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Lord Shiva ,The embodiment of supreme consciousness

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Name is M. Karthikeyan, studied BSc (Computer Science), working in private company(not software). School from class 1-8 Vidaiyur (Native- Thiruvallur Dist.), class 9-10 kadambathur(same Dist). class 11-12 Cheyyar (thiruvannamalai dist.). degree from thiruvallur (Thirumurugan Arts & Science Collage). Msc (IT) Madras University (corres) going now.


Sri Karthikeyan,

Have you studied Saiva Agama Sastras parallely. If not, are you interested in learning it. Will you continue to do poojas in temples along with your other career?

I am just asking this only out of academic interest as there are shortage of both Gurukkal and Battachariar in most of the village temples.

If you don't mind, please reply. Otherwise, please leave it.

All the best
Please send lord shiva photos

I am enclosing Lord Shiva photo of my village.

Our village Sivan is known as Vyagrapureeswarar. It is a thousand year old temple built by Vikrama Cholan.

Vyagrabathar has worshiped in our temple and it is believed that one can escate from the birth (Thappalam) by worshipping Vyagrapureeswarar in our village. More details available in the following websites.

Thappalampuliyur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Home (Thappalampuliyur)

All the best


  • Vyagrapuriswarar.jpg
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We have temple

Dear Sir,

You're right. We have 2 vinayaka temple, 2 perumal, 1 murugar, 1 sivan, 1 kali temple. But i dont know, but my brother studied vedam for 5 years in saiva agama padasala. I am also do pooja in holydays. But want to know. Can you pl. send.


Dear all

Even in Thiruveezhimizhalai also the similar story of vishnu worshipping with 1000 lotus is said. Even there, you can see the eye of shri maha vishnu under the feet of swami.


In Thiruveezhimalai Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple swamy sannidhi, maha vishnu's statue is depicted without chakram. As Shri RVji rightly pointed out, Thiruzveezhimalai also has the same story, which is mentioned in the sthalapuranam.

அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!
Dear Karthick

I have not visited the thirumalpur temple so far though its very near to chennai. But I heard that the statue of vishnu there will be like folding his hands infront of shiva. Want to see the temple soon along with Thakkolam and elumiyankottur temples.

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