremely Fierce Nature
ॐ उग्राय नमः। Om UgrAya Namah।

24. कपाली...kapAleee = He who wears a garland made of skulls
ॐ कपालिने नमः। Om kapAlinE Namah।

25. कामारी....kAmAree = He who is the Enemy of Kamadeva
ॐ कामारये नमः। Om kAmArayE Namah।

26. अंधकारसुर सूदन...anDhakAsura soodhana = He who killed Andhaka asura
ॐ अन्धकासुरसूदनाय नमः। Om anDhakAsura soodhanAya Namah।

27. गंगाधर....gangA-Dhara = He who sports The Ganges River In His Hair
ॐ गंगाधराय नमः। Om gangA-DharAya Namah।

28. ललाटाक्ष ...lalAtAksha = He who has An Eye In his Forehead
ॐ ललाटाक्षाय नमः। Om lalAtAkshAya Namah।

29. कालकाल...kAlakAla = He who killed Yama
ॐ कालकालाय नमः। Om kAlakAlAya Namah।

30. कृपानिधि....krupA-niDhi = He who is The Treasure house Of Compassion
ॐ कृपानिधये नमः। Om krupA-niDhayE Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram (31 to 40)

31. भीम....bheema = He has a fierce form
ॐ भीमाय नमः।...Om bheemAya Namah।

32. परशुहस्त .....pars'u-hastha = He wields an axe
ॐ परशुहस्ताय नमः। Om paras'u-hastaya Namah।

33. मृगपाणी....mruga-pANee = He holds a deer in his hand
ॐ मृगपाणये नमः। Om mruga-pANayE Namah।

34. जटाधर...jatADhara = He has a massive matted hair
ॐ जटाधराय नमः। Om jatADharAya Namah।

35. कैलाशवासी...kailAs'a-vAsee = KailAsh is His abode
ॐ कैलाशवासिने नमः। Om kailAs'a-vAsinE Namah।

36. कवची...kawachee = He wears an armour
ॐ कवचिने नमः। Om kawachinE Namah।

37. कठोर ...kaTOra = He Has A Strong Body
ॐ कठोराय नमः। Om kaTOrAya Namah।

38. त्रिपुरान्तक...thripurAnthaka = He Killed the Asuras of Thripura
ॐ त्रिपुरान्तकाय नमः। Om ThripurAnthakAya Namah।

39. वृषांक...vrushAnka = His flag depicts a bull
ॐ वृषांकाय नमः। Om vrushAnkaya Namah।

40. वृषभारूढ़....vrushabhArooDa = He Rides on a Bull
ॐ वृषभारूढाय नमः। Om vrushabhArooDAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram ( 41 to 50 )

41. भस्मोद्धूलितविग्रह...bhasmOdh-Dhoolitha-vigraha = He who smears Ash All Over The Body
ॐ भस्मोद्धूलितविग्रहाय नमः। Om bhasmOdh-Dhoolitha-vigrahAya Namah।

42. सामप्रिय...sAma-priya = He who loves sAma gAnam
ॐ सामप्रियाय नमः। Om sAma-priyAya Namah।

43. स्वरमयी...swaramayee = He who Lives In all the Seven Notes
ॐ स्वरमयाय नमः। Om swaramayAya Namah।

44. त्रयीमूर्ति....thrayee-moorthi = He who has the form of three vEdhas
ॐ त्रयीमूर्तये नमः। Om thrayee-moorthayE Namah।

45. अनीश्वर...anees'wara = He who does not Have anyone superior to Him
ॐ अनीश्वराय नमः। Om anees'warAya Namah।

46.सर्वज्ञ...sarvaj~na = He Who Knows Everything
ॐ सर्वज्ञाय नमः। Om sarvaj~nAya Namah।

47. परमात्मा ...paramAthma = He who is the supreme soul
ॐ परमात्मने नमः। Om paramAtmanE Namah।

48. सोमसूर्याग्निलोचन...sOma-soorya-agni-lOchana = He who has The Sun, Moon and Fire as His eyes
ॐ सोमसूर्याग्निलोचनाय नमः। Om sOma-soorya-agni-lOchanAya Namah।

49. हवि...havi = He Who is rich in The Form Of Ahuti
ॐ हविषे नमः। Om havishE Namah।

