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Sahasra nAma AvaLi

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

31. ॐ भाविने नमः। Om bhAvinE Namah।

32. ॐ भुवःपुत्राय नमः। Om bhuvah puthrAya Namah।

33. ॐ नमस्कृताय नमः। Om namaskruthAya Namah।

34. ॐ नागराजाय नमः। Om nAgarAjAya Namah।

35. ॐ सुधर्मात्मने नमः। Om su-DharmAthmanE Namah।

36. ॐ नाकपृष्ठाय नमः। Om nAkaprushTAya Namah।

37. ॐ सनातनाय नमः। Om sanAthanAya Namah।

38. ॐ हेमगर्भाय नमः। Om hEma-garbhAya Namah।

39. ॐ महागर्भाय नमः। Om mahA-garbhAya Namah।

40. ॐ जयाय नमः। Om jayAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

41. ॐ विजयेश्वराय नमः। Om vijayEs'warAya Namah।

42. ॐ कर्त्रे नमः। Om karthrE Namah।

43. ॐ विधात्रे नमः। Om viDhAthrE Namah।

44. ॐ नित्याय नमः। Om nithyAya Namah।

45. ॐ अनित्याय नमः। Om anithyAya Namah।

46. ॐ अरिमर्दनाय नमः। Om ari-mardhanAya Namah।

47. ॐ महासेनाय नमः। Om mahA-sEnAya Namah।

48. ॐ महातेजसे नमः। Om mahA-thEjasE Namah।

49. ॐ वीरसेनाय नमः। Om veera-sEnAya Namah।

50. ॐ चमूपतये नमः। Om chamoo-pathayE Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

51. ॐ सुरसेनाय नमः। Om sura-sEnAya Namah।

52. ॐ सुराध्यक्षाय नमः। Om sura-aDhyakshAya Namah।

53. ॐ भीमसेनाय नमः। Om bheema-sEnAya Namah।

54. ॐ निरामयाय नमः। Om NirAmayAya Namah।

55. ॐ शौरये नमः। Om s'ourayE Namah।

56.ॐ यदवे नमः। Om yAdhavE Namah।

57. ॐ महातेजसे नमः। Om mahA-thEjasE Namah।

58. ॐ वीर्यवते नमः। Om veeryavathE Namah।

59. ॐ सत्यविक्रमाय नमः। Om sathya-vikramAya Namah।

60. ॐ तेजोगर्भाय नमः। Om thejO-garbhaAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

61. ॐ असुररिपवे नमः। Om asura-ripavE Namah।

62. ॐ सुरमूर्तये नमः। Om sura-moorthayE Namah।

63. ॐ सुरोर्जिताय नमः। Om surOrjithAya Namah।

64. ॐ कृतज्ञाय नमः। Om kruthaj~nAya Namah।

65. ॐ वरदाय नमः। Om vara-dhAya Namah।

66. ॐ सत्याय नमः। Om sathyAya Namah।

67. ॐ शरण्याय नमः। Om s'araNyAya Namah।

68. ॐ साधुवत्सलाय नमः। Om sAdhu-vathsalAya Namah।

69. ॐ सुव्रताय नमः । Om su-vrathAya Namah।

70. ॐ सूर्यसङ्काशाय नमः। Om soorya-sankAs'Aya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

71. ॐ वह्निगर्भाय नमः। Om vahni-garbhAya Namah।

72. ॐ रणोत्सुकाय नमः। Om raNOthsukAya Namah।

73. ॐ पिप्पलिने नमः। Om pippalinE Namah।

74. ॐ शीघ्रगाय नमः। Om s'eeghragAya Namah।

75. ॐ रौद्रये नमः। Om roudhrayE Namah।

76. ॐ गाङ्गेयाय नमः। Om gAngEyAya Namah।

77. ॐ रिपुदारणाय नमः। Om ripu-dhAraNAya Namah।

78. ॐ कार्तिकेयाय नमः। Om kArthikEyAya Namah।

79. ॐ प्रभवे नमः। Om prabhavE Namah।

80. ॐ क्षान्ताय नमः। Om kshAnthAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

