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The solitary soul

Not open for further replies.

somanathan Iyer

Active member
O Soul! Sow never any seeds of attachment
Reaping the fruits of dismay looms large
Restrict your desires for objects of no-life
For they can’t deceit you with acts of detachment

Grow not your fantasies around the people you like
That makes you live for ever in a Fool’s paradise
Sincere may be your expectations from the beloved
Contempt is the reward awarded for your concern

Cynical you are overwhelmed by emotions
Clinical are others in keeping you at bay
Fondness of your roaming through memory lanes
Earns you the name of eccentric for being non-realistic

Restrain the heart from craving for others!
Motives attributed for no fault of yours
Bid a farewell to your emotional bondage
To confront the coming times with wretches of solitude

This world you came with no mission specified
Nothing you achieved to boast of anything
Dumb you remained when darkness descended
Helpless you are as your dreams stand shattered

Eluded by Luck and ignored by all
Stung by failures and surrounded by hardships
Belated attempts with negated results
Prompting to choose a life of seclusion
No tears from others when your exit is forever
Not open for further replies.

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