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Power of the Rich

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i strongly believe that there is one rule for the rich.

we know that in india, that a rich man's son can drive drunk, run over a bunch of people sleeping on the platform, and get off scott free. still.

in the u.s. it is much more vicious. in this land of plenty, the poor simply do not get healthcare. healthcare is expensive, and the domain of the rich and the middle class. something which other western democracies have long ago made it a universal entitlement.

only in the u.s.a you say... please read on

With Medicaid Cuts, Doctors and Patients Drop Out - NYTimes.com

for the uninitiated: medicaid is government paying money to the doctor for treating poor patients.

medicare: is medical care for those 65 and above.
USA spends 17% of its GDP in health care were us the international average is just 9%

Because of the above, American Industries have become uncompetitive in the world.

President Obama is facing stiff resistance on reforms of health care system

Unless reforms are done immediately, it is going to cost America heavily.

Poorer sections among the Americans will be deprived of their basic health care needs.
the u.k. when it first inaugurated their national health service (NHS) had to face a lot of resistance from their doctors.

because, for the first time, many people who could not afford to see a doctor (yes, there are poor people in these countries) could do so now for free.

so, the then u.k government imported a lot of doctors from the commonwealth countries, who filled the gap.

in the u.s. too the medical profession controls its numbers so that they can have unusually high salaries. they let a trickle of foreign doctors to fill in the gaps, ie go to places, where no american doctor will serve ie for the poor, blacks or hispanics.

i am wondering how all this mess will end. poor obama.
The poor are doomed to die when they fall sick as long as there are doctors whose only motive in life is to make money.In India the condition of the Govt.hospitals is pathetic and the attitude of the medical and para medical staff towards the patients is one of indifference and neglect.Added to this,the frequent strike and work to rule situations by the money minded doctors make the patients feel death is better than survival, having dependence on such merciless doctors.
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i am wondering how all this mess will end. poor obama.

Dear K, I am sure you know very well, what we have in the greatest democracy the word has ever seen is not democracy at all. Well that is a bit of a hyperbole, but it is not completely outlandish.

The legislature of each state gets to draw the electoral district lines for members of congress (Same as lok sabha MP), and draw they do, that best suits their nefarious designs of maximizing their own party's chances. This process got its own name, gerrymandering, after the Mass governor Gerry who was a notorious offender.

Next, the two senator per state rule where California with almost 37 million and Wyoming about 1/2 million, both get two senators. On top of this, senate rules permit unlimited debate and 60 votes are required to stop debate. So, a group of small state senators can in effect stop any legislation they don't like.

Recently, a single senator from Kentucky was able to delay the jobs bill because the senate rules call for unanimous consent for certain senate procedural steps.

On top of all this, senators are beholden to big corporations and interest groups that make huge contributions for their electoral funds. Recently, the US supreme court struck down a electoral campaign finance reform in a broad and sweeping way that no limits now apply for the financial contributions corporations can make.

All of this contributes to changing the status quo extremely difficult, especially if corporate interests are threatened.

Now, the proposed health care reforms call for individual mandates that is going to generate huge demand for insurance companies. The insurance companies like this part of the reform. But, to keep the premium costs in check, an independent public-sector non-profit plan, was part of the proposal. This, the insurance companies did not like. So, they made sure this is killed. So, now, we have a bill that promises huge new market for the insurance companies without any restraint with respect to insurance premiums.

On the consumer side, the middle-class seniors dependent on medicare are scared stiff that they face the same predicament like Carol Y. Vliet. They are afraid the proposed medicare cuts to hospitals and doctors will degrade their health-care.

The only sensible solution that most, if not all, advanced industrial countries have found is some form of single-payer system that promises better health care at lower cost. This plan was not even part of the starting gambit because the corporate interests made sure of that. Senator Dick Durbin of Michigan said a few months back from the floor of the senate, the body to which he belongs, the senate is a fully owned subsidiary of the wall street banks. But the ownership is also shared by many large corporate interests including the health care sector. The recent supreme court ruling makes sure it stays that way.

What we have is more United State of MNC than United States of America.

Thanks Prof Nara for your views.

It is really paining to note that one of the oldest democracies is hijacked by vested interests - Medical professionals /Hospitals,Insurance companies and Drug companies. It seems these vested interests have bought out the senators and house of representatives.

President Obama is unable to do any reforms in the health care system benefiting the entire citizens of the country due to hurdles placed by the above vested interests.

I read elsewhere some time back that unless bold reforms are initiated now, by 2020 most of the ordinary Americans cannot afford to pay insurance premium and only rich can afford to pay.

It is high time the country thinks about its own citizens and not the vested interests.

All the best
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