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Amavasai Tharpanam in Tamil


Thank you..It will be more beneficial to have Amavasya tharpana Yajur smartha sankalpams for 2017-2018.also.


New member
wonderful attempt on the very first attempt . It would be more appealing if the translation is given below the actual mantra in brackets so that youngsters would appreciate more. any how best of luck .


There is no missing on that. Sangalpam continuous, without any omission or commission. Layout of page s designed in such a way, either space constraint or proof readers mistake.


New member
Helo Dear members and viewers,
I am indeed proud to joint this forum to-day. It is a special day for me to learn more about our religion, vedas,
divine thoughs, valuable information about our religion, puranas, upanisads, sadgurus, upanyasam, slogas etc. etc. through this forum members. I found this website while searching for valuable guidance on SUDAMANI CHANDRA GRAHANAM AND THINGS TO BE CARRIED OUT IN THIS AUSPICIOUS DAY AND PARTICULARLY SLOGAM TO BE CHANTED DURING GRAHANAM AND HOW TO PERFORM THARPANAM today searching for Tamil video or tamil scripts with specific directions etc.
Any way, I joined the community today. Hope, I will get all rights things / direction / guidance from now onwards.

Thank You one and all.

With Kind regards,

N. Ramasamy


New member
Thank U for guidance.
I want tamil script for perfoming THARPANAM (yajur) on this occasion of SUDAMANI CHNDRA GRAHANAM
Pl post me if you can now with all guide...


New member
MR NRS, hearty welcome. U can search for what u need, PDF E book is available in Tamil for Tharpanam, u can refer on that


Active member
i too need one book in tamil for amavasai tharpanam for yajur veda aapasthamba suthram
can you help me?
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