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My Pursuit - 2 (Redefining what I thought needs to be done)


At the end of 2015 when I had stabilised to a very large extent and had returned to India from singapore, I interviewed with Bosch in Coimbatore. The interview was for a project manager job. The HR informed me that the joining date will only be in January as the next in-take was during that time. I was quite happy to waste my time doing nothing till January so I agreed.

When I joined in January, it was all good and nice. There was not a lot of work pressure on me immediately and I took my time to ease into the role. Unfortunately, the room in which I was staying in did not have any windows and was perpetually dark all the time irrespective of day or night. I had chosen to stay at the MM Mansion in Gandhipuram because it was the best combination of decent prize and decent size of the room. But I had chosen the wrong room or to put things in a better way, only the wrong room was available at the time of my moving in. So I never knew what time it was and pretty soon started to sleep in as there was no sunlight to disturb my slumber. This meant that I was starting to show up late at the office. This was beginning to get noticed but no one mentioned it outright to me. Since no one mentioned it, I also continued with what was happening as there was no pressure on me to change things.

In about 2 or 3 months, I understood my work.. even though I did not care or pay attention to the trainings at work. The crew was split into technically vertical teams comprising of networking, diagnostics, ASW, HSW and CSW. I was the lynch pin who pulled in one engineer from each of these teams to complete my projects. Well, just like any other indian company, the software engineers were almost always working late. And since I had just returned from Singapore with a shiny new badge in project management from HP, I tried to change the situation.

Bad Choice.

In all sincerity, I came up with an excel sheet with proper division of labour and a descriptive Gantt chart detailing how best to schedule the work in order for everyone to return home by 5.30pm. Proud that I had accomplished something on my own, I presented this in the project component managers meeting and shared the excel with the other managers. Most others did not notice but one or two looked at the excel in detail and appreciated my effort. My group manager was more like.. yes.. yes... Gantt Chart.. yes.. we know this and let things be.

No one really used my plans or ideas and the routine of working late continued.. I was a bit miffed but decided to just implement my plans for my team alone. Thus in the next one month, I was leaving early while the rest of the china team was still working late. It would have still worked if the others had let it be.. But it did not quite happen. Soon, my group manager called me and told me that he was getting complaints that I was not doing any work and was leaving early. I was surprised. I told him, I was doing all the required work.. only that I was doing it using basic project management and so I was able to leave early. This did not end there, I was repeatedly pestered for not seeming to work as hard as the others who were all working late into the nights. It came to a point where the group manager wanted another manager to oversee what I am doing on an hourly basis. I got really pissed and wrote a letter to HR detailing my irritation and keeping the group manager in copy and walked out of the office saying that they should find another manager to do the job. 2 weeks later, i received a personal email from my group manager asking me to return. I did return but things did not change. I just decided to ride out the job for a year time so that my resume does not look bad from changing jobs often. At this time, I was applying for my Australian PR and asked Bosch management to give me a letter stating that I was employed full time in Bosch and was engaged in software work. They refused to give it citing company rules. Even after multiple emails stating importance of immigration process and highlighting I was only asking a employment later, nothing happened. I replied bluntly that I reserve the right to take them to court at an appropriate time.

After that my problems multiplied, my internet access was cancelled and every opportunity was used to irritate me. I was also forced into signing an performance improvement plan.. but I kept quiet and waited for my PR. Because I did not get the employment letter, I did not get a full PR but only got a state sponsored PR. On the day the PR was granted, I resigned. The HR informed me that the group manager did not want me to continue any longer and asked me to leave the same day. So I left.

After moving to Hobart with my PR, I started to realise that there were no jobs in the state sponsored areas of employment. But even then, I got an opportunity from a community organization which invited me to apply for their CEO position. It was now six months since I left Bosch and I had still not got my relieving letter. I immediately wrote an email requesting my relieving letter. But bosch once again dragged its feet and did not give me the relieving letter till one month later after my request. The CEO opportunity was by now, long gone.

Actually within a month of my having left bosch, I had sent an email complaint to the managing director of bosch detailing the poor management at Coimbatore. The MD's office replied that they will look into it. But in the end, I had to complain to them again when I did not get my relieving letter.

It was like the company just did not care. The attitude was one of "you cannot do anything if we decide to not help you out".. I was very irritated and decided to file a complaint with the labour commissioner. Thats when I learnt about why people never approach the government offices in India. I must say... absolutely nothing happens no matter what you are trying to do.. They sent me on a wild goose chase from one office to another stating jurisdiction problems. Finally, I directly went to a lawyer and filed a court notice. I sought damages for my not getting a full PR because Bosch did not give a employment letter and the loss of CEO job/salary because of delay in issuing relieving letter. You should really see the reply to the court notice from Bosch to believe. The audacity was amazing. There was nothing in their reply which was even related to what my court notice was saying. Worse, they blamed me for the delay in issuing relieving letter saying that I had not completed formalities. Also, my lawyer stopped supporting my trying to file the case after this.

After multiple tries at filing the case, I finally was able to talk to a lawyer in bangalore who was willing to file the case. But now, I am wary.. I dont know why my first lawyer simply stopped responding about the case and why the other lawyers I contacted failed to take it up after due diligence. Therefore I have now decided that I will defend myself in court. Although the bangalore lawyer will be filing the case on my behalf, I intend to be the party in person i.e arguing my case myself in front of the court. I do not want this lawyer also to suddenly decide that he is not going to help and leave me hanging. But yes, I will be taking their advise when I prepare to stand in court. Let us see what happens.

The case is to be filed on wednesday, the day after vijayadhasami in bangalore. I am now sitting in melbourne airport on the preceding saturday... typing this.

I know I dont really stand that great a chance.. but lets see how far I can take this..

May I come in.. / Monster sequence from the kannada movie KGF..

Another chetan bhagat found and a bollywood director needed and even lyrics writer not needed as the biography itself has many bollywood songs which may be done with a remix.
My last post on this thread seems to have been removed for some reason.

Can someone help me understand why this would have happened??

Anyway, I am reposting here..

If you have a problem, do let me know..
Medical Miracle ..? Really..?

Now, without boasting or preening too much about my literary abilities, I would like to humbly state that my ability to read and understand things and do research on any given topic is slightly superior to the average person. I can quote multiple examples for this but the most shining would be my Masters degree research. At the most abstract level, my research was on electromagnetics.. if you want to be slightly more specific, it was on design of antennas and their radiation patterns... if you want to be still more specific.. it was a study of patch antennas and their operating abilities when put in an array with specific applications in radar and missile tracking technologies.

Link to my thesis:

Now, it would definitely be all gas if I were to simply shout out to everyone possible that I am a great researcher with above average intelligence and literary ability. So.. let me give you this small additional piece of information which authenticates my claim.. A german publisher had after reading my thesis, had taken the extra-ordinary effort to locate me in Singapore, 6 years after I submitted my thesis in US, contacted me and requested from me the permission to publish my thesis as a book. Yes. Of course there is a catch. He wanted me to sign away the copyright to my thesis to his publishing company. To be practical, after 6 years and especially after the way I left US, antenna design was the last thing on my mind.

So I thought..

what the hell? Lets publish it.

If someone can gain something from reading my research.. why not? And the deal was done. The book is now available on amazon.com.


It is not a flashy hard cover hot-selling novel. Its a paperback. Its basically research which only researchers will be interested in.. to be more specific.. only researchers specific to antenna design will be interested in..

But the bare fact is.. my work is published as a book.. that too at zero cost to me.

If you are interested in taking a look..

Link to my book:

Ok wait.. why am I saying all this?? and what is this thing about a medical miracle..? How is medicine even remotely related to electromagnetics or antennas??

You see, I took the time to detail my research work only to help authenticate my intelligence and my research skills. And when I fell sick and was diagnosed with symptoms of schizophrenia, I was very depressed. The prognosis was downright disturbing. They categorically said that I cannot be cured. Around that time, in my desperation to prove that prognosis wrong, I began to read about schizophrenia. I went through a lot of medical journals and other google scholar articles. All my research pointed to only one thing.. this disease could not be cured and I was fated to be medicated all my life.

