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vamsa vrudhdhi varam aa illai vedhanai yaa??

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thank you ravi.

in fact, at the instant when my ankle broke, i was nursing some bad thoughts.

though my rationality appeared to tell me that there is really no connection between my ankle-break and the bad-thought, the குதுர்க்க புத்தி in me, appear to whisper, that it was an instant punishment from God.

my mother always used to say that today's God did not wait to punish :(

re fate: i am coming to think, that we are all supplied with a bunch of wares just like the proverbial chettiar. this may be considered our fate.

for example, it is your fate to find a spouse at this point in time. this is a personal as well as a historical statement.

personal, in the sense, that one reaches the marriageable age, in our jargon, only mid twenties onwards. happens only once in a liftetime ie entry into this specific group.

also, this is early 21st century, where you are plying your wares, ie your eligibility in a market of competing brahmacharis. sure enough it is competition.

due to anomalies of the market, ie demand and supply, you are in a passive mode ie the girls are doing more of the chosing than you. in fact, many a boys these days, will be just delirious to have just one girl say 'yes'. is it not so?

so, this is the situation that fate has handed.

the starting point.

now, ofcourse, our bachelor can sit and wait and see how this plays out. to me, that would be the typical handling of fate. he can say என் தலைஎழுத்து என்னவோ and let time pass in despair.

or he can put some defining parameters set to time box the solution within, say 2 years or so. how he set the parameters, depends on him and his worldview. but he has set himself that at the end of 2 years he will be in a grihastha state.

that the end product may not be what he envisioned at the beginning of the marriage project is another issue. what was most important to him was that in 2 years he will be married.

so he probably has a wish list and a would like list.. as time passes, there will be a movement of the wishes to would like to acceptable.

the bottom line, is that we all wish to seek happiness. happiness is a commodity, that i see, seems to elude us, the more we try to box it within stringent parameters. also happiness, many a times, springs from surprising sources, and this is what makes life worthwhile in the ultimate.

i will be more specific in answers based on your further queries.

thank you. :)

Sri Kunjuppu ji,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedbacks.

So far I could not find any of your answers/feedbacks in general. For me all of your comments were very much specific and much comprehendable. Your comments were all very clear, real and have practical approach. This has helped me to share my views and opinions with yours. And I just love that.
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