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Brahmin-Is it by birth?

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Dear sri suvarchas,

My response in 'blue':

Dear Sir,
your observations merit a reply.

1.Pedigree in animals also influence the behavioural patterns in animals.
The reason gunas are not 'bred', if you notice, in a litter each one has a distinct personality within a scope of the original intent of the breed (e.g, Labrador Retrievers like to swim). I submit these charecteristics are of physical nature not of the guna which is of the svabhava. In humans these physical charecteristics (vasanas) can be expressed in a genetic proclivity, let us say for brahmins as a percentage, there are more who love to learn. Mental proclivity is much different from svabhava.

2.All three gunas manifest in everybody,but we classify according to the predominance of one guna over the rest.
Exactly. My observation is if you take Brahmins and let us say Chettiars, the children in both exhibit the same dispersion overall of these different mixes. Same for everyone in the world. Now, let us not confuse keenness of mind (intelligence) as guna as I said above.

3.Rebirth also carries the vasana &guna of previous birth.A classic case is that of Jata bharatha who was born as a deer yet remained aloof true to his spiritual nature.
Vasanas are different from guna and gunas are not carried over birth. Again, Bharatha was a great Rishi. So, as you say in your argument, this is an exception. But this is my exact point. Ones's next birth, for is determined by Easwara. One is not assured human birth, let alone in to the same family or clan.

By the way, sattvic guna by itself does not indicate 'being detached'. They are two different things. Sattvic guna perhaps helps a person more in terms of being detached. But our scriptures say that others with other gunas predominant too can attain the detachment required to attain moksha.

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