50. यज्ञमय...yaj~namaya = He who is the Architect Of All Sacrificial Rites
ॐ यज्ञमयाय नमः। Om yaj~namayAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram ( 51 to 60 )

51. सोम...sOma = His form Includes The Form Of Uma
ॐ सोमाय नमः। Om sOmAya Namah।

52. पंचवक्त्र...pancha-vakthra = God Of The Five Activities / Five faces
ॐ पंचवक्त्राय नमः। Om pancha-vakthrAya Namah।

53. सदाशिव....sadhAs'iva = He Is Eternally Auspicious
ॐ सदाशिवाय नमः। Om sadhAs'ivAya Namah।

54. विश्वेश्वर...vis'vEs'wara = Lord Of The Universe
ॐ विश्वेश्वराय नमः। Om vis'vEs'warAya Namah।

55. वीरभद्र...veerabhadra = He Who is both fierce and peaceful
ॐ वीरभद्राय नमः। Om VeerabhadrAya Namah।

56. गणनाथ...gaNanATha = God Of The gaNas
ॐ गणनाथाय नमः। Om gaNanAThAya Namah।

57. प्रजापति...prajApathee = He is The Creator Of the Dynasty
ॐ प्रजापतये नमः। Om prajApathayE Namah।

58. हिरण्यरेता...hiraNyarEtha = The One Who Emanates Golden rEthas
ॐ हिरण्यरेतसे नमः। Om hiraNya-rethasE Namah।

59. दुर्धर्ष ...dhurDharsha = The One who Is Unconquerable
ॐ दुर्धर्षाय नमः। Om dhurDharshAya Namah।

60. गिरीश....girees'a = Lord Of the Mountains
ॐ गिरीशाय नमः। Om girees'Aya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram ( 61 to 70 )

61. गिरिश...giris'a = The God Who lives On Kailash Mountain
ॐ गिरिशाय नमः। Om giris'Sya Namah।

62. अनघ...anagha = He Who Is Pure
ॐ अनघाय नमः। Om anaghAya Namah।

63. भुजंगभूषण...bhujanga-bhooshaNa = Lord Adorned With Snakes
ॐ भुजंगभूषणाय नमः। Om bhujanga-bhooshaNAya Namah।

64. भर्ग...bharga = Lord Who Ends All Sins
ॐ भर्गाय नमः। Om bhargAya Namah।

65. गिरिधन्वा...giridhanvA = God Whose bow is A Mountain
ॐ गिरिधन्वने नमः। Om giridhanvanE Namah।

66. गिरिप्रिय...giri-priya = Lord Who Is Fond Of Mountains
ॐ गिरिप्रियाय नमः। Om giri-priyAya Namah।

67. कृत्तिवासा...kruththi-vAsA = God Who Wears an Elephant's hide
ॐ कृत्तिवाससे नमः। Om kruththi-vAsasE Namah।

68. पुराराति...purArAthi = Destroyer of thripuram
ॐ पुरारातये नमः। Om purArAthayE Namah।

69. भगवान्...bhagwAn = God Of Prosperity
ॐ भगवते नमः। Om bhagawathE Namah।

70. प्रमथाधिप ...pramaThADhipa = God Who Is Served By Goblins
ॐ प्रमथाधिपाय नमः। Om pramathADhipAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram ( 71 to 80 )

71. मृत्युंजय...mruthyunjaya = The Victor Of the God of Death
ॐ मृत्युंजयाय नमः। Om mrutyunjayAya Namah।

72. सूक्ष्मतनु...sookshama-thanu = The God Who Has A Subtle Body
ॐ सूक्ष्मतनवे नमः। Om sookshma-thanavE Namah।

73. जगद्व्यापी...jagadh-vyApi = God Who pervades everywhere in The World
ॐ जगद्व्यापिने नमः। Om jagadh-vyApinE Namah।

74. जगद्गुरू...jagadh-guru = Guru Of All The Worlds
ॐ जगद्गुरुवे नमः। Om jagadh-guruvE Namah।

75. व्योमकेश...vyOma-kEs'a = He whose hair spreads out in the sky
ॐ व्योमकेशाय नमः।...Om vyoma-kes'aya Namah।

76. महासेनजनक ...mahAsEna-janaka = Father Of KarthikEya
ॐ महासेनजनकाय नमः। Om mahAsena-janakAya Namah।