But I also learnt an interesting piece of information. That the medicine used to treat schizophrenia had what was described as schizo-mimetic effects. What that means is that these medicines if applied once to a person and if it is stopped suddenly.. then causes the exact symptoms of schizophrenia to appear and cause the person to lapse into the sickness.

If you have been following my posts for sometime, you will realize that I was quite ok when I landed in SFO airport on Nov 28th 2007 after getting engaged in India.


what if ..

I was somehow administered psychotic medicines designed for schizophrenia without my knowledge and this caused me to exhibit stress symptoms and psychosis? What if the medicines were administered because of internal problems in my company at california where I worked and had suddenly reached dizzing heights of achievement after my design for Texas Instruments which no one before me could not achieve?

I am not just shooting off my hips.. I am giving a valid hypothesis here..

If you look at schizophrenia and give it any amount of study.. you will realize that any person who has schizophrenia never really gets cured. They need constant medication and need to be overseen regularly.

Not a single person has been cured completely.

Now. Would you believe that I have not seen a doctor in the last 5 years? So what does that make me?

More importantly.. what does that make you believe? that I am really schizophrenic? or that I am a healthy average person who had been administered psychotic medicine which led me to go through a whole lot of loops and medication and suffering because of the schizo-mimetic effects of the various typical and atypical psychotic medication before eventually stabilizing to my normal self?

So what is it? what am I?

Was I ass-fucked for my success and intelligence in the US?


Because I survived schizophrenia and became normal.. am I a medical miracle?
Immediate start.. Excellent Career Progression.. Females only

We are hiring with immediate start prospect for a part time girlfriend. Feminine assets may not be a selection criteria.

Should be available to cuddle at the drop of a hat. Ability to cook would be advantageous. Singing and dancing although spectacular.. would not be necessary. We offer excellent career progression to wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc..

The job is to mollycoddle a middle aged man.Incessant wooing and feeding of the said person would result in unbelievably fast career progression as specified above. The middle class man, who is also an electronics engineer, is reasonably reticent towards newcomers and is from a reserved indian background where people usually adopt arranged marriages over dating.

Its OK if you have a boyfriend.. You can catch his hands and I will catch his legs and.. one.. two.. three.. we will throw him into the sea!!!

If you are interested, please type up your address to the selection criteria and email *******@rediffmail.com or be ready to talk and call *****7460

I typed this up to post on gumtree exactly one year back but never did.. Now, one year on, I have met a rotund but very intelligent and self assured girl. We are planning to get married soon. Infact, I will be visiting chennai this diwali to find a good marriage date for us.

Lets see..
I am not interested in eating, digesting and shitting everyday and doing nothing else. I would like to say that I was born here and I did something in my lifetime.

I would like to do something for society that is long standing and also push our people to the forefront of every frontier that humanity can touch.. be it technology, research, societal change or human rights.

So let me retake my oath towards my "Mythili Initiative"

May this deepavali be the start of something tangible..

The current state -

Please take a moment to look around us. We are surrounded by immorality and corruption. Yes, we have also evolved a robust police department and a matching judiciary, but do the problem creators really respect and abide by these institutions? To the people who have less than moral values, no police department can force them to follow the righteous path, no judicial enquiry is going to correct their evil designs. To them, it is just going to be a week or two in jail and then they are going to find some judicial loop hole to get out. Till now no judicial review has been able to bring the real culprits to book. For the culprits, they just have to throw around a few more dollars to get around a judicial review or judgement.

So what is the point?

I believe that the point is.. no police department or judiciary or any form of societal policing is as efficient as fear of god. I believe that fear of the omnipresent is the ultimate deterrant to morally loose people to prevent them from committing acts of corruption or damage to society. But, If you know that a lightning will strike you blind the moment you accept a bribe then you will always fear bribe and never accept one.
Now, our society and the current generation has grown up to be atheist for the most part. This has resulted in most of us testing the realms of acceptable morality. So we cannot really turn around our generation to become god-fearing but what we can do is to make the next generation to respect the omni-present thereby leading to a better society for tomorrow.

Therefore -

It is my humble attempt to re-invigorate the brahmins so that they turn back to their old profession of practising the vedas and spreading the knowledge of god. This is in the hope that, the next generation of brahmins will once again be scholars in vedic knowledge and use ancient wisdom to answer our questions to distinguish between the eternally opposing paths of right and wrong.
For the average hindu child, I am trying to create a vedic syllabus which will teach them the basics of vedic knowledge, astrology, itihasa-puranas and our classical music/arts which they can use in their daily lives and which will also help them identify a guru for themselves in their pursuit of vedic wisdom.
Hopefully we are able to create a society which has a balanced diet of science and religious philosophy so that the human race continues to grow and expand albeit without the currently inherent problems of corruption and immorality.

Primary Goal:
To inform, educate and encourage Brahmins to send their sons to Veda padashalas for 8 years of training in veda-adhyayana and agamas specifically starting at the age of 7 or 8 and then take up 10th standard exams through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) at 15 years without losing anything in terms of age. Immediately after this they can enter mainstream professions by taking up 11th and 12th in any CBSE or state board based local school.

Secondary Goal:
To release temples from government control as well as setup trusts for them as and when they gain independence. The deeds of these trusts should be worded in such a manner as to encourage the establishment and maintenance of..

1. A veda padashala for the temple priests
2.A school which includes a vedic syllabus for the populace living near the temple and which helps children from the veda padashala to complete normal schooling.
3. A college teaching BA (Sanskrit). BL and BA (Sanskrit) Commerce/CA with preference for the temple priest's children.

This will hopefully evolve an eco system of god-fearing families around the temple and also nourish the priest's progeny to both engage in vaideeham and mainstream work.

Tertiary Goal:
Push a vedic system based plug-in syllabus called Mythili Syllabus to be accepted by the normal population and schools. This Mythili syllabus is intended to teach the basics of vedic studies, agamas, the 18 puranas, 2 itihasas, vedic astrology, determining good dates and times before the child reaches 9th standard. This syllabus will include arts classes for classical dance, musical instruments and singing along with Sanskrit and is planned to be taught through story book reading sessions. This syllabus is currently being worked on. We are targeting vijayadasami of 2020 to release the syllabus and present it for public consumption. This plug-in vedic syllabus is only intended to take one extra hour of class per day and is intended as a tool to provide tomorrows generation with multiple talents in arts, a taste of our culture, a respect for our customs and a moral compass.

Final Goal:
Setup firms in the field of law, accounting, computer hardware and software to employ the Sanskrit scholars that the first three goals should generate. Law firm has been setup and three initial lawyers have been hired. It will start operations this Vijayadhasami of 2019. Currently working on plans to setup a computer hardware and software firm also targeting Vijayadhasami of 2019 for start of operations.

The Mythili initiative will be broken into two campaigns.

Campaign 1
- This will encompass Primary and Secondary Goals and is targeting either Vijayadasami of 2019 or January 2020 as a start date.
Campaign 2 – This will encompass Tertiary Goal and is targeting Vijayadasami of 2020 as start date.
Both campaigns will primarily be television and online advertisements in Tamil, Hindi and English Languages. Television Channels targeted will be Hindu Religious Channels like SVBC or Sri Sankara and can be extended to mainstream channels depending on funds availability.

Save Paarambaryam:
I believe this will be very helpful for people who are interested in their boys taking up vedic education to save our paarambaryam from disappearing, but were concerned that they will not have a financially strong career in IT, engineering or medicine like other kids their age.
Save money:
Even though money may not be a criteria when educating our own kids, it must be noted that the current schools charge in Lakhs of rupees for our children to attend their schools. Compared to this Veda Padashalas teach our kids veda parayanam at absolutely minimal costs, So middle and low-income Brahmin families need not spend so much money for their kid’s education. They have to pay for their kids 10th, 11th and 12th standard education only.
This National Institute of Open Schooling is a national initiative on the part of the Central Government. They require the student to register on their website for taking the 10th standard exams. They also have a requirement that the registered student has to attend a few on-site classes at specific schools in their locality where classes will be held for 10th standard. All these information and more can be obtained by visiting their website www.nios.ac.in

Please send your boys aged 7 and above to veda padashalas for vedic education.

