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Hindi actor Salman Khan is finally convicted for murder

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Suresh Kalmadi is a south Indian from Karnataka. Koda is small unknown fry who fell out of favor some local politicians. List is definitely not long rather empty ? - please show high profile cases where a politician from North was put in Jail & the bail was denied repeatedly like in the case of South.
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aykay Ji,

I stand by my opinion that ‘Law will take its own course’.

For your information I can cite the case of Lalith Narayan Mishra, the then Railway Minister and two others who were killed in a blast that took place on January 2, 1975 at Samstipur Railway Station in Bihar. In this case, Delhi Court awarded life imprisonment to four persons only after 40 years of prolonged legal battle that was only in December 2014. The legal proceedings may drag for years but ultimately law will punish the offender. The long hands of law will not spare anyone. Hence, we quote 'Sathyamev Jayathe'.

Judiciary is regarded as the guardian of Constitution in a democratic country like ours and to protect the rights of every citizen guaranteed by the law and the Constitution. It is Independent and free from the influence of both Executive and Legislature.

One should remember the phrase that Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.

There may be one or two black sheep and we cannot generalize the entire judiciary for that.

My point is that everybody is equal before law. There is no discrimination between South or North. South India based Judges are discharging their duties at High Courts located at North India vice-versa.

Every Indian is governed by the law of the land, on matters of arrest, bail, etc It is IPC., Cr. P.C., etc

To cite a few, Delhi High Court denied bail to former Harayan Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala in the JBT Teachers Recruitment Scam. It is an High Profile case.

Similarly, Supreme Court refused to grant bail to former UP Cabinet Minister Babu Singh Kushwaha in the multi-crore National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Scam. It is also a high profile case involving multi crore scam.

As for Godmen, who are also citizen of India, I can cite the cases of Godman Asaram Bapu, who was denied bail and is in jail.

Similarly, Haryana Godman Rampal was also arrested.

Courts have their Thumb rule in awarding Bail where lot of factors are taken into consideration, but definitely not North or South as alleged.

We all believe ‘Truth alone Triumph’. :)
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Faced with the reality that someone was mauled to death while sleeping on the footpath, reactions from some stars have the same quality: the outrage is not over the drunk driving, the sympathy is not for the victims, the concern is not for the rule of law. Rather, what emerges is the stunning “why were they sleeping on the footpath?” The poor are to be held responsible for their own lack of options. They are a nuisance, standing in the way of drunk drivers in fancy cars who think footpaths are racing tracks. It would be easy to write this off as the reaction of a deluded few.

But it is hard to shake off the feeling that this moral obtuseness and lack of social imagination is now so much second nature to India’s ruling classes that there is no longer any shame even in espousing it.

The evidence for this is Bollywood itself. Bollywood’s great success, when it was a genuine national institution, and not a cultural manifestation of the secessionist tendencies of India’s privileged, was this. It sublimated all eros into refined poetry. But it also sublimated the desire for justice into a popular art form. Bollywood provided an escape.

Reactions to Salman Khan verdict: That ?eat cake? moment | The Indian Express

In the similar vein the Tamilians rooting for Jaylalitha's release
It is hard to shake off the feeling that this moral obtuseness and lack of social imagination is now so much second nature to India’s ruling classes that there is no longer any shame even in espousing it.


Salma's case is one among the whopping 22.2 million Indians under trial & 18.5 million criminal cases in district and lower courts..But Salma could get a bail on the same day! This is how our legal system operates for the rich and powerful, high & mighty! Sad state of affairs indeed!

[h=1]Salman Khan gets multiple bails while lakhs of undertrials languish in jails[/h] Harish V. Nair | Mail Today | New Delhi, May 9, 2015

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan relaxes at his Bandra home despite getting a "harsh" five-year jail term in the 2002 hit-and-run case as the Bombay High Court on Friday ruled that he does not have to go to jail till his appeal against conviction has been decided.

However, the pace at which the wheels of justice moved for the celebrity - interim bail on Wednesday and regular bail within two days - has raised eyebrows. Several legal expert say such swiftness has no precedence.

"If you can afford an expensive lawyer, justice is very cheap in India", "those who have money can get away with anything", "it is difficult for the poor to get justice in this country, it is difficult to punish those who wield influence" were some of the messages which went viral on social media after Salman walked free.

Common bail applicants, especially from the weaker sections of society, languish in jail for several months or years together before their bail or appeal comes up for hearing in the "regular course". It is a well-known fact that the Indian judiciary is not as proactive in their case.

At least 2.73 lakh undertrials, many of whom may be innocent and are unable to secure bail, languish behind bars across the country.