77. चारुविक्रम...chAru-vikrama = The guardian of the wandering devotees
ॐ चारुविक्रमाय नमः।...Om chAru-vikramAya Namah।

78. रुद्र...rudhra = Lord who feels sad for His suffering devotees
ॐ रुद्राय नमः। Om rudhrAya Namah।

79. भूतपति...bhootha-pathi = Lord of the bhootha gaNas
ॐ भूतपतये नमः। Om bhootha-pathayE Namah।

80. स्थाणु...sThANu - The Firm And Immovable Deity
ॐ स्थाणवे नमः। Om sThANavE Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram ( 81 to 90 )

81. अहिर्बुध्न्य...ahirbhughnya = The Lord of kuNdalini
ॐ अहिर्बुध्न्याय नमः। Om ahirbughnyAya Namah।

82. दिगम्बर...dhigambara = Lord whose dress is the cosmos
ॐ दिगंबराय नमः। Om dhigambarAya Namah।

83. अष्टमूर्ति...ashta-moorthi = Lord Who Has Eight Forms
ॐ अष्टमूर्तये नमः। Om ashta-moorthayE Namah।

84. अनेकात्मा ...anEkAthma = The one God Who has Many Forms
ॐ अनेकात्मने नमः। Om anEkAthmanE Namah।

85. सात्विक...sAthvika = Lord Of Boundless Energy
ॐ सात्विकाय नमः। Om sAthvikAya Namah।

86. शुद्धविग्रह ...s'udhDha-vigraha = Lord with a pure soul
ॐ शुद्धविग्रहाय नमः। Om s'udhDha-vigrahAya Namah।

87. शाश्वत...s'As'vatha = Lord Who Is Eternal And Endless
ॐ शाश्वताय नमः। Om s'AsvatAya Namah।

88. खण्डपरशु...khaNda-pars'u = Lord Who wields a Broken Axe
ॐ खण्डपरशवे नमः। Om khaNda-paras'avE Namah।

89. अज...aja = Lord without a birth
ॐ अजाय नमः। Om ajAya Namah।

90. पाशविमोचन....pAs'a-vimOchana = Lord Who Releases us from worldly bondage
ॐ पाशविमोचकाय नमः। Om pAs'a-vimOchakAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram ( 91 to 100 )

91. मृड ...mruda = Lord full of mercy
ॐ मृडाय नमः। Om mrudAya Namah।

92. पशुपति...pas'u-pathi = Lord of all the living beings
ॐ पशुपतये नमः। Om pas'u-pathayE Namah।

93. देव...dhEva = Lord of the creation
ॐ देवाय नमः। Om dhEvAya Namah।

94. महादेव...mahA-dhEva = Greatest among The Gods
ॐ महादेवाय नमः। Om mahA-dhEvAya Namah।

95. अव्यय...avayAya = He Who is Never Subjected To Changes
ॐ अव्ययाय नमः। Om avyAyaya Namah।

96. हर...hara = One and the same as Lord VishNu
ॐ हरये नमः। Om Haraye Namah।

97. भगनेत्रभिद्...bhaga-nEthra-bhidh = The Lord Who Damaged Bhaga's Eye
ॐ भगनेत्रभिदे नमः। Om bhaga-nEthra-bhidhE Namah।

98. अव्यक्त...avyaktha = Lord who can not be seen
ॐ अव्यक्ताय नमः। Om avyakthAya Namah।

99. दक्षाध्वरहर...dakshADhwara-hara = Destroyer Of Daksha's Conceited Sacrifice (Yagya)
ॐ दक्षाध्वरहराय नमः। Om dakshADhwara-harAya Namah।

100. हर...hara = The Lord Who destroys All Bondage And Sins
ॐ हराय नमः। Om Haraya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#5. Sree Siva ashtOthram ( 101 to 108 )

101. पूषदन्तभित् ...poosha-dhantha-bhit = One Who Punished Pushan
ॐ पूषदन्तभिदे नमः। Om poosha-dhantha-bhidhE Namah।

102.अव्यग्र ...avyagra = Lord Who Is Steady And Unwavering
ॐ अव्यग्राय नमः। Om avyagrAya Namah।

103. सहस्राक्ष ...sahasrAksha = One who has thousands of eyes
ॐ सहस्राक्षाय नमः। Om sahasrAkshAya Namah।

