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S.Ve.Shekar's new party!

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To All: Why for another Party, already our member Saktheee 2009 started a new name for TB,s party, so S.Ve S join hands with him and let allof US support them. S.R.K.
we should not bother about different and difference in bramins. we should have only one party. there should not be Saktheee 2009 and S V Sekar party . Here also we have difference of opnion. so decide whome we will support. we entire tamil bramins community support him for our next generation growth.
S.Ve.Shekar's new party

Dear All
There is already an organisation , *******. Why not channelise all our energy through a single organisation. We are suffering mainly beacuse we ae a minority in terms of voting strength and lack of unity amongst us. while I am not against s.Ve.S or Sakhthee, I thinkand believe , while difference of opnion will always exisit among intelligent people we should also remember finally agree to be united and fall behind one leader/ one party/ one orgainstation to be able to really help our community or those suffering members of our community.
with regards and respect to all
Dear all

I fully support MSMani's views. If you have two intelligent people, more often than not they would disagree more than agree with each other - it is a natural phenomenon. Add a dose of ego and the equation becomes explosive. The mushrooming of political parties in India is due to this sole factor where an 'ordinary' leader of a big party can become 'the leader' of a small party and sit 'equally' with his erstwhile 'leader' and dictate terms - including horsetrading in parliamentary/assembly election seats if need be. Hence, let us go for only one organisation, may be ******* and focus all our energies and good work into it.
I belive all the NB are adjusting among them self and comming up. we can see in the reservation for obc and BC people in elite colleges. So we need to adjust and accept the toughts of others bramins and should have to come up in India as well as World. We should be the top 1. We should not go down any .

Sriram Jaya ram Jaya Jaya Ram
i think this s v shekar is a distilled idiot. i think, he has no political sense or skills.

first of all he goes to MK and asks for 7% reservations for brahmins. without doing any upfront work and service. before you ask for rewards, you do the service first to deserve it.

i bet MK had a good laugh once SV left his presence.

he has been biting the hand that fed him. he got elected as aidmk candidate and once sworn, he has put on airs, far more pompous, than what a junior mla can project.

now he is toying with the dmk again, by behaving out of tune, with his aidmk counterparts. overall, i think, it shows a political naivetee.

i think, SV would be better, if he can pull it off, to join the dmk. the dravidian parties are established and with the new generation of leaders, tamil brahmins, atleast those still left in tamil nadu, can work towards integrating themselves back into the mainstream politics.

but i do not think sv has the smarts to play off his candidature between dmk and aidmk. he is, i think, will be another swamy. ie a party of one!

and what a name he has chosen - arya munnetra kazhagam. the bogey of dravida arya has hurt brahmins more than anyone else. it is best, that we put this absurd theory to the dungheap of amnesiacal history.

what do tamil brahmins really want out of a government of tamil nadu?

if it is to abolish quotas in education and government jobs, they are hitting their heads against an iron wall. the political and social realities are such.

if tamil brahmins, care about their poor brethren, who appear to be perpetual cooks, temple priests, chavundis and poor widows, and hence marginalized by both the mainstream tamils, as well as their own, then they can influence the government, to extend help to assist this group. and this group only.

if on the other hand, tamil brahmins, wish for a recognition by the government, for their contribution and part in building the society, i think, it is a worthwhile goal that is achievable.

even now, in almost all government appointments, there are brahmins included. but the reality of it is, that cannot expect to dominate again in numbers and stature, as of yester years. times have changed. and we too have moved on.

i find, that tamil brahmins, outside the state, and even more outside the country, more shrill and more vehemently anti dravidian parties. they do not have to live with the day to day limitations which may result in their child may be denied a much sought after college seat of his/her choice.

those settled abroad do not have this problem. i think, outside of india, our standards and norms of meritocracy are best respected, and i think it is a good idea, that heading outside the borders of india, has dissipated much of the pent up frustrations, that would have resulted among our youth, had the past two generations not eked out their living in the west, mid east or s'pore.

in the worst instance, we would have been another lankan tamils. their lot, is not unlike ours, re loss of position and power in their own country.

outside of tamil nadu, in india, i do not know, but have not heard many complaints, re adverse effects of reservation. maybe because we are outsiders there, we adjust, and somehow find a way to get ahead.

much water has flown under the bridge in tamil nadu since onset of the dravidian reformation starting in 1967. we are dwindling in numbers inside tamildom. the rich ones among us, have their own rules and do not care.

the middle class, will have to continue to be creative and resourceful, as they always have been, to help acquire the educational goals of their child.

government jobwise, forget it. there are far more and better opportunities in the private sector. may be, i think, if we eschew our reluctance to 'dirty our hands', we may make more money, learning the trades, and starting small businesses like foundries, auto repair shops or even carpentry/plumbing. increasingly, even in india, these jobs pay more than that of a cook or a chavundi carrying our dead and helping out with the obsequies.

all in all, i think, SV Shekar has a long way to go re climbing the political ladder. it starts off by paying dues - ie getting votes out for any party. sv got selected because JJ figured he might get some brahmin votes in mylapore. that is the beginning and end of his political initiation. ie goodwill of JJ.

re *******, i think it is a reactionary organization, out of touch with political social realities of today. i think, it is best, it sticks to finding mates for young brahmin youths and youthesses.

thank you.
no need for anothre party

There is no need for another party for brahmins. we have already *******.

