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My Pursuit - 2 (Redefining what I thought needs to be done)


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In many cases kindness is misplaced .

There is no sense in oozing kindness for the undeserving at the same time feeling the fellow deserved it for

what all he did.

It is almost like feeding street dogs and stray buffaloes blocking the roads .

All are humans.

They need to cope with what happens to them out of their own acts.

No need for strangers to shed crocodile tears for anyone"s plight.

Millions have something happening to them all the time.

We need not promote a breast beating agency in tamil brahmins forum


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Post#20 was to the point.
Post#39 does not belong to this thread.
In light of post#41, it makes a mockery of people responding to this thread as the original poster does not deserve any sympathy.
It is a waste of time, as it is a reality show hatched.


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Well Lets jump over the nuisances a bit..

on with my story..


I dont know why I thought of her. But she was the only true crush in my life. Excepting of course the one in 8th std.. then in 9th.. then in XI std.. 3rd Sem of college... no wait.. where was I??

Sanja.. shes one of the best. Now, how did I meet her?.. I still remember it clearly, I had just landed in cincinnati and come to the university. I was staying with my friend from high school and looking for a parttime job. Since I got to the US late, I was unable to get any good parttime jobs. Everything was filled.

It was late in the evening, when my friend came to me and said.. "Dei, an am-ru Sanja called and left a message for you. She asked you to come to Siddall hall for interview and orientation. Its possibly a desk job. Good luck"

Thats when I learnt that am-ru stood for american. I was not really over the clouds with the news and took it normally. The next day, I went to Siddall. Siddall is one of the apartment complexes built for students to stay in i.e. one of many hostels. I went there at 10AM and was encountered with a crowded hall.

Having been in a village for the duration of my education, I had become extremely reticent - manly, villagish style. I thought thats what people respected.

Anyways, I approached the people present there one by one and asked them where I can find Sanja. Thats when I saw an african american woman and asked her the same questions. It looked like she had never come across an Indian guy before. She just stared at me and kept on staring at me. I know I was about the only person with a moustache.. probably in all of cincinnati... but she was over-doing her reactions.

Even as I was contemplating how to handle her stare, Sanja happened.

I was still staring back at the african american when Sanja kind of 'peeped' into my field of vision. It was like she was peeping into a window. You can see just her head and her upper body as if she was leaning in from the side. She had a big smile, a gap between her teeth like little 2-3 year old girls and she was bubbling with life.

'Hi ..'

thats what she said, before she moved sideways to come into my full view. The african american staring at me was suddenly pushed into the distant past.

'I am Sanja. I am the one who left you a message'

The word message was pronounced like 'messssaige' with a lot of enunciation -- just like a kid learning vocabulary.

She was beautiful.

It was like I was struck by lightning, I just stopped thinking or paying attention to anything else in the room. I could see only her... nothing else.

She was dressed unlike the other girls I had seen since coming to the us. She had what looked like a bigger version of 'Paavada Chokka'. The american girls usually wear dresses that accentuate their assets. But sanja was wearing a decent, modest dress.

Another thing was her liveliness, she was bubbling with enthusiasm and happiness. And she did not seem to notice that I was completely tuned out to what was happening around me and that I was staring at her with a blank expression.

Well, I realised I was staring but I could not do anything about it. Maybe it looked like I was listening to what she was saying to people around me but the truth was I could not hear a word she was saying.

I kept thinking ' She is sooooo beautiful..' Then I began to tell myself ' You just saw her.. its ok... calm down...' But I could not fight my inability to comprehend anything around me except Sanja.

After a few moments, I forced myself to snap out of it. But by the time, she was almost done talking to me. She was finishing up by saying " .. and thats about all you need to know about your work here. Come tomorrow at 10:30 AM to Calhoun Hall. We will look into your work timings there."

I did not want her to stop. I wanted to know more... more about her. I wanted to keep looking at her as she talked. That was really what I wanted.