104. सहस्रपाद...sahasrapAdha = The Lord with thousands of legs
ॐ सहस्रपदे नमः। Om sahasrapadhE Namah।

105. अपवर्गप्रद...apavarga-pradha = Lord Who Gives And Takes All Things
ॐ अपवर्गप्रदाय नमः। Om apavarga-pradhAya Namah।

106. अनन्त...ananta = Lord of the nature of infinity
ॐ अनन्ताय नमः। Om ananthAya Namah।

107. तारक...thAraka = The Lord Who Liberates Mankind
ॐ तारकाय नमः। Om thArakAya Namah।

108. परमेश्वर...paramEs'wara = The Great God
ॐ परमेश्वराय नमः। Om paramEs'warAya Namah।

॥इति श्रीशिवाष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा॥
S'iva ashtOththra s'atha nAmAvaLi sampoorNam.

Om Thath Sath.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram (1 to 10)

1. कृष्ण...krushNa = The Dark-Complexioned Lord
ॐ कृष्णाय नमः | Om krushNAya Namah

2. कमलनाथ...kamala-nATha = The Consort Of Goddess Lakshmi
ॐ कमलनाथाय नमः। Om kamala-nAThAya Namah।

3. वासुदेव...vAsudhEva = Son Of vasudhEv
ॐ वासुदेवाय नमः। Om vAsudehEvAya Namah।

4. सनातन...sanAthana = The Eternal One
ॐ सनातनाय नमः। Om sanAthanAya Namah।

5. वसुदेवात्मज...vasudhEv-Athmaja = Son Of vasudhEv
ॐ वसुदेवात्मजाय नमः। Om vasudhEv-AthmajAya Namah।

6. पुण्य...puNya = Supremely Pure Lord
ॐ पुण्याय नमः। Om puNyAya Namah।

7. लीलामानुष विग्रह...leelA-mAnusha-vigraha = He assumed Human Form for performing miracles
ॐ लीलामानुष विग्रहाय नमः। Om leelA-mAnusha Vigrahaya Namah।

8. श्रीवत्स कौस्तुभधराय...s'reevathsa kausthubha-DharAya
He is adorned by the gems Sreevathsam and kousthubham
ॐ श्रीवत्सकौस्तुभधराय नमः। Om s'reevathsa kausthubha-DharAya Namah।

9. यशोदावत्सल...yas'OdhA-vathsala = The dear child of mother Yas'odhA
ॐ यशोदावत्सलाय नमः। Om yas'OdhA-vathsalAya Namah।

10. हरि...hari = The Lord of Nature
ॐ हरिये नमः। Om hariyE Namah।

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#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram (11 to 20 )

11. चतुर्भुजात्त चक्रासिगदा...Chathur-bujAththa-chakra-asi- gadhA
Four Armed Lord Carrying a Disc, a Sword and a Conch
ॐ चतुर्भुजात्तचक्रासिगदा नमः। Om chathurbhujAththa-chakra-asi-gadhA Namah।

12. सङ्खाम्बुजा युदायुजाय...sankhAmbujA yudhAyujAya
He wields The sudhars'ana-chakra, a Sword, a Mace, a Conch, a Lotus Flower and Various Weapons
ॐ सङ्खाम्बुजायुदायुजाय नमः। Om sankhAmbuja yudhAyujAyai Namah।

13. देवकीनन्दन...dhEvakee-nandhana = He who is the son of mother Devaki
ॐ देवकीनन्दनाय नमः। Om dhEvakee-nandhanAya Namah।

14. श्रीशाय...s'rees'Aya = The consort of s'ree Lakshmi
ॐ श्रीशाय नमः। Om s'rees'Aya Namah।

15. नन्दगोप प्रियात्मज....nandha-gOpa priyAthmaja
The beloved son of Nandhagopan
ॐ नन्दगोपप्रियात्मजाय नमः। Om nandha-gOpa-priyAthmajAyai Namah।

16. यमुनावेगा संहार...yamunA-vEga-samhAra
He who Destroyed the Speed Of River Yamuna
ॐ यमुनावेगासंहारिणे नमः। Om yamunA-vEga-samhAriNE Namah।

17. बलभद्र प्रियनुज...balabhadhra priyanuja
He who is Balram's younger Brother
ॐ बलभद्रप्रियनुजाय नमः। Om balabhadra priyanujAya Namah।

