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Quotable Quotes Part II

Dear Raghy Ji

Your posts 40 - 44 nice. Now let's get some of your own. TVK is starting a book and could do
with some inspiration. Watch the thread 'Sunday Musings' - he seems a bit lost. Kindly help him get
his bearings and In High Spirits.

Tmt VR, why should we be quoting someone else all the time? I think, there's enough
humor, eccentricity,wisdom and knowledge [ or lack of it all ] for us to qualify to be 'quoted'.

I think we should attribute some of these wise-cracks to ourselves too.

I got drenched in the rain yesterday - the rain was solid !

Yay Yem
post 52 #
after reading the post of smt.VR and yours it reminds me the saying
விடா கண்டன் கொடா கண்டன் ..விவாதத்திற்கு முடிவுண்டு பிடிவாதத்துக்கு ?
So NO prattle & rattle, no craps & scraps.

No trolling, drooling or spoiling the thread.

While this thread is not a private property

nor is it a No-man's-land (porampokku)

to dump personal grudge and garbage.

(my opening post of this thread)

People simply love to
cross their barriers
cross the limits set
just for the FUN of it!

Clearer and well defined the limits
greater chivalry in crossing them.

I learned one more valuable lesson today.
However lofty or noble may be my aim,
I should never expect from people
what they do not have or possess.

Others too have their own lofty aims as to
how they want to be remembered by all.

So the doors are now open for quotes from
anonymous persons as well as your good selves.

Go on to rock the thread as long as it can take it!
We see outside us what fills us from the inside.

Small wonder out of millions of quotations

people chose exactly those from the fields

in which they have specialized all along.

So there were fine quotes about Nastiness,

Stupidity, Insanity, Lunacy, Bad girls, Drinks,

Love, good manners, small body and great soul.

They entered in alphabetical order too!WOW!!

Prattle and rattle entered soon after.

Now that I know the effective forum formula

I will also enjoy the fun while it lasts!
Hi VR,

Your post #55. Kindly stop complaining. Your set a rule and said only quotations can be posted. now that only quotations are posted still you want to complain about those quotations now! By the way, you don't have to open the doors; doors are opened by Sri. Praveen. We all are guests here. You wanted quotations... you are getting quotations. So, kindly stop complaining and don't dish out innuendos in response either. I don't like innuendos; I will directly respond to any innuendo. Thank you.

1) Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much.

(I know it already from the past experiences!)

2) We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.

(Small wonder that there is no eye contact at any time whatsoever.)

3) Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.

Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.

(The mask is known as anonymity in the language of the forum)

4) A gentleman is one never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.

(Here all are truly great gentlemen).

5) Women are made to be loved, not understood.

(Does that mean men are made to be neither loved nor understood?)

6) I am so clever that sometimes I do not understand a single word of what I am saying.

(Don't worry brother! You have great companions here!)

7) True Friends stab you in the front!

(What about those who stab from both sides?)

8) Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

(That explains precisely why we are happy and sad by turns!)

Quotes by the inimitable genius Oscar Wilde.

Comments by you know who!

Where were these quotes hiding all these days?
They are flooding soon after this thread is launched!
P.S: I guess the members just wait for a new thread to start and butt in to ----- --!

Hi RR,

Members are not 'butting in'. Members are 'contributing'. VR set the rules... even when those rules are followed, you are insulting members by stating they are 'butting in' when they post quotations as demanded by VR. I object to your insulting.

statement1. Great poets love wine and women.

statement 2. I love wine and women.

Inference: I too am a great poet!

But sadly this argument is a fallacy in the terms of Logic.

The similarity stops with wine and women.

It CANNOT be extended to the great poetry!
The thread was launched to learn the words of wisdom of famous persons...

not their weaknesses and personal peculiarities.

When kannadasan moves in ...the whole of Kollywood will move in!

Will Bollywood and Tellywood follow??? :noidea:

I love JD and I love appreciating beauty. I never said I am a poet or what ever. So, at least I know who I am. No one can show I boasted myself as a poet anywhere.
Last edited:
Kannadasan said tons of words of wisdom. He was a very famous person. I could write 1,000s of great philosophical quotes from Kannadasan.
Innuendos is not the right word

since those famous quotes with the names of their authors
and the presenters are in black and white for anyone to look up.

It is needless to repeat them again wasting time and cyber space.