81. ॐ नीलदंष्ट्राय नमः। Om neela-dhamshtrAya Namah।

82. ॐ महामनसे नमः। Om mahA-manasE Namah।

83. ॐ निग्रहाय नमः। Om nigrahAya Namah।

84. ॐ निग्रहाणां नेत्रे नमः। Om nigrahANAm nEthrE Namah।

85. ॐ दैत्यसूदनाय नमः। Om dhaithya-soodhanAya Namah।

86. ॐ प्रग्रहाय नमः। Om pragrahAya Namah।

87. ॐ परमानन्दाय नमः। Om paramAnandhAya Namah।

88. ॐ क्रोधघ्नाय नमः। Om krOdhaghnAya Namah।

89. ॐ तारकोच्छिदाय नमः। Om thArakOchChidhAya Namah।

90. ॐ कुक्कुटिने नमः। Om kukkutinE Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

91. ॐ बहुलाय नमः। Om bahulAya Namah।

92. ॐ वादिने नमः। Om vAdhinE Namah।

93. ॐ कामदाय नमः। Om kAmadhAya Namah।

94. ॐ भूरिवर्धनाय नमः। Om bhoori-varDhanAya Namah।

95. ॐ अमोघाय नमः। Om amOghAya Namah।

96. ॐ अमृतदाय नमः। Om amrutha-dhAya Namah।

97. ॐ अग्नये नमः। Om aghnayE Namah।

98. ॐ शत्रुघ्नाय नमः। Om s'athrughnAya Namah।

99. ॐ सर्वबोधनाय नमः। Om sarva-bODhanAya Namah।

100. ॐ अनघाय नमः। Om anaghAya Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
13. Sree KArthikEya AshtOthram

101. ॐ अमराय नमः। Om amarAya Namah।

102. ॐ श्रीमते नमः। Om s'reemathE Namah।

103. ॐ उन्नताय नमः। Om unnathAya Namah।

104. ॐ अग्निसम्भवाय नमः। Om agni-sambhavAya Namah।

105. ॐ पिशाचराजाय नमः। Om pis'Acha-rAjAya Namah।

106. ॐ सूर्याभाय नमः। Om sooryAbhAya Namah।

107. ॐ शिवात्मने नमः। Om s'ivAthmanE Namah।

108. ॐ सनातनाय नमः। Om sanAthanAya Namah।

श्रीकार्तिकेयाष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा॥

Sree kArthikEya ashtOtharam sampoorNam.

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

1. प्रकृति...prakruti = She who is The Nature
ॐ प्रकृत्यै नमः। Om prakruthyai Namah।

2. विकृति ...vikruthi = She who is the multi faceted Nature
ॐ विकृत्यै नमः। Om iikruthyai Namah।

3. विद्या...vidhyA = She who is pure knowledge
ॐ विद्यायै नमः। Om vidhyAyai Namah।

4. सर्वभूतहितप्रदा...sarva-bhootha-hitha-pradha
She who always does good to every living creature.
ॐ सर्वभूतहितप्रदायै नमः। Om sarva-bhootha-hitha-pradhAyai Namah।

5. श्रद्धा...s'radhDhA = She who remains focused on Her actions
ॐ श्रद्धायै नमः। Om s'radhDhAyai Namah।

6. विभूति...vibhoothi = She who is the goddess of wealth
ॐ विभूत्यै नमः। Om vibhoothyai Namah।

7. सुरभि...surabhi = She who is a divine celestial being
ॐ सुरभ्यै नमः। Om surabhyai Namah।

8. परमात्मिका...paramAthmikA = She who is Omnipresent
ॐ परमात्मिकायै नमः। Om paramAthmikAyai Namah।

