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Need information in Lord Shiva's Sixth face

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Hi All
Recently by god's grace I had an opportunity to go through the Shatru samhara sri shiva subramanya trishati. In that 300 namaas are classifed into six categories like
1) Tatpurusam 50 namaas
2) Aghoram 50 namaas
3) Sadyojatam 50 namaas
4) Vamadevam 50 namaas
5) Eesanam 50 namaas
6) Adhomukam 50 namaas

To my knowledge in Mahanyasa text it clearly gives slokas for all the five faces except the sixth one.
Even in the Rig Veda we have Pancha Rudra sookthas which can also be co-related to five faces of shiva. But what is this Adhomukam (sixth face mean). Can I have more references about this? I can find references on Koumara tantra book. Which says Adhomukam is the Goddess shakti of skanda.(pls correct me if my understanding from the text is wrong).

Thanks in advance

Information about Lord Shiva's Sixth Face

The Sixth Face of Lord Shiva is called as Adhomugam. It is chanted
in the Temples after Satyojaatham in the Pancha Mukha Deepa Aaradhanai.
Lord Shiva has Six Faces but only are apparent. Lord Shanmugam is Bhagavan
Siva, in manifestation with six faces. As you rightly put it, the sixth face is
called Adhomugam.

1. Eeshana
2. Tattpurusha
3. Aghora
4. Vamadeva
5. Sathyojaatham

I recently read in book, wherein it was mentioned that Goddess Parvathi
as the Sixth Face and all the Six Faces combined together represents Lord Shanmuga.
As regards Kumara Tantra, I came to know about it as a Manual containing details
of rituals performed. There was also a mention about Skanda Matrikas. In fact,
during the last Skanda Shasti, there was a discussion in our group, a temple is next to
my door, about the above aspects and also about the Sixth Face of Lord Shiva by
a group of religious oriented Bhaktas. There is a literature, I believe, is titled as
Skanda Kumara in Sanskrit. We have to lay our hand also on that. Meanwhile,
there is an article about Lord Shanmuga depicting the importance of Six Faces of the
Lord. You may like to peruse the details in the website certified_easy.com, where you
will get some inputs. You can view, but I doubt whether it can be downloaded. It is
around 249 pages. Please let me know the details. Meanwhile, I shall do some homework
on this and get back to you.

In accordance with the Vedas, Lord Shiva is embodied with six faces. Four
faces facing four directions, one facing towards the Sky and the sixth one facing
below the earth. The face below the earth is known to be Atho Muga. It is
not visible in Idol Worship. It implies. The "Eithegam" is that the Lord is in deep
meditation thinking about his consort. Each of the face has distinct colours.
In some temples, Six Neivedhyams are offered to the Lord. I believe, in Nepal
Pasupathinath Temple, Lord Shri Kameswar blesses with Four faces. Ambal is known
as Shree Kameswari. It is a famous temple to be visited once in life.

Hi Balasubramanian
Thanks for your info. I went to teh site certified-easy.com. I am unable to find the book called skandakumara. Can you please share the correct link.

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