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First Tithi/anniversary of my father' death calculator

namaskarams. My father passed away on 26-May-2010 at 6 pm. Vaikasi, Chaturdashi Thithi. This year (2022) there are two Chaturdashi thithi (one on May 15th and another in June). Kindly tell me which date should be chosen to do srardham ? And what is the rule to be followed if a thithi comes twice on the same month.
Thank you in advance.
on 13-06-2022 sukla chathurthasi thithi is there upto 9-45 p m. on 15-05-2022 sukla paksha chathurthasi thithi is there only upto 12-45 p m. sukla chathurthasi thithi is not there during sunset on 15-5-22. so you must do only on 13-06-2022.
My mother passed away on 17.03.2021, time 10.30 AM at Tiruchirappalli, may I know the first thithi.
Kindly do the needful.
My father passed away on Wednesday 12/05/21, time 8.30 PM at Veppur, Permablur distinct - 621717. Could you kindly help me find the correct date and time for the first Thithi? Please do the needful.
Gopalan sir, I missed my Father’s 3rd year thithi yesterday ( sapthami, valarpirai) due to unavoidable situations, we are performing prayer every ammavasai.. it’s painful I missed this instance.. how to correct this

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