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Parallel actions to help the community

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I think debates with potential malefactors are distracting people from the goals of helping the community become organized and politically aware. I am proposing some parallel actions that each of us can contribute to, to show that Tambrams can also be as savvy as the Jews. If each of us could spend just one hour a day on any of these efforts, it would make an enormous difference in just a few years' time.

a. Collection of statistics on Brahmanas throughout TN by trying to develop contacts in various cities in TN. This is probably the pre-eminent task. Data will be critical in terms of focusing our efforts. We should brainstorm on ways to do this, since I believe many of the members on here are out of TN.

b. Coming up with a bi-weekly newsletter, replete with well written articles along political and religious lines. Extracts from the Vedas, a simple Sanskrit and Tamil parable taken from our literature, short stories from the Panchatantra, etc would be good. These should ideally also be related to current events. Many Brahmanas nowadays do not have time, since they are working hard to pay taxes which feed the Viduthalai parasites. So a short magazine like this would be a good reminder.

If an e-zine, in PDF or OpenDOC format could be assembled, it could be posted on this website periodically, and could be sent to as many organizations as possible. The quality and content of this e-zine would probably blow the crass Viduthalai types out of consideration, considering the high caliber of the people who can contribute or participate. Even the anti-Hindu Hindu might sit up and notice. We probably need someone good with QuarkExpress or Indesign, who can develop an attractive layout. Also, we will need English and Tamil versions, so Tamil volunteers with an excellent command of the language would be needed.

c. Striking alliances with other publishers like Cho Ramaswamy and his Tughlaq, ******* association, temple associations, Hindu charitable foundations would be useful. Some cross-marketing would not hurt. This e-magazine could also be used for fund-raising operations, and to maintain our heritage.

d. Volunteers for canvassing and spreading our message "on the ground" in TN would be quite helpful. The question is how to locate and compensate these volunteers? How can we accomplish the objectives with maximum impact and minimum cost? If the e-zine were to take off, a classified section and advertisements could cover some of the costs. I am sure some of the matrimonial portals etc would love to have a targeted audience. But organizing volunteers on the ground would be imperative to vet requests for assistance. I wouldn't put it past some Viduthalai types to try and subvert this effort.

e. Establishing chapters in the US, UK, India, South East Asia etc would be the next step, with regular meetings and a very democratic setup with term-limits on any leadership posts. The last thing one would want is to end up like the Tambraas organization with internal politics and working at cross-purposes. A constitution for this would need to be drawn up, to ensure that personal aggrandizement takes a backseat to the interests of the overall community. In any group of highly intelligent people, there is always a potential for ego-struggles, and one should think of ways to minimize this. One of the charters of the constitution should also be to require every member to vote in all elections, State, Cental and Municipal elections. Pointers on how to cast an absentee ballot, or best strategies on how to single-mindedly go after issue-based voting is very important.

I believe with the enormous intellectual capacity distributed among the Brahmanas, if we are able to get off our butts and take concrete steps along the above, we will be a very formidable organization. Even the political parties and press will sit up and take notice. A politician should be aware that the days of mindless Brahmana bashing will no longer be tolerated, and a PIL may be filed if necessary to restrain them. If these stray politicians are faced with the threat of being put back in the pound, they will be somewhat cautious. The likes of MuKa should never be able to say "I will revive the anti-Brahmin movement". A public statement like that should have consequences just like a statement against the Sikhs (3% of the population), Jains, Christians etc.
Thank God there is atleast one other guy who wants to do something useful. MRIfan, I considered your ideas carefully and noble as they are, I frankly think that they will not get off the ground.

( Why ? The long and short of it is that they need a lot of energy and given the fleeting attention spans of our community members, it simply won't come to pass. )

So, you got to think of ideas that gather momentum on their own. I will send you a PM - atmosphere on the forum is not conducive to ideas that are good.
www.tamilbrahmins.com to www.evrforum.com

I am beginning to wonder if the name of this site should be changed to evrforum.com. The primary purpose of this website, as outlined in the Mission statement that one can click on the top of web page, seems to be derailed into another track. Agent provocateurs like Mr. Goundamani and Mr. Maruti should be reminded that this website is not for slyly spreading EVRs agenda, but to support Brahmanas, period. That is what drew me to this forum in the first place. The last thing I expected was discussions on "Periyar: Hero or Villain", "Dalit rights", "Was Adi Sankara a demon?", "Brahmanas should have inter-caste marriage", etc etc.

If I was interested in these topics, I would be spending all my time on countercurrents.org or viduthalai.org etc where I can get a full ear's worth of lectures to Brahmanas from all kinds of perverts and rowdies. I thought at least on a Brahmana forum, one would be free of these irritating discussions. These provocateurs relish it when their bait is taken by some Brahmanas, and they can sit back and watch in fun as their agenda becomes center-stage by trying to turn Iyers vs Iyengars (Adi Sankara a demon?) , Brahmana men vs women (by appearing to support the women, notwithstanding the putrid and perverted ideas they espouse), Dalit rights, "Vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian quotes from Ambedkar about gluttonous beef-eating Brahmans", etc.

Can we please turn back to the main mission of this website, and ignore EVRs' proteges like Mr. Goundamani and Mr. Maruti? Let us not take their bait anymore. I think the moderators may also want to keep a watch on these two and maybe other Veeramanis who are sure to enter this forum in the future.
Best e-zine layout package?