9. वाचि...vAchi = She whose speech is as sweet as nectar
ॐ वाचे नमः। Om vAchE Namah।

10. पद्मलया...padhmAlayA = She who resides on a lotus flower
ॐ पद्मालयायै नमः। Om padhmAlayAyai Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

11. पद्मा...padhmA = She who Herself is like a blooming lotus
ॐ पद्मायै नमः। Om padmAyai Namah।

12. शुचि...s'uchi = She who is personification of purity
ॐ शुचये नमः| Om s'uchayE Namah।

13. स्वाहा...swAhA = She who is the auspicious swAhA dhEvi
ॐ स्वाहायै नमः। Om swAhAyai Namah।

14. स्वधा...swaDhA = She who is the auspicious swaDhA dhEvi
ॐ स्वधायै नमः। Om swaDhAyai Namah।

15. सुधा...suDhA = She who is as sweet as the nectar
ॐ सुधायै नमः। Om suDhAyai Namah।

16. धन्या...DhanyA = She who is the personification of blessings
ॐ धन्यायै नमः। Om DhanyAyai Namah।

17. हिरण्मयी...hiraNmayee = She who is of the colour of pure gold
ॐ हिरण्मय्यै नमः। Om hiraNmayyai Namah।

18. लक्ष्मी...lakshmee = She who is the Goddess of Wealth
ॐ लक्ष्म्यै नमः। Om lakshmyai Namah।

19. नित्यपुष्टा...nithya-pushtA = She who becomes stronger day by day.
ॐ नित्यपुष्टायै नमः। Om nithya-pushtAyai Namah।

20. विभा...vibhA = She who is bright and radiant
ॐ विभावर्यै नमः। Om vibhAvaryai Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

21. आदित्य...Adhithya = She who is radiant like the Sun
ॐ अदित्यै नमः। Om Adhithyai Namah।

22. दित्य...dhithya = She who answers to all our prayers
ॐ दित्ये नमः। Om dhithyai Namah।

23. दीपा...dheepA = She who shines like a lit lamp
ॐ दीपायै नमः। Om dheepAyai Namah।

24. वसुधा ...vasuDhA = She who is The Mother Earth
ॐ वसुधायै नमः। Om vasuDhAyai Namah।

25. वसुधारिणी...vasuDhAriNee = She who bears the burden of the Earth
ॐ वसुधारिण्यै नमः। Om vasuDhAriNyai Namah।

26. कमला...kamalA = She who appeared on a lotus flower
ॐ कमलायै नमः। Om kamalAyai Namah।

27. कान्ता...kAnthA = She who is the consort of VishNu
ॐ कान्तायै नमः। Om kAnthAyai Namah।

28. कामाक्षी...kAmAkshee = She who has very Attractive Eyes
ॐ कामाक्ष्यै नमः। Om kAmAkshyai Namah।

29. क्ष्रीरोधसंभवा / क्रोधसंभवा
ksheerODha-sambhavA / krODha-sambhavA
ॐ क्ष्रीरोधसंभवाम् नमः। / ॐ क्रोधसंभवायै नमः।
Om ksheerOdha-sambhavAm Namah। Om krODha-sambhavAyai Namah।

30. अनुग्रहप्रदा...anugraha-pradhA = She who grants us all our requests
ॐ अनुग्रहप्रदायै नमः। Om anugraha-pradhAyai Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

31. बुध्दि...budhDhi = She who is the personification of intelligence
ॐ बुद्धये नमः। Om budhDhayE Namah।

32. अनघा...anaghA = She who is without any blemish
ॐ अनघायै नमः। Om anaghAyai Namah।

33. हरिवल्लभि ...hari-vallabhi = She who is consort of Hari
ॐ हरिवल्लभायै नमः। Om hari-vallabhAyai Namah।

34. अशोका...as'OkA = She who dispels all our sorrows
ॐ अशोकायै नमः। Om as'OkAyai Namah।