Please call or email me if help is needed in identifying veda padashalas for your children or other issues.
Of course I am a bad person... I drink.. I like to think of prostitution.. and if you have probably thought of some vile act.. I have also thought of it..

But the issue here is.. I dont want my son to be like me.. I would like him to be a good man.. an example to society.. Therefore, I am trying to clean up society..

So the question is not about who am I?? to preach .. and also to try to do these stupid things..

The question is..

What do you want your son or daughter to be..
Assam is Angry

Archana.. or archanai..

If you are familiar with the meaning of the word, I am pretty sure it will conjure up images and sounds of temple bells ringing along with drums being pounded loudly and in the midst of all of which the priest will show the multi-lamped arathi in front of the deity.. And all the while we will be standing in rapt silence.. listening..

Yes. Exactly.

Thats what happened yesterday..

It was just like any other day.. I woke up.. My father told me to brush my teeth, I did not. He put the coffee on the table and I drank it. And then dreamily sat down in the chair thinking about what to do next. Thats when the phone rang..

It was assam calling. She always called.. once in the morning and once at night before she started her night shift job. Usually it was all good. But today for some reason I decided to talk too..



So why was it a mistake? or was it a mistake at all.. ? I will let you be the judge of that. As is already known I have not full time job currently. I left my last job in July and I have been trying different things in Australia since I moved there two months ago. My savings was already dwindling and I knew I might end up back in India looking for another job like what happened after my last two trysts in Australia. But this time, I am a little more serious. I really need to get something going in oz. I atleast needed to get a small downpayment and start a home loan. I was sharing this thought to assam and also told her that I was planning to close my last savings in two life policies and use the cash for house down payment in australia. And I guess that pushed the button..

She became very angry and started scolding me.. I became a bit perturbed. Can she not see? We really needed some long term investment. I had no house or any solid investments and I was already 40. What was she thinking..? Even as these thoughts were whizzing through my head, my ears heard the statement.. " If you waste your last savings also, then I will not marry you. What do you think? I am not like any other girl who will simply say ok to whatever you do. I care about you. You will have to listen to me. Or I will not marry you."

For some reason I tuned out all of a sudden.. She had just said "I care about you." Although it was in anger and she was shouting.. she did say as much..


Assam was angry.

But it was like the song..

Last edited:
First Encounter

Its slightly more than a month since I posted about the Bosch case from the Melbourne Airport. Yesterday was our date with the labour commissioner in Bangalore. Two personnel from Bosch had come to represent the company in front of the commissioner.

To accertain if the commissioner did have the authority to arbitrate 2 basic questions were asked. Did I come under the Worker's act and what my salary was.

My lawyer answered that I did come under the Worker's Act as the HR had hired me as a specialist software engineer even though I was asked to do the duties of a project manager. And I answered that my monthly salary was 23750 Rupees. The lady representing bosch pounced and said that my total CTC was 9 Lakhs. She wanted me to not be eligible for remedy based on my income. I was irritated.. CTC means Cost to Company.. I did not want to measured in cost to company.. I had worked for the company for which I was paid a salary, it is rightful payment for work. I am not a 'cost' to the company and therefore the word CTC should not be used. But, I simply pointed to my salary certificate stating that my basic salary was 23750 rupees per month and the company was specifically doing this for the purpose of gaining tax benefits by re-distributing my salary under various names.

As the next step the commissioner asked the bosch representatives if they had any objections to the prayer raised by me. The lady immediately said she did not understand what this was all about and wanted to know what was happening. I couldn't stop myself before I spit out that the documents were submitted long ago and whether they did not know english enough to understand what the issue was. My lawyer stopped me and advised that we should maintain parliamentary behaviour at this time. So I stopped myself.

Still.. Bosch feigning ignorance was quite an irritant to me.

Irrespective, the commissioner asked us to talk among ourselves to see if we can arrive at a compromise and posted a date close to a month away for the next hearing. As we tried to maintain decorum, we had a clear discussion with the lady stating that someone somewhere had caused me to not receive my employment letter causing me to loose a permanent residency application and also my relieving letter was not issued even after 4 months of my resignation causing me to loose a lucrative job. The general attitude of the company seemed to be "kya kar lega?" or "you cannot do anything, what can you do?"

Eventually the argument deterirorated and at one point the male representative with a clean hair cut and an unkempt beard shouted "First learn the local language, then come to us"


The attempt at conciliation in the labour commissioner's office did not work and the two representatives ended up leaving without making much headway. Now we have to wait for the next official date to allow bosch to make objections to our claim.

My Father is a Nobody.

You see the following story transpired in California in 2010.. It was published in wired.com

Kindly spend a few minutes reading the story to understand the relevance here..

The article

A California student got a visit from the FBI this week after he found a secret GPS tracking device on his car, and a friend posted photos of it online. The post prompted wide speculation about whether the device was real, whether the young Arab-American was being targeted in a terrorism investigation and what the authorities would do.

It took just 48 hours to find out: The device was real, the student was being secretly tracked and the FBI wanted its expensive device back, the student told Wired.com in an interview Wednesday.

The answer came when half-a-dozen FBI agents and police officers appeared at Yasir Afifi’s apartment complex in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday demanding he return the device.

Afifi, a 20-year-old U.S.-born citizen, cooperated willingly and said he’d done nothing to merit attention from authorities. Comments the agents made during their visit suggested he’d been under FBI surveillance for three to six months.

An FBI spokesman wouldn’t acknowledge that the device belonged to the agency or that agents appeared at Afifi’s house.

“I can’t really tell you much about it, because it’s still an ongoing investigation,” said spokesman Pete Lee, who works in the agency’s San Francisco headquarters.

Afifi, the son of an Islamic-American community leader who died a year ago in Egypt, is one of only a few people known to have found a government-tracking device on their vehicle.

His discovery comes in the wake of a recent ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals saying it’s legal for law enforcement to secretly place a tracking device on a suspect’s car without getting a warrant, even if the car is parked in a private driveway.

Brian Alseth from the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington state contacted Afifi after seeing pictures of the tracking device posted online and told him the ACLU had been waiting for a case like this to challenge the ruling.

“This is the kind of thing we like to throw lawyers at,” Afifi said Alseth told him.

"It seems very frightening that the FBI have placed a surveillance-tracking device on the car of a 20-year-old American citizen who has done nothing more than being half-Egyptian," Alseth told Wired.com.

Afifi, a business marketing student at Mission College in Santa Clara, discovered the device last Sunday when he took his car to a local garage for an oil change. When a mechanic at Ali’s Auto Care raised his Ford Lincoln LS on hydraulic lifts, Afifi saw a wire sticking out near the right rear wheel and exhaust.

Garage owner Mazher Khan confirmed for Wired.com that he also saw it. A closer inspection showed it connected to a battery pack and transmitter, which were attached to the car with a magnet. Khan asked Afifi if he wanted the device removed and when Afifi said yes, Khan pulled it easily from the car’s chassis.

“I wouldn’t have noticed it if there wasn’t a wire sticking out,” Afifi said.

Later that day, a friend of Afifi’s named Khaled posted pictures of the device at Reddit, asking if anyone knew what it was and if it meant the FBI “is after us.” (Reddit is owned by CondeNast Digital, which also owns Wired.com).

“My plan was to just put the device on another car or in a lake,” Khaled wrote, “but when you come home to 2 stoned off-their-asses people who are hearing things in the device and convinced it's a bomb you just gotta be sure.”

A reader quickly identified it as an Orion Guardian ST820 tracking device made by an electronics company called Cobham, which sells the device only to law enforcement.

No one was available at Cobham to answer Wired.com’s questions, but a former FBI agent who looked at the pictures confirmed it was a tracking device.

The former agent, who asked not to be named, said the device was an older model of tracking equipment that had long ago been replaced by devices that don't require batteries. Batteries die and need to be replaced if surveillance is ongoing so newer devices are placed in the engine compartment and hardwired to the car's battery so they don't run out of juice. He was surprised this one was so easily found.

"It has to be able to be removed but also stay in place and not be seen," he said. "There's always the possibility that the car will end up at a body shop or auto mechanic, so it has to be hidden well. It's very rare when the guys find them."

placed in the engine compartment and hardwired to the car's battery so they don't run out of juice. He was surprised this one was so easily found.

