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What's Your Favorite Tamil Song?

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As someone rightly remarked, the topics of this forum are becoming rather repetitive. So I thought I could break away from the norm, if only to add a little spice.:music:Hopefully all members will participate in this thread.

#1 What's your favortite Tamil Song and why? Be descriptive, don't just post one-liners. If you know carnatic (or any type of music), analyze it from that angle, and post your thoughts on why a certain song is your fav.

#2 What's impressed you about that song, the opening music, conclusion, singer, or what else? Be detailed, or this thread could also become boring.

#3 If you have many favorites, post them all and develop the thread.

#4 In case you don't like tamil songs, don't post some one-liner stating the same. Just ignore the thread.

This thread is primarily to break away from serious discussions, and also to get to know each other. And music is the way to go!:whoo:
Pachchai Nirame and Kaalai Thendral

Pacchai nirame -- from alaipayuthe

I liked the picturisation, music, voice of hariharan, lyrics, jumping jack maddy.

Kaalai thendral -- alaigal oyvadhillai

I love hearing the song esp at dawn. I dont remmebr seeing the picturisation and I dont think I will see it because I think it will destory the image and ambience that I have imagined hearing that song. I prefer to keep it my way. I had the bitter experience of losing it when I watched
idhu oru ponmaalai pozhudhu after having heard and enjoyed it so many times.

Ninaippadhellam nadandhuvittaal and manidhan enbavan deyvamaagalaam
-- needless to say kaanadasan's immortal inspiring lyrics

there are a lot more but these come to my mind first.
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Buddhiyulla manitharellam vetri kaanbaathillai

Buddhiyulla manitharellam vetri kaanbaathillai- I think this is from film Annai, and sung by Chandrababu ( not Naidu-the other chandra babu).
And Mayakkama Kalakkama, from Sumai thaangi- this is the ultimate motivator.

Philosophical songs:
1. Ponal Pogattum Poda
2. Satti Suttathada
3. Veedu varai Uravu
4. Irukkum idathai vittu illatha idam thedi
5. Samarasam ulaavum idame
6. Paatum naane
7. Maranathai Enni Kalangidum Vijaya
8. Irukkum idathai vittu illatha idam thedi, engengo alaiginrar gnanathangame
9. Udalukku uyir kaaval
10. Pirakkum pothum
11. Ondranavan ,Uruvil Irandaanavan
12. Maalai pozhuthin mayakathile

Bhaarati songs:
1. Engiruntho vandhan
2. Nenjil Uramum indri
3. Velli pani malayin
4. Sindhu nadhiyin misai
5. Nirpathuve

Motivational songs:

1. Mayakkama
2. Ennathan nadakkum nadakkattumae
3. Naalai pozhuthu undhan
4. Vetri venduma pottu parada ethir neechal
5. Unnai arinthal nee unnai arinthal
6. Aaru maname aaru
7. Dharmam thalai kaakum
8. Ematrathe Ematrathe
9. Aandavan oruvan irukkindran
10. Devan Kovil Maniyosai

1. Kaalangalil aval vasantham
2. Yaar yaar yaar avar yaaro
3. Poga Poga theriyum
4. Kaatru vaanga ponaen oru kavithai vaangi vanthaen
5. Netru Varai nee yaaro, naan yaaro
6. Ponnonru Kandein, pennangu illai
7. Intha manranthil odi varum
8. Kodi asainthathum, Kaatru vanthatha
9. Vantha naal muthal, intha naal varai
10. Ponnai virumbum bhoomiyile
11. Oho entha baby
12. Paatu paadava
13. Roja malare raja kumari
14. Paadatha paatellam paada vanthal
15. Paarthein sirithein, Pakkam vara

1. Soppana Vaazhvil Maginhthu, subramanya swaami,
2. Appanai Paadum vaayaal
3. Amba, manam kaninthu
4. Dheena Karunakarane nataraja
5. Krishna Mukunda Murare
6. Gnana Pazhathai Pizhinthu
7. Kalyaana Samayal Saatham
8. Vaada Malare thamizh thene
9. Sinthanai Sei maname, seithal theevinay agandridume
10. Inbam Pongum vennila

Basically, any Saambaar, Sivaji Ganesan, Vaathiyaar Song...composed by Viswanathan Ramamoorthy, or by KVM, sung by PBS or TMS.
Offcourse its difficult to choose one from the many.
I like most of the old songs of Rajnikanth.

