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Marriage Delays

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Delay for marriage due to the star positionedin your horoscope. one should look the 7th house, the star palced in the 7th house, the other stars views on the 7th house, lagna, 2nd, 8th, amshakam. gochara, venus,rahu placement etc. give your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, i can help you to forcast your marriage time.
shankar krishna

DOB:14 Feb 81
Time:10.26 pm

Can you help in marriage time probability?

Thanks, I have noted all points...
Can you say how my life will be in terms of having own house,wealth etc....

Note down mani...

1) Your marriage takes place between January to december 2010 pucca...
2)If the girl is from kanya raasi, u life will be better.
3) she will 5'3" or 5'4" born in 3 members of family
4) she will be having 2 degrees
5) Round face and slim
6) Liking light colours like blue and rose
7) will be having a Black mole as an identification mark in her left leg below the knee and above the foot..
8) Both father and mother of the girl will be alive.
9) you will be getting alliance during Feb-15 to Mar-15 (during Masi month) and marrige will be some wat between july to sep next year

Hope this will suffice for you
Dear Sri Swaminatha Sharma Ji,

What happens if:

a) There is a difference of about 10-15 minutes in the time of birth (like say someone is not able to find out if he was born at 5:30 or 5:45 ) and there is a change in lagna in that meantime (with 5.30 being kataka lagna and 5.45 being simha lagna). Then do all the predictions go wrong?

b) How accurate is the rectification process for determining cases of unknown time of birth?

c) Can one fix a lagna just by taking various factors such as date of marriage, date of birth of children, and such important events in life?

marriage delays

It is better the predictions are understood and taken as broad general indicators.

Let us enjoy the suspense of some percentage of uncertainty.

As Kavinjar Kannadaasan noted in his Arthamulla Indumatham- Untill when the birth and death are kept as secret ,only God will continue to exist in human minds.

Once the exact secret of birth and death are revealed and could be exactly predicted God will cease to exist,and don't know what it will lead to.

So let it be so as Lord Muruga was blessed ..

(thanks for Swaminathji for his test case demonstration.We pray his words to bring all the good)

Dear Mr.Srinivas,

I am too sailing in the same boat....

I believe in astrology and to some extend learned this science...

Either GURU Parvai might be lacking OR Kalathra Sthanam must be wrongly configured. Sukran and Chandran's placement in a horoscope are the influencing factors as well.

If in a Horoscope there is no DOSHAM, it dosen't mean that our marriage should not be deleyed.

What I could understand is existance of YOGAM is the most imporatant factor.

Depending on the YOGAMS that one has in his/her horoscope, one will have good education, timely marriage, good spouse, good offsprings....etc...etc...

So depending upon the existing YOGAM, the results can be experienced.

If a man has reasonably good education, good career, and better standard of living, but still could not marry than the only reason could be FATE - Some are destined to get married and enjoy the marital life only at a later stage. This applies to girls as well.

Whatever the reason, the ultimate outcome would be inr our favour only. God is the better judge and what ever he determins for us would be only for our betterment.

- By Mahatma Gandi.

Any ways let us keep the fingures crossed and hope for the best.




Active member
... Perhaps moderators will think that prediction part is going on here....
hhahahhahahahahahha.... dont give room to that.... no more open predictions here...

I just posted for you, being young and hope you are following our traditions and customs which has to appreciated....

thanks are regards


i love your laughter. but not sure re your remark about the moderators.

is it a dig? :) something we said?

one more thing swami ... you have remarked that if we are off even by a few seconds, our predictions would be different.

no two clocks agree.

also, i have heard of parents, announcing birth times a little way off, to avoid a child being classified under the wrong star.

maybe all of these factors, result in predictions being off the mark?

in which case, how do we ensure accuracy of birth time.

also, in these times of diaspora where we are living in different time zones, how do we handle it?

also, in north america and europe, we have the daylight savings time, where for about 5 months of the year, we move the clocks forward or backward, to take advantage of daylight.

a concept of atomic clocks, or time/position of birth with respects to solar celestials or something would be absolute measurement.

the more i think of it, the more i feel, astrology perhaps might look to other forms of authentication of a human rather than published time in the jadhagam.

my neighbour was a seer. the presence of the individual was sufficient enough, for this man to appreciate the vibrations, and based on that, he would invoke his ishtadevatha, and out would come pouring the predictions.

he would take no money. also, as he grew into his 70s, he lost this gift.

thank you.
Welcome back, Swaminatha Sharma, after your self-imposed exile.

Please continue your contributions to this forum and its members.
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