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The Christian assault on Hindu India

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Shri KRS & Shri Nacchinarkiniyan,

It is my view; you are free to disagree with it...

I think that conversion is a religiopolitical issue. Again, conversion is not about intellect, it is about necessity to a large extent and circumstances account for the rest...

The thin percentage of intellectuals that they are, may see their future generations lacking the insight to discern...

I may be wrong here... but again, it is too far-fetched to speculate for any of us as well...

Sanathana Dharma is all religion in the world.So,what onversion is going on is about the 'Ishta Devata Concept' of Hindus or Personal God Conception.To Say Christanity started only 2009 years back and Islam started only 1500 years back,therefore they are not eternal,is erroneous understanding.The values that these religion teach also is eternal or Sanathana.Because,all these religions womb is from India and Hinduism.That is why even though,the religion of Bharat is Sanathana Dharma,despite getting rebranded to Hinduism by Islam & Christians,the learned people of Bharat,understand,its only our Sanathana Dharmas which gave birth to Islam & Christanity,is branding us now as,Hinduism and Hindus.This is out of love for Islam,Christians,which are interconnected with Judaism thru Abraham of Israel.And Abraham & Sara are nothing but B R H M A A and Saraswathi.

Not open for further replies.

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