Senior lawyer Ramesh Gupta, who had represented businessman Sanjeev Nanda in the 1999 BMW-hit-and-run case which had almost similar facts, said: "As a defence lawyer I am happy that this bail, including an unprecedented interim bail on the same day, will create a precedent for all similar cases. In Nanda's case, bail was not easy and it took long."

Legal experts say Salman definitely played his cards shrewdly by immediately filing an appeal before the Bombay High Court and by hiring India's most expensive and proficient advocate Harish Salve after being found guilty.

Salve, with his legal mastery, instantaneously got him bail on technical grounds while finding loopholes in the system. It was another famous lawyer Amit Desai who got him regular bail on Friday. Salman may have used his legal resources to the best, but bail on the first hearing itself, on both the occasions is rare even then. Justice Abhay Thipsay observed while granting bail: "Normal rule is that when an appeal is admitted and the sentence is under seven years, it (the sentence) is suspended.

Why do you (prosecution) want to depart from this norm?" Legal experts are left wondering on the number of such occasions, where judges have made such comments.

The court has directed the Bollywood superstar to surrender his passport. Desai argued that the trial court ignored his defence that there were four persons in the car, including his driver Ashok Singh, who was behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

He also argued that the prosecution's sole eyewitness Ravindra Patil (Khan's then police bodyguard) was an unwilling witness and he was forced to give evidence about Khan driving the car.

The lawyer also said that Patil had, in an interview a day after the accident, said there were four persons in the car. However, during the trial, he contradicted himself by saying there were only three persons.

Salman Khan gets multiple bails while lakhs of undertrials languish in jails : Mail Today, News - India Today
VB Ji –

Lets look at the facts… you have missed the discussions on this subject earlier.. so summarizing them.

First off, none of the North Indians except Tarun Tejpal were pilloried by the media like Shashi Tharoor, Kalmadi, N Srinivasan, Yeddyurappa etc.. The vendetta by the media was complete with 24x7 coverage, calling them names, deliberate smear campaign, anchors passing judgment,they would not, could not, will not rest till Shashi Tharoor resigned, similarly in the case of N Srinivasan, Kalmadi, Raja, Kanimozhi etc…

Second, most of them were Jailed pre-FIR stage, & denied bail repeatedly which is against the process of law. The judge who gave bail to Salman asked – Bail is the norm, & why is the prosecution stopping it???? So why was it different in the case of the South Indians ???

So where was this law & fairness when it comes to this “vendetta against south Indians” ???? - “Law is equal for all is forgotten conveniently….”

When the Salman bail came out, some anchor went on to say openly – there was no favor shown to Salman, bail is the norm???, wow – what happenedto this when Jaya & all the South leaders were applying bail & repeatedly denied ??

Even when Lalu got Jail, there was hardly any coverage inthe media… it was just reported as any other incident, no 24x7 media coverage,no one insinuated him or pilloried him…

Supreme court has no other job except to monitor that N Srinivasan attended a BCCI meeting – astonishing, when you have millions of poor undertrails stuck in Jails & their cases are all stuck for decades… what happened to the - "law is equal" here ?? coz the North Indian lobby wanted to take N Srinivasan down & they could only do it using the Courts ??

Jaya case was fast tracked deliberately, the SC ordered the lower court to release judgement ?? Why is the SC pushing the lower court instead of allowing the case to come to a logical conclusion???? One cannot argue that it is going on for years – every other case is also going on for years…

Why was Jaya’s bail denied repeatedly by lower court, supreme court, when bail is the norm pending appeal ?? – Same law stated by Bombay Hgh Court Judge in Salman case was conveniently forgotten ???

CBI has been used & mis-used repeatedly by all & Sundry… & many cases were dropped by CBI by telling the courts that there is not enough evidence to prosecute… & the courts have willingly gone with them..

CBI has repeatedly dropped cases or gone slow against North Indians… (Amit Shah, Manmohan in coal scam, Sonia/Rahul on the National Herald case etc..) but has pursued with deliberate vigor against the South Indians.

What happened to the Jail for Vadra???, this was the most campaigned for statement during elections, not even an FIR has been filed, let alone Jail… ?? why no action here ??

When corruption runs deep, how can the Judges be above this? ask any lawyer, he will tell you, how the judges & judgement can be brought… so lets not imagine Judges as Gods suddenly & parrot the govt line – all are equal etc…– LOL !!