"It has to be able to be removed but also stay in place and not be seen," he said. "There's always the possibility that the car will end up at a body shop or auto mechanic, so it has to be hidden well. It's very rare when the guys find them."

He said he was certain that agents who installed it would have obtained a 30-day warrant for its use.

Afifi considered selling the device on Craigslist before the FBI showed up. He was in his apartment Tuesday afternoon when a roommate told him “two sneaky-looking people” were near his car. Afifi, already heading out for an appointment, encountered a man and woman looking at his vehicle outside. The man asked if Afifi knew his registration tag was expired. When Afifi asked if it bothered him, the man just smiled. Afifi got into his car and headed for the parking lot exit when two SUVs pulled up with flashing lights carrying four police officers in bullet-proof vests.

The agent who initially spoke with Afifi identified himself then as Vincent and told Afifi, “We’re here to recover the device you found on your vehicle. It’s federal property. It’s an expensive piece, and we need it right now.”

Afifi asked, “Are you the guys that put it there?” and the agent replied, “Yeah, I put it there.” He told Afifi, “We’re going to make this much more difficult for you if you don’t cooperate.”

Afifi retrieved the device from his apartment and handed it over, at which point the agents asked a series of questions – did he know anyone who traveled to Yemen or was affiliated with overseas training? One of the agents produced a printout of a blog post that Afifi’s friend Khaled allegedly wrote a couple of months ago. It had “something to do with a mall or a bomb,” Afifi said. He hadn’t seen it before and doesn’t know the details of what it said. He found it hard to believe Khaled meant anything threatening by the post.

“He’s a smart kid and is not affiliated with anything extreme and never says anything stupid like that,” Afifi said. “I’ve known that guy my whole life. “

The agents told Afifi they had other agents outside Khaled’s house.

“If you want us to call them off and not talk to him we can do that,” Afifi said they told him. “That was weird. [...] I didn’t really believe anything they were saying.”

When he later asked Khaled about the post, his friend recalled “writing something stupid,” but said he wasn’t involved in any wrongdoing. Khaled declined to discuss the issue with Wired.com.

The female agent, who handed Afifi a card, identified herself as Jennifer Kanaan and said she was Lebanese. She spoke some Arabic to Afifi and through the course of her comments indicated she knew what restaurants he and his girlfriend frequented. She also congratulated him on his new job. Afifi recently got laid off from his job, but on the same day was hired as an international sales manager of laptops and computers for Cal Micro in San Jose.

“He’s a smart kid and is not affiliated with anything extreme and never says anything stupid like that,” Afifi said. “I’ve known that guy my whole life. “

The agents told Afifi they had other agents outside Khaled’s house.

“If you want us to call them off and not talk to him we can do that,” Afifi said they told him. “That was weird. [...] I didn’t really believe anything they were saying.”

When he later asked Khaled about the post, his friend recalled “writing something stupid,” but said he wasn’t involved in any wrongdoing. Khaled declined to discuss the issue with Wired.com.

The female agent, who handed Afifi a card, identified herself as Jennifer Kanaan and said she was Lebanese. She spoke some Arabic to Afifi and through the course of her comments indicated she knew what restaurants he and his girlfriend frequented. She also congratulated him on his new job. Afifi recently got laid off from his job, but on the same day was hired as an international sales manager of laptops and computers for Cal Micro in San Jose.

The agents also knew he was planning a short business trip to Dubai in a few weeks. Afifi said he often travels for business and has two teenage brothers in Egypt whom he supports financially. They live with an aunt. His U.S.-born mother, who divorced his father five years ago, lives in Arizona.

Afifi’s father, Aladdin Afifi, was a U.S. citizen and former president of the Muslim Community Association here, before his family moved to Egypt in 2003. Yasir Afifi returned to the United States alone in 2008, while his father and brothers stayed in Egypt, to further his education he said. He knows he’s on a federal watchlist and is regularly taken aside at airports for secondary screening.

Six months ago, a former roommate of his was visited by FBI agents who said they wanted to speak with Afifi. Afifi contacted one agent and was told the agency received an anonymous tip from someone saying he might be a threat to national security. Afifi told the agent he was willing to answer questions if his lawyer approved. But after Afifi’s lawyer contacted the agency, he never heard from the feds again until he found their tracking device.

“I don’t think they were surprised that I found it,” he told Wired.com. “I’m sure they knew when I found it. [...] One of the first questions they asked me was if I was at a mechanics shop last Sunday. I said yes, that’s where I found this stupid device under my car.”

Afifi's attorney, who works for the civil liberties-focused Council on American Islamic Relations, said this kind of tracking is more egregious than the kind her office usually sees.

"The idea that it escalates to this level is unusual," said Zahra Billoo. "We take about one new case each week relating to FBI or law enforcement visits [to clients]. Generally they come to the individual's house or workplace, and there are issues that arise from that."

However, she said that after learning about Afifi's experience, other lawyers in her organization told her they knew of two people in Ohio who also recently discovered tracking devices on their vehicles.

Afifi's encounter with the FBI ended with the agents telling him not to worry.

“We have all the information we needed,” they told him. “You don’t need to call your lawyer. Don’t worry, you’re boring. “

They shook his hand and left.

Link to the article - Caught spying on student, FBI demands Tracker back


Now this kid's father was top-notch and he was well known in society therefore he was able to get what happened to him printed.

In my case, my father is a nobody and as he is orthodox brahmin and sitting in India all his life, he cannot even comprehend that someone could do such a thing. And so.. no one believed me when I first landed in India and tried to tell people what happened. People still dont believe..

But then...

My father is a nobody.
Cruel? Yes.

Its another day and another flight.. I am at the lounge at Chennai airport waiting for my red eye flight to Singapore. Just remembering the events of the last two days.

On Saturday I had gone out with joel and sami. We went to ennai nokki payum thota movie. I thought it was good. I liked the narration style and the jumps in timeline to accentuate a little bit of confusion in the viewer.. making him put in that little bit of effort to put things in perspective and understand what was happening.

After the movie we had a late lunch.. I had found a hotel offering buffet the day before and took the two of them there.. but unfortunately for some reason there was no buffet so we had to satisfy ourselves with an unlimited meals. The meals was good.. so much so that our paleo man joel ate fully and patted his bulging stomach when we walked out.. hahaha…

As we sat talking in the office after the heavy lunch.. I professed my desire to go after the bad elements in society.. I felt like taking a stick the behinds of every bad twit around me.. that’s what I said. Joel interjected, he said, “that’s how everybody feels pv”. But no one can actually do it, there are a lot of practical difficulties. That’s why we are all sitting quietly and complaining.

I thought to myself, why should I keep quiet? Why not file a lawsuit against every illegal act that I see? After all if everyone had thought no one could touch her then jayalalitha would never have seen jail. I was so sick of it all, the almost normalcy of corruption in society, everyone cheating everyone else, everyone looking to take advantage of the next person at every instant.

Still ruminating over these thoughts I returned home, only to end up in another fight with my father. I guess no father will see eye to eye with any son. But in my case it was a bit too much. So I thought, lets sit down and try to talk about our differences. I called my dad and told him to sit beside me for two minutes. As always he dismissively asked what I wanted to say without sitting down. But I gently requested him again to sit down. After a bit of fuss, he sat down… and I started to ask..

Why was it that he was always against me and supporting my younger brother B? He said he was not supporting anyone. I pushed it a little more. I pointed out that I paid his educational loan and when I try to ask B to repay, my dad always sides with my brother and ends up implying that I should not ask anything. Now the loan was quite a sizeable amount and I basically emptied my entire life’s savings to clear the loan because my bro had kept my grandmother’s house as security to the loan. And to top it, he stopped attending classes in the second year saying he was depressed. I knew there was no way we will be able to repay once the interest rates start to compound. So I immediately fished out all the money I had and cleared the loan. Seven years later when he finally came home, I gently asked him whether he can come up with a plan or schedule to repay the loan. He simply said No. I was shocked but I did not quite know how to respond to the situation so I kept quiet as he packed his bags and left for Australia.

Later I again emailed him requesting him to repay. He sent a long mail saying how he did not have money and he was on the streets unable to pay his bills and such. I believed him and stopped bothering him.