She was starting to turn around when I quickly blurted out " How did you pick me for the job?" She stopped turning away and started to look towards me, with a kindergarden teacher's frown when she is about to reprimand a kid. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the frown dispersed into a smile. "You had said in your application that you are an international student who wanted to make friends". Then she showed her teeth.

Its a very american thing. This showing of teeth by girls when they are happy or have been praised.

Unfortunately for Sanja, she had the small gap between her two front teeth. This feature, well, disturbed the smile. Whats worse was that.. I found this later.. that she smiled at every other nice thing you said to her :)).

When she keeps quiet, she would look almost like preeti zinta.

I later learnt that she was also like me, in her first year of Master's Degree immediately after completing her BE in Electrical Engineering. She was working at the housing because she had already been in Univ of Cincinnati for 4 years of her bachelors degree.

We had a lot more interactions after this. Eventually, I even worked up the courage to comment on her looks now and then.

Everytime I told her that she looked beautiful, she'd immediately fall silent, look directly at me and alternate between a full smile showing the gap between her teeth and tightly closing her mouth as if she were angry.

It was as if she was trying to decide if I was poking fun at her or if I really meant my compliment. After a few moments of this, she would say,

" You're lyyyyying....".

I would then reiterate with all sincerity,

"No Sanja, you really look good today.".

To this, she would reply - thank you - with a slight jerk of her head before walking away with a big smile.

I really liked her. Maybe it was her childish attitude, or maybe it was her ebullience, or her naturally muted beauty. I don't know why. But I liked her. It was not like I wanted to kiss her but more like, I wanted to 'be' with her.

One day, I was just walking out of McMicken's Hall looking at the ground.. immersed in my own musings. I suddenly heard someone say 'Hi, Krishnan' as they walked past me in the opposite direction.

I did not catch who it was so I turned around to see who it was. Sanja was also looking back as she was walking away to check if I was looking back. she was showing the gap between her teeth.

Another day, I was reading Ken Follett's "Pillars of the earth". I did not even notice her before she pulled the book out my hands and without even looking at me started to inspect what it was that I was reading.

"I approve." She said, with the air of a spoilt princess, before handing me the book.

Then with the mock contempt shown by royalty, she proceeded to walk towards the elevator. At the elevator she turned around, showed the gap between her teeth and quickly got into it before the doors closed.

God, I loved her. Damn, she didn't know.


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Another Anti-Indian..


Hey.. come on now.. you are a senior member.. you know what lol means right?? No?? lol...

Post#20 was to the point.
Post#39 does not belong to this thread.
In light of post#41, it makes a mockery of people responding to this thread as the original poster does not deserve any sympathy.
It is a waste of time, as it is a reality show hatched.


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Gold Member
Another Anti-Indian..


Hey.. come on now.. you are a senior member.. you know what lol means right?? No?? lol...

What is Anti-Indian?
I call a spade a spade. I do not beat around the bush.
LOL does not cut it.
You are spinning a story and others are assuming it to be real life, and you are laughing at them.


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hahahaha... Krish44 ... its so funny to see your comments here.. Somehow, I dont think you are brahmin at all. I believe you to be an insidious dravidan snake and it is well known that people like you have infiltrated all brahmin forums and also the bjp office in kamalalayam.. If I am wrong in my assessment.. kindly post your abhivadhayae here..

Also, this street dog and buffalo which is blocking the road right now has published a research thesis on electromagnetics. This was found by a german publisher who then searched for the street dog's contact information after 6 years and asked to publish the research for free as a book. The book is now on amazon and the buffalo is earning a royalty from it. And do you even know how many citations are there for the buffalo's research.. lmao.. (that means laughing my ass off.. somehow I dont think you knew what that meant)


Let us compare what you are when seen along side this street dog and buffalo.. kindly state your expertise and what you have achieved so far in your life.

Here is my view,

It may be an effort for some to be kind but it should be easy to be not unkind (that is double negative).

When messages of unwarranted attacks come like that of Krish44 in his first message in this thread, then one can try to be patient and respond with maturity. There may be times to give a fitting response to shut down such messages but it cannot be with another immature response.

