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S.Ve.Shekar's new party!

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The issue here is not the choice or alligning with BJP or AIADMK , cong or M.K or Ambedkar...

Its up to one, to be street smart in aligning with the winning side (always)..

Saying goes, winner takes it all, and History is always written by winners..

Thats what Chanakya neethi says so..
Let Tamil Brahmins keep away from politics and even if they want to align, let them align in their individual capacities. Upliftment of poor and downtroden brahmins are more important to us than politics. Even in the past brahmin politicians were present in several parties. Rajaji was in Congress and then in Swatantra party which was opposed to Congress. R.Venkatraman & TTK were in Congress. P.Ramamurthi and ASK Iyenger were communists. But none of their political affliations helped our community upliftment. S.Ve.Sekhar just wants to be in the limelight since he has fallen out of grace of Jayalalitha and use brahmin community as his tool for the purpose. Let us not fall into his hands.

I am follower of Kanchi mutt but after Paramacharya, I am totallly disillusioned with mutt affairs. If the present Acharya and his Junior are accused of criminal conspiracy, let them defend themselves and we neednot have to bother about it. We have to allow the law of the land to take its course and should not indulge in street fights. Let us concentrate on economic uplift of poor brahmin families
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S.Ve.Sekar's new party

Dear Sri Venkataramani,

I fully agree with the views expressed by you. In fact I have expressed similar views in my post in this thread (#22). Many of us have the same opinion on the unfortunate happenings related to Kanchi Mutt. It is also my view the present Acharya should have kept himself above Politics. At the present juncture Politics in our Country, is not suited for honest persons. Instead, We must first concentrate on helping our younger generation of our Community to get good education and suitable jobs.

Still, if some Brahmins want to enter Politics to serve the people, then, they can join the mainstream Political Parties like Congress, BJP or Communists. There is no need to start another Caste based Political outfit.

i agree with the sentiments of venkat and brahman ie that it is good that we spread ourselves out among the various existing parties, including dmk and aidmk.

venkat, fyi, the brahmins in the cpi/cpi(m) are not any more sympathetic to the ordinary brahmins, than the dmk or aidmk.

if you go to any elderly pattar gathering, their biggest gripe will be against ems nambudripad & v.r. krishna iyer. these two, in 1958 brought out and strictly enforced land reforms in kerala, as a result of which all the pattars lost their agricultural lands.

one thing i find, is that in many instances, where we have been the privilged involves rather painful adjustments - whether as landlords or monopolizing the civil services. such is life!

thank you.
Dear all

I fully support MSMani's views. If you have two intelligent people, more often than not they would disagree more than agree with each other - it is a natural phenomenon. Add a dose of ego and the equation becomes explosive. The mushrooming of political parties in India is due to this sole factor where an 'ordinary' leader of a big party can become 'the leader' of a small party and sit 'equally' with his erstwhile 'leader' and dictate terms - including horsetrading in parliamentary/assembly election seats if need be. Hence, let us go for only one organisation, may be ******* and focus all our energies and good work into it.
I totally agree with you nandbalaji
I think one of the issues discussed is whether SV Sekar is right or wrong. My view is different. In a community of predominantly 9-to 5 white collar labourers or artists or a few land holding richhies some one dared to think politics. He must be encouraged. If he has faulty positions, the community must guide him out of it. Even if he is not successful and effective,the community must hold together until a stronger leader emerges, even if It may take a like time. U. C, LTTE sustained the struggle for a quarter century. Can't we stick together under less hostile circumstances?

We repeatedly lament we will not be successful because we do not vote. Then the obvious solution is to mobilise people to vote. We can and we should exploit internet/mobile technology to forge togetherness. Why are we not thinking like an MBA with a marketting problem? ( There is an anecdote about a salesman who reported to his H.O. " this is a small town of 2000 people; nobody wears shoes so we can't do any business here'. Another salesman sent for the same job reported, "this is a small town of 2000 people; nobody wears shoes here. So we have a unexploited, potential market of at least 4000 pairs of shoes here. Since it is a small town our expenses will not be big. Let us start business immediately before anyone takes a foothold').

Let us think of strategy instead of judging individuals.

Someone says," Let Kanchi Acahrya ...... law will take its course.." Did you not suspect, "May be it is politics taking its course?" For such a big crime committed in day time it must have been possible to nail the criminal in no time. They did not do so 'cos victim of crime is not one among them and justice is not what they ever wanted. Who cares? On the other hand if K, A, is innocent, it only helps them to 'let the law take its own course for 12 or 15 years,Until then KA will be like an inverted tortoise, alive but inactive, which is what the *mk parties want, the longer, the better. What are we doing?
S.Ve.Sekhar has already become a laughing stuff and let us not associate with him in any manner. Brahmin`s doesn't require a political party in Tamilnadu. Instead a charitable welfare organisation to help poor and needy people.

Kanchi Acharya didn't consult us when he was hobnobbing with rowdy elements like Appu alias Krishansamy (one of the co-accused in the murder case). Unlike Paracharya days, Kanchi mutt has enormous money now but are they helping poor students of our community with free education or scholarship. One of the most eminent acadamecian, Dr.Ramani (Ex Director of Nitie, Mumbai and ex Professor of IIT Madras) was the first vice-chancellor of Kanchi University but he left the post since he was not given enough freedom to run the university effectively and efficiently. Only Acharya & his coteries and Dr Ramani will know the reasons for parting. Today the university is in a depleted condition without proper teachers and infrastructure.

I am sure Acharya will get cleared in murder case since some of the lawyers appearing on his behalf are of very high calibre. But the damage done to reputation of the mutt could not be repaired during our generations. Only the present Acharya and his junior are responsible for that. Present Acharya and his junior never cared for poor and downtoden people of our community. Then why should we bother about his problems. That is why I wrote earlier `Let the Acharya defend himself' and let us not bother about it. Eventhough I am also a follower of Kanchi mutt, I have no sympathy for present acharyas since they have patronised only rich and affluent people. Paramarya use to treat every body equal and had the respect of all the people not only from our religeon but also from other religeon.
about s.ve.shekers political party

:laser:Today the present scenario, Tamil Nadu in particular and India in general only caste based politics and policies are moving ahead. I agree that instead of S.V.S floating political party members have suggested charitable ones. But for survival of our generations be in education, employment etc., there must be a staunch political leader from our community (quite a large) to voice for in the assembly & parliament to fight for us, or else in the near future our community will be totally sidelined and lost.

:welcome:So we should conisder to shoulder and extend cooperation and support to S.V.Shekher's AMK.
S.Ve.Sekhar himself is not clear what he wants to do. Caste based political parties have lost miserably in the last parliment election. Ramadoss always use to be in the winning combination but his party lost miserably. In the north Mayavathi, Mulayamshingh Yadav, Lalu Yadav all lost to a great extent.

Let our community people join in as many political parties as possible. As a community, let us not identify ourselves with any political party.

Let us start charitable organisations at local level which do service to our community
It is somewhat strange that the tambrahms are discussing seriously about pros and cons of SVSekhar's political party, when they should be organising themselves as a vibrant community of achievers.One can see the fate of the political party of *******.The same will be the case of svsekhar's party.Tambrahms' political action should be only voting.
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