18. पूतना जीवित हर...poothanA-jeevitha-hara =
He who took away the Life Of Demoness poothana
ॐ पूतनाजीवितहराय नमः। Om poothanA-jeevitha-harAya Namah।

19. शकटासुर भञ्जन...s'akatAsura bhanjana
He who killed the demon S'akatAsura
ॐ शकटासुरभञ्जनाय नमः। Om s'akatAsura bhanjanAya Namah।

20. नन्दव्रज जनानन्दिन...nandhavraja janAnandhina =
He who brought Joy To Nand And People Of Braj
ॐ नन्दव्रजजनानन्दिने नमः। Om nandhavraja janAnandhinE Namah।

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#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram (21 to 30 )

21. सच्चिदानन्दविग्रह...sachchidhAnandha-vigraha
Embodiment Of Existence, Awareness And Bliss
ॐ सच्चिदानन्दविग्रहाय नमः। Om sachchidhAnandha-vigrahaya Namah।

22. नवनीत विलिप्ताङ्ग ....navaneetha vilipthAnga
Lord Whose Body Is smeared With Butter
ॐ नवनीतविलिप्ताङ्गाय नमः। Om navaneetha vilipthAngAya Namah।

23. नवनीतनटन...navaneetha-natana = He Who Dances to get Butter
ॐ नवनीतनटनाय नमः। Om navaneetha-natanAya Namah।
The One Who Dances For Butte

24. मुचुकुन्द प्रसादक...muchukundha prasAdhaka = The Lord Who Graced Muchukunda
ॐ मुचुकुन्दप्रसादकाय नमः। Om muchukundha-prasAdhakAya Namah।

25. षोडशस्त्री सहस्रेश...shOdas'a-sthree-sahasrEs'a =The Lord Of 16,000 Women
ॐ षोडशस्त्रीसहस्रेशाय नमः। Om shOdas'a-sthree-sahasrEshAya Namah।

26. त्रिभङ्गी...thribhangee = He who bends his body in lovely angles
ॐ त्रिभङ्गिने नमः। Om thribhanginE Namah।

27. मधुराकृत...maDhurA-krutha = Lord with a charming form
ॐ मधुराकृतये नमः। Om maDhurA-kruthayE Namah।

28. शुकवागमृताब्दीन्दवे ...s'uka-vAgamruth-AbdhindhavE
Ocean Of Nectar According To S'ukadeva (Sage S'uka)
ॐ शुकवागमृताब्दीन्दवे नमः। Om s'uka-vAgamruth-AbdhindhavE Namah।

29. गोविन्द...gOvindha = He who pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature
ॐ गोविन्दाय नमः। Om gOvindhAya Namah।

30. योगिनांपति...yOginAm-pathi = Lord Of The Yogis
ॐ योगिनांपतये नमः। Om yOginAm-pathayE Namah।
Lord Of The Yogis

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#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram (31 to 40 )

31. वत्सवाटि चराय...vathsavAti charAya
The LOrd Who Goes About Caring For Calves
ॐ वत्सवाटिचराय नमः। Om vathsavAti-charAya Namah।

32. अनन्त ...anantha = The infinite Lord
ॐ अनन्ताय नमः। Om ananthAya Namah।

33. धेनुकासुरभञ्जनाय...DhEnukAsura-bhanjanAya
The Lord Who thrashed Dhenukasura - the ass shaped demon.
ॐ धेनुकासुरभञ्जनाय नमः।Om DhEnukAsura-bhanjanAya Namah।

34. तृणी-कृत-तृणावर्ताय ...thruNee-krutha-thruNAvarthAya
Lord Who Killed TruNAvartha - The Whirlwind shaped Demon
ॐ तृणीकृत तृणावर्ताय नमः। Om thruNee-krutha-thruNAvarthAya Namah।

35. यमलार्जुन भञ्जन...yamalArjuna bhanjana
The Lord Who Broke The Two Arjuna Trees
ॐ यमलार्जुनभञ्जनाय नमः। Om yamalArjuna-bhanjanaya Namah।

36. उत्तलोत्तालभेत्रे ...uththalOth-thAla-bhEthrE
The Lord Who Broke All The Big, Tala Trees while Killing Dhenuka asura
ॐ उत्तलोत्तालभेत्रे नमः। Om uththalOth-thAla-bhEthrE Namah।