Mr. S. Ve. Shekhar has announced that he is likely to float a new party to support the cause of the Brahmins! Would you support him? Why? Why not?
S.v.sekar & arya munnetra kazhagam!

The Drama Trouper Sri. S.V.Sekar,MLA,is quoted in papers as telling that he is pressured by Ttamil Brahmins to start a political party for
Brahmins.He intends naming it as Aryan Munnetra Kazhagam in the lines of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

The name Arya means only "the valient,patriarch,greatman,headman,
leader...etc.,".It does not connote any racial group.Infact the race theory itself was founded during the course of 200 years. That was also used as a tool for dividing people whereever the britisher went to rule.

You will be surprised to note that Dr. B.R.Ambedkar did not subscribe to the view that there was an Aryan Invasion.He is quoted as saying"if the Brahmins are Aryans, the untouchable is also Aryan;if the untouchable is Dravidian, the Brahmin is also Dravidian.

Again the word Dravidian means only a geographical loation and not any race.

If today S.V. Sekar names his Bramins party as an Aryan party, he will create further division in the society.It will be same side goal as in football, or hockey.

One day the "Dravidians" will force the "Aryans" to go back to Kyber Pass and cross over to Afghanishan or Iran.

please tell S.V. ekar not to hob-nob with the word "Aryan"

S.Ve.Shekar's new party

I strongly disagree with the view expressed by Mr.Kunjuppu in calling Sv.Sekar as "distilled idiot". This again is a typical brahminical trait to use much stronger words to put off the discussion. This we should change.The fact quoted that you need to do something to ask does not apply in politics. Shifting from one party to the other is also not a new one. MK does not feel shy in asking the PM 9 or 10 ministerial berth.

He talks of influencing the government to help the poor brothern but did not say how can we influence. One method of influence is to have some MLAs or MPs under your party banner. The possibility of absolute majority for a party to rule the centre or the state is not going to be a reality in future. Hence even if we are a small party we may have influential strength.

Sv. Sekar or any one if he is starting a political party with a logo and symbol let us support. gaining more political strength will make our effort to realise our goals more easily. To-day we can be tamil brahmins and tomorrow we can be All india brahmins.
thank you kannan for your reply to my post.

sir, i agree with you, re the concept of influencing political power through votes and seats held in the legislatures, state or central.

in order to do that there are two pre requisites: votes and seats.

tamil brahmins, i think, do not have the numbers to make a difference except maybe mylapore. we do not have any seats in the legislatures.

so, i think, we will have to think out of the box to make some political gains.

it is in this context, that i so honourably addressed s v shekar. please do not blame the tamil brahmin community or the supposed brahmin trait for my statements on s.v.

those are 100% my own, and i think it is unfair to community, to think that me calling s.v. a 'distilled idiot' is a reflection of paarppaan buddhi. not so.

i was expressing my views of s.v. solely as a politician. i have given some details in my earlier post. i do not think he has the smarts to survive in tamil nadu politics.

to support him just because he is a brahmin, is to support a loser. i think s.v. will not even be able to retain his seat, unless he has dmk support in the next election.

give me a smart brahmin, with an agenda, who can sell it to the big parties and has a personality to garner votes across communities - and i will be very glad to place my loyalties with him or her.

unfortunately, our community, i think, is bereft of such forward looking leaders, who understand the reality of today's politics, and how to maneouvre themselves to be felt and heard among the political elites.

lack of leadership, i think, may be better, than poor leadership. atleast the ship will be anchored without sailing, instead of floating with an inept captain and getting wrecked.

getting wrecked, that is what is happening to our community in tamil nadu, with the likes of s.v., cho and swamy supposedly talking on behalf of our community.

these guys represent a 'brahminism', i think, long outdated, and out of tune with current brahmin youth. they also appear to flirt with extreme violent right wing elements, which is against our psyche and our tradition.

simply put, i think, individually, we are dealing level best, with second rate cards, and playing the game at our own individual levels, to the best of our effort, and getting by.

we do not need these political clowns, to make bad situations, even worse.

finally, sir, i do not see, how my calling s.v. a 'distilled idiot' would shut out dialogue. if at all anything, this is among the few times, that i have had responses to my posts.

as tamil brahmins, we sorely lack a leader with vision. that hurts us. especially our poorer folks, still left in tamil nadu.

thank you.
btw, Lets not forget, even 1% vote bank counts in democracy.. All those silk saree/golden ring donations to the cheri (slum) on the day before election,is all for the money & loyal vote count?and for winning the game in photo finish.If not for democracy, who would care a damn about those living in cheri's?