Around May of 2017 I went to Hobart myself and found that my dear bro was living in a lavish locality in a three bed apartment and owned two cars one of which was a 20k Merc. I was astonished. I asked my brother why he had bought the costly Merc and he could have repaid me instead of buying it. He said he was assistant manager now and had to show his status. I again pushed and said that I had paid everything I had when he needed it and it is only normal to expect him to do the same. He bluntly said “I am not you. I want quality of life.”

Quality of life?

What the bloody hell?

But I left it there. Later I tried to broach the topic multiple times and sent him many emails but he simply did not reply and completely ignored me. He later got a job as a manager and started earning 80,000 AUD per year. Its been two years after that now.
When I tried to tell my father how unfair it was, my father sided with my brother and said that my father was the one who took the money from me and B had never asked me to pay. He also said B was struggling in daily life with multiple illness and doctor visits.

I told him what I saw in Hobart and also explained that in Australia there was something called medicare which took the bite out of your medical expenses. But my father will not accept what I said. He simply parroted what my bro had told him over the phone. Trying to tell him B was living a kings life in Australia only fell on deaf years.

At one point I had also requested B to sign a home loan in Tasmania. The Tasmanian government was offering a free 20k First Home Owner Grant to people who were building a house for the first time. I had said that I will make the down payment for the loan and also take care of the EMIs. All he needs to do is to sign the loan, get the 20k from the government and then transfer the loan to me. This would have meant that he had paid a sumptuous part of my money without taking anything out of his pocket as it was the government which paid 20,000 australian dollars. But no. B wanted half the property if he was going to sign the loan. I tried my best to instil sense into his line of thought and explained that he was the one who had to pay me and he was, for all practical purposes, not making any payment at all towards the home loan. Therefore, he could not claim ownership of anything. As you already know that made a lot of sense to him.

As I sat there on Saturday evening talking to my father, I recollected all this and told him to not let this continue. I requested him to get B to pay something like an emi to me to pay off the loan. For this my father said he is sending me a few hundred dollars a month, if you are willing to take it, then take it. I was getting angry. I pointed out I paid 20 lakhs 10 years ago and its probably worth twice that much now if I had put it in a Fixed Deposit. But my father would not budge. I tried my best to point out that If they had taken a bank loan, they could not have told the bank that they will not make any EMI payments but will give only a few hundred dollars a month which does not even match an interest only monthly payment and that too may not come every month.

Finally, I got exasperated and told him I will move legally against B . My father said, do what you can. B never took any money from you. You gave the money to my account and moreover no one asked you for the money.

I boiled at what he had said. If I had not paid the loan in 2011, we would have lost the house as B took 4 years and 8 months to finish his MBA. He also did not know that I had already sought legal advice in Melbourne in this matter and my father’s nonchalance was burning a hole right through me. To calm down, I called assam. She talked to me for some time and pointed out that if I took legal action, my father will only be in the firing line because legally I put the money in my father’s account. She suggested that the best way to get back is to become better in life than everyone else without creating a big issue out of our differences.

I really thought about it a whole lot..

Here I was wanting to take legal action against just about everyone in Chennai and I was unable to do anything in the case of my own brother?

Still.. I stopped myself.

I remembered the incident when we were kids. I was trying to work on the computer and my bro was fooling around with me and pushing the keyboard or pulling my hair alternately. I got really angry got up and kicked him. Seeing me get up, my bro turned to run and in the spur of the moment, my foot connected with his behind hitting his balls. He screamed. I knew something had happened and started to run when he tried to get at me. But he could not run and quickly sat down. I could see pain contorting his face and he said “Do you know how much it hurts?”

Instantly there was a pang of pain in my heart for having made my brother suffer that intense pain. But there was nothing I could do, I could not just take the pain away from him and suffer it myself. So from then I made sure I never hurt him because I knew that I could hurt him easily and once I did hurt him, I could not take it back.

But now. I don’t know what to do.

Sunday morning as I woke up, my father called me to give coffee. I quietly drank it and sat down. After sometime he called me to eat food. Something about his smug face when he called me completely made me loose it. After every fight, he always puts on this smug face and asks me to come and eat. Almost like saying you have to come back to me only. He knew I could and would do nothing against my brother. And that thought hurt me a lot.

Something clicked in my head and I just booked a flight to Melbourne, packed and left for the airport. I had quickly finished typing up the claim to be filed in the Magistrates court in Melbourne. I am definitely going to file a claim in the Magistrates court as soon as I land tomorrow.

Lets see if I really cannot do anything to back the sincere act saving the house..

Quality of life???

My foot.

The following is the claim that I will be filing..

B Parthasarathy had in January 2010, at the time of starting his MBA degree in University of Tasmania, availed an education loan of Twenty hundred thousand Indian rupees after presenting our family house as collateral security to the bank.

When contacted in August 2011, B Parthasarathy had informed that he had not been attending classes and had also failed in some subjects and thus was unable to complete the degree in the stipulated 1.5 years.

Seeing that the loan repayment was not happening and B Parthasarathy had also not completed his degree, Krishnan Parthasarathy came forward and paid off the loan by emptying his savings to save the family house which was held in the family for 3 generations.

Krishnan had paid a total sum of Sixteen hundred thousand Indian rupees in August 2011.

When Krishnan Parthasarathy during his lean patch of unemployment, requested B Parthasarathy to repay the money that was paid towards the educational loan, B Parthasarathy had bluntly stated the following.. “I am not you. I want quality of life and cannot repay you”. B Parthasarathy has ignored all further email communications requesting repayment. He has also ignored a notice both mailed and emailed to him by the Peninsula Community Legal Centre in Frankston, Victoria and avoids all contact aimed at mutually resolving the issue.

It may be noted that, after B Parthasarathy eventually completed the MBA after 4 years and 8 months, he got placed as an assistant store manager in Big W starting 2015 in Hobart with an annual salary of 50,000 AUD. B Parthasarathy has been employed ever since 2015 and has currently been earning 80,000 AUD per annum for the past two years. He has not paid a single dollar to Krishnan Parthasarathy till date.

It has to be highlighted that the parents of Krishnan and B are also not sympathetic to Krishnan Parthasarathy’s request for repayment for reasons best known to them and have made no effort to resolve the differences. This has further aggravated the pain and helplessness of Krishnan Parthasarathy given that he had selflessly emptied his savings.

Given the agony inflicted by B Parthasarathy by completely ignoring requests for repayment, Krishnan Parthasarathy now requests that his repayment of the educational loan be deemed as a personal loan to B Parthasarathy and he be asked to repay the amount along with interest at a rate of interest equivalent to the personal loan interest rate prevalent in India in August 2011 when the payment was made by Krishnan Parthasarathy.

It is requested to be noted that B Parthasarathy is a habitual, degenerate liar and a con artist. He managed to give our family house in the name of our grandmother who is still alive as collateral security to an Indian bank without anyone knowing about this. He could not complete a full time Bachelor’s degree and his part time degree was obtained from a university known for its dubious reputation in issuing part time degrees. But he has somehow managed to obtain admit in a full time MBA degree. He has also taken 4.8 years to complete his MBA requirements and still gained a degree. Through these misrepresentations and hair’s breadth escapes, he has managed to get permanent resident visa and also citizenship within one year of getting his permanent residency.


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Dont start a riot

Her name was neeraja. She was attractive and healthy. She spoke tamil, that is, until she began talking in malayalam to the girl sitting next to me. It seems she was born in India and shifted to Singapore and then did her masters in the UK. Now married to an accountant in Oz, she was taking the flight to melbourne. She was seated next to me. Yup. I was seated in the middle of two young women on a 8 hour flight to Melbourne from Singapore...


I remembered my friend quip when I last told him about the time I had a hot babe sitting next to me on a flight. The literal translation to english would be something like.. "Even if that happened.." but the real purport of the word/phrase is.. even if what you are saying had truly happened, it was of no use because you are not going to do much or get much out of the situation.

Which is true.. I am never really going to be able to get out of the brahmin conservative mindset that I was brought up with. That is the primary reason I have not been able to get myself a girlfriend or spend a night at the local brothel. But yes.. I am working on it.. I am sure I will end up on the lap of some girl who is willing to screw a middle aged man just for the novelty of it. Lets see...

