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Indian Stock Market


Well-known member
Indian markets look to the US and western countries for inspiration.

Nifty 50 is hogged by a few shares and presents a rosy picture.

In fact most who have invested in mutual funds [except Gold ETF] have made losses.

Govt is fickle and gives daily adhoc directions and over using the control measures.

SEBI is going for the over kill citing investor protection.

Auto,housing sectors are in doldrums .IT majors are facing the wrath of US for not using local talent for jobs.

Consumers are not spending on discretionary goods as recession is around the corner.

Exchange rate of around rs 69 to dollar and higher oil prices are screwing up the indian economy and the market.

Shares are moving in a range . Market is volatile and it more or less returns to same value at the end of day.

Only day traders are making money in intra day trades.

One can at best make 6 to 10% in day behaving like a trader and taking a shot.

Alternately lay off and pray for monsoon and cheaper oil


Well-known member
To be in delhi even in peak summer is preferable to being stuck in chennai.

Though delhi has a water shortage,mine being the constituency of delhi Dy CM has no water problem. I get

regular supply . No power cuts. Both power and water subsidised. Law and order could be better.But senior

citizens not venturing out much Delhi is a good place.

We have even Gyms in public park free .

Young lovers have places like the zoo and old mughal era monuments to get necessary privacy they badly

thirst for.

What more can one want?


Well-known member
Nirmala Sitharaman's budget has sent the share market downhill.

Taxing FPI [foreign portfolio investor] additionally surcharge of 25% over the existing short and long term

capital gains tax has upset the FPIs.They are withdrawing from the share market leading to market fall

Similarly taxing gold additionally has upset middle class women with marriage season ahead.

Titan shares have crashed about 12% today

Also increasing the retail cap of retail investors to 35% from 25% should hit all shares.

Share market is at new lows .

There is a visible downward trend.

Also discrepancy of 1.5 lakh crores in revenue estimates between economic survey and budget has caused

concern among economists.

When fiscal data gets fudged , credibility of govt takes a hit.

Adding to middle class woes prices of diesel/petrol has been raised which might lead to higher food prices.

Bad times are ahead. ....

Recession does not appear to be far off.


Well-known member
Indian stock market is continuing its downward spiral.

Bank consolidation is adding to the woes of investors.

NPAs and new frauds coming to light are hurting the values of shares.

A lacklustre budget with incremental changes and no big bang reforms has disappointed the markets.

Also forcing promoters to increase the retail participation to 35% from 25% is hurting the companies. Some

MNCs might delist from the market.

42% tax on FPI s[foreign portfolio investors] is driving them away from indian markets.

Their shares are likely to be bought by mutual funds flush with cash.

All mutual funds are doing badly except Gold ETF.

Where does it leave the small retail investors?

Most have lost money.

No end to the misery of middle class investing their hard earned money in the market.

It is a traders market. Most volatile.Any upward movement in the morning is followed by downward

movement by the end of the day.

Only large cap stocks are a bit stable. Mid caps and small caps can only make retail investors lose their


Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
NPAs and new frauds coming to light are hurting the values of shares.
Also forcing promoters to increase the retail participation to 35% from 25% is hurting the companies. (#4)

This seems to be the bane of Yes Bank. If not rectified Capital erosion will follow I watch this scrip not as an investor but as a concerned parent - my son is a vice president of this bank

HDFC bank is doing fine But my D in L has to make arrangements for a huge amount for her ESOP - due next month.


Well-known member
JJ ji

No need to worry regards yes bank. Yes bank has major exposure to dewan housing DHFL .A deal is being

struck by DHFL with AION capital for a stake in that company. If it materialises, Yes bank will benefit. Yes bank

has risen by 7% recently and reached around 89 -90rs..

I sold 50% of my yes bank shares for rs 102 a week back and it climbed to 108.It is volatile and nothing more.

HDFC and HDFC bank are also sliding down by about 5% and 3.7%. are a favourite of NRIs .