35. अमृता...amruthA = She who is as sweet as the nectar
ॐ अमृतायै नमः। Om amruthAyai Namah।

36. दीप्ता...dheepthA = She who glows with radiance
ॐ दीप्तायै नमः | Om dheepthAyai Namah|

37. लोकशोकविनाशि ...lOka-s'Oka-vinAs'ini
She who removes the sorrow of all the living creatures
ॐ लोकशोकविनाशिन्यै नमः। Om lOka-s'Oka-vinAs'inyai Namah।

38. धर्मनिलया...Dharma-nilayA = She who established Dharma
ॐ धर्मनिलयायै नमः। Om Dharma-nilayAyai Namah।

39. करुणा...karuNA = She who is filled with compassion
ॐ करुणायै नमः। Om karuNAyai Namah।

40. लोकमात्रि...lOka-mAthri = She who is The Mother of the universe
ॐ लोकमात्रे नमः। Om lOka-mAthrE Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

41. पद्मप्रिया...padhma-priyA = She who loves Lotus flowers
ॐ पद्मप्रियायै नमः। Om padhma-priyAyai Namah।

42. पद्महस्ता...padhma-hasthA = She whose hands are soft like lotus flowers
ॐ पद्महस्तायै नमः। Om padhma-hasthAyai Namah।

43. पद्माक्ष्या...padhmAkshyA = She whose eyes are like lotus petals
ॐ पद्माक्ष्यै नमः। Om Padmakshyai Namah।

44. पद्मसुन्दरी...padhma-sundhari = She who is as beautiful as a lotus flower
ॐ पद्मसुन्दर्यै नमः। Om padma-sundharyai Namah।

45. पद्मोद्भवा...padhmODhbhavA = She who appeared on a Lotus flower
ॐ पद्मोद्भवायै नमः। Om padhmODhbhavAyai Namah।

46. पद्ममुखी...padhma-mukhee = She whose face is like a blooming lotus
ॐ पद्ममुख्यै नमः। Om padhma-mukhyai Namah।

47. पद्मनाभाप्रिया...padhma-nAbha-priyA = She who is dear to padhmanAbha
ॐ पद्मनाभप्रियायै नमः। Om padhma-nAbha-priyAyai Nama

48. रमा...ramA = She who pleases Her lord VishNu
ॐ रमायै नमः। Om ramAyai Namah।

49. पद्ममालाधरा ....padhma-mAlA-DharA = She who wears a lotus garland
ॐ पद्ममालाधरायै नमः। Om padhma-mAlA-DharAyai Namah।

50. देवी...dhEvee = She who is a Goddess
ॐ देव्यै नमः। Om dhEvyai Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

51. पद्मिनी...padhminee = She is the goddess on a Lotus
ॐ पद्मिन्यै नमः। Om padhminyai Namah।

52. पद्मगन्धिनी...padhma-ganDhinee = She who has the fragrance of lotus
ॐ पद्मगन्धिन्यै नमः। Om padhma-ganDhinyai Namah।

53. पुण्यगन्धा...puNya-ganDhA = She who has a divine perfume
ॐ पुण्यगन्धायै नमः। Om puNya-ganDhAyai Namah।

54. सुप्रसन्ना...suprasannA = She who is always cheerful and happy
ॐ सुप्रसन्नायै नमः। Om suprasannAyai Namah।

55. प्रसादाभिमुखी ...prasAdhAbhi-mukhee = She who emerges to grant boons
ॐ प्रसादाभिमुख्यै नमः। Om prasAdhAbhi-mukhyai Namah।

56. प्रभा...prabhA = She who is Radiant Like the Sun
ॐ प्रभायै नमः। Om prabhAyai Namah।

57. चन्द्रवदना ...chandhra-vadhanA = She whose face resembles a full moon
ॐ चन्द्रवदनायै नमः। Om chandhra-vadhanAyai Namah।

