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My Pursuit - 2 (Redefining what I thought needs to be done)

I started working on the Franchise with my college friend on July 31st.

I work 5 hours a day .. 2 hours travel totally for work. i.e. one hour to and one hour from office to home.

Evenings are pleasant now that I see the setting sun's dimming light everyday for the last two weeks. I have also started going to hanuman temple where they recite vishnu sashasranamam everyday in the evening 5.45 to 6.30pm

At work we got our first client on July 31st itself. Now looking to recruit a sales executive for them, tomorrow I have arranged the first interviews for the client.

Also made a little bit of money in forex trading last week. but I have slimmed down my trading and my monitoring the market to less than half hour to 45 mins a day.

Things are going ok.

Now, I have to see how to include my work on mythili initiative into my current routine. Of course, last week, I re-entered the world of BSM (Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal) which is in the direction of working for hinduism but more has to be done.

Lets see..
Yesterday there was an appointment with the labour commissioner for the BOSCH case. Bosch was arguiing that I was not a workman but a manager and so not entitled to relief under the Industries Act.

My lawyer had not come because of vara lakshmi vratham yesterday so I had a chance to directly address the labour commissioner. I wondered aloud as to what the real problem was with going to court with this case. I talked against having to work more than 9 hours a day and Bosch management started to target me and ill treat me. They did not issue a experience letter which I needed for immigration to australia. They also failed to issue a relieving letter on my resigning from BOSCH. They did not issue relieving letter even after 5 months when I requested them that I was having an interview in Australia and needed it for getting a job. And for this reason I wanted to see what the courts say.

The commissioner listened calmly and advised me to get a trade union involved in the case. It seems fighting it singly with my own lawyer would not cut it since most IT companies claim they have a right to make employees work a minimum of 9 hours in office.

I have now talked to a trade union. Hopefully they will help. I will know their views and whether the union will get involved only next week.

Lets see.

I have also managed to almost double my forex balance this week to 150USD.. I had started with a meagre 80 USD this time around.

All the youtube channels are screaming that thula rasi people will become crorepatis and pana mudhalais (money crocodiles) after this Rahu Ketu transit in October.

Lets hope..
A good time in terms of astrology..

It is said that the Saturn and Jupiter are the kingmakers in any astrological chart of any person. Of this sani is exceptionally powerful. It is said there is no jenmam which has lived or suffered for 30 consecutive years of his rule. By that estimate, my bad times started sometime in end of 2007 and start of 2008.. now its 2023 which marks exactly 15 years since it all started.. and guess what .. all of August 2023 has been calm for the first time since 2007 or since 2001 itself when my sani dasa started.

It is also said that astrologically .. a bad time means things will go wrong and u might be sick or u might loose money.. but the opposite of a good time in astrology does not mean everything will go right or u will get super rich. It is said that a good time means a time period when there are no sanjalams or problems.. just peace prevails. By that explanation.. this august month augers well for a new beginning.

Is it going to be true? I was also told that if you struggle in the antardasa of the planet whose dasa is running, then rest of the dasa will be good for you. Going by that thought process .. My mercury antardasa from 2020 to 2023 in the start of my Mercury dasa was particularly bad with 2 relapses. so would the rest of the mercury dasa till 2037 be good? There is also quite a bit of noise being generated about the upcoming Rahu Ketu transit..

In terms of stochastics and trading.. what is happening is that the signal has been going down for quite sometime and even though the market cannot be predicted, technically, it cannot go down anymore. The K and D signals are looking to crossover marking the beginning of a big BUY / Bullish trend.

Lets see..
I wonder why I am so desperately looking to astrology for signs of a change towards the good..

why cannot I just take things as they are?? Good or bad...
Our house
There is a school of thought with people who know my family that our bad times could be because of our house. They seem to point in the direction of when the apartment came into our lives and when our problems started. The accusations were startling at first.. but I am now beginning to buy into that idea and trying to force my father to sell the flat. I dont know if it is the right thing to do. I also dont know if the house provided protection from the scorching sun with all other things going bad around us or if the house itself was the scorching sun which was burning us alive.