You can take advantage and park some money in HDFC or HDFC bank shares.It should give good returns

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
JJ ji
You can take advantage and park some money in HDFC or HDFC bank shares.It should give good returns
HDFC bank is doing fine But my D in L has to make arrangements for a huge amount for her ESOP - due next month.
I may do that though not directly if my D in L is short of funds for her ESOP I will definitely help her by gifting the amount for Diwali as advised by my auditor!

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
JJ ji

No need to worry regards yes bank. (#6)

Your assessment is correct - Positive
response in market on Management's corrective moves to boost Capital to $1.2 billion - Also picks up Shares in Cox & Kings

Reliance is entering Hospitality - buying shares in EIH (Oberai Hotels) - We have shares in EIH - We are holding these shares over past 30 years Hope these share prices to move upwards I thought I will sell.them last week but decided to wait till Reliance to get into EIH.


Well-known member
Do you know JJ ji that promoter of YES bank is selling family diamonds to gift his three daughters who

are setting up their own companies?

Middle class like me give only gold to daughters for marriage and other occasions.

If one has big money and belongs to business class, one tends to think differently.

I am holding on some more time for yes bank to cross Rs 100 on nifty.

I would be better for your son to shift to Kotak mahindra , icici or some other private sector bank.

This govt is increasingly tightening the screws on private banks.

The interest rates for FDs is better in HDFC bank and indusind.

I am shifting my deposits from state bank which besides giving a lower rate gives very poor service.


Well-known member
Insurance sector shares are good for investing. Shares like Icici pru, HDFC life,or sbi life are worth getting into.

Govt is promoting insurance for health care for the poor.Even crops are getting insurance cover.Vehicle

insurance is dominated by govt companies

These companies are bound to do well.


Well-known member
SBI and indian bank have the best designed websites among the state owned banks.

Punjab national bank site is the worst It is over designed that it is not user friendly.

Merger of banks has created problems for all banks.

Govt banks have now excess employees. Many are waiting for VRS to quit.

Now most banks are not pleasant places to work anymore with new scams coming to light and some getting

hurt at the end of careers for actions done decade back .

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
I am stuck up with few shares that are delisted Though originally listed and traded - like Madura coats Premier Mills NCL Altek - One person is willing to purchase and offers Rs 380 per share of NCL altek - It is the latest Avatar of NCL Secclors allotted at par in primary market (Face Value Rs 10.) about 3 decades back - Since it is not traded I think I should accept.this offer ! I asked my auditor - For IT purposes this will be different from selling in the market - It will be like selling property - Capital Gain calculated - based on the value as on 2001 and with annual indexation till the date of transfer of shares - looks painful procedure!


Well-known member
JJ ji

Simply sell and leave it to the auditor to do the rest.

When tax regimes become painful,MNCs will delist and we will face more such situations.

Auditors and tax consultants will have more work to do.

Taxing Foreign Portfolio Investors [FPI] 42% is driving foreign indian investors away from indian market.

Their shares are being bought by domestic funds.

Indian stock market is going more downhill after the budget.

8000 crores of investors"wealth has been wiped out while just about less than 100 crores has been collected

from GST.

All industrialists are opting for dual citizenship of foreign countries and parking themselves abroad .

They are moving money to safe havens and hoping for better times in india.

GST of 12 or 18% is atrocious.Singapore taxes 7%. Their collections are robust and compliance excellent.

So many industrialists are having shell companies and proxy owners and hiding their money wherever they


Suicide of VG Sidhartha has opened a can of worms.Cafe Coffee Day[CCD] shares are crashing 20% a day

hitting circuit breaker for

last two days. Taxmen are discovering foreign transactions from shell companies.


Well-known member
It is interesting to note that if a single industrialist gets hurt,hue and cry is raised.

When a farmer commits suicide due to drought or non renumerative prices for his produce, reasons are given

that he has personal family problems and his death is ignored.