In the new ones, only those which have AR Rahman as the music Director :)
sir - considering my position in this forum as on date my favourite song is



even otherwise this is my favourite song! but the usage of 'DAA' is something i find embrassing sometimes!!!
TMS would thank you from the bottom of his heart

Basically, any Saambaar, Sivaji Ganesan, Vaathiyaar Song...composed by Viswanathan Ramamoorthy, or by KVM, sung by PBS or TMS.
Offcourse its difficult to choose one from the many.

Mr Kudumi,

I am sure TMS, if he reads your post, would be having tears of joy in his eyes.

Yenna some of the hardcore NTS fans still believe that all NTS's songs were sung by NTS himself.

Avvalo thatroobama thalaivar (over)act panni iruppar !!!!!

Btw, you don't like any new songs or IR songs ?
Difficult to pick one !

I follow a 'formula' to appreciate songs.

I like justabout anything based on the pace, voice & lyrics.

Pace - Too slow - melody or dappankkuthu

Voice - Padum Nila Balu (so so many songs), Unni Krishnan, Hari Haran, Shankar Mahadevan

Lyrics - One or two lines which represent the karpanai valam. I am not a guy who looks for sentiments or messages in the song (pattu enna Inbox aa message paarka ? is my humble thathu(pithu)vam)

Big time fan of Mid Illayaraja (IR) songs, of late ARR & Harris Jeyaraj also. Like couple of Vidyasagar & D Iman songs as well.

Very very difficult to point out few songs but some songs i can mention are :

Current Gen : Vaseegara, Sandana Thendralai, Uyire, Kannalane, Mugliname yenadi, Nenjankootil, Munbe va, Manjal veyil, Paartha mudhal

Mid IR songs : Aagaya Gangai, Boopalam, Pani Vizhum malarvanam, Rojavai thalattum thendral, Kanne kalaimane, Poongattru pudhiranadhu......just too many

Oldies : Mostly PBS Songs specially Nilave yennidam mayangadhe

Hate : TMS Songs. Sorry not meant to offend anyone. Adhu NTS na laye pudikkama poyidichi.

Also Hate or can't understand : 'Peter' Songs. Ennavo rap am, metal am, rock am, jazz am, yenakku oru ezhavum puriyala.....Vazhkaila therinjadhu oru 4 english paatu dhan - Baba blacksheep, Twinkle Twinkle little star (hey idhula oru vishayam, Thanga padakkam climaxla NTS idha paaduvar paarunga - anikki, note pannikkonga, annikki oru 1000 - 2000 natchathiram oru 10 light years earth a vittu vilagi poye poyindhi), Dancing Queen - ippadi oru 3. Apparam office party la light aa 'soma banam' pottutu kuthattam poda oru 2 paatu - "For 24 years i have been living next door to Alice, who the f*** is alice" + "We will....We will....rock you".....Ambuttudhan namba peter songs sarakku

Surukkama sollanumna, Hari haran - Unni yennoda ishta deivam, Padum Nila Balu yennoda kula deivam.

BTW, i am a 'kavidhai' guy.....Any takers to discuss kavidhais !

PS : I have a huge collection of mp3s. if & when there is some space provided i can uploaded. good website to download songs www.cooltoad.com/go/music. free download, only need to register
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Aathaadi, Kaathaadi, Koothaadi..Mukkala Mukkabula hmmm...

Mr Kudumi,

I am sure TMS, if he reads your post, would be having tears of joy in his eyes.

Yenna some of the hardcore NTS fans still believe that all NTS's songs were sung by NTS himself.

Avvalo thatroobama thalaivar (over)act panni iruppar !!!!!

Btw, you don't like any new songs or IR songs ?
No doubt TMS is one of the greatest singers. Actually, his time is now gone and he is in silence. His Murugan songs, and devotional songs ( like Karpagavalli nin porpatham pidithe..) are so pleasing to hear. PBS is equally good too..though he fits only for saambar.

Saambaar is a great actor...alattal illama act panra type.

Sivaji is the greatest and uncomparable. Sivaji is Sivaji.

Take for example a crying scene... Saambaar will cry as required...Sivaji will make the audience cry ( I dont know how he mastered the art of letting tears role at the right moment). Vaathiyaar will find a wall,or a pillar, or a towel and cover his face before he cries...(thats the max he can do).

Sivaji when seen alone does not stand apart..only when he stands with other Sivajies ( like in Theiva magan)...or other actors ( Major, Sivakumar in Uyarntha Manithan)...stands apart. Take the theiva magan scene where all three of them are in the same room and the handsome one asks for money... man..I wonder if it is the same guy or three diffrent guys? Also in a film like Uyarntha Manithan, Sivakumar looks like poonai in front of a Puli.