37. तमाल श्यामल कृता ...thamAla-s'yAmala-kruthA
The Lord Who as dark as A Tamala Tree
ॐ तमालश्यामलाकृतिये नमः। Om thamAla-s'yAmala-kruthiyE Namah।

38. गोप गोपीश्वर ...gOpa gOpees'wara = Lord Of The Gopas And the Gopis
ॐ गोपगोपीश्वराय नमः। Om gOpa gOpees'warAya Namah।

39. योगी...yOgee = The Supreme Master
ॐ योगिने नमः। Om yOginE Namah।

40. कोटिसूर्य समप्रभा...kOti-soorya-sama-prabhA
One Who Is As Lustrous As ten Million Suns shining together
ॐ कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभाय नमः। Om kOti-soorya-sama-prabhAya Namah।

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#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram (41 to 50 )

41. इलापति...IlApathi = He Who is The Master Of Knowledge
ॐ इलापतये नमः। Om IlApathayE Namah।

42. परंज्योतिष...param-jyOthisha = One With A Supreme Light
ॐ परंज्योतिषे नमः। Om param-jyOthishE Namah।

43. यादवेंद्र...yAdhavEndhra = Lord of the YAdhavas
ॐ यादवेंद्राय नमः। Om yAdhavEndhrAya Namah।

44. यदूद्वहाय..yadhu-udhvahAya = Leader Of the Yadhus
ॐ यदूद्वहाय नमः। Om yadhu-udvahAya Namah।

45. वनमालिने...vanamAlinE = He who wears a garland of wild flowers
ॐ वनमालिने नमः। Om vanamAlinE Namah।

46. पीतवससे ...peetha-vasasE = One Wearing Yellow Robes
ॐ पीतवसने नमः। Om peetha-vasanE Namah।

47. पारिजातापहारकाय...pArijAtha-apahArakAya = He who stole the pArijAtha tree
ॐ पारिजातापहारकाय नमः। Om .pArijAtha-apahArakAya Namah।

48. गोवर्थनाचलोद्धर्त्रे...gOvarDhanAchala- udhDharthrE = He who lifted the mountain gOvardhan
ॐ गोवर्थनाचलोद्धर्त्रे नमः। Om gOvarDhanAchala- udhDharthrE Namah।

49. गोपाल...gOpAla = He who protects the cows
ॐ गोपालाय नमः। Om gOpAlaya Namah।

50. सर्वपालकाय...sarva-pAlakAya = He who protects all beings
ॐ सर्वपालकाय नमः। Om sarva-pAlakAya Namah।Protector Of All Beings

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#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram (51 to 60 )

51. अजाय...ajAya = He who has conquered Birth and Death
ॐ अजाय नमः। Om ajAya Namah।

52. निरञ्जन...niranjana = The Lord without any blemishes
ॐ निरञ्जनाय नमः। Om niranjanaya Namah।

53. कामजनक...kAma-janaka = Lord who creates desires
ॐ कामजनकाय नमः। Om kAma-janakAya Namah।

54. कञ्जलोचन...kanja-lOchana = Lord with lous petal shaped eyes
ॐ कञ्जलोचनाय नमः। Om kanja-lOchanAya Namah।

55. मधुघ्ने...madhughnE = The Slayer Of Demon Madhu
ॐ मधुघ्ने नमः। Om madhughnE Namah।

56. मथुरानाथ...maThura-nATha = The Lord of Mathura
ॐ मथुरानाथाय नमः। Om maThura-nAThAya Namah।

57. द्वारकानायक..dhwArakA-nAyaka = The Lord of DhwAraka
ॐ द्वारकानायकाय नमः। Om dhwArakA-nAyakAya Namah।

58. बलि...bali = The Lord Of Strength
ॐ बलिने नमः। Om balinE Namah।

59. बृन्दावनान्त सञ्चारिणे...vrundhAvanAntha sanchAriNE = Lord who wanders about in Vrindavana
ॐ बृन्दावनान्त सञ्चारिणे नमः। Om vrundhAvanAntha sanchAriNE Namah।

60. तुलसीदाम भूषनाय...thulasee-dhAma-bhooshaNAya = One Who Wears A Tulasi Garland
ॐ तुलसीदाम भूषनाय नमः। Om thulasee-dhAma-bhooshaNAya Namah।