Not everyone has to be a Brahmin to be a member here. Some here claim brahminhood because they are born in a family but have no issues in spewing hateful messages.

Personally I would prefer to deal with people of good character regardless of what their birth credentials are.

Do you really think that if one memorizes some vedic verses or say abhivadaye they are of fine character? Does birth alone qualifies one to be a brahmin?

I did Google search and came across some very good articles. I am not going to copy and paste but just give links

1. https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/brahminical-qualities
2. Scriptures declare that only a realized soul can claim to be a brahmin. Here is a reference that translates a vedic text

Based on these examples no one that claims to be a Brahmin here is indeed one.

This forum has a tendency to attract off the wall senior TBs (by birth only) with all kinds of mental afflictions & prejudices and they come here to get their aggression expressed. Sort of a therapy for them I suppose. Leave them alone.

It appears sharing your story real and/or imagined is helping you . Hope you get better regardless


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Some members are mentally sick and they express it in their posts .

We have had such instances in the past..

They require treatment in appropriate hospitals .

There is no wisdom in empathising with them.

They will take it as license for bad behaviour .

Best to ignore them or driop them from the forum


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Yes.. responding to flaming or an otherwise aggressive post was not very intelligent on my part.

I hope I act with maturity going forward.. Let us see..


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Youtube Videos

They say bollywood is big in India.. down south, we are also big on movies and movie songs.. When I first started talking to my pint-sized sofa cushion, I sent her the song pirai thedum iravile uyirae from the movie mayakkam enna and told her that her life will be like the song if she married me at this time. She said thats ok. she said she will help me stand up again. And our relationship had grown from there.

Pirai Thedum iravile uyirae -- from Mayakkam enna..

Today as we were discussing how I was going to find a job in Australia and secure our finances so I can get the money to sponsor her wife visa fees.. I realized that our courtship period was the saddest ever in this whole wide world and decided to lighten things up for her. The second time we had met, we had watched Kabir singh in hindi.. the remake of Arjun reddy in telugu and which was being proposed to be remade in Tamil as Adithya Verma. She had not liked the movie. The movie was basically the story of a failed love story with an ending that is like the saying, all's well that ends well. The songs were reasonably good. So just to cheer up the overly sombre mood of our relationship, I whatsapped her the link to the song "Tera Ban Jaunga.." from Kabir singh and told her I am dedicating the song to her.. Was really trying to flirt a little bit. Thats what I was trying to do. She sent a giggles emoticon and asked "will you really sing that for me?" Well, I was not going to say anything other than yes and so I said yes.. but I also added a little bit of truth that I was only trying to lip-sync because the song was not pure hindi alone.. This was yesterday. and as a response to the video I dedicated to her, she sent me this video of Dwayne Johnson's speech and told me to remember it... I had once told her how I wanted to bulk up like the rock, guess she kept that in mind..

Dwayne Johnson speech

Speaking of videos and dedications.. I remember when I was half american and sent the song Bubbly from Colbie Caillat to that girl. She had responded with the link to the following song

Idhu enna maayam from Oram po



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At the end of 2015 when I had stabilised to a very large extent and had returned to India from singapore, I interviewed with Bosch in Coimbatore. The interview was for a project manager job. The HR informed me that the joining date will only be in January as the next in-take was during that time. I was quite happy to waste my time doing nothing till January so I agreed.

When I joined in January, it was all good and nice. There was not a lot of work pressure on me immediately and I took my time to ease into the role. Unfortunately, the room in which I was staying in did not have any windows and was perpetually dark all the time irrespective of day or night. I had chosen to stay at the MM Mansion in Gandhipuram because it was the best combination of decent prize and decent size of the room. But I had chosen the wrong room or to put things in a better way, only the wrong room was available at the time of my moving in. So I never knew what time it was and pretty soon started to sleep in as there was no sunlight to disturb my slumber. This meant that I was starting to show up late at the office. This was beginning to get noticed but no one mentioned it outright to me. Since no one mentioned it, I also continued with what was happening as there was no pressure on me to change things.