Also his performance as an antihero in filims like Antha naal, Annayin aanai ( this I am not sure, I have to check) makes it difficult not to hate him... especially, when the frail old Ranga Rao, begs to see his daughter...Sivaji's acting is simply superb and uncomparable. Who can forget Mr Parobakaram..

Sivaji does not only sings his songs..he plays his own music instruments also..take for example thillana moganaambal..or Paatum Naane song in Thiruvilayadal.

Sivaji's over acting began, I think when his ego was fanned by his successes. I think Sivaji upto 67s is simply pleasant to watch. A professor becoming a Kadalai eating sanyaasi is simply superb in aandavan kattalai.

Now coming to the other part of your question, I find latest songs simply difficult to comprehend. Does Mukkala Mukkabula sound like Klingon to you?
And what is the beginning noise in Akkadannu naanga? And why should Aariya and Draavida uthadu mix? I hear songs like Kaalangathala Imsa Pannathe...what is the idea behind that?
What does Randakka Randakka mean?
And why all IR songs have aathaadi, kaathaadi, koothaadi? If I want to hear words like that, I will listen to Pushpavanam, or Paravai Muniyamma, or go to my village, or better go to Anna University.
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To give the thread a more cosmopolitan look, I suggest you allow posting english and hindi songs, ghazals as well. Some of my favourites are:

1. I just called to say I love you
2. Nothing gonna change my love for you
3. He is the leader of the skyway patrol
4. I am on my way to my home town...my mexico..I love you so
5. How deep is your love..
....and many more....
1. Tum pukar lo..tumhara intezaar hai (Hemant)
2. Ghum Hai Kisi ke pyaar mein.....(Kishore)
3. Di Aaj Shayar Haim Gham Aaj Nagma Hai (Kishore)
4. Main Shayar Badnaam (Kishore)
5. Chupke Chupke Chal Di Purwaiya (Lata)
6. Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam (GIta Datt)
7. Bequaraar Karke Hamen Yun Na Jaaiye...
............and many more ......
1. Chupke Chupke Raat Din Aansoo (Ghulam ALi)
2. Hangama Hai Kyun Barpa (Ghulam Ali)
3. Sarakti Jaaye Hai Rukh Se Naqaab (Jagjit)
4. Dost Ban Kar Bhi Sahi Saath Nibhaane (Mehndi Hasan)
1. Amaar Poojar Phool Bhalo Basha (Amit)
2. Dhana Dhanya Puspa Bhara .. Amaar Janm Bhoomi (Rabindra
...and a few others...

NB: Yaaron yeh mat poochna ki madrasiyon ki jamaat mein yeh banda kahan se aa tapka...
main bhi originally madrasi hoon!!!!
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Enjoyed your post

What does Randakka Randakka mean?

Mr Kudumi,

Enjoyed your post thoroughly.

"What does Randakka Randakka mean?",,,,,hmmmm lemme guess.....ya got it !!!!

A South African Rich lady - 'Rand'(neraiya irukkira)'akka' ????

[Dayavu seidhu hindi interpretationukku poyidadeenga]

From your posts i am gathering that you are a BSF - Bayangara Shivaji Fan so no wonder you don't like songs of today.

Not that current generation songs are great but the fact remains that a lot of new voices have emerged, better use of fusion etc... Ofcourse on the lyrics part, the current songs are a huge let down. Having said that there are a few gems like

"Un Samaiyal araiyil naan uppa sarkaraiya", "Aasai Aasai ippozhudu" - these songs have wonderful lyrics, atleast in my book.

Apparam Major pathi neenga sonnenga paaranga

Nalla soneenga, well said. neenga sonnadhu romba sari, your point is very valid, sunderajan shivajikku munnala oru poonai dhan, yes sunderrajan is a cat before shivaji......

sorry konjam major aavi ulla pugundichi !!!!

From your liking of NTS, can i make a safe assumption that you are something like 40+ ?

I did like NTS in very few movies but overall i found his acting too difficult to digest. ofcourse have a good hearty laugh.

IR ella songs la aathadi, koothadi illa sir - IR is a genius - rythym, beat na adhu IR dhan - just listen to the song - "Va Va anbe anbe" in Agni Natchathiram, simply superb. IR has come up real hard way. Perhaps if he had not parted ways with Vairam & been a little more flexible, he would still be in reign. Even now he is capable of hits like - "Elam kaathu veesudhe".
I don't know whether you have heard his "Thiruvasagam" - i am sure you will like it.
My favorite Tamil Songs !!!

