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Indian Stock Market


Well-known member
The bank merger is a desperate cry to save them from collapse under the unprecented NPAs. So merge loss making banks with profitable ones.

Now watch out for the next desperate measure - interest rates will drop from approx 6 % down to 1%, then many super duper supporters will be gasping for air to survive. (How can banks pay such high interest rates when they are under such NPAs.?) They will then desperately message the forum owners to bring back the political disucssions to all. LOL.

Sariyana Padam !! The Avalanche is approaching the final collapse - Rmember my many posts on demo and so many were trying to push it under the carpet.. LOL,

And lets not forget the Venezuela situation !!



Well-known member
It will be beyond hilarious to see the faces of these Andh bakths, and the govt supporters when bank interest rates drop to 1% !!



Well-known member
Now,experts admit that recession is around the corner.

Stock market is moving in a range .

Losses of retail investors are mounting.

There is no meaningful response from the govt.

Nationalised Banks are getting merged and consolidated leading to possible reduction of surplus staff . VRS for

50 plus is looming large.

Manufacturing sector is just going downhill.

GDP at all time low of 5%.

Layoffs are happening in auto sector.

Contract labour getting laid off. Permanent getting work only four days a week.

No takers for discretionary consumer goods.

Well off are taking refuge in Gold.

Food is becoming expensive.

Airfares have increased more than 50%.

Govt is politically savvy but economic management ,it has no clue.

Opposition is in disarray. It is unable to gt its act together.

Excessive rains has lead to floods.

Agriculture is bound to suffer.

Unless rural economy picks up , the situation appears bleak

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
The slump in auto industry may be an advantage ! I tried to sell my 2007 car but offer was around 70000 only (OLX etc)

See the gain if you go for exchange offer!

Inventories are piling up ! Dealers are in a fix! Buyers bargain for huge discount! S cross ( fully loaded) on road costs 11.7 L in Chennai The deal was struck for 10 L - Discount of 60000 plus freebies like seat cover and some accessories . (By manufacturer and dealer)

The exchange offer for my car is Rs 1.1 L !

The exchange offer is higher because of huge inventory in their show rooms this has to be reduced at any cost ! ( Ms. Rita of Lanson Toyota commits suicide after a board meeting on plunging sales)

I don't need a car now as we go around in Ola ! Then why go for exchange !? Nexa is ready to register new S cross on my son's name though the exchanged car was on my name!

The PPF started in 2003 in my son's name by me with my regular contribution for the next 15 yrs matured in April 2019 The amount is about 8 L With additional 2L from his savings no need for bank finance - & this is a Diwali gift for him!
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Well-known member
Govt is trying to restrict surge pricing in uber'

I had spent a lot on higher uber prices during peak hours. in chennai

Ola follows uber price and also jacks up the rates in peak hours.

Hotel rates also spike depending on number of stars given to it.

Airfares are already up by 50% even in lean months .

Market follows Airindia who price it high to reduce their losses . Others are a few hundreds less following the

market leader

Vistara appears to be good , only their flight timings are not good for distance travel.

Budget airlines are a horror for seniors.They do not use the loading bays and park at a distance in airports

One has to take the bus to board .


Well-known member
Indian markets look to the US and western countries for inspiration.

Nifty 50 is hogged by a few shares and presents a rosy picture.

In fact most who have invested in mutual funds [except Gold ETF] have made losses.

Govt is fickle and gives daily adhoc directions and over using the control measures.

SEBI is going for the over kill citing investor protection.

Auto,housing sectors are in doldrums .IT majors are facing the wrath of US for not using local talent for jobs.

Consumers are not spending on discretionary goods as recession is around the corner.

Exchange rate of around rs 69 to dollar and higher oil prices are screwing up the indian economy and the market.

Shares are moving in a range . Market is volatile and it more or less returns to same value at the end of day.

Only day traders are making money in intra day trades.

One can at best make 6 to 10% in day behaving like a trader and taking a shot.

Alternately lay off and pray for monsoon and cheaper oil
The Government is very busy with polemics. It has not devoted time to devise plans for industrial/agriculatural growth. It is strange that our FM comes out with a statement saying that because of Uber and Ola, the Automobile industry is facing crisis !. Look at the Budget for this year - it is just a statement of intentions. There is nothing in it.


Well-known member
The perception is that it is safe to invest in Mutual Funds, under the impression that collective professional wisdom is better than individual wisdom. They also suffered due to the failure of the industry in general and the Government's handling of certain laws is shabby. The Companies Act has been amended many times and almost every week MCA is coming out with amendments/alterations. Hope the Government will concentrate on home-work before doing anything.

I have also invested in some Mutual Funds and the NAV is falling. :(


Well-known member
Mutual funds are not the best way to invest.

You are paying a fund manager to invest your funds

He does not guarantee you any returns.

Except Gold ETF none is worth investing in.

Better pick a few good equity stocks with large market cap.

Make a shortlist of six or seven good group A shares belonging FMCG,private banks,insurance .

Distribute your money on them.

Sit back and relax.

If any share makes more than 10 promptly sell.. Similarly if any share falls more than 5%, dispose off.

This should give a return 15 to 20%


Well-known member
FM came out with a package to concessions to industry relieve distress of ailing sectors like auto, real


msme amounting to 1.64 lakh crores. This made the stock market sensex jump by about 2000 points and nifty


570 points.

Shares of all companies large, medium , small crazily moved up by about 10 to 12 % in a span of few minutes.

Smart players booked profits became richer by huge amounts .

Even small retaill investors encashed as it was an oppurtunity of a lifetime .

Such a thing happened in 1991 when then FM Manmohan singh opened out the indian economy with reforms.