58. चन्द्रा...chandhra = She who is cool like the full moon
ॐ चन्द्रायै नमः। Om chandhrAyai Namah।

59. चन्द्रसहोदरी ....chandhra-sahOdharee = She who is the sister of Moon
ॐ चन्द्रसहोदर्यै नमः। Om chandhra-sahOdharyai Namah।

60. चतुर्भुजा....chathur-bhujA = She who has four arms
ॐ चतुर्भुजायै नमः। Om chathur-bhujAyai Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

61. चन्द्ररूपा...chandhra-roopA = She who resembles the full moon
ॐ चन्द्ररूपायै नमः। Om chandhra-roopAyai Namah।

62. इन्दिरा ....indhirA = She who is radiant like the Sun
ॐ इन्दिरायै नमः। Om indhirAyai Namah।

63. इन्दुशीतला...indhu-s'eethalA = She who is all cool as the moonlight
ॐ इन्दुशीतलायै नमः। Om indhu-s'eethalAyai Namah।

64. आह्लादजननी...AhlAdha-jananee = She who is the Source of Happiness
ॐ आह्लादजनन्यै नमः। Om AhlAdha-jananyai Namah।

65. पुष्टि...pushti = She who is very well built
ॐ पुष्टयै नमः। Om pushtayai Namah।

66. शिवा...s'ivA = She who is very Auspicious
ॐ शिवायै नमः। Om s'ivAyai Namah।

67. शिवकरी...s'iva-karee = She who is the Source of Auspicious Things
ॐ शिवकर्यै नमः। Om s'iva-karyai Namah।

68. सत्या...sathyA = She is the sum of all truths
ॐ सत्यै नमः। Om sathyai Namah।

69. विमला...vimalA = She who is always pure
ॐ विमलायै नमः। Om vimalAyai Namah।

70. विश्वजननी...vis'wa-jananee = She who is The Mother of the Universe
ॐ विश्वजनन्यै नमः। Om vis'wa-jananyai Namah |

Visalakshi Ramani

Well-known member
14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

71. तुष्टि...thushti = She who possesses all the wealth
ॐ तुष्टयै नमः। Om thushtayai Namah।

72. दारिद्र्यनाशिनी...dhAridhrya-nAs'inee = She who destroys poverty
ॐ दारिद्र्यनाशिन्यै नमः। Om dhAridhrya-nAs'inyai Namah।

73. प्रीतिपुष्करिणी ...preethi-pushkarinNee = She who is pleasing to the eyes
ॐ प्रीतिपुष्करिण्यै नमः। Om preethi-pushkariNyai Namah।

74. शान्ता...s'AanthA = She who is always calm and peaceful
ॐ शान्तायै नमः। Om s'AnthAyai Namah।

75. शुक्लमाल्यांबरा...s'ukla-mAlyAmbarA
She who wears White flower Garland and white coloured clothes
ॐ शुक्लमाल्यांबरायै नमः। Om s'ukla-mAlyAmbarAyai Namah।

76. श्री...s'ree = She who is the Goddess of fortune
ॐ श्रियै नमः। Om s'riyai Namah।

77. भस्करि ...bhAskari = She who is radiant like the Sun
ॐ भास्कर्यै नमः। Om bhAskaryai Namah।

78. बिल्वनिलया ...bilva-nilayA = She who resides under the Bilva Tree
ॐ बिल्वनिलयायै नमः। Om bilva-nilayAyai Namah।

79. वरारोहा....varArOhA = She who is always ready to offer Boons
ॐ वरारोहायै नमः। Om varArOhAyai Namah।

80. यशस्विनी ...yas'aswinee = She who has wide reputation
ॐ यशस्विन्यै नमः। Om yas'aswinyai Namah।


Visalakshi Ramani

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14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

