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Application of Bio- Technology, for treating Cancer, Heart diseases and diabetes with

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Application of Bio- Technology, for treating Cancer, Heart diseases and diabetes with Ascorbic Acid.
From 1937 to 1967 many scientists were awarded Nobel Prize for analyzing this Ascorbic Acid.
In 1937 for designing the structure of Ascorbic Acid the Nobel Prize was shared between Norman Haworth and Paul Karrer and the same year Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine went to Mr.Albert Szent-Gyorgyi for finding the biological function of Ascorbic Acid. In 1967 Linus Carl Pauling recommended this Ascorbic Acid for cold and cancer.
But no one guided the right method how this Ascorbic Acid can be consumed by a patient.
When going through the manuscripts this scholar found that the seeds of Sativum Linn contain this ascorbic acid and minerals that needs to fight with Cancer and Diabetes.
He suggests dissolving 50 Gms of this Sativum Linn seed in one liter of water boil to paste, Filter remove the sediments dissolve filtered water and mix with Sugar Syrup and just consume 30 Gms per day in three installments.

The mineral Contents of Sativum Linn. Leaves Seeds

Water 82.3 5.6
Protein 5.8 15.91
Fat 1.0
Carbohydrates 8.7
Calcium 0.36 0.31
Phosphorus 0.11 1.65
Sulphur -------- 0.9

Minerals in leaves has
Iron 28.6mg/100gms
Nickel 40 Micro gram per kilogram
Cobalt 12 Micro gram per kilogram
Iodine 110 Micro gram per kilogram,

Vitamin "A", Thiamine, 0.11, Riboflavin 0.17; Niacin 1.0; ascorbic acid C[SUB]6[/SUB]H[SUB]8[/SUB]O[SUB]6 [/SUB](Vitamin-C.) 87 Mg/ 100 Gms.

In seeds

Alkaloid 0.19%, (A combination of Nitrogen atom), Glucotropaeolin (a combination of Potassium salts), Sinapinic acid (Chlorine ester of Sinapic acid) dimethoxycinnamic acid amide C[SUB]11[/SUB]H[SUB]12[/SUB]O[SUB]5[/SUB], mucilaginous mater 5% and uric acid. The aqueous extracts of seeds flocculated clay suspensions; the activity of this Sinapinic acid can be greatly enhanced by the addition of Alum.

Ascorbic Acid is recommended for the following:-

Ascorbic acid is used to cure Chediak-Higashi syndrome which is a rare nervous disorder and creates white cell to fight infections. Ascorbic acid facilitates mobility of white cells in blood. Ascorbic acid is given to patients to heal the wounds by the Surgeons.
In post operative cases Ascorbic acid is reduced due to stress is compensated by administrating through IV.
Ascorbic acid resists the massive and violent growth of tumor that eats away the iron and white cells in the blood. It forms a net and arrests the tumor growth.

Administration of Cyrus Rotandus as oral medicine:

If you give this thro oral, you are to remove the skin of this Cyrus Rotandus, Crush and prepare nice powder, mix with honey and apply on the tongue. This syrup will penetrate through the tongue nerves and activate the insulin and help for digestion and improve the bile in the liver there by the bile creates certain combination of minerals that will strength the Hb and Red Blood Cells.

For strengthening the heart muscles and to cover the small holes (ASD) This seed of Sativum Linn can be mixed with with Sun flower seed that has Moisture 3.3 to 12.8; Protein 13.5 to 19.1; Fatty oil 22.2 to 36.5; N.free.extr 13.3 to 21.3; Fiber 23.5 to 32.3., Carbohydrates, K[SUB]2[/SUB]O, Ca, P[SUB]2[/SUB]O[SUB]5[/SUB], MgO, Sodium Silicate, Iron, Alum etc can be mixed and either given through oral or applied as oil on the body or light as holy lamp , put this oil in a lamp, put double cotton thread, light the lamp, and in front of this lamp, keep a copper vessel that containes Cyprus Rotandus .
The Sativum Linn grown in Tirnelveli in Tamil Nadu , Sun flower seed from Mantralaya, Andra Pradesh and Cyrus Rotandus from Salem, Tamil Nadu is highly recommended because of the soil.
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