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financial help for education

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Dear sir,
The following persons have requested for financial help for their children's education. They are from poor family and require finanacial help. I have also spoken to Mr.Ranganathan about this and he asked me to furnish the details here.

1. Name of the student : S.Raghu
Class : 2nd std
Initial term fees : Rs.4660 (school fees, books & computer fees)
Subsequently Rs 200/month for the entire academic year.
Name of the school : Kalakshetra Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Iyappanthangal, Kattupakkam, Chennai - 600056
Father's name and address: S.Balakrishnan ,
91, Vasanthapuram
Abdul Kalam 1st Street,
EVP 1st main road, Mangadu
Mob no: 9884625149
Occupation : Priest in Kaveri Rangan Nagar Temple, Saligramam
Income : Rs 5000/month

2. Name of the student : R.Yogesh
Class : 4th std
Monthly school fees of Rs.200 from June '07
Name of the school : National Lotus Matriculation HSS,
Pudhil Nagar, Pulli Line, Redhills,
Chennai - 600052
Father's name and address : K.Raju Gurukal
2/72B, A.N.S. Street,
Kuppa Main Thoppu, Pulli Line,
Vadagarai Post, Redhills, CH - 52
Mob no: 9444215826
Occupation : Priest in a tepmle at Redhills
Income : Rs.1250/month

3. Name of the student : K.Muthukumar
Class : 4th Std
Monthly school fees of Rs.200 from June '07
NAme of the school : Janet Matriculation School,
Thiruverkadu, Chennai - 77
Father's name and address : R.Kothandaraman
28/38, Ramadas Salai,
Parasakthi Nagar
Thiruverkadu, Ch - 77
MOb no: 9840544974
Occupation : Priest
Income : Rs 1000/month

4. Name of the student : S.Chandrasekaran
Class : +2 appeared, waiting for result
(financial help when joining the college)
Father' name and address: P.R.Suryanarayanan
Old no:8, New no:19
Surendra Nagar 4th street,
Adambakkam, Chennai - 88
Mob no: 9444234777
Occupation : Prohit (Sasthrigal)
Income : Rs 5000/month

5. Name of the student : R.Aishwarya
Class : +2 appeared, waiting for result
(financial help when joining the college)
Father's name and address: Late V.Ramachandran
No:16, Kamaraj Salai,
Flat no:10, Venkateshwara Apts,
Virugambakkam, Chennai - 92
Mother- R.Jayanthi and aishwarya are staying with Jayanthi's brother-in-law's family.
Occupation of her mother- Jayanthi : Tailoring
Income : Rs 2000/month
Brother-in-law's name : S.Raganathan
Occupation : Working in Sundaram Finance
Ph no: 044 - 23770909
Reference : M.Ramadurai
044 - 23766312

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
64, Balaji Nagar,
Chennai - 600092
Ph no: 044 - 23765278

I will pick up the tab for the first one. 4660+2000=6660. Can moderate help in doing the fund transfer to the school or to the parents

Regards, Sarathy
Thank you for your immediate help

Thank you for sponsoring the educational needs of Mr.Balakrishnan's son .
I have one more student who is in need of educational assistance.

Name: S.Gayathri
Class : Written +2 , Waiting for her results, Likely to join a degree course in college.
School Studied : Chinmaya Vidyalaya Hr.Sec.School
Chennai - 600092
Father's Name and address : R.Sankaramurthy
#26, 5th main road, Natesan Nagar,
Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600092
Occupation : Authorised Postal Agent
Telephone No: 044 - 24795545
Mobile: 919444085546
Mother's Ocuupation : Authorised Postal Agent
Both the parents are earning around Rs. 6000/month

Refered By:
Mrs. K.Jayalakshmi, M.A, M.Phil
Retd. Professor
Plot No: 52, Door No: 24
Balaji Nagar 2nd street
Chennai - 600092
Phone No: 044 - 23767104

Thank You,

Can our active members in madras coordinate the requirement of funds for these plus two kids. Request that these people apply for the seats and seek the funds once the seats are allotted. If they can give the project fund requirement, the members can mobilize to that extent in the mean time. I would think balaji is the right person for the same.
Financial Help For My Sister's Daughters

My sister has got twin daughters and they have completed their +2 with considerable good marks. My sister lost her husband at very young age and she is a desperate need of finanacil aid for her daughters further studies.one daughter has got 1055/1200 name K.Swetha and other daughter has scored 905/1200 name K.Sruthi, both from Commerce group.

kindly clarify how to proceed.
K.Swetha who has scored 1055/200 wants to do B.Com and expected fees per year is approx. 10000 to 13000 and for K.Sruthi who socred 905/1200 wants to do B.Sc Hotel Management and expected expenses per annum is Rs.65000 to 75000 per year
consider BCA than b.com & hotel management

My suggestion for both the kids is to to try BCA - Bachelor of computer applications. The skill set is highly in demand and the kids can get placed at the end of the third year itself. My sister kids has got the job before completion of third year. The cost would be around 25000 per child in that case and we will try to mobilize 50000 for her. The first term fee in this option could be 25000 for both.
thank you for your suggestion, but swetha who score 1055/1200 wants to do B.Com and sruthi is very keen in hotel management, she can opt for BCA but she has not taken maths in her +2

Many times in life, we have to take what is offered to us rather than what we want. I wanted to become an engineer but i know my father could not afford it and there was no body to whom i could look up for financial assistance. One think i knew was that beggar cannot be chooser. I did not loose anything by taking up b.com, then did C.A. and then CISA, usa and now i work as chief information security offier in a bank in abu dhabi.