Thanks Maruti for opening a very good thread !!!

I have a lot of favorite songs in Tamil . Although I am a staunch IR paithiyam, I do like MSV, RAHMAN, Vijayabhaskar, Vidyasagar, KV, HJ and all. Appappa. Yaarai paharvathu. Yaarai viduvathu !:))

I generally prefer Kannadhasan and Vaali over "Dia Mandu" (a la Dinamalar:).
IMHO, Vaali has been one of the most under rated songwriters of our time inspite of penning many wonderful songs. Is it because he is a Brahmin ? (I am seeing ghosts everywhere ;)) I dare rank him along Kannadhasan when it comes to motivational songs and duets. Who can forget "unnai arinthaal nee unnai arinthaal ulagathil poradalam" especially the words
"Maaperum sabaithanil nee nadanthal unakku maalaigal vizha vendum.
Oru matrukuraiatha mannan ivan enru potri pugazha vendum" from Vettaikaran ?

Everytime I listen to this, I can picture MGR in this song and it never fails to motivate me.

I also love "Sirithu Vaazha vendum, pirar sirikka vaazhnthidathe.
Uzhaithu vaazha vendum, pirar uzhaipil vazhnthidathe". How true !!!

To write about Kannadhasan we need a separate forum. We can post on and on :)

I love every song of IR especially from late 70s to late eighties. I think IR started a to sound a little tired after that period. Of course he had many hits after that too. But not as many as he had earlier. Some of my favorite IR songs are

1. Thalaiyai Kuniyum thamarai - a wonderful duet on Reethigowli (forgive me if i am worng. my music knowledge is very limited). I dont know of so many songs in Reethigowli except for some others from IR like "Chinna Kannan" in Kavikutil. I believe it is IRs genius that enables him to set songs to difficult ragaas.
2. Tham thana nanthan thaalam varum
3. Devan thiruchabai Malargale - Avar enakke sontham. If you havent heard this song, you should. An absolute masterpiece.

I like many of Rahmans songs too.

BTW, I would strongly recommend "www.dhool.com" to those who are interested in exploring Tamil songs in detail. The writeups for the tamil songs by Saravanan, BB and others in that forum is simply superb. Give it a try.

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Vaali !

Ramki sir,

I agree with you on Vaali not getting due recognition. But i haven't forgiven him for what he wrote about the Reservation agitation.

That apart,

Vaali is perhaps the best lyricist when it comes to penning lyrics "within the meter". Vairam writes well but his style of writing doesn't adhere to the meter. That's where the 'ladai' between IR & him broke out. IR is a 'rythm first-lyric follows' music director while ARR is more comfortable with composing music for a written lyric.

To illustrate vairam's non adhrence of meter, if you have heard the song "kanava......nee.....kaaatra" in ratchagan, a beautiful Srini number, in the middle, vairam has penned a looooooong sentence

"kadhal thaimai irendu mattum baram yenbadhe ariyaaadhu"
"un palingu mughaithai parthukondal pasiyo valiyo theriyaaadhu"

ARR actually scales down the tempo (whatever it had since it is anways a slow song) to accomodate these lines & again picks up.....Perhaps IR isn't so flexible.

Coming back to Vaali, he is a music director's delight. I would rate him the best to pen "youthful songs" (the kind kudumi sir hates perhaps).

Regarding inspirational songs, you can also include a song from ID Vijay's movie, (can't remember the name).

Song goes like -

"Sandosham, Sandosham, vazhkaiyin padhi balam"
"Sandosham illai yendral manidarkku yedhu balam"
"Puyal maiyyam kondal, mazhai mannil undu"
"yenda theemaikkullum oru nanmai undu"

good lyrics...idhulla oru line

"Kalukku seruppu yeppadi vandadu mullukku nandri sol" i like it most.

Now reason why i am angry with Vaali is he wrote - about Anti reservation agitation after an aggrieved student attempted self immolation

"Manavam angu thee kulithadu - jaadi
Aanavam andru tea kudithadu"

I don't support such self immolation attempts etc.. & he reserves his right to condemn & support reservation - his choice. But i felt that his portrayal that it was done due to "caste arrogance & callousness" is something i wouldn't accept & hence haven't forgiven him.

Of the current lot my pick are - Pa Vijay, Na Muthukumar & Thamarai.
Thanks Hariharan !