But the question here is, will this voting pattern be uniform? For eg, If Karunanidhi knows that 3% of TB's would confidently vote for him, im sure he would bend down to suck knees, and would not hesitate to install a statue for Chakkaravarthi Rajaji in Marina beach..Yeh, 3% is a huge chunck... I bet, he would even lick the ar*e of TB's!!.. I bet again!!

After all... just 3% christians in TN could make him bend down and dance to their tunes.. Yes,like MGR, he has also approved all the teachers job in pvt. christian missionary schools. He has even gone a ahead to offer reservation for T.N Christians. Chief minister Jeyalalitha, bend further, to withdraw her own 'Anti Conversion law' to appease Christians..may be, even her most talked about actions on Vellore jail is just to appease yet another faction..

My readings on internet articles always made me wonder, how can there be 5 Christian chief ministers in India, esp, during BJP regime? Just a 2% vote bank in India!!...

Yes, its democracy.. Democracy respects every vote banks (loyal & smart)..As Shri.Kunjuppu often says, carpe diem.. enjoy the present..

If SveSekar is smart, he should have supported DMK in this parliamentary election.carpe diem again..After all, CN.Annadurai's first English speech in 'All India Radio' is all about 'Praise for Bharathiyar Songs'..

A good leadership is a must.. But then saying goes, 'Leaders are neither chosen nor nominated, they just 'Evolve'....
Instead of starting a political party, let Mr.S.Ve.Sekhar start a social upliftment movement for the benefit of not only brahmins but also other communities. Caste based parties have no future and let us not support people who are dividing the society based on caste, religeon, language or race.
S.Ve.Shekar's new party

Thanks for the response to my reply. Mr. Kunjuppu my intention was not to find fault on your observation. Somehow I do not personlly like strong words ike idiot or stupid in written communication. Nothing more than that. I fully agree with you that we need a strong leader. The suggestion by SAPR333 is also great. 3% brahmin if can be collected in a single forum can swing a large vote bank and certainly we can have a better voice. I only want to know what do we do in that direction. Can we ask the members who are from tamil nadu and start collecting data of how much vote we have constitution wise and request members to collectively put some demand if we have seizable vote. This is only an idea. It may or it may not work. But my view is can we start thinking in that direction and pool ideas and initiate action.
Dear Sri kannan Ji,

Sri S. Ve. Sekar's party name is "Arya Mennetra Kazhagam'.

One of the definitions of 'stupid' is:
"marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting" (Merriam-Webster)

So, why do you have a problem with this word?

Floating a caste based party is not going to help as we are a small minority in Tamilnadu. On the contrary it will create more ill will and hatred. If Mr.S.Ve.Sekhar is really interested in uplifiting tamil brahmins, let him start a charitable organisation for the cause. I think we should not encourage people like Mr.S.Ve.Sekhar as his political party will die before the next election. By floating a political party, he will create more problems for tamil brahmins instead of solving the present problems.
aryan is not correct word

Though the word is giving some other meaning if we are analysing the word deeply, most of the people know only normal meaning of aryans.
that is psychology of our village people& this will surely become mojor politics disscussion matter for other politicians.
Does that name represent us?

The name Arya Munnetra Kazahagam does not represent the values, ethics,knowledge orientedness ( as against commercial mindedness) and Philosophy that Brahmin community has stood for. It rather betrays an obession with DMK. Choosing that name will make us look like one more shade of the same rubbish,

If at all anyone would think politics, he/she should derive inspiration from Subrhamanya bharati whose literary work ranges from patriotism to women emancipation to poverty removal to pan Indian trade to what not. Bharthiyar's thinking and poetry will not only give a right sense of direction to the political activity but also will be instantly respectable for the community also, if PR and communication is done smartly. I will vote for Bhartiyar Party. Bharatiyar's picture will be most powerful image to communicate
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S.V.Sekar's new Party

If the idea of S.V.Sekar is to start a new Political outfit exclusively for Brahmins, it will not work. Politics is game of numbers and Brahmins do not have that in Tamil Nadu. Sekar should understand Brahmins as a community are group of individuals, they think and act independently. Each one will have his own political preference and ideology. To herd them under one Leader or party is impossible. Floating a Caste based Political outfit is not a wise move for a minority Community, it will only alienate the community from the main stream Political Parties. If this AIADMK MLA is interested in the welfare of the Brahmin Community he should spend his time and energy as an MLA to help the underprivileged among Brahmins and others who voted him. He can take a lesson from neighbouring Karnataka where all the major Political Parties have Brahmin leaders, and Eight MLAs and Three MPs belonging to the Brahmin Community have been elected in the recent Elections. The BJP Government has Three Ministers (including home minister) from Brahmin Community. The present State Congress President is also a Brahmin. According to Karnataka Brahmana Mahasabha President, Brahmins form only Four percent of the population.