Quite talkative and not having anything else to do anyway, Neeraja and I started talking. The flight was delayed from take off due to a passenger being ill and the flight having to return to the bay.

Eventually as the flight took off almost 2 hours late, we had had quite a talk and did not have much to say to each other. I turned to the other girl on my left and asked her what her name was. She said Chandni. It seems she was also travelling from India to Melbourne to meet her family who were already there. she had just passed out of college and had been working in a software firm for only a year. Easy to smile shyly, she responded to most of the questions I asked her. But then I too was tired and decided to sleep a bit. I woke about 4 hours into the flight and saw that both the girls were bored. There was no in-flight entertainment on scoot you see. After a bit of chit chat, I went back to sleep.

As I woke up again, the air hostess was announcing that they were approaching melbourne and we need to keep our seat belts on. I could sense neeraja's relief after sitting doing nothing for more than 10 hours. Chandni was just bent over leaning into the seat in front. She too must have been really tired from the abnormally long flight. And thats when it struck me..

Why not try a social engineering experiment..?


I started another conversation with neeraja and told her that I was going to share the truth about myself to her and would like to know her true reaction. I noted that since we were not obviously going to see each other after the flight.. It should not be a problem to either of us to be 100 percent truthful. And I told her the gist of my story in the next 8-10 mins.. schizophrenia, hospitals, engagement cancelled, excellent work experience, my book and finally.. Assam.

I told her that since I knew that my life was going no where, I wanted to start acting like the protagonists of the indian movies of the mid 90's.. These movies usually depicted the story of a straight forward, simpleton who undergoes traumatic events and becomes a rowdy much like a sword etched by fire and goes after all the badies in the world.

I told her I was going to get myself a menial 8 hour job in Melbourne and spend atleast a week in India every month where I will file legal cases against all the dirty politicians, baddies and you know.. the rest.. I also told her about the 50 million case against Bosch that I had already filed to enunciate the fact that I was being very serious.

Her eyes widened slightly. She asked " Do you really think you will get money from Bosch?" . "No." I said. I dont think I will get any money at all from the court case. But I just wanted a judgement that clearly went against me. I would then use that judgement and present the emails with Bosch to the Australian courts. This would prove that Bosch was open to using unethical and anti-labour activities when and wherever this was possible. I would aver that they would do the same in Australia if they could and thus needed to be stopped from operating anywhere. Nope. It would not result in anything. But it would create a ripple. At least a few would turn around. Maybe someone will notice the poor labour conditions in India.

Maybe something will change.

I was willing to bet on the small 'Maybe' in the above sentence. I also wanted to try and question dirty politicians legally in court. If everyone had thought that nothing could be done about our earlier CM Jayalalitha, she would never have seen jail. Somebody did not think so. And thus today is happening.

Similarly I want to be the somebody who questions things. You do realize that someone has to do it. And I actually qualify for the position.. with no real life, no future, no family, just single old me.

Just for the bravado.. let me add the following..

Saying that someone robbed you is just a normal affair, anyone would do it. Going out and catching the thief is what a real man should do.

To be hundred percent truthful and grounded in reality, this should end up something like in the movie "Evano Oruvan" with me dieing in some unknown location trying to go back home and the poor police officer forever regreting that it was he who had to pull the trigger...

Trailer of Evano Oruvan...

Evano Oruvan was the remake of the original Dombivli fast in 2005.

After listening to everything, she said, I think you should concentrate on trying to make a difference in the life of the one person who said she will be by your side, Assam. Yes, by going after badies, bosch and all you might make a difference (or may not) in many lives. That we are not sure about. But what we are sure about is that you can really make a difference in Assam's life because she says she will be with you.

I retorted that Assam is always saying that she will leave me and that we are getting into fights every other day or so. But she just said.."She did not leave you, did she?"

Neeraja had this to say to sum it up.

It is all good and nice to see that you are willing to go around beating baddies with a stick. But it does not really happen in real life. And it is my request to you that even if you are really going to go after wrong-doers, try to do it in a realistic and sane manner. Dont start a riot.

Its a different matter that Assam has now left following the irreconciliable argument that started between us on the very same day as this flight. She had been angry that I had boarded this flight to melbourne even after we had specifically agreed that we would spend 6-8 months in India after marriage. She was also angry about how I could take my brother to court, with him being my family. This made her to stop all communication with me.

Now that I really dont have anything in life..

Dont start a riot... She said.. hmm..
My first bad-ass act

This year after reaching melbourne, I had decided to widen my job search to just about everything unlike my last two trips to australia. Pursuant to this, I had also visited the neuro-psychiatry department of university of melbourne. I talked to the people there and told them that I had schizophrenia and expressed my interest in doing research on this area by joining their team.

Was I right in writing these emails?

You tell me.

The following is the email goodness of all that transpired..


From: "Krishnan Parthasarathy"
Sent: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 11:02:46

Subject: Referred by Andrew - Interested in research on schizophrenia

Hello Barbara,

Can you please forward this email and my credentials to someone who might be able to help me join research in the field of schizophrenia?

It was suggested by Andrew that I attach my transcripts/resume and send the same to you. So I am attaching my Bachelor and Masters transcripts here. I have done Masters degree through research in electronics and antenna design at the University of Cincinnati, USA. Top 95% scores in GRE helped me secure a scholarship for my Masters degree. I have also published my research as a book through a german publisher and it is available on Amazon.com

I did try to email you from my regular email on rediffmail.com but I saw that the email had bounced so resending the details.

I have been diagnosed with symptoms of schizophrenia, related delusions and auditory hallucinations. But I have been stable for the past 5 years on minimum medication. I am very interested in studying about schizophrenia, how it affects the brain and the physical requirements which increases the possibility for a person to get schizophrenia. When experiencing auditory hallucinations, I was able to make a certain amount of observations which were really striking in content. I would like to study these aspects. For example, the voices were able to predict what was going to happen. If the voices were merely some neurones misfiring resulting in myself believing that I am hearing voices... then how is it possible for those voices to know the future when I cannot guess what is going to happen the next second.

I do know from reading google scholarly articles that the primary culprit is seemingly dopamine receptors. I would like to research on what are all the other physical contributing factors. When it comes to the question of nature versus nurture, I am interested in exploring all the occurrences in nature which help in the manifestation of schizophrenia.


Link to my thesis is - https://etd.ohiolink.edu/pg_10?::NO:10:P10_ETD_SUBID:81028
Link to my book is - https://www.amazon.com/Mutual-Coupling-Patch-Antennas/dp/3844309322



From: "Krishnan Parthasarathy"
Sent: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 15:39:36 GMT+1000

Subject: Re: Referred by Andrew - Interested in research on schizophrenia

Hello Barbara,

I do not seem to have received any reply or update to my email after I talked to you over the phone.

Can you see if you can help me understand what is happening?



From: "Krishnan Parthasarathy"
Sent: Mon, 23 Sep 2019 04:23:47 GMT+0530
Subject: Re: Referred by Andrew - Interested in research on schizophrenia


I don't seem to have received a reply yet.. Pretty sure you would have contacted if there was an interest already.. But just pushing a little bit..

Can you let me know if I am being considered or not..?


Sent from RediffmailNG on Android


From: "Krishnan Parthasarathy"
Sent: Sun, 10 Nov 2019 21:50:18 GMT+0530
Subject: Re: Referred by Andrew - Interested in research on schizophrenia

Hello Ms. Barbara,

I don't seem to have received any reply at all..

It is slightly annoying to notice that you don't seem to be considered me worthy enough for even a emailed reply.

Since I am a bit annoyed I am also emboldened to note that in the unwelcome event that the voices do call on me again, I will end up discussing the disrespect shown by Prof. Pantelis. Maybe the voices will predict something bad for him..? Or worse.. Suggest that I take unilateral action..?

Anyways.. Do forward this mail to pantelis so he is adequately informed. Forewarned is forearmed.


A stock reply that you received a lot of interest from highly qualified people who are better suited for the position will just not work.. Especially after the fact that I am now irritated.


