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If I were made the Chief Law and Order and Knowledge advisor...

The scoundrels thrive by threatening life and physical intimidation. The brain is totally lacking. Till this situation remains they will continue their atrocities. They need to be firmly and tellingly dealt with. God will show the way and bring an end to all their aatam.
As a knowledge advisor, I would advice emphasis on spirituality as it is not only that makes ideal things work according to definition but it is also something that is India's forte. AI will work up to a point but beyond that intelligence in isolation will hit a barrier. You will fail to make major breakthroughs as nature is inherently spiritual and needs to be decoded with that in mind.
I was recently told there is a big group controlling the affairs of the world to attain their self interests. Sounds very plausible. Money and power are great intoxicants. No surprise such like minded will come together. Obviously they are influencing people in a very wrong way. Any one, more information on this?
Law needs to take into account the biggest picture though it cannot ignore the pragmatics. Let me clarify. Everyone by nature is good. I mean at least in the deepest nature which is Atman. So the biggest picture should be one of trying to mend people and bring them back to their innateness though the pragmatics of those people causing mayhem in society cannot be ignored. It has to be a fine balance. Hatredness, spitefulness and such harmness creating qualities should be discouraged. It is all in the hands of the politicians though in the final analysis it is the people who are choosing these politicians in a democracy. People should be aware that they are given the great opportunity of deciding their own destiny. It is very much in their hands. Why keep frittering away that and fall prey to the guiles of vested interests?? Think about it. It is the people who can bring about a bloodless revolution.
Severest punishment should be reserved for those who are in a responsible position and unethical. There should be instant and irrevocable judgement. It should be straight away heard by the supreme court and judgement should be very swift.

I prefer any punishment to be constructive and hence instead of making the culprits count the numbers of rods in the jail door, reform efforts should be initiated. This should be way any convict should be treated.

All the meetings of the cabinet and all the details of government projects should be made public unless security reasons involved. The ministers should compulsorily be made to live in a modest residence and all their details of the wealth under public scrutiny. If you really want to serve people you need to give up luxury.
It is imperative upon law and order enforcing authorities recognize just like food there are basic psychological needs that people need to have. The need to be recognized, the need to be respected etc are some of such needs. Without getting that people tend to react in their own adverse ways. Some by submissiveness, some others by aggression and still others get into complex behavioral patterns.

That is the reason mind should be recognized as an authentic part of self and laws devised accordingly. Psychological aspects are as important as physical aspects, in fact most often drive the physical acts and behavior. I dont understand why such an obvious truth is glossed over and not taken in to account. I understand there are challenges and complexities but if we try and get it right there are humungous implications with respect to benefits and well being of the society.
Are there people who are totally rotten beyond repair? I think not as the deepest truth of everyone is atman. It may require great human efforts to mend some, super human efforts to mend some others and super divine efforts to mend a few others. But everyone can be corrected. Depends on the nature of time and who corrects them. The ultimate pitting is super dunce people in peak kaliyuga but who somehow wield influence versus nirguna brahman avatar. Quite a fight , dont you think folks?
Technology has dumbed down people's thinking capabilities. I am first hand witness to it. The technology that they develop is also geared to satisfy the base needs.

I think if technology is to be constructive it has to use spiritual energy. I plan to work in that direction and see if something comes out of it. God is great.
There is something like being in fashion. People generally adhere to something as long as it in fashion. It is necessary that we do not apply this for goodness. Goodness is not a thing of fashion. The fact is goodness has the potential of sustaining itself because it brings on energy that is positive and desirable. All we need to take care of is to root goodness in pragmatism and the rest is spontaneous. Once people experience the effects of goodness they would want to experience them again and again. They will also get the ability to see the ridiculousness of evil.
I think if God chose to mend the world He would not make it in an ideal atmosphere. He would let the opportunities to do wrong exist but still people do not do wrong. That is real correction. He would let the evil people continue in the position of power and wealth but in a mended atmosphere they do not misuse them.

What do you think?
Everything and everyone is God eventually. So He lets even evil have a free hand for a while and then reins it in because objectives as evil should not eventually prevail. I think every soul will go through equivalent experiences and be on both the right and wrong side of God in its journey to moksha.

He lets evil be there in the physical world as the already existing spiritual world is evil free. The purpose of physical world I believe is to explore harmony. To understand something thoroughly one needs to see it from all angles from perfect harmony to total disharmony. Hence the need for evil.

God does understand that spontaneously in the timeless reality. The understanding keeps happening in a timeless way spontaneously. One can present this scenario as the male aspect trying to understand the female aspect with both existing as one in the highest reality. The lower truth is the male aspect tries to understand the female aspect and so projects the physical world for exploration.

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