In about 2 or 3 months, I understood my work.. even though I did not care or pay attention to the trainings at work. The crew was split into technically vertical teams comprising of networking, diagnostics, ASW, HSW and CSW. I was the lynch pin who pulled in one engineer from each of these teams to complete my projects. Well, just like any other indian company, the software engineers were almost always working late. And since I had just returned from Singapore with a shiny new badge in project management from HP, I tried to change the situation.

Bad Choice.

In all sincerity, I came up with an excel sheet with proper division of labour and a descriptive Gantt chart detailing how best to schedule the work in order for everyone to return home by 5.30pm. Proud that I had accomplished something on my own, I presented this in the project component managers meeting and shared the excel with the other managers. Most others did not notice but one or two looked at the excel in detail and appreciated my effort. My group manager was more like.. yes.. yes... Gantt Chart.. yes.. we know this and let things be.

No one really used my plans or ideas and the routine of working late continued.. I was a bit miffed but decided to just implement my plans for my team alone. Thus in the next one month, I was leaving early while the rest of the china team was still working late. It would have still worked if the others had let it be.. But it did not quite happen. Soon, my group manager called me and told me that he was getting complaints that I was not doing any work and was leaving early. I was surprised. I told him, I was doing all the required work.. only that I was doing it using basic project management and so I was able to leave early. This did not end there, I was repeatedly pestered for not seeming to work as hard as the others who were all working late into the nights. It came to a point where the group manager wanted another manager to oversee what I am doing on an hourly basis. I got really pissed and wrote a letter to HR detailing my irritation and keeping the group manager in copy and walked out of the office saying that they should find another manager to do the job. 2 weeks later, i received a personal email from my group manager asking me to return. I did return but things did not change. I just decided to ride out the job for a year time so that my resume does not look bad from changing jobs often. At this time, I was applying for my Australian PR and asked Bosch management to give me a letter stating that I was employed full time in Bosch and was engaged in software work. They refused to give it citing company rules. Even after multiple emails stating importance of immigration process and highlighting I was only asking a employment later, nothing happened. I replied bluntly that I reserve the right to take them to court at an appropriate time.

After that my problems multiplied, my internet access was cancelled and every opportunity was used to irritate me. I was also forced into signing an performance improvement plan.. but I kept quiet and waited for my PR. Because I did not get the employment letter, I did not get a full PR but only got a state sponsored PR. On the day the PR was granted, I resigned. The HR informed me that the group manager did not want me to continue any longer and asked me to leave the same day. So I left.

After moving to Hobart with my PR, I started to realise that there were no jobs in the state sponsored areas of employment. But even then, I got an opportunity from a community organization which invited me to apply for their CEO position. It was now six months since I left Bosch and I had still not got my relieving letter. I immediately wrote an email requesting my relieving letter. But bosch once again dragged its feet and did not give me the relieving letter till one month later after my request. The CEO opportunity was by now, long gone.

Actually within a month of my having left bosch, I had sent an email complaint to the managing director of bosch detailing the poor management at Coimbatore. The MD's office replied that they will look into it. But in the end, I had to complain to them again when I did not get my relieving letter.

It was like the company just did not care. The attitude was one of "you cannot do anything if we decide to not help you out".. I was very irritated and decided to file a complaint with the labour commissioner. Thats when I learnt about why people never approach the government offices in India. I must say... absolutely nothing happens no matter what you are trying to do.. They sent me on a wild goose chase from one office to another stating jurisdiction problems. Finally, I directly went to a lawyer and filed a court notice. I sought damages for my not getting a full PR because Bosch did not give a employment letter and the loss of CEO job/salary because of delay in issuing relieving letter. You should really see the reply to the court notice from Bosch to believe. The audacity was amazing. There was nothing in their reply which was even related to what my court notice was saying. Worse, they blamed me for the delay in issuing relieving letter saying that I had not completed formalities. Also, my lawyer stopped supporting my trying to file the case after this.