Salman judgment has already become a Joke & has severely undermined the Judiciary in India. People are openly questioning the Judgment in social media & saying – one can drink, drive, run over a poor innocent guy on the road, shoot some black bucks, then delay the trail, bring another poor guy to own up saying – I was driving instead of Salman, & then get bail the same day, same hour…

So lets not kid ourselves that the Judiciary is some holy cow… there are NO holy cows in this world…if you are following the race riots in the USA, you can see that a report was release officially which showed that how “openly the police force is racist – how openly they ill treat the minorities – Africans, Indians, Hispanics, etc…”.. so much for police, judges etc.. to be “fair” for all…
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Jaykay Ji,

I am an admirer of Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, Justice Mohan and other eminent Judges of both Supreme Court of India and High Court of Madras, Viz Justice M.M. Ismail and few others. There are land mark judgments wrote by most of them. It is Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer who unseated the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi from the Lok Sabha and barred her for six years.

While I partly agree that in this case, Actor Salman getting two bails within 48 hours of his conviction has raised many eyebrows about our current legal process, I am unable to agree that there is discrimination practiced in the legal proceedings and biased attitude is exhibited more against South Indian Politicians citing few cases.

IMO each and every case is unique and the Judge, apply his mind after carefully going through the case law and on hearing both the sides and after carefully perusing the documentary evidences, witnesses, cross examinations, etc deliver judgments awarding punishments based on the gravity of the offence. And you may be aware that the case acquitted in the lower Court will get convicted in the High Court. And on appeal it will be acquitted in the Supreme Court. There are benches and difference of opinion between the benches is usual. It all happens.

And it is now left to the legal luminaries to debate and decide as to why our legal system favours mighty and influential people at times while there are thousands of under trial prisoners are allowed to languish in jails all over the country.

And we are also seeing cases where litigants conveniently drag the case for years to-gether for their own convenience and for obvious reasons on various grounds. What is expected from the litigant's part is a 'fair' co-operation in the expeditious disposal of the case.

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VB Ji –

No doubt there were some great judges like V R Krishna Iyer & others, but they shone like bright stars in a corrupt system. Like we have some really outstanding & honest bureaucrats like T N Seshan etc…

But they all came out honest & shining despite the system. Overall the system is corrupt & Govt writ runs large in everything incl. Judiciary…this is the reason why many people are against large Govt across the world.

Anyways, for the record, you have not refuted any of the points in my previous posts.

Justice is not only to be done but “seen to be done” which is clearly not the case today !!

I have no doubt, the appeal will be struck down & Jaya will have to go back to Jail since she has not bowed down to the powers to be. Karnataka has already imposed restrictions in Bangalore city anticipating trouble. So everyone knows what Judgment will come out tomorrow… LOL !!!!

But I am happy to be proved wrong. So lets see how it goes tomo.

Unfortunately, this new govt does not know how to play the “vendetta politics” quietly & nicely like Congress did all the 60+ yrs. Congress also lost the plot when it put Kanimozhi & Jagan in Jail, & deliberately denied bail again & again.

If the verdict goes against Jaya who fought against Rajapakse & she goes to Jail, everyone will know it is a clear vendetta by the center given that Salam campaigning for Rajapakse got bail instantaneously even before he was handcuffed.

So lets see how they will “spin this verdict against Jaya” given the Salman “bullet train” bail !!!
The judge, prosecution and defense sides have lot of leeway in granting bail. Even in salmon's case, another judge could have denied bail. This is a sensitive issue and sparks are flying.



Source: Politickle by Manjul


[h=1]Salman Khan case shows VIPs can avoid jail: Kiran Bedi[/h]The bail given to Bollywood star Salman Khan has given the impression that VIPs and the rich can avoid jail with "best legal aid", former police officer Kiran Bedi said on Friday.

The "general impression" after the Bombay High Court suspended Salman's sentence in the 2002 hit-and-run case "is if u r a VIP, celebrity, privileged, rich and u can access best legal aid, you can avoid jail", tweeted Bedi, now a Bharatiya Janata Party leader.

On Wednesday, a lower court in Mumbai sentenced Salman to five years in prison for running over a man sleeping on a
pavement in Mumbai. Just hours later, the Bombay High Court gave the actor two-day interim bail.

On Friday, the high court suspended the sentence itself.

Souce: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...void-jail-Kiran-Bedi/articleshow/47212614.cms
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I request you to reduce the size of fonts so that we can read your post without scrolling on each line.

Prasad Ji,

It is a good thing you pointed out. Shall do so in future.:)



சல்மான்கானுக்கு ஈஸியாக ஜாமீன் கிடைக்க என்ன காரணம் தெரியுமா?: சாத்வி சர்ச்சை கருத்து

டெல்லி: முஸ்லீம் என்பதாலேயே நடிகர் சல்மான் கானுக்கு, கார் விபத்து வழக்கில் ஜாமீன் கிடைத்துள்ளது என்று பாஜக தலைவர்களில் ஒருவரான சாத்வி பிராச்சி வெளியிட்ட கருத்தால் புதிய சர்ச்சை வெடித்துள்ளது.

