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Pathos - Tamil songs

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Dear Friends

I just LOVE this song of மகாகவி பாரதியார் in the movie 'வறுமை நிறம் சிவப்பு' -

Kind regards
Dear Valli,

I truly liked your selection of this pathos songs topic, segregating different song themes. Music is music in all its glory, enjoyable and appreciable irrespective of the theme.

Dear all,

Let's all come up with different pathos song collections of ours and share with all of us, the great music and lyrics. Let's have another collection of songs here.

I shall start with the song that I like the most, from the past dated movie - "Mouna Raagam". The movie can be past dated, but the human feelings can never be, till the end of the human survival and would suit our life situations.

Here is that lovely song/music -
‪Nilaave vaa sellathey vaa_3.flv‬‏ - YouTube
Dear Ravi

That's a very nice song you have posted. Actually I had it in my mind yesterday! I particularly like the words
அம்மாடியோ நீதான் இன்னும் சிறு பிள்ளை
தாங்காதம்மா நெஞ்சம் நீயும் சொன்ன சொல்லை

My song for today is my ALL TIME favourite from the movie - 'வைதேகி காத்திருந்தாள்' - ‪Rasathi Unna‬‏ - YouTube

Kind regards
Dear All

Why don't you guys contribute to this thread? Don't you have never shed a tear on listening to one single song? Sure we all would have and what's wrong in sharing?

Ok, it is a heavy subject, but the cine guys do produce songs on heavy subjects and we all have one or few songs to which we relate to or have shed tears to! No need to explain the reasons - just share the song here!

Aright guys, here I go again - this is one song that I have liked from my high school years, from the film 'Naayagan' - ‪Thenpandi Cheemaiyile - Nayagan‬‏ - YouTube

Sung by both Kamal Haasan and Ilayaraja! I just love this song!

Kind regards

P.S. Renu, Ravi, Amala, Anandi, Raghy, Kunjuppu, Tbs, Dr. Barani, Brahin and others who read this please contribute :)
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Dear Amala

I thought you are the number one in Kuthu song selection but you are the number one in 'Pathos' songs too!! :)

Each one of your song is just superb! The song 'Naan Paadum Mouna raagam' is a fantastic selection! Just haunting music, lyrics and voice!

Keep contributing regularly!

Kind regards
Hey Ravi

Are you reading my mind? You are posting all the songs that I had in my mind to post!!

Thanks, Ravi.

Kind regards
Dear Friends

My pathos for today is from the movie 'Paiya' - ‪Paiya Video Song En Kathal Solla HD.avi‬‏ - YouTube

I really like that song and also the voice of Yuvan Shankar Raja!


Dear Valli,

Wonderful song selection!!!!!. Yes Yuvan Shankar Raja's voice and the skill is soo fantastic. Wonderful music and great lyrics. The very first song of the movie, than "Adada Mazhai da" song and this one that you have posted are all the three songs of the movie - "Payya", I love the most.

By the by, did you watch this movie? A good entertaining movie. I watched 3 times.

Dear Vallid and all,

This is the unique pathos song from the movie "Vaarnam Aayiram", released in the year 2008. I watched this movie in Chennai during my first annual vacation, with my brother and friends. The hero cries out the pain and suffering of his heart, in memories of his beloved girl, whom he lost in a bomb blast.

The uniqueness of this pathos song is that, contrary to the theme of the song, it's been present in Kuththu style.

Though its in Kuththy style, the poignant lyrics and realistic performance of Surya clearly reveals the pain.

There was a pin drop silence in the theatre through out the song....

A good movie, highlighting the perfect love and care of a perfect father, in a perfect manner.....

‪Vaaranam Aayiram-Ava Enna Thedi Vanna Anjala -HQ‬‏ - YouTube

Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anajala....
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