But the incessant talk of the house prompted me to post the following to my relatives about 2 to 3 weeks back..

Do you remember 2001?? Anyone?? Our no.3 was just starting to get built. I had finished BE first class .. lost distinction by .54 percentage. But got admit in US with a full scholarship. At that time, the telephone companies were coming up and bhargav had set up a telecom company selling sim cards with his friend. Appa was in a senior position.. so much so that hyundai company simply gave him a hyundai elantra. Appa forcefully said no and returned it. All was well with us. But at that time Singu mamas family was in the pits. Then ground floor was assigned to Singu and we occupied singu's old first floor.

Look at my family and singu's family now. We are completely wiped out. Amma is gone. I am not married at 45 and without proper job. Bhargav is floating around somewhere lieing through his teeth he is a manager in australian defense while he is only a normal business analyst. Appa completely hates me and adores bhargav.. but bhargav will not come down to india to even look at appa. Only I am left to take care of him in old age inspite of appa screaming that i am gaining name that I am taking care of him.

I dont think my family can survive from here on. there is nothing more to save. Everyone is saying my good times are here.. but they have been saying so since the year started.. but I only ended up leaving a lucrative IT job paying 2 lakhs per month. The bad vibe of the house is too much.

Because of the obvious bad state of affairs in my life, I am also not going to try and stop the meds. I am going to continue the 200 mgs till whenever and I am going to take up the 2 weeks in mines and 2 weeks in india job. It is very difficult to live close to appa with all his vanmam and vakram towards me. But I still have to take care of him as the eldest son. So the 2 weeks in India. Otherwise I will take the 2 weeks in mines and 1 week break in Australia itself and stay in perth itself.

All said and done.. Appa wants to sell the first floor flat.. I have also communicated to you so many times this. I also told you to allow us to change houses when amma was in death bed.

All that is water under the bridge now. Now. I have decided to allow appa to sell the house. it is ok. But I have decided its time to move on.
The above was a incredibly painful moment for me to accept my thoughts about how life has gone upside down since 2001. I cannot cry for I am a man now.

I also do not know why I wrote that Mythili Initiative specifically on Vinayaka Chathurthi day and why I am not letting go of that idea as some fallacy.. I now have an interview with Bosch australia for a PM role and am also waiting on a PhD decision from RMIT in Melbourne. But still I do not want to pack up and leave my old father in India at 76 years of age. I still want to work on the Mythili Initiative and still believe we can see a hindu renaissance.

But seriously.. it pains me when I look around.. even in this forum.. I have highlighted how 90 percent of this prasad1 handle's posts are derogatory to our religious perceptions and sensibilities.. But no one seems to care.. why this apathy towards our own religion? Would they dare say something like this in Islam??
Last edited:
I am pretty sure that everyone knows who this scoundrel is... but look at the words spewing out this scoundrels mouth..

I am hoping this video pulls at the remnants of salt and pepper in our blood.. in the sense I am not talking about handles like prasad1 at all.. I am now pointing out one of the posts of a foreign old aged couple spilling tears here..


about how their lovely brahmin daughter is marrying someone else.. all those damn tears wet my keyboard so much and made it non functional for quite some time..

Anyway.. now I am sharing the goodness from the bottom of my heart..

For your viewing pleasure..

Claps.. Claps.. Claps
My post on KITU ( Karnataka IT/ITeS Union ) Page

On Oct 7th, KITU had posted on their facebook page about how they were victorious over AarBee Structures and had forced the management to hand over certificates to the employees..

I posted under the comments section of this post...

The following is the post..