Can you please address me Ramki ? No Sirs please :)) We are all friends here :)

One another thing about Vaali is that he is staunch MK supporter. In fact he is MK "Thuthi padi". When MK won last election, Vaali wrote "Thirukuvalai solli ini thalai aattum Delhi". He has recently written a book about the arumai perumais of MK. The foreword for the book is by CHO. Of all the people, one brahmin is writing in praise of MK and another is writing the foreword. What to say ?:(((

I dont like Vairam so much. To me he is the one who writes many songs without any meaning. Just to get the sandham he will write "indhiran thotathu mundhirye'" or "uruvam illathoru urundaiyum uruludhadi". Ofcourse he has written many good songs. "Ilaya nila Pozhigirathu" is one of my favorites. But he is arrogant and thinks he is better than Kavi arasar Kannadhasan. To boot he is also a MK thuthi padi.

Pa Vijay and Thamarai are good in my opinion. Muthukumar I have not heard much. I will make it a point to listen to his songs.

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Illaya Nila........by Padum Nila Balu......Lovely number

Oh what a song ?

Illaya Nila pozhigiradhu...........

"Mugilinangal alaigiradhe
mugavarigal tholaindhanavo
mugavarigal thavariyadhal
azhuthidumo adhu mazhaiyo"

Lovely isn't it ?

I agree ! both vaali & vairam are staunch MK thudis........

yenna "Thirukkuvalai solli ini delhi thalai aattuma"......aattum aatuum aaana ippadi free TV, Gas nu distribute panna,

"Thiru" "Kuvalai" yendi delhi sella, delhi mudiyadhunu thalai aattum"

You should try Na Muthukumar. I guess he was the guy who wrote Aasai Aasai ippozhudu from "Dhool"......superb karpanai......

"Arugam pull aagiren ippozhudu, yenai aadu dhan meivadhu eppozhudu"
"Thiruvizha aagiren ippozhudu, nee enakkul tholaivadhu eppozhudu"

great lines.

Pa Vijay's "ovvaru pookkalume sollgiradhe" from Autograph is again an inspiring lyric. Last heard that this is the "School anthem" in some school in TN.
Thappille !!!!

Just wanted to share an anecdote which a friend of mine told me.

My friend has good contacts in Tamil film music industry & also takes up singing not professionally though.

He regaled us with this anecdote :

Vairam, as some may know is a stickler for pronounciation & often is present when the song is being recorded. And he can't stand a bit when Hindi film singers make a complete hash of the pronounciation.

Over to vairam

"Paadagar Uditha narayanan (Udit narayan) 'naan piriyamana pennai rasithal thappille' endru ezhudiyadhai "Periyamma pennai rasithal thappille" endru paadivittar"

So much so for the importance of tamil in tamil film industry.
My Favourite is Kurai ondrum illai.....

This song has multi specilaity than others why because every time in each song we people would like to ask some thing in favour to us.. the only special song which describes with what we are satisfied with GOD's grace... purely enchanting lyrics..
with the combination of voice with M.S.

the line " un marbil edhum tharavirukum karunai kadalannai...
Nee iruka edhu kurai ennuku?"

the mercy of goddess and the pure devotional bhakthi stands first twhich makes everyone heart felts which as a result brings out tears in every one eyes...
Aayiram Porkasugal Parisu

Dear Hari
I am a great fan of IR. Of course he has 'head weight', but can we call that Vidhya Garvam? Many of us can identify sindhubhairavi ragam easily only after his Naan oru sindhu from sindhubhairavi. ARR songs are good until we hear his next album. I mean I don't think I'll enjoy his songs after a certain period whereas IR songs are always enjoyable.

TMS pathi neenga sonnathu romba sari. Adi vayaththulendhu illa paduvaru! That too NTS cinema enral ketkave vendam. Thangamudiyadhuda Sami!

Yaar ange!!! Sariyaga sonna Hari Avargalluku 1000 Porkasugall Kodungal!!!

Sivaji numbers | Cheeni kum


Hope you are tuned into Sivaji numbers ?

Your / Our Vaali has penned a deadly number -

'Rathi thee thee jaga jodhi jodhi jodhi,
'dha-la-pathi vedi jadhi jadhi jadhi,
adi billa ranga basha dhan,
ivan pistol pesum besha dhan".......terrific number, sure chartbuster

A sure winner from ARR

Also you must listen to Cheeni Kum, IR numbers....IR has dipped into his reservoir & pulled our some memorable numbers for this film

Sample : Jaane do na rehashed from Vizhiyile mani vizhiyile which had already found it's way into kannada as Jotheyali Jotha Jotheyali....

