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Dear all,

Thankyou very much for the replies. From the discussion above, i suppose this discussion is leading to a very interesting topic - whether or not pariharams work.

I know of ppl who vouch for it, saying pariharam prayers have worked for them each time, every time. And i also know of ppl who say pariharams have not worked for them despite having put all their heart into them. Any idea why does this happen?

Wud there be some sort of an algorithm, based on the theory of probability, that decides whether or not a particular pariharam wud work for a particular person for that particular problem in that particular period of time?

Or is it all in the mind?

According to my mum, its all still destiny, meaning if its destained to work it will, if something is not destained, no matter how much one prays or tries, it still is not meant to be. Somehow this explanation sounded too fatalistic for me (must be bcoz elderly ppl are more capable of "acceptance", younger ppl may feel tht somehow they have a self role in everything, or not??)

Also reminds me of Sri Nara ji's post that we register the number of times prayers work and do not register the number of times prayers do not work for us...Not sure if that is true for everyone (??). Whenever i pray for others, it seems to work. But whenever i pray for myself, its sort of 50-50 (sometimes works, sometimes does not). So not sure what goes..

All sorta so unclear...

I find the above post and analogy of a straw floating in the water, by Sri Suraj very interesting. Will surely try to learn about the freedom of individual jeevatma and பிரதம பிரயத்தனம்.

Best regards.
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But whenever i pray for myself, its sort of 50-50 (sometimes works, sometimes does not). So not sure what goes..

It only confirms probability theory. Even without prayers, things would have happened that way. Or may be God doesn't want to reward selfish prayers.

I would like to recall some incidents involving astrology few decades back.

My elder sister got married in the mid sixties and was without a child for almost seven years. Her father in law took the horoscopes to a renowned astrologer Late Kunjithapatham of Injikollai, near Tirucherai. The astrologer suggested `Thilaga Homam' at Rameswaram which was duly performed. My sister got three children subsequently. The above astrologer was close to Paramacharyal, doesn't collect money and always blunt and forthright when it comes to predictions.

In the early 80's, one of my friend aged 45 plus at that time, was without a child. My father took him to another astrologer Late Sigar Pattu Sastrigal and again some pariharams were done at Rameswaram. My friend got a boy at the age of 46 and they are happy now.

My earnest feeling is competent and sincere astrologers are very few now. Astrology itself is not wrong but many astrologers are wrong.

All the best
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