Sent from RediffmailNG on Android


From: Andrew King
Sent: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 04:34:32 GMT+0530
Subject: Please Contact

Morning Krishnan,

My name is Andrew King I am the University of Melbourne’s Investigation Officer. Could you please call me on 8344 1259 to discuss your contact and emails to the university.

Kindest Regards,

Andrew King |

Investigations & Communications Coordinator

Department |University Services/Security

215 Grattan Street, Carlton

The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia

T: + 61 3 83441259 | E:

www.facebook.com/unimelb | twitter.com/unimelb | www.unimelb.edu.au


Hello Andrew,

I am traveling right now and will be available for a detailed discussion Monday forenoon. Please feel free to reach me after 9am at 0475927460.


Sent from RediffmailNG on Android


From: Andrew King
Sent: Wed, 13 Nov 2019 08:25:29 GMT+0530
Subject: Please Contact

Afternoon Krishnan,

Thank you for getting back to me.

When you say Monday before noon, do you mean next Monday?

Can you advise where you are travelling?

Kindest Regards,

Andrew King |

Investigations & Communications Coordinator

Department |University Services/Security

215 Grattan Street, Carlton

The University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia

T: + 61 3 83441259 | E:

www.facebook.com/unimelb | twitter.com/unimelb | www.unimelb.edu.au


That seems to be a lot of questions from someone i do not yet know.

Can you please email me what you want from my side? I would prefer to stick to email communication for now.


Sent from RediffmailNG on Android



I seem to have received an email from university of Melbourne's security services. They were asking about the emails and contact I might have had with the university.

I am pretty sure you were the people with whom I have been communicating and was wondering if you had some reason to initiate the email from the security people.

I hope I have not done something that would be so wrong as to require security people to interfere. If I had done something to that effect, I would like to apologise.

Please do pass on this email also to the professor, I am reasonably driven in the interest of research, and after our email communications, to meet him in person.

Looking forward to be able to meet you or the Professor at some point in the future.. I am sure it will end up being an occasion to remember.


Sent from RediffmailNG on Android


From: MNC Executive
Sent: Thu, 28 Nov 2019 09:36:42 GMT+0530
Subject: Mr Krishnan Parthasarathy - Expression of Interest

Dear Mr Parthasarathy,

We received your details and CV and your expression of interest in a position at our centre. Thank you for considering our centre and interest in our work. Please be advised that we do not have any positions available, nor advertised as available at this time.

We see from your CV detailing your many accomplishments that you have undertaken significant work in your area of expertise, including publishing a book on Patch antennas. While this is certainly impressive, this area of work does not overlap with the work we undertake.

It is important to note that our research staff and students, who come from all over the world, are on fellowships or scholarships that they have won in order to undertake research relevant to our centre.

We note that you have referred in your correspondence to experiencing voices and hope that you are able to make contact with a specialist or other healthcare provider to help manage this. A useful contact number may be – Healthdirect, t: 1800 022 222 (https://www.healthdirect.gov.au).

We understand that our inability to accommodate your request may frustrate you, but it is not acceptable to use harassing language.

As there is nothing further that we can offer, we respectfully advise that we will not enter into any further correspondence or other contact or communications with our staff.

Yours truly,

Executive, Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre

The University of Melbourne


Given your current response to the events that have transpired. I respectfully regret that I might have used unnecessary sentences in my communication with university of melbourne.

I will not initiate further contact.


Sent from RediffmailNG on Android
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Vaadi En Tammil Selvi...

As is obvious.. assam and I are always ending up fighting.. most of it is centered around my posting on this forums and sharing my personal incidents..

I did delete all my posts on facebook linking to this forum thread but just as I managed to text my luv that all her wishes were fulfilled, I was forced to post regarding that foreigner masquerading as indian brahmin.

It has always been nation first and house next to me da. I cannot change that... right from trying for defence posting after graduating in India.. I think I did elaborate about my tryst with the UPSC exams and the army/air force barracks..

So you see.. I had to get the word out.. especially when BBC and other world media are harping on online trending topics.. we really dont want some foreign ass to make stupid topics trend in the name of indians.. I hope she realizes it..

For now.. I am dedicating this song.. for actually making this affair not so easy and making me work for every second of our relationship just like in the lyrics of this song.. I must say, it has made me like her all the more.. giggles.. but of course.. the heroine keerthi suresh in this movie is much much better than her.. hey... keerthi is an actress.. giggles..

What to do..

I have a labour hearing on the bosch case in bangalore on March 23rd this month. I booked the tickets for travel on March 22nd last month itself. But now with the way things are turning out for Corona virus.. I dont know what to do.

The thing is, the hearing is at a point where we have to decide if we have enough to go on to the High Court and file a case which might eventually lead to a legal amendment to the labour laws to account for rampant labour law violating IT companies.
Plumbing new depths..

I thought she looked nice. Yup.. she was definitely nice. But I did not know her name at that time. Actually I still dont know her name, maybe I should google it sometime.

Sorry.. I am just a little distracted right now.. Forty Year old virgin is running on cable. Double LoL.. It was a Faaaantastically funny movie which came out when I was in my early 20s and I was in University. Bloody awesome I must say.. It still is actually. That was also the first time I saw seth rogan and paul rudd on film. They became a hit later by their own..

Well.. coming back to the nice lady. She is an actress actually. And that was the first time I saw her. But she was way too slim.. I know thats how most people seem to like it these days.. gone are the 80s.. The movie was Alla Vaikuntapuramulo.. You see, the court appointment with bosch ended and I came to the bus stand only to find that the next available seat was on the 11.30pm bus and it was only 5pm. Well.. I could not really sit in the bus stand all by myself.. so I asked the ticket reservation guy in a little bit of english, tamil, hindi and kannada where the nearest theatre was.. he told me to just walk for about 15 mins down the road and I did just that.. There was a theatre there and I could not really read the name of the movie running at that time.. But there seemed to be a reasonable crowd so I thought it being a evening show, lets check it out.. Bought the ticket and went in.. When the movie started only did I realize it was a telugu movie. But it was funny and the songs were peppy. And she was in it..

Anyways.. I thought the steps they put in the "OMG Daddy" song were pretty cool. Anyway, the movie ended.. I walked out and caught the bus back.

Well.. lets fast forward to now..

I kind of spent beyond my last dollar and dont know what to do now. I did sign up for the self-employed / ABN based / contracting job delivering courier. But after the van rental, diesel and parking fines and the hits I am pretty much left with nothing and I still have two parking tickets to take care of. So I ended up at Centrelink asking for help. Well.. that too did not quite work out.. they made some residency calculations and once again gave me a date 3 months in the future when I will be eligible for support. oops..

so ya... I am pretty deep now and still plumbing forward..

Oh yes.. there is the 23rd March court date too.. But I already booked the tickets and now we have the corona phenomenon where even India has decided to block travellers.. now how the heck did that happen.. India.. actually moving its big big.a*s... wow... modi anyone??

hahahaha.. bloody hell. the final song is playing in the 40 year old virgin.. "Theres the sunshine.. Theres the sunshine .. " If you have watched the movie.. you are laughing right now.. Yup, I can see you.. lol.

Anyway, back to the present. With all the things that has been going on, I almost missed some interesting things..

Did you know.. One day when I was out delivering in my van, I had parked my van in one of those maze like roads around Crown in downtown. And I went out to deliver a package. When I came back, nothing seemed to have happened. i.e. until I got into the driver seat and pulled the door shut. To my surprise, there was no glass on the driver side window. I was shocked. I looked around and there was no shattered glass, so no one had broken in.. right? But I started the van anyways and as I started to drive off, I noticed that the window had been brought down.

I just stopped.


I mean.. it was a power window.. so the engine had to be on to bring the window down.

Wait.. so...

Yeah.. I too did not understand it.. what the hell just happened.. It was a parked van.. and someone got into it, not only got into it, but also managed to start the van. Now, why the hell would someone go to all the trouble of opening the door, starting the van and then just leave it there like nothing happened.. only just lowered the driver side door?

You see.. same stupid things happened in the US... woould u believe it?

Since I have already been in this situation I already know that i cannot do anything about what just happened.

Really.. if you go to the police, they are just going to ask.. was anything broken? was anything taken? you still have the van? .. so whats your problem .. go home.