As a true IR fan, i am sure you will love it.

Yep. "Rathi thee thee " is my latest favorite. What a song !

Thanks for the info on Cheeni kum. I did not know that IR was the music director for Cheeni kum. You are right. IR has rehashed his old tunes. Even the title song is the same as "Mandram Vandha" from Mouna Ragam in late 80s. That song brought me memories of Karthik's amazing performance in that movie. He was on screen for probably 30 minutes in the movie. But what a performance ! "Mr.Chandramouli" scene is still one of my favorites. IMHO, he was the real star of that movie. IR's songs and background music in that movie were simply brilliant.

IR (vintage IR;)) is the best !!!



Hope you are tuned into Sivaji numbers ?

Your / Our Vaali has penned a deadly number -

'Rathi thee thee jaga jodhi jodhi jodhi,
'dha-la-pathi vedi jadhi jadhi jadhi,
adi billa ranga basha dhan,
ivan pistol pesum besha dhan".......terrific number, sure chartbuster

A sure winner from ARR

Also you must listen to Cheeni Kum, IR numbers....IR has dipped into his reservoir & pulled our some memorable numbers for this film

Sample : Jaane do na rehashed from Vizhiyile mani vizhiyile which had already found it's way into kannada as Jotheyali Jotha Jotheyali....

As a true IR fan, i am sure you will love it.
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Mr. Hari, Thanks a lot. I was breaking my head trying to find the original source of "Jaane do na". Got it now.
Karthik was our hero during school days. We used to see "Mouna Ragam" in the Video cassette player many times but only till he comes to the Registrar office. We could not see him dying. What a bubbly performance. Thanks to ManiRatnam.
Bagya has said that ARR songs cant be enjoyed always. But what about
1. "En mel vizhunda mazhaiththuliye" from May Maadham,
2. "Naalai ulagam illai enraal anbe enna seivaai" from Love birds,
and to top it all
3."Ennavale adi ennavale" from Kaadhalan which gave a wonderful singer UnniKrishnan to Tamil Cinema ?
These songs are always enjoyable.
Even I enjoy "Nee Kaatru Naan Maram" from Love Today. I guess its by Vidyasagar. Great lyrics.
I can't stand only one music director , the great Deva, an expert copycat. My father used to call his tunes as "Thisra Nadai" since they have the same beats.
Dear Sri Bro LQ Ji,

I wish I have studied Urdu and Hindi in my days. I have cut enough classes during my college days to go see the Hindi movies that I did not understand, but loved the music without understanding the meaning. (When I met my current wife, I sang her the 'Dosthu, Dosthu Naraga' song from the movie Guide, thinking that it was a romantic, friendly song!) Thank God she did not hold it against me! (but she does in a lots of other areas).

I love the old Tamil movie songs, 'Binaca' Hindi songsin the late 60s and early 70s, Jazz (Miles Davis is the standard), the western classical (have you heard Tchaikovsky's 'Pathetique'?), the oldies in pop (Frank Sinatra, Streisand, etc.), North Indian classical (the Pandits) and of course my South Indian classical with M.S., GNB, Vasantha Kumari, Ariyakkudi, Semmangudi and the best of all of them - Madurai Mani.

I love both Thodi and Kalyani. They take me to a place where I find the magic.

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KRS Sir,
Pranams. Your "Dosthu dosthu na raga" got me reminded of "Ragu Thatha" from one of K.Bhagyaraj movies(Edhir veettu jannal?)
Can you pick out any movie songs on Thodi and Kalyani for me?
The only raagas I can identify are Anandha Bhairavi, Hamsanandi and Sahana(thanks to K.Balachandar)
Shivaji and Cheeni Kum

I am unfortunate not to view both the above 2 movies but would like to know the reviews, if your can plz. tell me in brief.

"Dosthu dosthu na raga" was really a wonderful song with lots of meanings, good lyrics, wish nowadays songs are also like it.
Hello SNRajan,
Welcome aboard. I am Mrs.Kothai.
Nobody has seen Shivaji. It's expected to be released on 15th June I believe.
Previous schedule was 31 May. Rajni has Pournami sentiment.
I'm not sure about Cheeni Kum.
I too like "Dosth dosth naa raha". Actually KRS sir has deliberately used those spellings(I believe). And I quoted "Ragu thatha" which was supposed to be "Rehtha Tha". Have you seen that movie?

By the way you don't live in Tamil Nadu?
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