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Hinduism - Is not a religion, Way of Life. Whats it?

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Know thy neighbour

Recently Indonesian police cleaning up terrorists by shooting to death at sight drawn criticism from the fundamentalists. They would like to hear the terrorist's version. Surely, to make them a martyr. I sigh with the way police eliminates terrorist in Indonesia while back home, we had to satisfy many people and let a cancer slowly spread. Which one day knock our door and barge without our permission.

In one area of Jakarta, a peaceful place became divided after a fundamental cleric entered and started to preach. Recently few terrorists were killed, who were being hunted for a long time.

The main purpose of writing this post is to know, what they teach in Masque.

What is your thought about jihad?

Jihad is a defense system in Islam. There are conditions for that. According to Imam Abdul Qayyim, there are four categories of jihad; fighting against lust and desire, syaitan, the infidels, those practicing polytheism, and ruthlessness.

Jihad against the infidels and those committing polytheism, who are at the same time desecrate Islam, should be taken through four settlements; verbally, physically, wealth and weapons.
Jihad against ruthlessness has three settlements; verbally, by wealth and through your soul.

The keepers kept a bill board near his house " Know the terrorists among us" :).

Indonesia's govt is taking every step to eliminate the cancer without having to satisfy their fundamentalists as they are a muslim country and ruled by Muslim leadership. They can criticize and take action on any fundamentalists. The main reason that the leaders don't go out of the way to please and get minorities vote.

In our secular country, in the absence of due recognition to the majorities, Hindus, the fundamentalism starts to grow mainly due to the insecurities. Our political system will strive hard to divide hindus, for their own benefit, thereby allowing the cancer to spread.

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