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#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram (61 to 70 )

61. स्यमन्तकमणेर्हर्त्रे...syamanthaka-maNEr-harthrE
He who appropriated The wonderful syamantaka Jewel
ॐ स्यमन्तकमणेर्हर्त्रे नमः। Om syamanthaka-maNEr-harthrE Namah।

62. नरनारयणात्मकाय ...nara-nArayaNAthmakAya
He had appeared as Nara and NArAyaNa
ॐ नरनारयणात्मकाय नमः। Om nara-nArayaNAthmakaya Namah।

63. कुब्जा कृष्णाम्बरधराय...kubjA krushNAmbara-Dharaya
He who was anointed by Kubja - The Hunchback
ॐ कुब्जा कृष्णाम्बरधराय नमः। Om kubjA krushNAmbara-Dharaya Namah।

64. मायिने...mAyinE = The Lord of mAyA or Delusion
ॐ मायिने नमः। Om mAyinE Namah।

65. परमपुरुष...parama-purusha = The supreme one
ॐ परमपुरुषाय नमः। Om parama-purushAya Namah।

66. मुष्टिकासुर चाणूर मल्लयुद्ध विशारद ...mushtikAsura-chANura-malla-yudhDha-vis'Aradha
One Who Expertly Fought The Wrestlers Mushtika And Chanura
ॐ मुष्टिकासुर चाणूर मल्लयुद्ध विशारदाय नमः।
Om Mushtikasura Chanura Mallayuddha Visharadaya Namah।

67. संसारवैरी...samsAra-vairee = The enemy Of Material Existence
ॐ संसारवैरिणॆ नमः। Om samsAra-vairiNE Namah।

68. कंसारिर...kamsArira = Enemy Of King Kamsa
ॐ कंसारयॆ नमः। Om kamsArayE Namah।

69. मुरारी ...murAree = The enemy Of the Demon Mura
ॐ मुरारयॆ नमः। Om murArayE Namah।

70. नाराकान्तक...nArakAntaka = Destroyer Of Demon Naraka
ॐ नाराकान्तकाय नमः। Om nArAkAnthakAya Namah।

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#6. Sree KrishNa AshtOthram ( 71 to 80 )

71. अनादि ब्रह्मचारिक...anAdhi brahmachArika
The eternal brahmachAri without a beginning or an end
ॐ अनादि ब्रह्मचारिणॆ नमः। Om anAdi brahmachAriNE Namah।

72. कृष्णाव्यसन कर्शक...krushNA-vyasana-karshaka = Remover Of Draupadi's Distress
ॐ कृष्णाव्यसन कर्शकाय नमः। Om krushNA-vyasana-karshakAya Namah।

73. शिशुपालशिरश्छेत्त...s'is'upAla-s'iras'ChEththa = He who cut off S'is'upAlan's head
ॐ शिशुपालशिरश्छेत्रे नमः। Om s'is'upAla-s'iras'ChEththrE Namah।

74. दुर्यॊधनकुलान्तकृत..dhuryODhana-kulAnthakruth = Destroyer Of Duryodhana's race
ॐ दुर्यॊधनकुलान्तकाय नमः। Om dhuryODhana-kulAnthakAya Namah।

75. विदुराक्रूर वरद ...vidhurAkroora-varadha = He who blessed Vidhura and Akroora
ॐ विदुराक्रूर वरदाय नमः। Om vidhurAkroora varadhAya Namah।

76. विश्वरूपप्रदर्शक...vis'waroopa-pradhars'aka = He who revealed his Universal Form
ॐ विश्वरूपप्रदर्शकाय नमः। Om vis'waroopa pradhars'akAya namah

77. सत्यवाचॆ ...sathya-vAchE = He who always speaks the truth
ॐ सत्यवाचॆ नमः। Om sathyavAchE Namah।

78. सत्य सङ्कल्प...sathya sankalpa = He who resolves the truth
ॐ सत्य सङ्कल्पाय नमः। Om sathya sankalpAya Namah।

79. सत्यभामारता...sathyabhAmA-rathA = Lover Of SathyabhAma
ॐ सत्यभामारताय नमः। Om sathyabhAmArathAya Namah।

80. जयी...jayi = The Ever Victorious Lord
ॐ जयिनॆ नमः Om jayinE Namah।

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