Indian economy is badly screwed up. There is no talent in the govt to fix it.Bureaucrats give the same old

solutions packaged differently. 70% of population in semi rural and rural households are going steadily

downhill.All trickle down theories of economics are failing badly.Leftists are no longer wanted. Centrists have

moved to the right as it is more acceptable to public -mostly comprising the young .

There is likely to be more migration to tier 2 cities increasing the urban poor.and putting more pressure on

urban infrastructure.

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Suicide of VG Sidhartha has opened a can of worms.(#13)

True !

Gives space even for Mallaya to play a victim card !

I am indirectly related to VG Siddhartha. Excellent human and brilliant entrepreneur. I am devastated with the contents of his letter. The Govt Agencies and Banks can drive anyone to despair. See what they are doing to me despite offer of full repayment. Vicious and unrelenting," Vijay Mallya tweeted.


Well-known member
Most industrialists have benami companies and shell accounts to park money.They have a strong nexus with

political parties.If the party is not in power in centre, they also get targetted by tax authorities.If they shift

allegiance they will get protection. It is good to be poor or middle class. They are normally left alone by tax



Well-known member
Independence day falls this week. With Eid today and political uncertainties, most are covering their positions

and staying put. 35 basis point cut by RBI is not cheering the market much.

Liquidity is not helping the market much.

Auto and ancillaries are in doldrums. Maruti and other auto manufacturers are cutting own on production.

There are no takers for cars, two wheelers.

Crackdown on housing sector is killing the small builders.There are no takers for new houses/flats.

Most prefer to rent than add to property.Affordable housing has few takers.Existing housing projects are not

getting completed and most are sitting on unsold inventories.

Banking sector if facing NPA issues. Sarkari banks are facing more issues due to consolidation. Employees of

weaker banks are fearing absorption into bigger banks. Many are looking for VRS options. Kotak Mahindra

and Hdfc bank appear to be better bets-professionally managed. Their interest rates for FD is more than 8%.

GST of 12 to 18% for goods and services is very high. Singapore has only 7%.With such high rates in India,

the prices of discretionary consumer goods and related services has shot up.

Air travel is no longer cheap. With exit of Jet airways and infighting of indigo partners , the options left

are only Air india and vistara along with spicejet.Seniors would prefer air india and vistara.They want day

flights .Air india provides that long domestic flights.

Erratic monsoons with heavy downpours are dislocating air travel.

We might have an unpleasant independance day week.

I am wondering if it is more sensible to check into hotels than staying home. It might be far more convenient

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Auto and ancillaries are in doldrums. Maruti and other auto manufacturers are cutting own on production.(#17)

True Maruthi is offering heavy discount as well. We are bargain fore more discounts for exchange - Confused about the choice of Models I am for S cross - grand children want Breeza Will finalise in a day or two when I will be Chennai !
Last edited:


Well-known member
My sister sold her car of 2008 make for a very good price thru site car 24 for immediate same day payment.

Cash in hand is far more valuable than old car standing outside home collecting dust due to high petrol prices.

Uber and Ola are better options in metros .car rentals are far superior to car ownership with maintenance and

insurance hassles.

I use my car driver for all sundry house work like going to banks, standing in queue anywhere for any purchase,

fix my mobile ,pay all kinds of bills,.He is a resource for any domestic work which requires a man with some

muscles to display to drive away stray dogs, bufallo freely roaming on roads.


Well-known member
India's rupee exchange rates against dollar is crossing 70 plus. Govt intervention is not helping much.

Gold appears to be a safe bet.One can get very good rates for foreign currency for exchange in india from

dealers in city..Airports are not good places for change.

The growth of economy is sluggish and economy is not growing to take care of social sector programs.

Rural distress is getting worse.

NRI's have started withdrawing from indian market and getting replaced by domestic funds. Those investing in

mutual funds thru SIP will suffer.

8000 crore rupees of share value has disappeared from market after the budget while GST collection has

increased by couple of hundred crores.

All investors are cursing the govt for loss of wealth.

Only traders are enjoying making a few bucks everyday

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