Moving onto more practical things, what would be the best package for making a nice e-zine layout? Do any members have any experience with any of these packages, in terms of writing corporate or personal news letters etc?

I think the problem is to find something which will support OpenDOC, and also XML export for web-publishing. I believe that is something worth exploring. What is more popular in India?
Parallel actions .......

Sri. Vaylan Sir,

Great!!! Finally you have decided to discuss via PM. This is what I wrote some 5 months ago. Ideology or the belief system etc. etc. or the qualities you wish to adopt/inculcate/follow for the future generation of Brahmins can be discussed in open which is food for thought.. But if you wish to help ( I wish better we replace this word as ASSIST) with food for living IMHO that comes under our community DUTY and confidential.
  • As many as small groups numbering 5 or so like minded persons is advisable for every such activity.
  • Can take decision or arrive at a conclusion only in small groups.
  • Centralizing every activity in a big level is not desirable.
  • There must be one prime person who listens all in the group and his decision must be acceptable to all.
  • Unless a strong committed group emerges, creating trust, bank account or fund collection is not desirable. Every activity can be accounted and closed then and there.
Some points, out of my 30 years in samajic service I wish to place before you.

( Why ? The long and short of it is that they need a lot of energy and given the fleeting attention spans of our community members, it simply won't come to pass. )

Forced to agree with you on this one. Hindus in general, and Brahmins in particular, are not known for their perseverance. We always start big and give up when the going gets tough, unlike Muslims who're known for their determination. But I really do commend Mr. Irfan's originality, though.
To Mr Gurumurthy

Mr. Gurumurthy, you are right. It is probably best to take these two-bit baiters (latest pathetic attempt above), out of the loop and get things accomplished through other means.
Busy lives

All of us are very busy in our personal lives, maybe with time there will be a gradual percolation of ideas on helping TN Brahmanas. I feel unless there is a major external shock, most the people who seem to exhibit inertia will not actually think of concrete steps to take. Only a few with foresight will do so by anticipating the oncoming cliff, but a certain critical mass is needed to make a difference. Let us see how this plays out at its own pace.
Conversations with my uncle

I was conversing with my uncle yesterday over Skype, and found that there is definitely a disconnect between the older generation and the younger one. The older generation, those who had completed their education before 1980's, have obviously not suffered from some of the repercussions of the discriminatory policies of the TN govt. I see this when I talk to all my older relatives. Their primary focus is on the ritualistic and traditional aspects of Brahmana life, and sadly, they read the anti-Hindu Hindu as well. When invited to register on this web-site, he mentioned that it looked like an "interesting chat site". Now, when I attempted to prod him into thinking of something beyond a time-pass activity, he demurred.

Sadly, the older generation does not see the storm clouds gathering, it is the younger generation, particularly the ones being born today, who will bear the brunt of the storm. A few of this generation, the ones in their 20's and 30's are savvier, because they have come under severe pressure, and are increasingly realizing the future of Brahmanas is up to them. Inaction could mean within a couple of generations, very few Brahmanas will be left in TN. Maybe the great-grandchildren of the fascist KKK parties will read about TN Brahmanas in history books, and tours will be arranged to see dilapidated Brahmana ghettos, like those arranged to see the Toda hill tribes nowadays by the TN Tourism Development Corporation.

One does have to admire the Ramadosses, Marans, Karus, Chidambarams, Krishnaswamys, Tirumavalavans, Thevars, and others. They do not waste time with BS about "introspecting" on their past behavior, or nostalgic, armchair self-comforting meanderings about the need to be "modern" and apologetic to all and sundry. While such Brahmanas are living in their own alternate goody-goody "I need someone to apologize to, please" world, they have risen to completely dominate the judiciary, government, civil services, temple trustee positions, law enforcement, and educational fields. Forget about past behavior, they are not apologetic about even their current behavior manifesting itself in caste clashes. In fact, if a Brahmana were to volunteer to apologize to them today , they might feel pity for him instead and send him on his way after putting a few rupees in his pocket. They are keenly focused on securing the most benefits and power and lobby strenuously and unabashedly for their castes at all levels. At every meeting, at every forum, the first thing they ask is how can it benefit my relatives, my caste. No apologetic feeling that it may be considered casteist or anything like that, but a brute demonstration of lobbying power, and if necessary, muscle power and money to back it up. If a Brahmana goes to their forum or meeting to give advice on how they can mingle with others, you can be sure they will not be debating, "Hmm, maybe we should give this person the stage, and make him chief guest in all our other meetings also, I am sure he is only trying to help us". Instead, that Brahmana will probably end up in a gunny sack on the side of the road somewhere.

When a Dalit eloped with a Thevar girl in Theni district, they were not immediately hurrying to websites and asking how they can sponsor more such alliances, nor were the powerful Naidus in Namakkal district wrought with agony as to why there were such few inter-marriages etc in this era of enlightenment. Instead, one has read in the links that I had posted before about the bloodshed that broke out immediately in the wake of such incidents. Even when a Marayar started a rice mill next to a Gounder mill in Erode, that mill was burnt down to the ground in 1999, no wondering if the Gounders should allow 20% reservations in mills etc.

On a positive note, there really isn't any other place left for them to eradicate Brahmanas from, so maybe their focus will now turn to each other and Brahmanas can watch from the side to see how it all plays out. Most Brahmanas seem to have adopted that approach now anyway. The savvy ones should migrate, and wait for the rest to finally realize what is going on, and then try to help if possible. Satyameva Jayate.
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