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let us share our views openly

Not open for further replies.
Sir, I am aged 56 years and living at Madurai from the birth. My father belongs to Aalvaarkurichi and at his very young age came to Madurai and settled at Madurai. I am practicing at Madurai as Advocate (senior level) on civil, insurance, claim areas at at trial court side. My wife's name is Jeyanthi and blessed with two sons. They are working at Chennai and yet to get married. I am also a faculty member, Lion member, Board member-Madura College Board-Madurai, etc. Much involved and interested in concept discussions (including the word Brahmin - ( Brahmaneeyam-whether a level of maturity about birth-body, or a caste and Iyer-may be a caste) likewise.
Mr. Subisubi,
Just read the post here. We are very open about our opinions. So be careful what you ask for.
Namasthey Sir,

I am happy that I am recognized by the forum. The question or query raised by me was thronging in my mind for a long time. The problem now is whether I am expressing my thoughts in an 'understandable way of English language' known to me. I don't know whether I am properly communicated to the forum in the seance I am feeling. Anyhow, I am not an adamant person hurting others views or thoughts or to disrespect any forum members. In vedham study (upnishad), we have persons named 'viyyaakkikayna Karthas". I understood them as persons who discuss the doubts openly and expressing to others. I am of view that we, the current decedents (we) in no way less than to them. Why should we feel that we are less then to them. I am of firm view that we are at par with them. Especially, if we say that we accept the concept of Adhvaitham, either you or me or others are viyasas. This view may be heard to discuss. Still we can view the issue from this point of view.
Finally, I express that if the forum allows me, I am happy to express my view for discussion. My is only my view and can be rubbish from others view. I bow and accept it.
Not open for further replies.

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