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Occasional Piece of Interesting Information

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How true it is that in nature's scheme of things "we all dependent on each other" .
Thanks for the beautiful video.
For those interested, here is a website containing Online Recitation audio of entire Bhagavad Gita in traditional method by Brahma Shri Narendra Kapre.

The audio files have .mp3 format, and split into 5 parts. Just click on the file name listed inside the black rectangular box when you open the website and listen online.
Gita recitation audio

Or you can also download the audio files.

For those with limited web access,
the audio download of the recitation of Chapters 1 to 3 , click here: GitaAdhyay01-03.mp3

Contiued below
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Hello mr nb ,the video &photography that you have forward to tam.bra makes me speechless ,wow ,what a wonderful video its par excellence ,,iam sure it will make any body nature loving .thank u sir for sharing with us.
What happens when ‘Boring’ Meets ‘Dull’ and enters into a relationship?

That's what happened when two small towns, one in the U.S. state of Oregon and the other in Scotland, decided to get together and become sister communities. Boring (Oregon, USA) with a population of 8,000, is named after William H. Boring, a homesteader. Dull (Scotland) has a population of 84 and the name is from a Gaelic word meaning meadow. The partnership is just for fun, but both communities hope to make the most of the publicity. The towns can use their collectively descriptive names to promote tourism. Community leaders in Boring plan to sell T-shirts that say "Boring and Dull," and even have a tagline for the partnership: "Boring and Dull: A Pair for the Ages."
Dull and Boring
Not only a funny name. The message is also equally funny!!

Please click this link and read...

Sundakkamuthur Bus Stand. Sundakkamutur

Thank you, Madam RR. The message in the map reads:
Sundakkamuthur Bus Stand. Bus no:9, s14, s17, 91, 107.... Sometimes Mini Bus. This place is getting busy day by day. Old people get together here and sit around to disscuss the political happenings at state and national level. They order one single tea but divided into 3[1/3]...haha.. The kovai bakes and Gokulam bakery owner dose'nt wanna these people around... but then they cant avoid... lol

Really funny. By the way, I haven't seen you around in these threads in a long time. Breath of fresh air!!
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It is encouraging to note that despite the thoughtless onslaught by man,

Nature still continues to remain as mysterious and beautiful as ever before.

I had to miss this till today-since I was on a limited internet facility.

Please watch the video to appreciate the marvellous creations of mother nature -
The beauty of pollination
Beauty of nature

I am calling this 'occasional piece' only because of uncertainties regarding the regularity of my visits to the Forum. I may in fact post more frequently if time permits
I watched my nephew trying to photograph the sprouting of a seed. So I can

appreciate the amount of hard work and time that must have gone into the

production of this wonderful video! The mother bat feeding on the pollen

with the young one attached to it was simply wonderful. One pesky humming

bird drives away the rest of the birds by pecking them! A selfish little brute!
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Dear Naina Sir,

You have made the job of readers very easy by your post #21.

I wanted to give some home work, by my post!! :D
Even in fancy restaurants in USA, sharing of the soup 1/2 or 1/3 or 2/4 is

quite common.
Most people do it since the bowl is usually too big for one

person- unless he or she is a habitual "midaak kudidyan!"
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