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Well, the community has just started thinking about politics; naturally there are heterogeneous voices. Still in embryonic state, it will take some time for thing to crystallise. Different organisations initiated by different individuals can be brought under a parent umbrella. But first priority will be proper ideology that can be sustained by the society on a long term basis, Second will be inclusion of committted and spirited individuals in centre. Third will be inclusion of and securing guarenteed support of not-so-politically active members of the community. Fourth will be to earn confidence and trust of NBs and build simbiotic relationship with them Fifth will be a strong organisational structure that can be run like a corporate business..... and soon. Lot of concerted efforts and co-ordinated workneds to be done. These preperatory workis necessory before one can thing about a name of the aprty or to decide whther tojoin MK or JJ.

Our thin numbers should not be a problem, Ensuring cohesiveness within the numbers and a strategy to leverage the numbers is the game.

Sounds like academic arm chair thinking? Well, that is how even big corporates work towards their future as they too are confronted with uncertain tmorrow (or might have brinked like the Dunlop that is being revived). If SV Sekhar seems tobe stupid or idiotic,let us remember that all political leaders went through a phase of learning. More so first generation leaders with no mentors.

..If SV Sekhar seems tobe stupid or idiotic,let us remember that all political leaders went through a phase of learning. More so first generation leaders with no mentors...


good post.

i just found out today that s.v. has been kicked out aidmk. previously he was with bjp, with is a zero in tamil nadu. now he is thinking of moving to dmk.

i think, s.v. thinks he is a very important person, which in political circles, he is not. the dmk, aidmk are cadre based parties. one starts as a thondan, and works upwards, garnering popular support.

the maavatta seyalaaLar has to deliver the votes to victory. it is an exercise of the survival of the fittest. dmk is going through a purge of people who did not deliver in the recent parliamentary elections.

in this scenario, there are exceptions. where at the discretion of the big bosses, candidates are parachuted into constituencies. the cadre still have no choice but to work for these blessed-from-above candidates, who have no political base.

s.v. will not survive in such a cut throad world, i think.

also, i think, since we tamil brahmins, do not have deciding numbers, it is best that we spread the votes among the different parties, so that we don't identified with a single party.

when a party is in power, the opposition is not. in 5 or 10 years max, ding becomes dong. so we would always like to have goodwill of both ding and dong.

the jews in north america are good examples of this. the christians in tamil nadu are good examples of this. so are the muslims.

why are we the only people, who are perceived, always tied to the perpetual deposit loser of tamil nadu ie the bjp?

is it political naivete, political ignorance, or political harakiri?

every supporter of a political party, does not get everything they want. in this context, are we hooked on to the one issue obsession ie 'education quotas'.

if this becomes a non issue, will we revert to non involvement in politics? will it be much different from what we are doing now?

thank you.
I went thro everybodys opinion about floating a new party by S.V.S.But I feel that all the members forget to mention one thing.Most of the people of our community never go to poling booths and caste the valuable vote.All of us are well qualified and know the power of a vote.Just as MGR said,"Who has to come to power is important, at the same time, Who Must not Come to Power is more important".Little drops make a flood.We never care about the Failure to vote attitude of our people.Our people never needs to be taught about the importance of vote.DMK is a Anti Brahmin Party. This is well known fact.we have a lot of experience.ADMK has totally spoiled 2400 yrs old Kanchi Mutt.No political party in TN has condemned the barbarian behaviour of ADMK govt at that time.Cong and communists maintained silence,in a fear that they may loose the minorities vote.All political parties in India thinks that,"A slogan shouted in favour of a Hindu is always communal".Only BJP came to street and condemned the Nasty Behaviour of ADMK govt.One BJP cadare has ended his life.We fail to realise.I am even have a fear that our Community may loose all our importance if we continue to ,"Non-Voting Culture".Our Heritage must be Praised by a Party.Our importance must be Honoured by a party.Our Tradition must be respected by a party.Our ambition must be fulfilled by a party.Our aspirations must be strongly spoken by a party.Even on stages.BJP is the only option where as all others indirectly ruins our culture.Instead of floating a new party we can daringly support BJP.
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