81. वसुन्धरा ...vasunDharA = She who is the Daughter of the Earth
ॐ वसुन्धरायै नमः। Om vasunDharAyai Namah।

82. उदाराङ्गा...udhArangA = She who is endowed with a beautiful body
ॐ उदारांगायै नमः। Om udhArangAyai Namah।

83. हरिणी...hariNee = She who is as beautiful as a female deer.
ॐ हरिण्यै नमः। Om hariNyai Namah।

84. हेममालिनी...hEma-mAlinee = She who wears gold ornaments
ॐ हेममालिन्यै नमः। Om hEma-mAlinyai Namah।

85. धनधान्यकी ...Dhana-DhAnyakee
She who gives one wealth and food grains
ॐ धनधान्यकर्ये नमः। Om Dhana-DhAnya-karyai Namah।

86. सिध्दि...sidhDhi = She who confers success to our various efforts
ॐ सिद्धये नमः। Om sidhDhayE Namah।

87. स्त्रैणसौम्या....sthraiNa-soumyA
She who showers Goodness on Women
ॐ स्त्रैणसौम्यायै नमः। Om sthraiNa-soumyAyai Namah।

88. शुभप्रदा...s'ubha-pradhA = She who grants auspiciousness
ॐ शुभप्रदाये नमः। Om s'ubha-pradhAyai Namah।

89. नृपवेश्मगतानन्दा ...nrupa-vEshma-gathAnanhA
She who lives to reside in rich and kingly palaces
ॐ नृपवेश्मगतानन्दायै नमः। Om nrupa-vEshma-gathAnandhAyai Namah।

90. वरलक्ष्मी...vara-lakshmee = She who grants prosperity
ॐ वरलक्ष्म्यै नमः। Om vara-lakshmyai Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

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14. Sree Lakshmi AshtOthram

91. वसुप्रदा...vasu-pradhA = She who bestows wealth and prosperity
ॐ वसुप्रदायै नमः। Om vasu-pradhAyai Namah।

92. शुभा...s'ubhA = She who is very auspicious
ॐ शुभायै नमः। Om s'ubhAyai Namah।

93. हिरण्यप्राकारा...hiraNya-prAkArA
She who surrounds Herself with gold
ॐ हिरण्यप्राकारायै नमः। Om hiraNya-prAkArAyai Namah।

94. समुद्रतनया...samudhra-thanayA
She who is the beloved daughter of the Ocean Of Milk
ॐ समुद्रतनयायै नमः। Om samudhra-thanayAyai Namah।

95. जया ...jayA = She who is the Goddess of Victory
ॐ जयायै नमः। Om jayAyai Namah।

96. मङ्गला देवी ...mangalA dhEvee = She who is Most Auspicious
ॐ मंगळा देव्यै नमः। Om Mangala Devyai Namah।

97. विष्णुवक्षस्स्थलस्थिता...vishNu-vakshas-sThala-sthithA
She whose abode is the chest of Lord VishNu
ॐ विष्णुवक्षस्स्थलस्थितायै नमः। Om vishNu-vakshas-sThala-sthithAyai Namah।

98. विष्णुपत्नी ...vishNu-pathnee = She who is the Consort of Lord Vishnu
ॐ विष्णुपत्न्यै नमः। Om vishNu-pathnyai Namah।

99. प्रसन्नाक्षी...prasannAkshi = She who has peasant eyes
ॐ प्रसन्नाक्ष्यै नमः। Om prasannAkshyai Namah।

100. नारायणसमाश्रिता ...nArAyaNa-samAs'rithA
She who sought Refuge in NArAyaNa
ॐ नारायणसमाश्रितायै नमः। Om nArAyaNa-samAs'rithAyai Namah।

101. दारिद्र्यध्वंसिनी ...dhAridhrya-Dhwamsinee
She who is the Destroyer of Poverty
ॐ दारिद्र्यध्वंसिन्यै नमः। Om dhAridhrya-Dhwamsinyai Namah।

