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Inter Caste Marriage - Clarifications !!

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All ,

I have already read few threads on Inter-Caste Marriages, Their positives and negatives. I would want to know
few things most importantly :

1. if a brahmin guy marries a Non-brahmin girl , does the brahmin guy loses all his credentials ?
2. if a brahmin guy marries a Non-brahmin girl , can the guy continue to perform the rituals he used to perform before marriage like Tharpanam, shradham etc.. ?
3. Again, After such marriage if the guy still continues to perform all those , is it that it is a great sin to continue those things.

Please let me know your opinions and also what the vedic books say on the above.
respected Sri.pr_br sir,
Good, thought provoking querries. I know a family in 1970s the boy married a christian girl. After having four children that gentlemen died in aircrash. After 35 years I had the opportunity of meeting the grown up guys .All are living like typical orthodox brahmins decently holding enviable positions in Chennai, Bangalore and in Patna. One grand daughter is married to a close relatives boy who is an IAAS. Society has accepted them as brahmins and they meticulously perform all the religious ceremonies and functions. I did not want probe the intermediary developments. Rather I am reminded of the Great Saint Sri.Ramanujacharyas contribution, in the development of the religious belief. I welcome constructive critism with a modern social outlook
Respected Sir vmmrs ,

So, can I take that , It is not a sin of any cause and the Guy can continue with the rituals and all without any issues even after marriages NB girl ? Am so concerned on this because some people say it is a great sin of some sorts to do that after marriage or something.. That really raised lots of questions for me...
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