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Praying for early end

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dear teamtb

i stand steadfastly by my word.

"vegetarian food is available.........." never meant that it is actually served in an edible and acceptable manner to patients, especially brahmin women patients. Removing cooked fish and meat or poultry from the dish and the serving the balance fish-and-meat-soaked rice and cooked vegetables is not serving vegetarian food.

"i have worked in these hospitals and....." yes,i, too, have visited these hospitals, e.g. When my elder brother s sreenivasan was hospitalised in kl after a fall. No vegetarian food was ever served him there. Food was ferried twice-daily from home, because my sister-in-law was not hospitalised and was a housewife. This is not hearsay, teamtb, but a personal eye-witness account. What more do you want?

Finally, kindly note that just because a drug is available in a hospital that does not mean it is dispensed to needy patients. When i was a senior officer in the public service commission, we had cases of even highly qualified and experienced senior doctors reserving these drugs to treat their own families or close friends and denying them to needy patients. Of course they were dismissed after proper investigation and being given opportunities to be heard before the respective disciplinary panels and the commission.

Black sheep might exist in every profession.

S naryanaswamy iyer

I guess you need some help...try to calm down.

You badly want to win here.

My dear..life is not a court case.

Truth is more important than winning.

Ok..take it easy..dont want you to get stressed.

God bless you....I firmly speak the Truth too.

Dont worry..be happy..try being Vegan sans milk..it might help making you calm.

Too much milk sometimes stirs up emotions becos of Kapha.

Take care.
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Thank you sir, Sri. Narayanaswamy Iyer, for the manthram. I do recite "Anayasena maranam.....", daily as advised by Maha Periyava. Recently when I recite the same, I also pray to Him to give mukthi to this ailing, suffering soul. In recent times I also pray for her mukthi, when I do sankalpam, especially Pradosha, and recently for vinayaka chathurthi. And I also thank you for the ref. to Macaulay's "Horatio" - talking of dying for the "ashes of his father".
Dear Sri M Venkateswaran

Thank you very much for your kind acknowledgement of my little contribution.

Let me recklessly risk the ire of the powers-that-be with this response. You were told by a "proffessional":-

"Vegetarian food is available in any government or private hospitals in Msia and even in rural set ups. Please be informed that many Buddhist Chinese here are Vegans and wont even take milk or thayir cos they consider milk non veg. Also many Hindus too are veg here even though not all are Brahmins. All sorts of diets are available in hospitals.

"I have worked in these hospitals and we have to chart patients diet requirement..in fact there is even column for Vegetarian and Vegan."

I have checked with hospitals in Seremban, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka (formerly Malacca) and Johor Bahru (formerly Johore Bharu) -- all towns in the Malaysian mainland.

They have NO independent kitchens preparing:-

Hindu vegetarian food;
Buddhist food;
Sikh food;
Vegan food.

They have no Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh cooks to prepare these foods. They do not have even separate sets of utensils, either (as "kosher" Jewish families have). Some ask in wonder, "Apa itu?" (What's that?) when queried about vegan food. They have never heard of it.

Plentifully, "halal" foods are available and served to bumiputra patients. The cows, calves, goats, lambs, chickens, etc are killed according to Muslim custom and rites. See for yourself in videos available on the Internet how such killing is done in Indonesia and Malaysia. Note also that Australia banned export of live cattle and sheep to some Muslim countries, and please learn the reason why.

One true story about "vegetarian" food. Not hearsay, but experienced first-hand.

My wife and I booked return tickets New Delhi-London on Soviet airline Aeroflot, and specified Indian vegetarian food. This food option was entered on our printed itinerary issued by the Aeroflot agent. When dinner-time came after the plane took off, we were served our food first.

To our horror, we discovered that our "Indian vegetarian" food consisted of broiled chicken on white rice. We called the air-hostess and complained. She spoke only Russian, which we did not understand. After some remonstration on our part that we wanted to see the plane's captain, the elephantine lady summoned another elephantine lady and both together tried to talk us on eating the chicken, with much sign language.

When we still refused to accept, and showed them the original printed and signed itinerary issued by Aeroflot agent, a male steward appeared. He appeared to know some English. When we related our dilemma, and he read the itinerary (which he wanted to take away but we snatched back), he coolly told us that for Russians, chicken and fish were vegetables. He offered to remove the chicken so we could eat the rice, and we refused. The impasse ended only when we opted for biscuits and milk for dinner.

Macaulay also sings about man facing death in order to protect "the temples of his gods". John Donne, the English metaphysical poet, sings in his famous poem "Death, Be Not Proud":-

"Why swell'st thou then?
One short sleep past, we wake eternally
And death shall be no more; Death, thou shalt die."

S Narayanaswamy Iyer
Dear all members of tamil brahmins
I am sorry to inform you all - though it was my wife & my wish - my mother-in-law breathed her last between 9 & 9.30 a.m. on Thursday last (15th Sep.), without further suffering & agony - both to herself, and to us the caretakers. I appreciate the various view points expressed in the various postings. The main point is that there's no mantra for bringing speedy end to one's life. As I had mentioned in earlier postings, I was reciting the "Anayasena maranam...." & also the "Mrutyunjayaya rudraya..." by Narayanaswamy Iyer, praying to His Almighty to bring-about a speedy end to her agony. It was finally answered on Thursday last. I wish to thank all members who have posted in this thread for their valuable postings & inputs. As she does not have male sibling, and my wife is the only surviving female sibling (the youngest of the three sisters) I have to do the karma for the departed soul.
Thank you once again members, and also the forum of Tamil Brahmins, for this wonderful forum which is a great place for people to know various aspects of our rich Hindu Heritage, and especially the role of brahmin community.
I also wish that this thread can be closed now, as it has outlived its purpose, which of course is for the moderators to decide.

Venkateswaran R N

P.S. Thank you Narayanaswamy Iyer, for those wonderful quotes of Lord Macaulay & John Donne, adding to our vast heritage.
Dear sir
I feel the poem reflects our Adi Shankara Baghavat padaal's "Bhaja Govindam" - "punarabhi maranam, punarabhi jananam". Well said sir


Raji Ram

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The Almighty is very kind to give early mOksham to the suffering person.

May her soul be blessed. :pray2:
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