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Indian Stock Market

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Reliance AGM - Ambani's announcements are encouraging and looks 5 Trillion economy is possible! I think I will switch over to Gigs fibre! Exciting! I still hold about 500 shares bought in 70's when Convertible debenture was offered by Reliance Textiles as they were known then!


Well-known member
we think alike.I too have reliance from original IPO of late seventies.

Jio fibre is worth it. Like to subscribe when it opens in september

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
I dont have a 4 K TV but my son in Banglore has one Ultra HD TV of a monstrous size But 4K streaming programs are not available either through cable or Dish. He has no time or interest in Netflix which boasts of huge library of streaming videos mainly of movies and noisy musics. I think Animal Planet & National geographic may give a great experience! Giga will bring this with an affordable price tag I am sure!


Well-known member
I do not know if any episodes of Animal planet or national geographic are available on you tube .Then it should
be possible to transport it to TV thru mobile or laptop

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
0_img_20190815_164416-jpg.7810 Indian Stock Market

5PM Aug 15 I woke to streaming noise blasting through my bedroom window ! Independence day bash is on The photo from my balcony You can see a monsterous monitor with chairs in front for audiance to watch streaming DJ music at 7 PM The effect electrifying for teens to dance around - Needs some blue ray (laser) equipments . To get this effect in 4K TV you need high-speed internet which giga promises I am sure it will be available in my gated community when it is offered commercially! I don't have space for Home Theatre in my flat


Well-known member
Indian stock market is steadily spiralling downwards.

Sensex is reaching 10700 range. FPI,NRI are getting out of the market.

Domestic investors are getting into gold and are sticking to one or two shares which are safe and positive.

Most have withdrawn from the market and watching from sidelines,

Retail investors better stay away as further lows are expected.

WE are already in recession or close to it.

FD rates are further being lowered.SBI gives 7.2% as against 7.8 of HDFC bank and 8% of indusind.

There are no takers for car loans as automobile sector is in downturn. Many are laying of workers in auto and


Many housing companies like dewan housing, DLF are in finacial soup.

Yes bank with exposure to CG power, DHFL is hitting new lows - around 58 from highs of 100 plus

Nifty bank is hugely negative.

Many sarkari banks are close to their book value.

Private banks are not far behind.

New scams come out everyday.

PMO is trying to allay fears of industrialists who are bitterly complaining about the investment scene.

It requires a brave heart to invest in this market.

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
There are no takers for car loans as automobile sector is in downturn. Many are laying of workers in auto and ancilliaries.(#27)

Maruti Kia Renault Hyundai have released new models in the last 10days!

This defies logic when there are no takers!

Yes bank with exposure to CG power, DHFL is hitting new lows - around 58 from highs of 100 plus(#27)

Yet Yes bank issue (QIP) is over subscribed 3 times !

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