I already have started a small recruitment franchise with my college mate and we will probably get our first paycheck of 25k this month. But 25k is nowhere near what is needed for what I am trying to do. But it is enough if I decide to pack up everything and just concentrate on my aging father for now. Once he passes away, I still have australian PR and can go there at anytime to die a peaceful death. After all it is said in our scriptures that we should not accumulate karma which is the root cause of rebirth. But I am unable to let it go so easily.
The world is running after money.. more money.. even more money. And they are forcing young healthy people to put themselves under immense pressure in the search for the mirage of the overhyped success. The capitalist world is killing us slowly. I believe this was the reason I and the people around me put me under so much pressure at the work place in the US resulting in my mental breakdown and eventual wrong medication leading to my current state. All for what? a few extra percentage points on their business charts. Now that I am thrown out, they will easily comment that I did not make the cut. But an entire aspirational life has been thrown to the dogs here. Does anyone even have the time to take a look?
I am taking a look at this.
Thats why I am fighting the Bosch case tooth and nail. We have to stop this phenomena of long hours and putting ourselves under immense stress in the name of an artificial success. In my last company, I was stunned to see that this has now come home to roost in India. Quest Global is teaching all its managers that leadership is juicing the work out of every employee to the maximum extent possible while also being role model when it comes to working late. And you know what, the group in Embedded DC1 in Bangalore had hired a person by name of sandeep (real name but last name not mentioned) and this poor fellow had a baby daughter. And guess what? this person was having psychotic issues due to work pressure and was jumping from company to company every year. If I had married, I would have been sandeep. Since my marriage was cancelled, I luckily did not bring a hapless child into this world who will now struggle because her father is mentally handicapped. All for what?
The KITU or Karnataka IT union representative called chitra in Bangalore who at first looked at my case and took a copy of all my documents suddenly stopped responding to my phone calls and whatsapp messages. I next approached the guy called Melkiyor,who the labour commissioner had recommeneded that I talk to find a IT union. He just gave his name as Melkiyor and did not give his last name. He said he has been running a labour union for sometime now. It was he who pointed me to KITU. I messaged him asking him to not recommend KITU to anyone else and you know what he said?? Please consult a good psychologist and dont contact me again.
I stopped myself from replying to him. My google search resulted my finding AIITEU. All India IT & ITes Employee Union. After listening to my story the respondent at AIITEU pointed me to a LLB in Bangalore who was working elsewhere full time. They have also requested me to help them with visiting labour commissioner offices at other times to help others also. I accepted. Let us see how far this goes.
And I am sitting here wondering why is it so difficult to question a foreign company like quest global(singapore but Indian) and Bosch (Germany but local indian leadership) when they try to force our citizens to work more than 11 hours a day. They openly write in their offer letters that you have to work 9.5 hours a day --- MINIMUM. Would they do this in their home country of Germany or Singapore? Will the local germans and singaporeans connive with them and stop anyone who tries to approach the authorities on this issue?
I realise, you might not be used to frequent questions and checks from your clients. And you did mention at the start that you will contact me if you needed anything and I do not need to do anything. But I have already tasted the western version of success, I was a project manager out of college, I have published my thesis which is cited by 7 other people even though its only a Masters degree thesis.. and a book is in my name in amazon.com. I am not interested in money. I am interested in what I can give back to this Indian society which brought me up. Therefore the anxiety of whether everything is going well in the court case or not resulting in my repeatedly contacting you. I will not contact you again.
I seek firm friends in this long fight. Are you a firm friend? If not, let us shake hands like Melkiyor did.
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Screenshots of the chat with KITU on whatsapp


Its another matter that the AIITEU lawyer also spread his hands saying that the labour laws are changing drastically and the change is already implemented in Karnataka leading to the point where no one knows what to do.. I got exasperated shouted at the AIITEU contact and cut the phone.
I have now stepped away from paying attention to the court cases. Will let the lawyer proceed at his own pace, no point in me being the additional cook who is spoiling the broth.

In the mean time, I have been trying to advertise that I am willing to give free tuition for Xth and XIIth std aspirants who want to pursue them through NIOS. My work has been reasonably successful. I am now teaching at 2 veda padasalas. These are kids who are trying to write their Xth and XIIth through NIOS.

Let us see what the future holds.

At this time, I also have got two interviews for senior positions in embedded system oriented companies. Not sure if I will pass the interviews.. but if I do, it will be a headache since I will then have to choose between vedapadasala work and IT full time job.

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