அவ்வப்போது சர்ச்சை கருத்துக்களை வெளியிட்டு பரபரப்பை ஏற்படுத்துவதை வாடிக்கையாக கொண்டவர் உத்தர பிரதேச மாநிலத்தை சேர்ந்த பாஜக தலைவர் சாத்வி பிராச்சி.


Read more at: ??????????????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ???? ?????? ?????????: ?????? ??????? ??????? | Salman got bail because he is a Muslim: Sadhvi Prachi - Tamil Oneindia


சல்மான் தண்டனை நிறுத்தம்- பேஸ்புக்கில் மக்கள் பேசுவது என்ன?

மும்பை: நடிகர் சல்மான் கானுக்கு விதிக்கப்பட்ட சிறைத் தண்டனை நிறுத்தி வைக்கப்பட்டதைத் தொடர்ந்து பலரும் முகநூலில் கருத்து தெரிவித்து வருகின்றனர்.

இதற்கு பேஸ்புக்கில் வந்த சில பதிவுகளை சற்று பாருங்கள் :

Bala Krishnan என்பவர் கூறுகையில், சூப்பர்.. ஏழைகள் வாழ தகுதியற்ற நாடு என்பதை அம்பேத்கரின் சட்டத்துறை சொல்லாமல் சொல்கிறது

Read more at: ??????? ?????? ?????????- ???????????? ?????? ??????? ????? | What people say on Actor Salman Khan's release - Tamil Oneindia



Salman Khan's suspended sentence shows the extent of stars' VIP treatment

The news that the Bollywood actor has had his five-year prison term suspended will come as a blow for those who hoped money and power don’t pervert the course of justice

There was a glimmer of hope for India’s common man this week when Salman Khan, one of Bollywood’s biggest superstars, was convicted on Wednesday of culpable homicide and sentenced to five years in jail, 13 years after he drunkenly drove over five homeless men sleeping on a Mumbai pavement, killing one and injuring others. That it took so long for him to be sentenced is extraordinary, but this was a landmark ruling in a country where Bollywood’s deities can usually do no wrong.

Indian media declared the ruling a “wake-up call for India’s elite” that “no one is above the law”, while on Twitter a dismaying number of Bollywood actors illustrated the elite’s sense of entitlement, balking at the sentencing with shocking levels of disdain and disregard for human life. Never mind that Khan was drink-driving, killed a homeless man, then found an innocent man to take the blame.

Read more at: Salman Khan's suspended sentence shows the extent of stars' VIP treatment | Film | The Guardian


Hit-and-run survivor's letter to Salman Khan fans posted on Facebook goes viral

  • 334807-charudutt.jpg

Bollywood writer-director Charudutt Acharya recently made a Facebook post about his hit-and-run experience, which has gone viral. Talking about the apathy he had to endure and what his life looks like since the incident, Acharya did not mince words about the reality of such cases.

"In 1998 I was 28. Newly married. A baby was on the way. Small independent writing- directing jobs were trickling in. I was happy. October 1998, at 2 in the afternoon, not too far from American Bakery (where the Salman Khan thing happened), a young woman from Pali Hill (incidentally daughter of a film industry bigwig) rammed her car full speed into the auto that I was travelling. The auto turned turtle. My left leg was an unrecognizable mess. The young lady and her friend, who had got out of the car, saw the mess, sat back in the car and took off," his post said.

Read more at: Hit-and-run survivor's letter to Salman Khan fans posted on Facebook goes viral | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
The supreme court can do a lot to initiate a process to review all cases pending and issue guidelines for quick redressal. 90% can be perhaps released without any court proceedings.
This is a season of acquittals. It proves beyond doubt that law is an ass. The 2 counsels of Salman's case proved over 13 years. The man holding the gavel decreed it to be so. Dharmam thalai kaakkum Salman Khan's head is saved, forget the lost lives. Salman Khan is a good person and hence not necessarily show he has a conscience. Because that has been stolen by the counsels under the eyes of the gavel striker.
Salman:) Silar sirippaar silar azuvaar silar sirithu konde azuvaar :mad2: Vakaalath oru pakkam vaazkai-in unmai orupakkam. Alocohol arundavilla, vandi ottavillai idu satyamaanaal Salmaan angu irukkavumillai:) !! Our court and our justice! We are the people and we believe in Democracy !! What a joke ? Sirippada? Azuvada? :argue:
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