That really is the answer that you get.

But it just happened to you. And you.. know.

Its that just a prick by a small pin which no one else notices and no one else takes seriously. But the pin had pricked you. So you felt the sharp pain and shock and you know.. that something just happened even if no one would take it seriously.

What if these pin pricks happened repeatedly and quickly.. you start looking around.. you start watching everyone around you.. and so the slippery slide starts.. and if someone complained that you might be having a problem, you could end up being medicated ..

Ok Stop..

But there was something else I noticed now after the corona started to fly around.. usually my phone is always full and I am always asked to clean up space in my phone every other day because of whatsapp.. guess what happened.. now I seem to have around 1.5 GB of space in my phone all of a sudden.

ok ..

Maybe the programming got better.. better memory management and lo.. behold.. I have a gigabyte and half extra in my phone.

Yeah.. what else..

Oh.. almost forgot to mention.. Did you know..? when i try to record a phone conversation, google android asks me a whole lot of questions like do you want to allow this to access your file, this to access your phone, this to manage your calls.. etc.. etc..

But.. I just found that two of my calls were recorded on my phone..

Big deal.. some button got pressed and the calls went to record automatically.. whats your problem..??

Technically no problems..


If you noticed which calls were recorded.. they were both calls which came to me from Landlines. One was from new zealand and the other was from centrelink which comes in as a unknown caller. And these were the only numbers from which I had never got calls before. If someone were hacking into my calls they would not have had a clue as to where this was coming from.


By God... Did the 19th century never exist? did we just jump into this world of smartphones and 21st century just like that..

Well it used to be that when you wanted to tap a phone which were all landlines earlier.. you needed to get a court order to do so.. where an actual judge will decide if the person in question is a problem to society or not. But you see they never updated the laws to wireless.. just about anyone sitting in a van can hack into your calls if you are not using a wired phone because its all in the airwaves baby. So technically they have nothing to get on the other end .. so to speak..

ok. F**k everything.. how did the calls get recorded in the first place? Even now, when I try to record my call .. as in today evening.. google kept asking me if I want to grant permission to a thousand things and still would not let me record ..

Oh fuck.. I am loosing it .. again.. am I not..

pssshhhhhh... lets talk about something fun.. like bosch...

Did I tell you that the bangalore commissioner has given in writing that it is not in his jurisdiction and it must be acted on by the chennai guy.. and the chennai guy gave in writing that it is not his responsibility..



Things are getting warmed up..

Two government officials have given in writing and one of them is neglecting his duty..

My very first bullets in this fight were just handed to me.. If we goto court.. I think we have something..

I am imagining.. something like this song.. what do you say ..

Sitharala sirapadu.. from Alla vaikuntapuramulo..
(psst I have no clue what the lyrics mean.. but the video should do it.. What say.. )
This was written during my hiatus from tamilbrahmins.com .. just before the three previous posts..

Jan 2020 -- Happy New year

Well.. Now starts the second half of my life..

I now realise that brahmin upliftment cannot be delineated from and is not independent of overall societal cleanup. Therefore I will be doing all that is necessary to bring out corrupt people in my state and filing legal cases based on RTIs. This will be done from the relative safety of my residence in Oz just so I avoid hooligans and psychos attached to politicis from attacking me.

As regards to assam, she has now forced me to take all my records offline and I have. Somehow I cannot let go of Assam and I am beginning to be afraid that she knows this. She is actually making me work.. to have her beside me. Lets see how that goes.

I am now trying to see if I can find and convince a journalist to cover the events as I try to go after corruption in a planned and phased manner. There might be a lawyer who will be interested in this. But I am not sure if he will play ball.

Lets push some buttons..

Settlement for Labour case against Bosch

Wed, Jan 8, 12:30 AM (3 days ago)


Irrespective of my previous emails to Vijay Ratnaparkhe and the eventual legal notice, I believe you have not taken me seriously till now. I hope that changes quickly. I am an internationally educated post-graduate and a drop out of MBA in IIT Madras. So do pay attention.

Nowadays, people cannot wait to slip a bomb under your behind when you are not looking. But there used to be a time before the start of kali yuga and even at the start of Mahabharatha, when people used to openly declare an interest to attack and warn their opponents to try and save themselves. It is said that as the sun set on each subsequent day of the Mahabharatha war, it also meant the end of yet another set of rules of engagement. But I am going to tell you that I am going to target you just like in the days of myth.

The following is what I intend to do.

I started legal action against Bosch in Bangalore in the first week of October. I believe our next date is on January 24th. In the next few months, I intend to take this case to an international court citing inordinate delays in even reaching the steps of a labour court.

I have an Australian PR and have access to Australian, German and even US courts. The case against you is pretty straight forward and all evidence is documented. I do not foresee any problems for any international court to rule in a short period itself. Once a ruling is received, I will be requesting the Ministry of Commerce and also Labour to close all Bosch subsidiaries in India for corrupt and unethical practices at the management level. Calling the Directors including the foreign ones to depose might not be out of the question.
None of the above is impossible at this time and I do not intend to back down.

If there is interested in a settlement, please send an appropriately empowered person to the Labour commissioners office for the legal appointment on January 24th.

Bosch has been declaring an average of 1500 Crores profit 'after tax' annually to the Indian government for the last five years. I believe this is possible because of your abuse of employees like me. At a minimum, I would be expecting a donation, I would also need to be appointed as a Non-Executive, Independent Director of RBEI with no legal or financial culpability for a period of 5 years.

This email is written for no other reason except specifically to avoid the circumstances where Bosch India might claim that they did not have an opportunity to settle amicably out of court and delay the proceedings when I am in the final stages of pushing for closure of Bosch India.

Good luck.


Nice People Never Loose..
They Win Before The Game Ever Begins..

What do you think? is the wording correct? Will it push the right buttons?

Aspiring for Assam..

And yet again.. in KL.. in one of many stopovers that has become part of my life nowadays.. but lets get down to what I am trying to write about now..

I know most of you have read the Srimad Bhagawatham.. I too have done the same to some extent.

In my limited understanding, I did notice this particular verse where it says the following..

It is said that, to pass through the gauntlet of life without being burned by the fire that is karma, a man should be equidistant from falling prey to the love of a woman as also being attracted to childish sounds emitted by a newly born. It was noted that these two were the pinnacles of karmic clamps laid down by this material world of maya to retain a person from moving onto other realms.

I must say that I am now struggling as I have become ensnared in the procreative need for the comfort of a woman companion. And thus, I am again and again trying to woo assam back to me even though she has blocked me totally. In the last 6 months I have become accustomed to her care although I have been on my own for the past 40 years of my life.. now that she is not responding, I am yearning for that care from her.

She had not wanted me to post blogs of my personal life online. And now, she did not want me to move to Australia and is telling me to stay in India. Well, it was like I dont have to do it.. but I have to do it.. To give a little more clarity, she had said, if you want to go to australia then you go. You can be free and decide what you want to do. But call me only if you decide to come back. !!!!??

I have a good mind to just dump everything and go hook up with white women who are aplenty where I am going. But assam had left her job for me. Thinking that I will marry her, she had left her full time job and took up a work from home job so that she can move and come to live where I get a job. Actually, she had been ok with the idea of going wherever I got a job. I dont know from where this idea got into her mind that we have to live in India and not in Australia. But since it is there now, she is saying she is even willing to not get married rather than go to australia.

So you see, I dont really know what to do at this juncture. I will be happy to move on to other people if I can somehow judge that she really wants to leave. But I really dont know if that is the case or if she is just exhibiting her feminine need to have control over her partner. The type of need which can only be satisfied by the reassurance gained when the partner does exactly what she wants.

What do you think..?
Earlier may one or two pages before this thread is like reading another chetan bhagat but after reading all the post after that, now I got a feeling you are really like a tamil serial director showing with mixing of so many current events bla bla etc to run the serial into too many episodes and also includes some for TRP too
Earlier may one or two pages before this thread is like reading another chetan bhagat but after reading all the post after that, now I got a feeling you are really like a tamil serial director showing with mixing of so many current events bla bla etc to run the serial into too many episodes and also includes some for TRP too

It is a monologue, please read post #13 and #20.

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