I am glad at least two persons understood my requirement correctly
and posted valuable quotes from two mahaatmass. :angel:
Last edited:
I love JD and I love appreciating beauty. I never said I am a poet or what ever. So, at least I know who I am. No one can show I boasted myself as a poet anywhere.

Are you the ONLY member in the forum???
I just gave a ready example.
Everyone knows that you are not a poet!
Frank Sinatra was a famous person. Period. I posted authentic quotes from him. What's more, there would be more quotation from Kannadasan too when I get the time. Are you going to question them too? Let us see.

You brought the wine and a poet into the argument. Not me!!!
I just formed an example out of the words given by you.
Hi VR,

All the members just like to have some good time. Only since you 'demanded' only quotations can be posted in this thread, I posted few quotations; otherwise I would not have bothered. All of us are different. I could be talking about JD one day; discussing advaita the next; discussing about surgery procedure yet later.... as long as people post something interesting and witty, what is your problem? You can be inflexible or enjoy with others.. choice is yours.

Sri. Anand Manohar, Greetings.

I got drenched in the rain yesterday - the rain was solid !
Was that a heavy snow fall? I would think it's a bit too early for an heavy snow fall.. Once I went through that in a February... Rain was frozen and fell in snow balls! ( luckily was not ice though). That rain was almost solid. Or did you go through an hail storm in Chennai?

( I am addressing the rest of your message in Sunday Musings thread).

" Thank God, that I am an atheist ! ".

Or should it be :

" Just look at all these religious morons. I wonder what it would like tobe one of them. God Forbid " ?

Thank God

Yay Yem
Post #52
...... why should we be quoting someone else all the time? I think, there'senough humor, eccentricity,wisdom and knowledge [ or lack of it all ] for us toqualify to be 'quoted'.

I think we should attribute some of these wise-cracks to ourselves too.

I got drenched in the rain yesterday - the rain was solid !

Yay Yem
" Thank God, that I am an atheist ! "--- This is a quote attributed to Luis Buñuel (1900 - 1983) a Spanish film maker. He was an iconoclast and an international movie director who made several avant-garde movies.

" Just look at all these religious morons.I wonder what it would like to be one of them. God Forbid "
This item can be found at http://wownot.com/thank-god-i-am-an-atheist/
Last edited:
Dear Tmt VR

That wasn't meant to be a "Quote " - you seem to have missed the point altogether!

Now do you get it - what I thanked God for ?

Yay Yem

Thanks to Google.......

உன்னால் முடியும் என்று எண்ணுவதையோ அல்லது முடியும் என்று கனவு காண்பதையோ துணிந்து தொடங்கு. உனது துணிவிலேயே அறிவும், ஆற்றலும், மந்திரமும் அடங்கியுள்ளன.
- Goethe.

நம்பிக்கையோடு உன் முதலடியை எடுத்து வை. முழுப் படிக்கட்டையும் நீ பார்க்க வேண்டிய அவசியமில்லை. முதல் படியில் ஏறு.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

செய்ய முடியும் என்று நம்பு. ஒன்றைச் செய்ய முடியும் என்று நீ முழுதாய் நம்பும்போது, உன் மனம் அதைச் செய்து முடிக்கும் வழிகளைக் கண்டறியும். ஒரு காரியத்தில் வைக்கும் நம்பிக்கை, அந்தக் காரியத்தை முடிக்கும் வழியையும் காட்டுகிறது.
- Dr. David Schwartz

அரிய செயல்கள் அனைத்தும் விடாமுயற்சியாலேயே அடையப் பெற்றிருக்கின்றன; வெறும் வலிமையால் மட்டும் அல்ல.
- Samuel Johnson.

பொதுவாக, வெற்றி என்பது, மற்றவர்கள் கைவிட்டுவிட்ட பின்பும் அயராமல் தொடர்வதாலேயே கிட்டுவதாகும்.- William Feather.

உன்னிடம் மறைந்திருக்கும் ஆற்றல்களை வெளிக்கொணரும் வழி விடா முயற்சியும், தொடர்ந்த உழைப்புமே ஆகும்; வலிமையோ, புத்திசாலித்தனமோ அல்ல.- Sir Winston Churchill .

நான் மெதுவாக நடப்பவன்தான்; ஆனால், ஒருபோதும் பின்வாங்குவதில்லை.
- Abraham Lincoln.


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