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Avani Avittam 2020 Mantras in PDF


Active member
Wonderful service. During this lockdown, we can do it at home. Yeoman service.
If you are bent upon vadhyar, please see this one hour video. Don't forget to send sambhavani or donation to tb.


Active member
But the above one hour video is complete with Samitadanam, kamokarshit Japam, maha sankalpam, Gayatri mantra etc., Members may play accordingly. Kindly copy it usb and play it on your TV.
Namaskaram, I am in Western part of Canada and want to know how to do sankalpam for Canada.
Could someone help me on this ? Please share if there are any documents available ? Instead of Bharatha Varshey Bharatha Kandey I have to tell the one for Canada. Please let me know. thank you.


Great effort and help. The good part is there is Giri published usual paper also. It is in a condensed form and easy to handle.
Whereas the Dombivli publication would have been better if in two page form to reduce the printing in full A4. Or it should have been loaded side by side pages for easy printing and handling.
Thanks for arranging this for the use of our community which is in the dire need of time & essential for us.
We could save the text and every year only the SANKAPPAM with the days thithi, vara, nakshatram etc. is given, we could amend it at the place.
It is a possession for life.


Thank you for the documents, really appreciate this! :)
Please continue this noble cause for all Brahmins and world peace!