It is wise to take up education which give employment on completion. Today world of software, you complete the education, you have job in hand for 15k in madras. True story of my own sister kids. Seeing that i had asked my another sister dauther to peruse bca rather than b.com and ca. She had got similar mark and now she has got the seat with moa vaishana madras.

I have taken the pains to explain is that many children do not understand the realities of life and the experienced person must give that to the young children.

finally destiny is power and i leave it to god.
what you are saying is really true. evem my sister (who is seeking financail help for her daughters) is very brilliant even now and wants to do B.com and CA during 1977 but due to financial crisis in my house (we 8 of us, daddy lost everything in business and became popper happened in 1972) she did her diploma and place in southern railways at the age of 18 (her destiny) lost her husband at the age of 35 (daughters were 8 years old in 1998) everything changed.

but now a days kids are not realising the pinch of life and they are very firm in waht they want to do not like our days when we were very guddy guddy.

kindly tell me how to proceed once they get the admission

sorry to hear about your sister. After b.com and hotel management generally people will have to persue further studies to consolidate and move further to get decent vocation.

Generally resources available are limited and wants are unlimited. I prefer to give funds to studies which will make the individual independent as quick as possible.

Hopefully they understand the good thought process and help other who are
needy in the community.

Best of luck
I commend you people for helping out the needy in our community. However, this is getting out of control to some extent. We thought we were going to collect an annual contribution from every member and from that we were going to distribute to people. At this rate, we cannot keep track of anything.

Please think about funneling all the money thru one single source. This way we will have accountability.

Best is to form a non profit organization for benefit of brahmins and get it registered.[ if possible get the same exeampted under income tax ] we will have to spend couple of lakhs but it is worth it to do it. I can refer a person in chennai who take us to a ca who can do this for us. But there must be somebody in madras to do this work for us to form this organization and do the leg work. Hope balaji you appreciate.
Dear prpsarathy:
Perhaps you didn't see our email on this subject. Anyway, WE ARE in the process of setting up a trust and the lawyer has already drawn up the draft. We are hoping to finalize it soon.
But in the meantime, we have needy people who depend on our contributions. That was why I had sent out another appeal for funds right now. As soon as the trust is registered and tax-exempted, we will inform all the members. Let us all chip in and contribute in the meantime.
Thank you for your patience.
As you said I've convinced my niece and she has got admission at SRM for B.Sc Information System & management. fees is 15,000/- p.a. plus Rs.15000/- p.a. as bus fees.

another niece not yet got her admission. Trying for B.Com
are they still open?

I could pitch in for Item 2 and/or 3, if they are still available. Please let me know.


Dear sir,
The following persons have requested for financial help for their children's education. They are from poor family and require finanacial help. I have also spoken to Mr.Ranganathan about this and he asked me to furnish the details here.

2. Name of the student : R.Yogesh
Class : 4th std

3. Name of the student : K.Muthukumar
Class : 4th Std
following person has asked for financial help for her son's education

Name : Mrs. Chitra
Occupation : cook, Tamil Iyer
Husband : auto driver
Her son has scored 1170/1200 in his +2 exams and very eager to join in Anna University itself when our tamilnadu govt. has abolished entrance test in 2005. But suddenly they have kept entrance and ahe got little less and due to thsi through single window system he didn't get free seat in any college (since we are cursed FC) and his mother didn't have money to send his son for entrance coaching also. He joined in Rajalakshmi Engg college (payment seat) by obtaining bank loan and she has come thro' about us recently has seeking for help.

Per year fees getting from Bank Rs.72000/- ( now he is going to finish 2nd year)

other fees(exam,books,increase in transport every year) Rs.10000/-

kindly suggest how we can help
Can we leave him as he has found his way to raise finance. It is for people who could not raise any type of finance. He is an extraordinary student and no question over the same. and also at the same time, we must try to bring in more donors and also every member contributing some amount per month for this causes and it will become impossible to fund all the user who seek the fund especially that of engineering or medicine.
Dear prpsarathy
I am delighted and thrilled to see you are such a 'samaritan' that I only wish other members would emulate.
However, once again, sarathy, if you start distributing money individually, then we can never keep track of anything. As you know, we are trying to collect money for this year so that we could distribute to every needy person (not the full amount they ask). I only wish some of our rich members would open up their heart and contribute.
For the record, I just sent a check to Ragachandrika (Rs,7000) for her tuition, books, etc., for her 1st semester. But I had already committed to do this.
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