After multiple tries at filing the case, I finally was able to talk to a lawyer in bangalore who was willing to file the case. But now, I am wary.. I dont know why my first lawyer simply stopped responding about the case and why the other lawyers I contacted failed to take it up after due diligence. Therefore I have now decided that I will defend myself in court. Although the bangalore lawyer will be filing the case on my behalf, I intend to be the party in person i.e arguing my case myself in front of the court. I do not want this lawyer also to suddenly decide that he is not going to help and leave me hanging. But yes, I will be taking their advise when I prepare to stand in court. Let us see what happens.

The case is to be filed on wednesday, the day after vijayadhasami in bangalore. I am now sitting in melbourne airport on the preceding saturday... typing this.

I know I dont really stand that great a chance.. but lets see how far I can take this..

May I come in.. / Monster sequence from the kannada movie KGF..



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Another chetan bhagat found and a bollywood director needed and even lyrics writer not needed as the biography itself has many bollywood songs which may be done with a remix.


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My last post on this thread seems to have been removed for some reason.

Can someone help me understand why this would have happened??

Anyway, I am reposting here..

If you have a problem, do let me know..


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Medical Miracle ..? Really..?

Now, without boasting or preening too much about my literary abilities, I would like to humbly state that my ability to read and understand things and do research on any given topic is slightly superior to the average person. I can quote multiple examples for this but the most shining would be my Masters degree research. At the most abstract level, my research was on electromagnetics.. if you want to be slightly more specific, it was on design of antennas and their radiation patterns... if you want to be still more specific.. it was a study of patch antennas and their operating abilities when put in an array with specific applications in radar and missile tracking technologies.

Link to my thesis:

Now, it would definitely be all gas if I were to simply shout out to everyone possible that I am a great researcher with above average intelligence and literary ability. So.. let me give you this small additional piece of information which authenticates my claim.. A german publisher had after reading my thesis, had taken the extra-ordinary effort to locate me in Singapore, 6 years after I submitted my thesis in US, contacted me and requested from me the permission to publish my thesis as a book. Yes. Of course there is a catch. He wanted me to sign away the copyright to my thesis to his publishing company. To be practical, after 6 years and especially after the way I left US, antenna design was the last thing on my mind.

So I thought..

what the hell? Lets publish it.

If someone can gain something from reading my research.. why not? And the deal was done. The book is now available on amazon.com.


It is not a flashy hard cover hot-selling novel. Its a paperback. Its basically research which only researchers will be interested in.. to be more specific.. only researchers specific to antenna design will be interested in..

But the bare fact is.. my work is published as a book.. that too at zero cost to me.

If you are interested in taking a look..

Link to my book:

Ok wait.. why am I saying all this?? and what is this thing about a medical miracle..? How is medicine even remotely related to electromagnetics or antennas??

You see, I took the time to detail my research work only to help authenticate my intelligence and my research skills. And when I fell sick and was diagnosed with symptoms of schizophrenia, I was very depressed. The prognosis was downright disturbing. They categorically said that I cannot be cured. Around that time, in my desperation to prove that prognosis wrong, I began to read about schizophrenia. I went through a lot of medical journals and other google scholar articles. All my research pointed to only one thing.. this disease could not be cured and I was fated to be medicated all my life.

But I also learnt an interesting piece of information. That the medicine used to treat schizophrenia had what was described as schizo-mimetic effects. What that means is that these medicines if applied once to a person and if it is stopped suddenly.. then causes the exact symptoms of schizophrenia to appear and cause the person to lapse into the sickness.

If you have been following my posts for sometime, you will realize that I was quite ok when I landed in SFO airport on Nov 28th 2007 after getting engaged in India.


what if ..

I was somehow administered psychotic medicines designed for schizophrenia without my knowledge and this caused me to exhibit stress symptoms and psychosis? What if the medicines were administered because of internal problems in my company at california where I worked and had suddenly reached dizzing heights of achievement after my design for Texas Instruments which no one before me could not achieve?

I am not just shooting off my hips.. I am giving a valid hypothesis here..

