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Some doubts - Sandhyavandanam

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Some doubts: Sandhyavandanam

  1. Since when Sandhya Vandanam practice came into being? Before or after Vishwamitra who popularized the importance of Gayatri? I think additions or alterations could have been made at different times.

  1. While doing aachamna particularly in the evening you should not be doing it facing the west and one should face the north. What is the particular reason for it?

  1. Samashtyaabhivadanam should be done facing the East first in Prathasandhya and Maadhyannam. Is it right doing the same in the sayamsandhya facing the West? Saraswati is supposed to reside in the north and Savitri in the South. But Sandhyadevi at the horizon at day break or end of day and Gayatri opposite to her.

  1. Let me add to the knowledge of the readers like me, sandhyavandanam can be done even if there is a death in your house/family. You do not do anything facing the south. But you can eat facing the south. Only in sandhyavandanam you do yama vandanam facing the south. And in sandhyavandanam you invoke all deities.

  1. Doing namaskaram: Male should do shaashtanga namaskaram while ladies can do being on all fours, touching their head to the ground. I have observed many ladies while doing so, keep the right foot over the left foot. Why? Can anybody explain please?

Readers should, in terms of my signature, pardon me for asking such silly questions. If these questions were already covered please confirm or cite for my benefit.
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