102. देवी...dhEvi = She who is a Goddess
ॐ देव्यै नमः। Om dhEvyai Namah।

103. सर्वोपद्रव वारिणी ...sarvOpadhrava vAriNee
She who is the Dispeller of all Distresses
ॐ सर्वोपद्रव वारिण्यै नमः। Om sarvOpadhrava vAriNyai Namah।

104. नवदुर्गा ....nava-dhurgA = She who is all the nine forms of dhurgA
ॐ नवदुर्गायै नमः। Om nava-dhurgAyai Namah।

105. महाकाली ....mahA-kAlee = She who is A Form of Kali
ॐ महाकाल्यै नमः। Om mahA-kAlyai Namah।

106. ब्रह्माविष्णुशिवात्मिका ...brahma-vishNu-s'ivAthmikA
She who is the soul of the Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva
ॐ ब्रह्माविष्णुशिवात्मिकायै नमः। Om brahma-vishNu-s'ivAthmikAyai Namah।

107. त्रिकालज्ञानसम्पन्ना...thrikAla-j~nAna-sampannA
She who is Aware of all the three times namely the Past, Present and Future
ॐ त्रिकालज्ञानसंपन्नायै नमः। Om thrikAla-j~nAa-sampannAyai Namah।

108. भुवनेश्वरी...bhuvanEs'waree = She who is the supreme deity of the world
ॐ भुवनेश्वर्यै नमः। Om bhuvanEs'waryai Namah।

॥इति श्रीलक्ष्मीष्टोत्तरशतनामावलिः सम्पूर्णा॥
S'ree lakshmee astOththara s'atha nAmAvaLi sampoorNam

Visalakshi Ramani

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#15. Aadhi Lakshmi AshtOthram

1. ॐ श्रीं आदिलक्ष्म्यै नमः। Om s'reem Adhi-lakshmyai Namah।

2. ॐ श्रीं अकारायै नमः। Om s'reem akArAyai Namah।

3. ॐ श्रीं अव्ययायै नमः। Om s'reem avyayAyai Namah।

4. ॐ श्रीं अच्युतायै नमः। Om s'reem achyuthAyai Namah।

5. ॐ श्रीं आनन्दायै नमः। Om s'reem AnandhAyai Namah।

6. ॐ श्रीं अर्चितायै नमः। Om s'reem archithAyai Namah।

7. ॐ श्रीं अनुग्रहायै नमः। Om s'reem anugrahAyai Namah।

8. ॐ श्रीं अमृतायै नमः। Om s'reem amruthAyai Namah।

9. ॐ श्रीं अनन्तायै नमः। Om s'reem ananthAyai Namah।

10. ॐ श्रीं इष्टप्राप्त्यै नमः। Om s'reem ishta-prApthyai Namah।

Visalakshi Ramani

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#15. Aadhi Lakshmi AshtOthra

11. ॐ श्रीं ईश्वर्यै नमः। Om s'reem ees'waryai Namah।

12. ॐ श्रीं कर्त्र्यै नमः। Om s'reem karthryai Namah।

13. ॐ श्रीं कान्तायै नमः। Om s'reem kAnthAyai Namah।

14. ॐ श्रीं कलायै नमः। Om s'reem kalAyai Namah।

15. ॐ श्रीं कल्याण्यै नमः। Om s'reem kalyANyai Namah।

16. ॐ श्रीं कपर्दिने नमः। Om s'reem kapardhinE Namah।

17. ॐ श्रीं कमलायै नमः। Om s'reem kamalAyai Namah।

18. ॐ श्रीं कान्तिवर्धिन्यै नमः। Om s'reem kAnthi-varDhinyai Namah।

19. ॐ श्रीं कुमार्यै नमः। Om s'reem kumAryai Namah।

20. ॐ श्रीं कामाक्ष्यै नमः। Om s'reem kAmAkshyai Namah।

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