If you look at schizophrenia and give it any amount of study.. you will realize that any person who has schizophrenia never really gets cured. They need constant medication and need to be overseen regularly.

Not a single person has been cured completely.

Now. Would you believe that I have not seen a doctor in the last 5 years? So what does that make me?

More importantly.. what does that make you believe? that I am really schizophrenic? or that I am a healthy average person who had been administered psychotic medicine which led me to go through a whole lot of loops and medication and suffering because of the schizo-mimetic effects of the various typical and atypical psychotic medication before eventually stabilizing to my normal self?

So what is it? what am I?

Was I ass-fucked for my success and intelligence in the US?


Because I survived schizophrenia and became normal.. am I a medical miracle?


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Immediate start.. Excellent Career Progression.. Females only

We are hiring with immediate start prospect for a part time girlfriend. Feminine assets may not be a selection criteria.

Should be available to cuddle at the drop of a hat. Ability to cook would be advantageous. Singing and dancing although spectacular.. would not be necessary. We offer excellent career progression to wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc..

The job is to mollycoddle a middle aged man.Incessant wooing and feeding of the said person would result in unbelievably fast career progression as specified above. The middle class man, who is also an electronics engineer, is reasonably reticent towards newcomers and is from a reserved indian background where people usually adopt arranged marriages over dating.

Its OK if you have a boyfriend.. You can catch his hands and I will catch his legs and.. one.. two.. three.. we will throw him into the sea!!!

If you are interested, please type up your address to the selection criteria and email *******@rediffmail.com or be ready to talk and call *****7460

I typed this up to post on gumtree exactly one year back but never did.. Now, one year on, I have met a rotund but very intelligent and self assured girl. We are planning to get married soon. Infact, I will be visiting chennai this diwali to find a good marriage date for us.

Lets see..


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I am not interested in eating, digesting and shitting everyday and doing nothing else. I would like to say that I was born here and I did something in my lifetime.

I would like to do something for society that is long standing and also push our people to the forefront of every frontier that humanity can touch.. be it technology, research, societal change or human rights.

So let me retake my oath towards my "Mythili Initiative"

May this deepavali be the start of something tangible..

The current state -

Please take a moment to look around us. We are surrounded by immorality and corruption. Yes, we have also evolved a robust police department and a matching judiciary, but do the problem creators really respect and abide by these institutions? To the people who have less than moral values, no police department can force them to follow the righteous path, no judicial enquiry is going to correct their evil designs. To them, it is just going to be a week or two in jail and then they are going to find some judicial loop hole to get out. Till now no judicial review has been able to bring the real culprits to book. For the culprits, they just have to throw around a few more dollars to get around a judicial review or judgement.

So what is the point?

I believe that the point is.. no police department or judiciary or any form of societal policing is as efficient as fear of god. I believe that fear of the omnipresent is the ultimate deterrant to morally loose people to prevent them from committing acts of corruption or damage to society. But, If you know that a lightning will strike you blind the moment you accept a bribe then you will always fear bribe and never accept one.
Now, our society and the current generation has grown up to be atheist for the most part. This has resulted in most of us testing the realms of acceptable morality. So we cannot really turn around our generation to become god-fearing but what we can do is to make the next generation to respect the omni-present thereby leading to a better society for tomorrow.

Therefore -

It is my humble attempt to re-invigorate the brahmins so that they turn back to their old profession of practising the vedas and spreading the knowledge of god. This is in the hope that, the next generation of brahmins will once again be scholars in vedic knowledge and use ancient wisdom to answer our questions to distinguish between the eternally opposing paths of right and wrong.
For the average hindu child, I am trying to create a vedic syllabus which will teach them the basics of vedic knowledge, astrology, itihasa-puranas and our classical music/arts which they can use in their daily lives and which will also help them identify a guru for themselves in their pursuit of vedic wisdom.
Hopefully we are able to create a society which has a balanced diet of science and religious philosophy so that the human race continues to grow and expand albeit without the currently inherent problems of corruption and immorality.