Private industry rejoiced and hailed FM Nirmala Sitaraman .

She cut tax rates to about 25% less by about 10% for corporate houses.

She also cut GST rate for hotels .to 12% for hotel tariff of 1000 to 7500 ,18%[10 less] for those above 7500..

.She also gave tax relief for FPI [foreign portfolio investors].

All these measures will increase our fiscal deficit.

It is hoped that business sentiment would improve.

I do not know what is in it for the common man?

He does not stay in five star hotels nor he has the money to buy articles of discretionary consumption.

Food inflation is only inching up.

Who has the money to invest in Affordable Housing when the economy is in doldrums?

Those who have the money are reluctant to spend and some are parking in gold which is inching up due to

oil crisis.

Mutual funds are giving negative returns. Only Gold ETF can give some returns.

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
I expect the Govt. to announce the DA due on July to be announced immediately - speculated to be 5% - to put some money in the pocket of Govt. Servants to enhance their buying capacity for Diwali A short term booster to consumption!


Well-known member
Something more is needed to boost consumption by middle class.

Corporate have been given a bonanza in terms of Tax relief of 10% making it 25% as maximum and there are GST cuts

for hotels.

Why not make the hotels cut room tafiff and food rates ? This will increase occupancy of hotels and lower the

cost of stay and food for holidaying middle class at dussehra and diwali.

Hotels and airlines jack up rates during festival season.There needs to be some pro people measures in these

days of ever increasing cost of living and higher food prices.

Eating out is becoming a luxury.


Well-known member
Giving a boost to the corporate india with tax cuts thinking that efforts of these corporate for better performance will

ultimately have trickle down

effect that will benefit the common man appears foolhardy.

Instead 1.45 lakh crores could have been given directly to people thru reducing 28 and 18% gst to 12% and

less,and putting more money in hands of people to enable spending on consumer goods and other items of


Measures like abolishing dividend distribution tax for retail investors and foregoing tax from middle class wage

earners could have helped kick starting spending by majority of them.

Now the govt will get blamed only as being pro capitalists and anti poor for rewarding the corporate india.

The result will show up in elections sooner or later.


Well-known member
Agree the corporate tax cuts are foolhardy specially when our fiscal deficit and bank NPAs are so bad !! That too massive 1.46 lakh crore tax hole every year !!

In the current fiscal situation, I would not do either - ie no tax cuts for corporate nor for personal income tax. Simply because this govt has no money, they are delayed in paying salaries and abvsoutely zero funds for the flood affected victims. Despite state govts repeatedly asking for flood relief, there is none.

in this situation, the only option is to "pay off the fiscal deficit" to the extent of 1.45 lakh crores where the majority of the borrowings are internal and with psu banks. So reduce fiscal deficit and also fund the banks with this approach. Banks with this money would have funded the nbfcs as part of normal businesses and eased the liquidity crisis which would have allowed them to loan more people for buying cars, houses, etc..reviving demand !!

But as always, our govt has never listened to common sensical approach but more on managing headlines !!! They just want to see the headlines that next quarter GDP growth is now 10% !! LOL


Well-known member

i think...demonetisation/GST confusions are main reason for downturn of indian economy....especially in housing

and auto sector....even global economical problems may not much affect on indian economy....becoz indians

are more much purchasing power...


Well-known member

i think...demonetisation/GST confusions are main reason for downturn of indian economy....especially in housing

and auto sector....even global economical problems may not much affect on indian economy....becoz indians

are more much purchasing power...
Absolutely and needless self goals even when all and sundry warned the govt not to do it. And then series of blundering steps which does very little to fix the economy , but can do more damageto our fiscal deficit goals !!

All citizens are worried and talking about how to run the economy correctly except the govt ! And we have a bunch of people here complaining and whining that people in this forum are criticing their beloved govt !


Well-known member
IRCTC has come out with an IPO of face value rs10 with price band rs 315-320 with retail discount of 10%.

Likely to be over subscribed.

Also divestment of BPCL,CONCOR,SCI are on the cards.

Buying these, retail investors may not regret.

SBI shares are steadily going down . Buying in 250-260 range might be worth it.

Equally interesting are swachha bharat aiding script VA tech Wabag.

Buy Rain industries if it touches below Rs 90.

Buy only in cash market.Avoid futures and options.


Well-known member
RBI governor has come up with a repo rate cut of 25 basis points making it a total of 140 for the year. The repo

rate is 5.15. now, the FD rates of banks will get further lowered. Retd will feel the pain.

The rate cuts are not getting transmitted to those availing loans.So borrowers will continue to suffer.

Unless real estate sector improves ,the NBFCs will continue to languish.Affordable housing projects are not

getting buyers.

Automobiles are not getting sold inspite of lower prices. and discount offers

Mostly most are sticking to gold ETF and gold purchases.

Food inflation is high with onions getting hoarded.The poor are likely to get hurt more.

The govt appears helpless as they have no answers for economic downturn.

Opposition is unable to get its act together.

So common man cannot expect much .


Well-known member
Spot on. Seniors are already feeling the pain and it will become worse now.

Sariyana Padam for the Bakths and supporters who voted for this govt. I mean how can this motley group of unqualified people run the country ? We are moving from one crisis to another, and the Bakths are giving some Kathai or other to justify this disaster,

Adiyadha Madu Padiyadhu... This if for you Bakths, !! LoL


Well-known member
One way out is to raise income tax exemption limits for middle class to 12 lakhs pa and cutting GST to only 2

slabs of 5 and 12%.This will put money in the hands of people which they may spend to boost the economy.

Over taxing will only lead to more misery and possible evasion.

There is a need to increase the minimum pension for seniors to atleast rs 3000 pm.

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