Primary Goal:
To inform, educate and encourage Brahmins to send their sons to Veda padashalas for 8 years of training in veda-adhyayana and agamas specifically starting at the age of 7 or 8 and then take up 10th standard exams through NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) at 15 years without losing anything in terms of age. Immediately after this they can enter mainstream professions by taking up 11th and 12th in any CBSE or state board based local school.

Secondary Goal:
To release temples from government control as well as setup trusts for them as and when they gain independence. The deeds of these trusts should be worded in such a manner as to encourage the establishment and maintenance of..

1. A veda padashala for the temple priests
2.A school which includes a vedic syllabus for the populace living near the temple and which helps children from the veda padashala to complete normal schooling.
3. A college teaching BA (Sanskrit). BL and BA (Sanskrit) Commerce/CA with preference for the temple priest's children.

This will hopefully evolve an eco system of god-fearing families around the temple and also nourish the priest's progeny to both engage in vaideeham and mainstream work.

Tertiary Goal:
Push a vedic system based plug-in syllabus called Mythili Syllabus to be accepted by the normal population and schools. This Mythili syllabus is intended to teach the basics of vedic studies, agamas, the 18 puranas, 2 itihasas, vedic astrology, determining good dates and times before the child reaches 9th standard. This syllabus will include arts classes for classical dance, musical instruments and singing along with Sanskrit and is planned to be taught through story book reading sessions. This syllabus is currently being worked on. We are targeting vijayadasami of 2020 to release the syllabus and present it for public consumption. This plug-in vedic syllabus is only intended to take one extra hour of class per day and is intended as a tool to provide tomorrows generation with multiple talents in arts, a taste of our culture, a respect for our customs and a moral compass.

Final Goal:
Setup firms in the field of law, accounting, computer hardware and software to employ the Sanskrit scholars that the first three goals should generate. Law firm has been setup and three initial lawyers have been hired. It will start operations this Vijayadhasami of 2019. Currently working on plans to setup a computer hardware and software firm also targeting Vijayadhasami of 2019 for start of operations.

The Mythili initiative will be broken into two campaigns.

Campaign 1
- This will encompass Primary and Secondary Goals and is targeting either Vijayadasami of 2019 or January 2020 as a start date.
Campaign 2 – This will encompass Tertiary Goal and is targeting Vijayadasami of 2020 as start date.
Both campaigns will primarily be television and online advertisements in Tamil, Hindi and English Languages. Television Channels targeted will be Hindu Religious Channels like SVBC or Sri Sankara and can be extended to mainstream channels depending on funds availability.

Save Paarambaryam:
I believe this will be very helpful for people who are interested in their boys taking up vedic education to save our paarambaryam from disappearing, but were concerned that they will not have a financially strong career in IT, engineering or medicine like other kids their age.
Save money:
Even though money may not be a criteria when educating our own kids, it must be noted that the current schools charge in Lakhs of rupees for our children to attend their schools. Compared to this Veda Padashalas teach our kids veda parayanam at absolutely minimal costs, So middle and low-income Brahmin families need not spend so much money for their kid’s education. They have to pay for their kids 10th, 11th and 12th standard education only.
This National Institute of Open Schooling is a national initiative on the part of the Central Government. They require the student to register on their website for taking the 10th standard exams. They also have a requirement that the registered student has to attend a few on-site classes at specific schools in their locality where classes will be held for 10th standard. All these information and more can be obtained by visiting their website www.nios.ac.in

Please send your boys aged 7 and above to veda padashalas for vedic education.

Please call or email me if help is needed in identifying veda padashalas for your children or other issues.


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Of course I am a bad person... I drink.. I like to think of prostitution.. and if you have probably thought of some vile act.. I have also thought of it..

But the issue here is.. I dont want my son to be like me.. I would like him to be a good man.. an example to society.. Therefore, I am trying to clean up society..

So the question is not about who am I?? to preach .. and also to try to do these stupid things..

The question is..

What do you want your son or daughter to be..
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